Prompt #21: House


It’s the lazy dog days of summer and everyone in the house has had enough of the heatwave that’s been moving through Ohio. The ninety-five-plus degree weather was fun for a few days but the humidity from the lake has finally driven them all within the confines of the pleasantly air-conditioned house.

They’ve been trying to play games and make things fun to keep them all from wanting to kill one another but after almost two days of togetherness, they’ve finally drifted off their own ways for some much needed alone time.

Buffy and Faith, however, prefer to be alone…together.

The only problem with that, though, is that even with the air conditioning on, the second floor of the old house is poorly insulated and thus hotter than the gloriously cool first floor.

“I’m in hell,” Faith complains. She’s laying flat on the bed wearing only the smallest pair of panties she owns and a bra but she’s still too hot. Even with an oscillating fan blowing, it’s still just too darn humid.

“Baby, come hop in the shower with me,” Buffy calls out from the bathroom, her voice muffled by the running water. “It’s nice and cool and refreshing.”

“Too hot to move,” Faith yells back. She’s pretty sure that she is, in fact, plastered to the cotton bedsheets. It’s just another valid reason why she can’t move.

She hears the water shut off a short time later and it’s only seconds after that when a completely nude Buffy comes traipsing out of the bathroom. Faith has no doubt that her body temperature shoots up another ten degrees at the sight. Before Faith can ask what she’s up to, Buffy climbs up onto the bed and onto Faith’s body.

For a brief moment Faith thinks she’s going to have to push Buffy off and complain about the heat, but Buffy’s skin is cool and wet from the shower and Faith realizes that Buffy’s only in bed to cool her down.

“I like when you’re naked and wet,” Faith says with relief. “Is there any way you can wriggle on me in a completely non-sexy way?”

Buffy thinks about it for a moment and shrugs. “I can try.”

She fakes a look of extreme determination and ever so carefully, starts to wriggle on Faith’s warm body. Her cool skin slips and slides with ease over Faith’s but it’s not long before the aimless wriggling becomes less aimless and a definite rhythm is struck up. Soon Faith finds her panties torn off and her bra tossed somewhere across the room.

When all is said and done, they lay panting on the bed, both of them wearing satisfied grins.

“That was hot,” Buffy pants.

“Yeah. Scorching,” Faith agrees, breathing hard. “Defo need a cold shower now.”

“Mind if I join you?” Buffy asks, smiling mischievously.

“Well, you know what they say, B: If ya can’t stand the heat, get your hot little ass in the bathroom.”

Faith winks and disappears into the bathroom with Buffy hot on her heels.

Despite what the weatherman says, the heatwave doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. At least not in a certain house in Cleveland.

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