Prompt #91: Close


As Buffy gently scratched at the blindfold over her eyes, she had to keep reminding herself that this was a trust exercise and not something kinky. With Faith as her partner, the line between the two was somewhat blurred.

Giles had rounded up all of the slayers earlier that morning – including Buffy and Faith – and told him that they’d be partnered up and put through a series of exercises and missions that would help them to trust their fellow slayers. Apparently, the younger slayers needed to learn dependency as well, but calling it trust earned less complaints.

Buffy and Faith weren’t sure why they were being tossed in with the newbies but they went along with it anyhow. Sometimes there was no getting past Giles’ resolve face.

Faith was currently navigating a blindfolded Buffy through an obstacle course of sorts. Buffy had no reason not to trust Faith these days, but there had been a few close calls. Faith had let go of her hand on more than one occasion just to taunt her, which of course made Buffy’s stubbornness kick in. She’d tried to make it across a log-bridge on her own and had nearly slipped right off of it and into a mud puddle, but Faith had saved her at the last moment.

They were bickering now, of course, but that was how things usually were between them when it came to slaying and being in control. Luckily for them, they kept it light-hearted and fun for the most part.

“Am I close to the end?”

“Nah, ya got a good foot or two. Just keep goin’, B.”

Buffy barely moved her foot ten inches before she felt the soft squish of mud beneath her brand new sneakers. Faith immediately began laughing, letting go of Buffy’s hand once again so she could clutch at her sides.

“Faith! I’m supposed to be trusting you here!”

“Why the hell would ya start now? You know as well as I do that if there’s mud anywhere on this obstacle course, I’m steering ya right into it.”

“Why would you do that? Do you like when I whine and get angry with you?”

“No, but the face you make is kinda cute. Helps that I can’t see the death glare you’re givin’ me either.”

“Well you can forget about finishing this course,” Buffy said as she put her hand on the tree she knew was behind her and backed up against it. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Aww, come on,” Faith said and Buffy could hear her getting closer. “I’m holding out my hand, just gotta grab it.”

“Yeah right, I’m not falling for that again, Faith! I could hear everyone laughing last time you tried that one on me.”

“Where’s the trust, B?”

“Suspicion and doubt have won over. I’m taking off the blindfold now.”

She moved to un-tie the knot in the blindfold at the back of her head but suddenly she felt a pair of hands take hers and hold them against the tree. She hadn’t realized Faith was that close, but now that she was, Buffy wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“You take it off, we lose,” Faith said, her voice low.

Buffy could feel warm breath over her face and subconsciously wet her lips. Her heart was suddenly beating twice as fast and she wondered if it was because of Faith’s closeness or because of their bickering that always seemed to work her up in unexplainable ways.

“I’ll leave it on if you promise to play fair,” Buffy said quietly, her voice shuddering just a little.

Faith was silent for several long moments. Buffy could still feel her breath steady and slow and wondered what exactly she was waiting for.

“Got my word, B,” Faith finally whispered, and Buffy swore that she felt the ghost of a touch from Faith’s lips right on the corner of her mouth.

She couldn’t dwell on it for long though because Faith pulled her hands down from above her head and starting leading her down the path, careful to steer her around all of the mud and puddles until they’d reached the finish line. When they got there, Faith helped Buffy untie the blindfold and Buffy turned to face her, suddenly needing to see her eyes. They stared at each other for a moment until Faith offered her a small smile and walked away toward the house with her hands in her pockets.

It was a trust exercise, and suddenly Buffy realized that she trusted Faith with more of her than she’d ever imagined possible.

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