Prompt #36: Fantasy

What's Your Fantasy?

Faith had always expected that she’d be the more outgoing one when it comes to bedroom shenanigans with Buffy. She’s never been one to have any sexual inhibitions and she’s sure that she has a couple more miles on her than Buffy does. That’s not to say that she ever thought that their sex life wouldn’t be amazing; it just means that she thought she’d be the more adventurous one.

Boy oh boy was she wrong.

They’re only a handful of months into their relationship and Buffy already has two drawers – locked drawers, that is – filled with more sexy dress-up outfits than Faith can even begin to remember.

And no, ‘dress-up outfits’ does not mean ball gowns and glamour clothes.

It means naughty nurse, sexy cop, stripper-chic, flirty maid, hot school girl, playboy bunny, sultry stewardess, tempting teacher, skimpy cowgirl, provocative pirate wench, and Faith’s personal favorite, sassy superhero. Those outfits aren’t just for show either. They’re all part of a role-playing game that Buffy seems to be the some kind of jedi master of.

And Faith? She’s just all too happy to go along with it. Having Buffy as her girlfriend is already the fulfillment of her biggest fantasy ever, but Buffy dressing like a cop and giving Faith a smack on the ass every time Faith swears? Well, that’s just the icing on top of the most delicious kinky cake in the world, and boy oh boy does Faith have an insatiable appetite when it comes to cake.

The first time Buffy had asked Faith to wait in the bedroom while she ran into the bathroom to get ‘something special,’ Faith had nearly fallen off the bed when Buffy emerged wearing the tightest and tiniest cowgirl outfit she’d ever seen. Needless to say, Cowgirl Buffy rode her hard and put her away wet . . . and completely satisfied.

It’s become a weekly ritual now and Faith can barely contain herself as Buffy is busy changing in the bathroom. She’s sitting on the bed giving herself props for having the restraint to not run over and bust into the bathroom when the door opens and she sees Buffy’s silhouette in the doorway, illuminated perfectly in the bright light coming from behind her. Buffy takes a few steps forward and Faith’s mouth literally drops open, her air rushing from her body in a soft groan.

Buffy is dressed in tiny sparkly white panties with a matching bra, both trimmed with fluffy white feathers. A tiny silver jewel hanging from her pierced bellybutton catches the light and sparkles against Buffy’s tanned skin. Faith’s eyes travel up Buffy’s torso and over her barely-covered breasts and notices two silver straps over her shoulders that hold up a small pair of white wings on her back.

Yep, Faith takes back what she said earlier. This is her favorite costume.

Then again, she’s said the same thing every week since the first costume.

“B,” Faith breathes. It takes her a second to collect herself but she stands up and crosses the room, her gaze wandering over Buffy the whole time. “You look so beautiful.”

Buffy doesn’t say anything but simply beckons Faith forward with a curl of her finger. Faith closes the rest of the distance and places her hands on Buffy’s sides, then slips them over her impossibly smooth and warm skin to her lower back.

“Somebody better call God and tell him he’s missin’ an angel,” Faith says.

Buffy giggles quietly through her perfectly glossed lips, then leans in and starts to tease Faith softly and slowly with a series of fleeting little kisses that she knows drives her batty. Sure enough, Faith groans against her lips and turns them around, then starts walking her backwards toward the bed.

Grinning against Buffy’s lips she mumbles, “And while they’re at it, someone better call hell and tell ‘em the devil is loose cos I’m suddenly feelin’ all kindsa horny.”

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