One Last Hurrah

Written: February 24, 2010

Rating: R

Pairing: Faith/Anya

Disclaimer: I do not own all of these characters and make no profit writing this.

Summary: It's the night before the big battle on the hellmouth and Monopoly isn't the only game Faith is interested in playing.

Note: Written for Bkitty for the Faith round of the Femslash Minis ficathon. She requested Faith/Anya, a game of monopoly, bunny fear, and bonding over being previously evil.

Faith always knew she'd die young. Even before she was a slayer she realized that life on the streets of Boston didn't exactly boast a happy retirement plan. Being chosen only managed to shorten her lease on life even further. Instead of trying to change that destiny, she accepted it with gusto and decided to live life as big as possible. Go big or go home.

Or, yunno . . . to jail.

Okay, so that plan to live big hadn't gone exactly as she'd planned.

Still, even after being free for only a week or two, she felt the impending doom breathing down her neck again in the form of another Sunnydale apocalypse. The urge to live it up was there but there was just no time when they were constantly fighting for their lives. They were going to the high school tomorrow morning to take on the ubervamps in the Hellmouth. She knew she should be out enjoying her last few hours on this earth, drinking and dancing and fucking, but instead she was in the kitchen with the Scooby Gang, playing a game of Monopoly.

How the hell did she get talked into things like this?

Sure she'd spiced things up a bit by adding booze and suggesting some fun new rules, but she still managed to have a good grumble now and again about how far she'd fallen.

She watched as Xander moved his wheelbarrow game piece over a few spots on the board, then promptly handed Anya a handful of colorful cash when he'd landed on one of her properties.

"I really am excellent at this game!" Anya said excitedly as she added the paper money to her already large stack of cash. It was arranged perfectly by color and in descending order from the biggest bill to the smallest. "Honestly, you're all going to lose. Badly. By the time we're finished I'll have all of your money and all of your clothing, though I prefer the money first."

"Someone tell me why we agreed to play this game with her?" Faith asked, and then took a long chug from her beer bottle.

Thank god the neighborhood was deserted and they were able to raid the neighbor's booze. She didn't think she'd get through this sober.

"Because I'm very convincing," Anya answered with a firm nod.

"That's one way of putting it," Faith replied, earning a laugh from Kennedy, Willow, and Xander.

Buffy and Spike had gone out for a quick patrol and Robin had decided to head home early to get some sleep. Dawn and Andrew were keeping the young potentials preoccupied, which left just the small group of five in the kitchen. They were in deceptively high spirits despite the fact that tomorrow was the big day.

Realizing that it was her turn, Faith grabbed the dice and gave them a little shake in her hand before tossing them back onto the game board. She grinned when she saw she rolled an eleven and reached out to move her pewter game piece, a boot, around the board. Her grin quickly fell when she realized what square she was poised to land on.

"Dammit! How the hell do I keep ending up in jail?" she asked as her piece came to rest on the 'Go to Jail' square.

"That would be art imitating life. Or game imitating life," Xander said with a grin.

Everyone laughed as Faith grumbled and moved her piece across the board and into the jail cell.

"Bullshit," she said as she sat back. "Besides, that's like the ninth time I've been sent to jail. I think Glinda is having too much fun with her witchy mojo."

Everyone looked over to Willow then who was sipping lightly on a wine cooler. She did her best to look offended but the way the corners of her mouth were turning upwards, it wasn't hard to tell that she was guilty.

"Kennedy made me!" she finally said guiltily, trying to hide behind the clear glad bottle she was drinking from.

Faith narrowed her eyes at both Willow and Kennedy who were laughing rather loudly in their slightly drunken state. She would have been mad if it hadn't been pretty funny; she hated losing, even at something as stupid as Monopoly.

"You're lucky I'm reformed."

"Yes, you're lucky both of us are reformed," Anya said to Willow matter-of-factly. "Your attempt to keep her in jail has stopped her from landing on my properties. If I was still a vengeance demon, I'd turn you into a Yidors'va demon. They're known for being incredibly tricky and cunning but completely inept. You'd try to pull off your sneaky schemes but always fail. It's the perfect punishment, really."

"Yeah, and then I'd have to slay you cos you'd be a demon," Faith added, making Willow's mouth fall open in surprise.

"You'd slay me?" She asked.

"All part of the job," Faith said, then grinned and leaned in. "Being bad though? I'd probably like doing it."

There was an awkward silence as they all looked back from one another, trying to figure out how to react. It finally came to a head when Xander burst out laughing, sending everyone else into fits of giggles. Even Faith and Anya laughed, though Anya looked more pensive than amused.

"You know," she began, "we would have made quite the duo when we were evil. I'd turn people into demons, you'd slay them; fun for everyone!"

"Except for the people being slayed," Willow chimed in.

"Oh yeah, a real grand team," Faith said, and then took a sip of her beer. "Of course, mmm . . ." she wiped the back of her hand over her mouth and set the bottle down, "With you being a demon, I'd probably have to kill ya too."

There was yet another awkward silence before Anya smiled cheerfully and said, "Isn't it great that we're no longer evil?"

"The greatest," Faith said, smirking.

They continued playing with few hitches, the game getting more and more interesting as the night went on. The new rules they made up stated that you had to take off an article of clothing if you landed on free parking, a railroad or a utility; that you could put something back on if you landed on the jail square as a visitor but had to take something off if you were sent to jail; and that you got to pick an article of clothing from everyone else if you landed on 'Go'.

Things got shaky for a while when Kennedy tried to tell Anya that the Scottie dog Anya was using as her game piece was actually a mutated bunny. Xander, Kennedy, Willow, and Faith ended up crawling around on the floor looking for the game piece Anya tossed over her shoulder while she stood on a chair and all but had a mental meltdown.

When it was determined that the poor Scottie dog was gone forever - or at least until someone walked in the kitchen next morning and stepped on it - they gave Anya a new game piece that wasn't even remotely bunny-shaped and decided to get back to their game. No one dared to agitate Anya's severe bunny-phobia again. Dawn would be so pissed if they lost all of her game pieces due to Anya's sudden panic attacks.

Buffy and Spike had come back from patrol at some point and had quickly sneaked into the basement. It wasn't that they didn't want to join in, but after seeing the half-dressed state of their friends, well . . . yeah, they didn't want to join in. Besides, Buffy wanted a clear head for the morning and seeing Faith in nothing but a pair of tight jeans and a bra and her other mostly naked friends, well . . . the basement was looking better and better.

Faith looked pretty smug as she rolled doubles and moved her piece around the board, landing squarely on 'Go.' Everyone groaned and looked down, trying to figure out which pieces of clothing they could give up while still keeping what was left of their modesty. Xander took off his socks, leaving him only in his boxer shorts. He was wobbling on the stool, the alcohol clearly having an effect on him now. Kennedy and Willow giggled as they ducked down behind the island countertop and removed an article of clothing. They stood up at the same time, naked from the waist up with their arms covering their breasts. Sloppily tossing their bras over at Faith, they vocalized their defeat and ran through the hall and to the stairs before quickly making their way up them.

"Not exactly what I pictured when I said losers had to wave their white flag, but it works," Faith said as she picked the discarded white bras up from the board and tossed them at Xander.

Xander did his best to catch the bras calmly, but between the booze and the excitement of naked ladies, he lost his balance and tipped off the back of his stool, landing squarely on the floor in front of the refrigerator. Faith quickly jumped up to check if he was okay, but when she found him curled up on his side with the bras tucked safely against his chest, she knew that he was just sleeping it off.

"This is hardly fair," Anya said as she pulled her small white t-shirt over her head, leaving her in only a bra, panties, and socks. "It's also hardly fun anymore. Can you please just forfeit so I can take my remaining money and plan what I would spend it on?"

"No way, Ahn," Faith said as she pulled her black tank top back on. "We're playing til I win. If it makes you feel better, you can take Xander's money."

Anya thought about it for a moment before leaning across the board and greedily taking his small pile of ones, fives, and tens.

"He was nearly broke. This is hardly any consolation," she griped.

Faith gave a moment's pause and then pulled her tank top back off, tossing it quickly down to the tiled floor.

"Okay, fine. We're gonna have a sudden death round. First one to get the other out of their underoos wins."

Anya raised an eyebrow.

"That sounds like some kind of an indecent proposal." She paused for a moment, then smiled brightly, "I'm in!"

She moved to pick up the dice but Faith put a hand on her arm and stopped her.

"Nuh-uh uh," Faith teased. "I rolled doubles. It's my turn again."

She scooped up the dice and shook them briefly, then dropped them on the game board. Her eyes lit up when she saw a four and a three.

"Hell yeah! Lucky number seven!" She grabbed her game piece and started marching it down the board. Her smile faded and Anya's grew when she saw she was poised to land on Chance. She hesitantly picked up one of the orange cards from the board and flipped it over slowly.

She was honestly not surprised when she saw that she was being sent to jail.

"Dammit," she grumbled as she moved her game piece to jail. Anya didn't have to ask for her pants; she stood up and kicked them off without needing to be reminded of her rules. Her stupid, stupid rules.

"I may have a solution to your problems," Anya said smugly. She reached inside her bra and pulled out an orange card, then held it up for Faith to see. "Get Out of Jail - Free card. Yours for five hundred dollars. Or a forfeit."

And because Faith had no intention of losing, she was more than happy to cough up a measly five hundred bucks if it meant she got to stay in the game. She quickly thumbed through her unorganized pile of money, looking for an orangey-yellow five-hundred dollar bill but quickly realized that she didn't have one.

That was strange. She'd had a few just a couple of minutes ago. She looked over to the bank box and noticed that it was also completely devoid of the orangey-yellow bills. Brow furrowed, she looked over at Anya - who was looking suspiciously guilty - and noticed a small corner of orangey-yellow paper sticking out of her bra.

Quicker than Anya could anticipate, Faith leapt off of her stool and pulled the corner of the paper. They both looked surprised when a five-hundred dollar bill popped out with another clinging to it. The second bill floated silently through the air and when it landed on the floor and slid under the counter, Faith looked up to meet Anya's eyes.

"You dirty, dirty cheater!" she said teasingly. "Thought you said you were reformed!"

Anya quickly jumped off the stool, intent on holding her ground, but Faith kept stepping closer so Anya kept stepping backwards until the countertop bumped her lower back.

"I am!" Anya lamely defended. "I don't like the money but the money likes me."

"Understandably," Faith said, stealing a glance down between them and looking over Anya's form appreciatively.

"Yes, it is understandable," Anya nodded. "I have a magnificent body. Just two nights ago Xander was appreciating it right here on the kitchen floor."

"Sounds kinky."

"You should have seen what we did with the chains in the basement," Anya answered proudly.

"Too bad B and Spike are down there. You coulda showed me," Faith said. At Anya's slightly raised eyebrow, Faith took a step closer so that they were almost touching. "Tomorrow's the big day and our chances aren't looking so good. Kinda seems like we should all be sending the night out with a bang."

Anya stole a glance down at a still-sleeping Xander, "I don't think that's going to happen tonight."

"Or," Faith began, "we can have one last hurrah. Together. I mean, you've already christened the kitchen, and no one would ever know. That is, if you can keep quiet."

It seemed like Anya had been considering it, but when Faith raised a daring eyebrow at her, there was no way Anya could refuse. She wasn't accustomed to losing!

With that in mind, she quickly reached out and pulled Faith's panties down, letting them pool on the floor. Faith grinned as she stepped out of them, then kicked them to the side, not noticing that they landed on Xander's head.

Anya looked victorious. She was positively glowing.

"I got you out of your panties first," she said, then sing-songed, "I wiiin."

Faith merely smirked back and slid her fingertips down Anya's stomach and into her panties. Anya gasped quietly as those fingers brushed over her, then frowned when Faith's hand suddenly pulled away.

Faith was left the victorious one when she held up several five-hundred dollar bills that she'd found stashed in Anya's panties. Anya bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. Maybe neither of them was quite as reformed as they liked to admit.

Leaning in, Faith captured Anya's lips in a deep kiss and pressed her fully against the countertop, ready to send the night out with a bang. She let the money fall from her hands as she gripped onto Anya's hips, pulling the girl close as hands started to wander and explore.

From the floor, Xander rolled onto his back and smiled in his sleep, murmuring happily. He dreamt of plentiful showers of money and lingerie and other naughty things that drunken boys do.

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