Prompt #12: Today

A Captive Audience

Wriggling underneath Faith, Buffy slid her hands to the hem of Faith's tank top, grasping it firmly with eager fingertips. She sighed, momentarily captivated by Faith's tongue as it flicked at her upper lip, requesting permission for further access. Buffy met it with her own tongue, heated breaths and the sounds of their kissing making Buffy finally remember that Faith had far too many clothes on. She pulled at Faith's top, yanking it up until her fingertips met skin. The tank top quickly made its way to the floor and Buffy pushed up against Faith, lost in the sensation of Faith's weight and her fevered kisses.

She was abruptly brought back to reality at the feel of something hard jabbing into her spine. Reaching underneath her back, she grasped the small black remote control in her hand. Realizing that the camcorder was still recording, she took a quick glance over at the television and . . . okay, damn. That was pretty hot. Still, there was no way they were going there.

Her mother had warned her about those kinds of things.

Reaching her arm out, she hit whatever buttons she could on the remote while Faith was busy distracting her with her tongue. When the television screen turned off, Buffy did a mental cheer for herself and tossed the remote aside, eager to get back to what they were doing . . .

The video came to a sudden halt and Kennedy stepped in front of the large television monitor, a smug smile on her lips.

"Now see, this is where our fearless leader thought she was turning the camcorder off. Let's see if she was successful."

"Kennedy, is this quite necessary?" Giles asked from the seat at his desk, his glasses off and being furiously polished with his handkerchief as he did all he could to avoid looking at the screen.

Kennedy's smile disappeared and she glared over at Giles.

"I do what I'm told, I play good little slayer. Let me have this, Giles. I need this."

"I need it too," Xander said to no one in particular as he munched happily on some popcorn, gaze fixed on the screen.

Suddenly everyone in the room - Willow, Andrew, Giles, Kennedy, Rona, Vi, Juliette, and Kristen - inched away from him, happy that the giant bowl of popcorn on his lap was conveniently covering . . . well, anything that might be underneath it.

Buffy was too busy burying her face against Faith's back to notice what was even going on and Faith was her usual cocky self, arms crossed over her chest and a small grin on her face.

"Well, erm, I suppose if you believe it's an integral part of the lesson . . ." Giles began.

Kennedy immediately cut him off.

"It is!" She turned back to the group. "Let's see if she was successful in her fumbling."

Without any further ado, Kennedy hit the 'play' button and stepped out of the way to let the scene unfold . . .

Wasting no more time worrying about the camcorder, Buffy unclipped Faith's bra, doing her best not to become too distracted with the thigh now pressed against her between her legs. She hissed, her panties growing damp. Lifting her hips into Faith, Buffy smiled, feeling so damn lucky, so damn alive.

"Lift up a little," Buffy ground out as Faith began to move against her, lips at Buffy's throat.

Without questioning her, Faith did as she was asked, lifting her upper body away from Buffy's just enough for Buffy to pull at Faith's bra. It joined the tank top on the floor, the pile quickly added to as Faith pushed down on her own jeans and wiggled until she could slip them off and allow them to fall free. She was in a hurry and Buffy completely understood - slaying vamps had always come with a side order of hot and needy.

Faith did her best to grab at Buffy's jeans, tugging at the buttons with fingers suddenly clumsy, wanting at the prize within as if nothing else mattered.Times like these were not about being gentle or loving, yet all Buffy felt was love even in their haste, even as Faith tried to rub herself against Buffy's thigh as her lips rained wet kisses down her neck.

"Let me take the edge off," Buffy suggested, her fingernails scraping down Faith's bare back, causing Faith to groan in gratitude.

She kissed the side of Faith's head, pressing warm lips to even warmer skin as she slipped her hand between them, pushing into Faith's small briefs. Her fingers met Faith's need, the evidence of Faith's arousal coating her fingertips as she explored.

"Make me come," Faith gasped as Buffy pressed her fingertips harder, faster to Faith.

Buffy grinned into Faith's hair, her eyes closed as she basked in every sound and movement of the woman in her arms, all thoughts of the outside world far from her mind . . .

A loud crash caught everyone's attention as Xander's bowl clattered to the floor, a mound of popcorn covering his feet. At that same moment the television screen went completely black and they all turned to look over at Giles who was holding the plug in his hand.

"Perhaps it's time you fill us in on exactly what today's lesson is, Kennedy," he suggested, his voice tight.

"Actually," Kennedy began, "it's not so much a lesson as some much needed entertainment. Besides, if they were dumb enough to hand that tape over to Andrew without checking it first, they deserved it."

"Truth," Andrew said from the corner, nodding sagely.

"Can I go back to my room to die now?" Buffy asked, her words muffled by Faith's back.

"Go ahead, B, I'll be right up."

Buffy quickly got up and ran out of the room, her cheeks red with embarrassment. Faith waited until she was gone before turning back to Kennedy and asking,

"So how can I get my hands on a copy of that?"

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