Prompt #33: Marble

A Rare Find

The thing about living in a house full of people that often hosts visitors when new slayers come into town is that room is often scarce. People double up in rooms to make more space and Faith has even made the official move into Buffy’s room despite her initial reservations.

With the bedroom situation temporarily sorted, the only problem that really remains is the issue of bathroom accommodations. That’s probably why Giles hired Xander to build two new bathrooms, one in the basement and one in the larger guest bedroom. It’s been an ongoing project for almost the last two weeks but with Kennedy and Faith as his helpers, they’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the short amount of time.

Knowing that Faith is nearly finished with the basement bathroom, Buffy makes her a fresh glass of lemonade and takes it downstairs to her, eager to check out her handiwork. Needless to say, she’s pretty impressed when she walks in and finds the room nearly completed and, surprise surprise – completely gorgeous.

She may have to hire Faith to remodel the bathroom in their room.

She pauses in the doorway and lets out a long, appreciative whistle as she looks around. “Nice job, Bob Vila.”

“I prefer Tim the Tool Man Taylor myself,” Faith replies. She stands up from the floor where she’s just finished wiping down the freshly grouted marble tiles and crosses the room to press her lips to Buffy’s cheek. Taking the glass from Buffy’s hand, she downs it in one go and hands it back so that she can get back to work.

Buffy watches her appreciatively, admiring the way her muscles gently ripple under the thin sheen of sweat coating her skin. She’d get her naked and show her appreciation right now if she could, but with Andrew lingering around just outside the door, she knows she’ll have to wait to play Handy(wo)man until later.

“So, marble,” she says to distract herself. “Apparently we’re not concerned about the budget, huh.”

Faith shrugs as she grabs a shelf and holds it up to one of the walls, trying to visually center it. “Cost ain’t an issue when ya got a nice pair of tits and walk into a mom-n-pop hardware store owned by a lonely divorcee.”

Buffy takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “Please tell me you didn’t show Mr. Beckett your rack.”

Faith grins a little as she focuses on what she’s doing. Her lack of verbal response is answer enough.

“Well, the marble is pretty nice,” Buffy says, running her socked foot over it. “I guess it was worth it.”

“Glad you’re seeing things my way,” Faith says, then looks at Buffy and winks. “Think ya can bring me that stud-finder, B? I wanna hang this shelf so Andy can come in here and do his interior designer thing.”

Buffy looks down at the tools on the floor and chews on her bottom lip a little. They all look the same and she has no idea what a stud-finder is, so she just grabs something that looks vaguely stud-findery and holds it out to Faith. Faith looks down at it and then up at Buffy, raising an eyebrow.

“You don’t know what a stud-finder is, do ya?”

“You mean I picked wrong?”

“Those are pliers, babe.”

“Oh,” Buffy replies and looks down at them. She tilts her head to the side and narrows her eyes a bit as she studies them. “I don’t know. I think I can find a stud with them.”

It’s clear that Faith doesn’t believe her but she’s too intrigued to stop her. Trying to hold back her smile, she waves her hand between her body and the wall, indicating that Buffy should carry on. Smiling sweetly, Buffy does just that.

She takes the pliers and holds them open, aiming them at the wall. She moves slightly, her face one of intense concentration. She’s got her mouth pressed in a tight line and her nose is wrinkled up as she moves the pliers along about a foot away from the wall. When she gets to the doorway Andrew walks in and looks down at what she’s doing. She waves the pliers in front of him several times and then moves along, heading back down the wall toward Faith.

At the last moment she turns so that she’s facing Faith and holds the pliers in front of her, then makes a series of short beeping noises. She meets Faith’s questioning gaze and smirks.

“Think I found a stud, baby.”

Eyebrow raised, Faith shakes her head and holds out her hand to Andrew who steps in, picks up the stud-finder from the floor and hands it to her. She holds it up and shows it to Buffy, then goes back to work, unable to keep the small smile from her lips.

Buffy didn’t find a stud, but Faith sure found a rare gem in Buffy.

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