by Hayley

Title: Aftermath

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine and I make no money off this.

Summary: Post Chosen. The aftermath of a fight. Faith POV.

God, I'm such an idiot.

B's angry with me and up until a few minutes ago, I was pretty fucking angry with her, too.

Honestly, I don't even remember what we were fighting about. I mean, we never fight. Well, there are always those little spats every couple has once and awhile but we've only ever had a couple of real blowouts.

We've been dating for about eight months now and I'm falling for her more every day. After Sunnydale, we became friends and a couple years later I finally got the courage to ask her out. Thankfully, she said yes. My ego couldn't have taken rejection from her.

We don't live together. I'm not ready for that and I don't think she is either. So right now I'm sitting alone in my apartment with cold food still on the table and a girlfriend who's at her apartment a few miles away instead of being here with me getting all cozy.

What did we fight about? Dinner? Work? Maybe her class schedule? I really can't remember the start of it, only the end where I called her a selfish bitch and she told me to go to hell before storming out, slamming the front door so hard I was sure I was going to need to buy a new one. The landlord would've been ticked about that.

I know I need to go over there and fix this but I don't know what to say. I don't want to be the only one who apologizes. We both said things that weren't fair. I know she doesn't like the fact I work all the time just like I don't really like the fact she's in school full-time. It's gotten to the point where we get jealous of the distractions in the other's life.

The thing is, we both have money now due to the Council's abundance of it so I don't need to work and she doesn't need to go back to school 'cause she's already told me she doesn't want to get a job right away after she graduates. Any time we fight we always come back to that issue. We can't see each other whenever we want 'cause whenever I want to do something she has class and whenever she wants to get together I have to work.

I should go to her apartment and talk to her. It's been a few hours and I'm hoping she calmed down a little. I know I have.

After the first major fight we had I thought we'd broken up. I'd never been in a full on relationship and we said so much to each other I didn't think there was any way we could get back to being the happy couple again. I didn't see or speak to her for two days. In the end, she came over to my apartment and yelled at me for not calling her. Seems kinda weird that we made up because she yelled at me for not calling.

That's it. I need to go over there. I leave my apartment and get in my car, wanting to be with her more than anything now. This was the first night this week we've been able to see each other. She had class last night and I was working the night before so we wanted to at least have dinner tonight. I feel like I've gone soft but I miss her when I haven't seen her in a couple days so I was looking forward to tonight.

It only takes a few minutes to get to her apartment. It's late so there's no traffic and I park in my usual spot next to her car. I always find it funny it's always empty, like everyone knows I coming over and know enough not to park there.

I use B's code to get into the building and my own key to get into her apartment. Yep, we've gotten to the point where we have keys to each other's apartments. It's just easier this way and the right level of commitment for me. She's welcome to come over any time but I still have my own space.

All the lights are off so I know she's already gone to sleep. I think about turning around and letting her sleep, maybe talking to her after I get off of work tomorrow but I don't want to wait the night. Even if I only end up sleeping next to her the whole night without saying anything, that'll be enough for me.

I take off my shoes and walk through the apartment to the bedroom. She's in there, lying in bed on her side and looking away from the door. I don't think she's asleep either. From the first night we spent together, about a month after we started dating, I know exactly how she looks when she's sleeping or when she's just trying to sleep.

I look at her for a minute, wondering if I should say anything but I can guarantee she knows I'm standing in the doorway. With our slayer senses, I bet she knew I was here once I made it to the hallway outside her front door.

I have some clothes at her place but I don't change, just get into bed next to her. She doesn't move and I don't know if that's because she's still angry or if she's just tired. Either way I can't simply lie there. I move to her and put my arm around her, pressing my body against hers.

B moves into me, just like I hoped she would. She puts her hand over mine and moves her thumb against my skin ever so lightly. I press against her even more and put my chin on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, baby." I kiss the side of her head and hold her tighter.

"I know." She turns her head to look at me and I can tell she'd been crying. Not all out bawling or anything but crying nonetheless. I admit I cried a bit after, too, but I never want her to cry. I feel like an ass. "I'm sorry, too."

"I know."

B starts to shift and I loosen my hold on her enough so she can turn and fully face me. She wraps her arm around my waist, mirroring what I'm doing, and we look into each other's eyes. I can tell she's not angry anymore but she's still a little sad so I move a hand to her face. Caressing her cheek lightly to show her I'm sorry.

"I didn't mean any of that shit I said. You know that, right?"

She nods. "I didn't mean what I said either. I want this to work."

At one point during our fight B said that if I was going to be such a five year old about everything then maybe we'd be better off not dating. Of course, that really set me off and we went from there.

I smile and kiss her nose. "I do, too. Guess I gotta try a little harder, huh?"

She laughs and rests her forehead against mine. "I think you're doing fine right now." She gives me a light kiss and I melt into her. "Though you did just get into bed with me with all your clothes on."

"Hey, I didn't know what your mood was like." I grin widely 'cause she's trying so hard to look insulted and it's not working. "I didn't wanna just strip and get into bed without trying to get lucky. What if you turned me down?"

B moves a hand down to my ass, giving it a little squeeze. "I don't think that'll ever happen. You need to strip."

She starts to push me out of bed but it's a playful push so I don't mind. I finally get a chance to look her over as I stand and she's only wearing a small t-shirt and panties. I don't think that's what she normally wears when I'm not here.

"Where you hoping I would come over?"

"Maybe." B sits up and takes off her shirt.

Of course, now that I see my girlfriend in bed with only skimpy panties on and wanting me to join her I feel the sudden urgency to get naked. I strip off all my clothes in a matter of seconds and jump back into bed, taking her into my arms.

B gives me a little pout that is too cute. "I was hoping you'd strip for me."

"I did. I'm all kinds of naked for you, baby."

She playfully swats at my shoulder but then kisses my neck. "You know what I mean."

I grin before kissing her tenderly. "Okay. I'll get up and put all my clothes back on then take them off however you want me to."

I fake like I'm getting up but she grabs me before I can get too far. Like I'd really get up anyway. I'm about to get laid. There's no way I'm leaving this bed.

B doesn't say anything else, only pulls me to her. I kiss her with everything I have, moving more on top of her as we lie in the middle of the bed. Fuck, she feels so good against me. I don't know how she does it but her skin is always so soft.

Her hands glide over me as we kiss deeply. They go straight to my ass, like always, but I'm too busy trying to devourer her mouth to fully appreciate it. I can never get enough of her and every once and awhile she needs to remind me to slow down. She gets me so riled up sometimes I go a little too fast.

We break away and I kiss her ear lightly. "I never wanna fight again."

She lets out this little sigh that gets me so hot. "Me neither."

I feel like maybe I should say something else but I decide to show her how much I mean what I said instead. I start to kiss down her neck, careful not to leave any marks 'cause I know she hates showing up to class with a hickey. B's responding, moving into me and letting out these quiet moans, which only makes me move down her body faster but before I can start to fully worship her pert breasts she stops me.

"Something wrong?" I really hope there's nothing wrong. I'm way too worked up to just stop.

"No." She moves her head up to kiss me. "Just wanted to kiss you."

I start to laugh at her but then she does something she doesn't do a whole lot: she flips us so I'm on my back and she's over me. B smirks, probably knowing that's not what I expect, and kisses me again. I put my arms around her as she breaks the kiss and starts to lick down my neck while my hands wander down her body. She still has her panties on.

In all my excitement with coming over here and making up with my girlfriend in the best possible way I forgot to get her naked. I moan out as B hits a sensitive spot on my pulse point while I move my hands to her ass and as quickly as I can slide her panties off.

"God, Buffy," I moan out as she sucks on my neck. Damn her. I know she's trying to leave a mark and I hate going into work with a hickey just as much as she hates going into class with one.

She chuckles as I push her panties, something she should have taken off a few minutes ago, as far down as I can get them and kisses her way back to my lips. Of course the whole while she's doing this her hand makes its way to my breast. Now I have another reason to moan.

We kiss and she slides a leg in between mine, smiling down at me while she does. "I love it when you moan out my name like that."

Lines like that are as close as we've ever gotten to saying that we love each other. Don't get me wrong, I love her but I can never get the words out. I think she feels the same but I always get the feeling she wants me to say it first. She'll start to say it and then she'll stop and kiss me or change the subject.

B moves away just enough to kick off her panties and then she's pressed against me again. The feeling of her skin on mine everywhere always makes me forget to breathe for a second but only for a second 'cause then I kiss her with everything I have. I always feel she's doing the same as she kisses me back.

I put a hand in her hair as she starts to slide against me ever so slightly. Her thigh is hitting me in just the right spot and I moan into her mouth which of course, makes her break away. Her hot breath is hitting my face as she gasps for air above me and I couldn't care less. We really do need to get to the good stuff though.

Since we're not kissing this second, I take the opportunity to shift B so she's between my legs. As soon as I do that, we both sigh out 'cause our pussies press together and that's really the best feeling in the world.

She looks into my eyes and they're so dark with lust. "I want you so much right now."

"I was thinking the same thing."

I pull her down to me and we kiss again, her tongue sliding into my accepting mouth. B starts to thrust against me lightly and I'm so wet for her right now, even more so 'cause I can feel how wet she is for me.

We break away after a minute and she starts kissing me everywhere while continuing to thrust down into me. I can't help but moan out with each thrust. She's got me so turned on my hands are everywhere I can reach, feeling her out while I thrust back as best I can. It's hard to concentrate on anything when B is kissing and licking my neck.

Even though I want this to last all night, the way she's thrusting down on me is gonna make me come very soon. I think it's partially due to the fact I came over wanting to make things right again between us and that's making me super horny right now. I move against her faster and she starts to match my speed, hopefully because she's as worked up as I am.

"I'm gonna come . . ." I wanna say something else but B thrusts down so the rest of my comment turns into a drawn out moan.

"Yeah, baby. I'm so close."

We kiss deeply as our pace becomes faster. I move my hands over her back to her ass, really everywhere. I love the feel of her, especially the feel of her wet pussy hitting mine. That's just something I will never be able to put into words. It's simply indescribable.

B thrusts down hard and I need to break away from her lips to cry out as my orgasm hits me hard and fast. A few seconds later she screams out and comes against me, a gush of hot fluid mixing with mine.

Our rhythm starts to slow as we ride out each other's orgasms. B rests her forehead against mine as she tries to catch her breath. I'm breathing hard, too. Sex with B is always so intense and breathing becomes an issue every time. Every look, kiss or touch takes my breath away.

A minute later my girlfriend collapses against me, burying her face in the crook of my neck. I wrap my arms her and bask in the afterglow. I feel so good right now that I can't remember why we ever fight.


I look at her as she moves off to my side. "Yeah?"

"I know we were over at your place because you have to work in the morning but can you stay here tonight?"

I can't believe she needs to ask that. I know in the past I've always been about "get some, get gone" but I've never done that to her. "Of course I'll stay."

She grins and I fall a little further for her. B pulls the covers more over us and we snuggle against each other. Suddenly I'm really tired and we both fall asleep quickly, the happy couple once again.

The End.

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