Prompt #30: Train

Steam Engine

“I thought you said we were going to train downtown?”

“No, no. I very clearly said that we were going on a train downtown.”

“Yeah, I guess I just misheard you when I was standing a whole three feet away watching your lips move while ya talked.”

Faith’s sarcasm is evident, as is the onset of her claustrophobia in the small private cabin they’re sitting in. Buffy’s fluttering eyelashes and playful smile clearly aren’t winning Faith over on this one so Buffy has to try something else. No way are they going to make it all the way back to California from Ohio if she can’t keep Faith from ripping off the side of the train in a claustrophobic panic.

Neither one of them had wanted to fly, and though Faith had vetoed the train, Buffy had made the arrangements anyhow. It’s the next fastest choice they had and Angel needs them in Los Angeles ASAP. Buffy just has to find some way to make up for her small act of deceit in getting Faith to go to the train station and board the train.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I’ve already apologized ten times, Faith, but neither one of us wanted to fly and renting a car and driving just wasn’t practical. We’ve got this nice private cabin . . .”

“. . . a hot, cramped cabin . . .” Faith interrupts.

“. . . that’s only hot and cramped because you won’t stop pacing,” Buffy points out. Faith stops mid-step and takes several deep, calming breaths before sitting opposite Buffy on a double-wide seat. Buffy continues, “We transfer trains tomorrow and will have an even bigger cabin in the next train. There’s a bar in the dining car and I’ll get you as many drinks as you need. I’ve got a bag filled with snacks for you, your PSP is in your backpack, and if all else fails, I’m sure we can find some other way to distract you.”

Suddenly it seems as though Faith’s tense muscles relax a little. She takes a few more breaths and then looks over at Buffy, a curious look upon her face.

“So like, what did ya have in mind? Cos I’m not hungry or thirsty and my thumbs still hurt from tryin’ to pry the emergency door open when the train started movin’.”

Buffy smiles coquettishly and stands up from her seat, closing the small distance between them. She climbs up onto Faith’s seat, placing a knee on either side of her so that she’s straddling her lap. Her hands rest on Faith’s shoulders and she’s instantly relieved to feel Faith’s hands come to rest on her hips and see a cooperative smile on her face.

“Well first,” Buffy says, her voice soft and low, “I was thinking I could take off your shirt and give you a nice and relaxing massage. And if that doesn’t work,” she says, her voice becoming even sultrier as she leans in and brushes her lips over Faith’s ear, “I was thinking that I can fuck your brains out.”

She feels Faith’s fingertips flex on her hips and hears her swallow loudly.

“Umm, think we better get started on that, B. Think I feel a panic attack comin’ on.”

Buffy smiles and kisses her way from Faith’s ear, along her jaw and to her lips. She has a feeling that the next few days are going to be an interesting test of her stamina.

Damn she’s happy she’s a slayer.

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