Learn to Be Still
A prologue to Learn To Fly

Rating: R

Pairing: Buffy/Faith

Summary: Buffy and Faith begin their journey together as vampires.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, nor do I make money from writing about them.

Weíve been waitin on top of this building for what feels like hours, but I know the sun set just a little while ago.

I can still smell it.

ďWhen do we get to do this? Iím bored here, B, itchiní in my own skin to get a little action.Ē

Iím whining but I donít care. Itís been three nights and I still havenít had any action. Not a single staking, not a decapitation, not even a well-fought brawl. Nothiní. Somethingís gotta give, cos I ainít exactly the patient kind.

ďShh, quiet Faith,Ē Buffy purrs, completely still as she sits on the building ledge. She grabs my hand and stops me pacing around behind her, sparing a quick glance back at me as her legs dangle over the edge. The light from the stars illuminate her features and for a minute I almost remember what it feels like to need to breathe.

ďItís not about being faster, or stronger, or braver,Ē she continues. ďItís about patience. Waiting for the right moment. Be smart and know your surroundings.Ē

I scuff my boot on the gravel surface and scoff.

ďItís just another shitty rooftop in just another town. Itís been three days since I woke and you still havenít . . .Ē

ďYou need to learn to be still,Ē she whispers and pulls me closer, silencing me with the intensity of her gaze focused on the alley below.

Iím about to tell her that itís impossible for me to stand still; that ever since I was a kid itís been like Iíve had a permanent sugar rush from too many packages of Pop Rocks, Pixie Sticks and Mountain Dew, but then I see what sheís lookin at.

Two men dragging a young couple into the alley at knifepoint, demandin they empty out their pockets and wallets.

ďIs this it, B?Ē I whisper, excited. I can already feel the warm rush of life flowing throughout me and she hasnít even said yes yet.

But she nods slowly, a naughty smile creeping up on her lips. Itís all the go-ahead I need.

ďRemember what Iíve told you. Be silent. Be still. Remember where you are, and donít get carried away.Ē

I lean down and give her a quick nibble on her neck before putting my palms on the cool stone ledge and hopping down to the ground two stories below. I land with only the smallest of thuds, hidden completely in the shadows.

One of the assailants turns and looks towards me, but he canít make anything out for the complete lack of light. The light from the stars has a funny way of never quite makin it down to the dirty alleys of the world. Guess it knows there are better places to shine.

Not for me though. This is right where I wanna be.

My gutís tellin me to run out to him. Itís feral really, the need to kill, to maim, to hunt. But Iím doiní like B said. I can learn to be still and it wonít even kill me.

Iím already dead.

The guy comes walkin up to where Iím standing against the building, squintiní as he holds his knife out in front of him.

Bad move, junior.

I lunge out and grab his hand, pullin him into the shadows with me. My fangs are in his neck before I even hear the blade hit the ground, my hand over his mouth to keep him from screaming out.

Warm life rushes throughout me, making me feel happywarmalive. So much better than whatever crap Bís been feediní me in the big olí coffee mug.

I stop drinking only when I hear the other guy walkin up, callin out for his friend.

ďCharlie? Jesus, where the hell did you go? Those fuckers got away and all we got from it was a knock-off Gucci bag not worth twenty bucks. Charlie?Ē

Just as he steps into the shadows, B swoops down and grabs the guy, pinning him up against the wall. He struggles and tries to hit B, but I drop his friend and punch him in the side of the head, dazing him.

ďSettle down, ya fucker. You gotta learn to be still,Ē I tell him.

B smiles and leans down to take whatís hers. I watch her skin prickle as his warm blood runs through her veins, and I know sheís feelin' exactly what Iím feelin' right now.

This isnít living. Itís better.

B says Iíve gotta learn to walk before I learn to fly. I feel like Iím ready to take on the world.

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