Prompt #84: Newspaper

Hot Off The Press

When Faith comes walking into the room with her boots under one arm and a newspaper under the other, Buffy knows that she means business. She’s running out of time and this is her very last chance before Faith makes the decision for them. Faith tosses the newspaper on Buffy’s lap, then sits next to her on the edge of the couch and starts to put her boots on.

God, she better do this quick.

Buffy hurriedly opens the newspaper and flips through the pages until she finds the one she’s looking for. She glances down at Faith and sees that she’s nearly done with one boot already. Her eyes widen and she focuses back on the black and white pages before her.

“50 First Dates,” she says.

“Barf,” Faith replies easily.

“The Butterfly Effect?”

“No way, Ashton Kutcher’s a total tool. Who the hell does he think he is, punkin’ celebs like that?”

“Dawn of the Dead?” Buffy asks hopefully.

“Seen it about a hundred times, own the pirated copy Andrew gave me. Next?”

Buffy looks over at Faith and sees her pulling on her second boot. Time’s almost up! “Eurotrip?”

“Are you sick in the head?” Faith asks, actually pausing to look up at Buffy. “The chick in that movie looks like Dawnie. You really wanna watch her doppelganger parading around in a bikini and getting ogled at by guys?”

“Eww, you’re right, pass,” Buffy says. She studies the newspaper again and tries, “Blade: Trinity? Come on, Faith. Vampires! Vampire-killing! Jessica Biel! How much better can it get?”

Faith shrugs. “I get to kill vamps every night, and girlfriend ain’t got a thing on you, babe. Next?”

“This is impossible!” Buffy complains as she scours the movie listings once again. “And unfair, may I add. You know exactly what movie you want to see; why are you giving me false hope that we can see something else if I can find something better by the time you’re ready to leave? You’ve already made up your mind that there is nothing better.”

“That’s because there isn’t. Scary movie means you get all grabby and girly and scared, which is a total score for me. Hot chick that could be your twin on the screen means eye candy, means even more score for me.”

“Well, how do I score then? What’s in it for me?” Buffy asks and tosses the paper aside when she realizes that any more attempts are futile.

“See above, re: you getting all grabby. You think I let anyone else but you cop a feel?”

Faith’s smirk makes Buffy want to both kiss and kick her at the same time. Sighing, she leans in and plants a quick kiss on Faith’s lips. Faith tries to deepen it but Buffy pulls back and stands up, waiting expectantly. When Faith stands as well, Buffy leans in . . . and kicks her in the shin.

“Ow! Ya little shit!” Faith says, laughing as she rubs her leg.

“That’s what you get for messing with my head. Now march. We’re gonna be late.”

She points toward the front door and Faith chuckles as she heads for it, stopping momentarily when she feels two arms wrap around her from behind and two hands happily groping her chest and stomach.

“Starting early?” she asks, peeking over her shoulder at Buffy.

“Uh-huh. If I’m going to see The Grudge yet again and have to put up with you ogling that actress, I’m starting my groping now. Consider it a compromise: eye-candy for you, hand-candy for me.”

Faith laughs and starts walking again, Buffy hot on her heels . . . and on her boobs, too.

“Gotta say: that sounds like a sweet deal to me.”

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