Chapter Two

The night had been going pretty well, or at least better than Faith had expected.

Buffy continued to sleep peacefully, moving only once to pull Faith’s arm under her head as a pillow. Since then, she had been resting with ease, her occasional snore showing exactly how comfortable she was with Faith laying beside her.

Faith, on the other hand, hadn’t been able to sleep much at all. First, her concern for Buffy was running over and over in her mind. Concern that she’d never be the same person. Concern that she would suffer at having lost her well-defined place in the world. Concern that she, herself, wasn’t strong or experienced enough to be a ‘best friend’ to Buffy in any way shape or form.

And then there was concern that there was something wrong with Buffy, because there was no way that any human head could possibly weigh that much.

Faith’s arm had gone numb after about 10 minutes. The tickling sensation that reverberated up and down it every time that Buffy moved a millimeter had Faith biting her lower lip to keep from laughing aloud. However, she pulled it together and stayed strong, noting that it actually felt nice to spend the night just laying next to someone for a change.

The other thing that kept Faith from sleeping was the almost uncontrollable case of hornies that she was feeling. She wasn’t sure if it was the size of the battle they had fought, or the fact that she finally had Buffy all cozied up next to her after seven long years.

There had been no doubt in Faith’s mind that part of the reason she and Buffy were never able to be friends in the past was because she’d always cut herself off before getting to that point. To have a crush on someone was one thing, but to have a crush on someone she could never have was a completely different story. In the end, Faith had always kept her distance so that she didn’t have a chance to get hurt.

Hurt was the only constant in her life, so she tried to avoid situations that led to it at any cost. But that was then, and this was now. Faith had grown up in more ways than one since she first arrived in Sunnydale. Her biggest feat, in her own eyes, was realizing that though she could never have Buffy in the way she wanted most, she could at least be there for her and let the older girl know that she cared.

There were no hidden reasonings in Faith’s actions now. She wasn’t helping Buffy so that she could get a one-up in Buffy’s book or so she could move in and get closer. She just . . . wanted Buffy to know that she wasn’t alone.

And hopefully, Buffy would be able to do the same for her; show her that she, too, wasn’t alone in this whole deal. That for once, Faith would finally fit in and be accepted as she was: a bit wild, perhaps a bit crude, kind of nutty at times . . . but a part of their group nonetheless.

With that said, Faith wasn’t exactly sure what to attribute her extreme hornies too. She’d had a bit of alone time in the shower, but it still hadn’t satisfied the itch. Even after the most extreme slays, a few rounds with her digits normally got the trick done. Granted, this was a much bigger battle. But still . . . a part of her was thinking that it was just the petite blonde slayer that was wrapped up in front of her.

At one point, Faith had tried to wake Buffy so that she could go out for a jog or something, just to let loose some energy.

“B?” She whispered.

After a few moments passed and Buffy still didn’t respond, Faith had tried again.

“B?” She asked a bit louder, freezing up when Buffy snuggled back further into her, her firm ass pressing right against Faith’s crotch.

Faith gulped, using all the restraint that she could muster to stop herself from grinding up against Buffy’s ass.

Trying one more time, Faith’s voice took on an almost pleading quality.


And then the unthinkable had happened.

Buffy mumbled, sniffled a bit in her sleeping state, and turned around in Faith’s arms, pressing their warm bodies even closer together. She rested her head higher on Faith’s arm and wrapped her arms over the younger girl’s waist, making Faith her own personal pillow.

Just when Faith thought it couldn’t get any worse, Buffy’s thigh slid between her legs. The sleeping slayer murmured incoherently a bit more before falling right back to sleep, leaving a confused and aroused Faith to fight a battle with her inner angel and devil.

Faith lay there completely rigid for a few minutes, wondering exactly how she could get out of her little predicament. In a moment of desperation, she reached her hand out and rubbed the bedside lamp, hoping that a genie would pop out and grant her a wish or two. Alas, no genie appeared, and Faith was left there holding Buffy and fighting her inner demons.

As the hours passed, Faith was finally able to put the concerns and thoughts of sex out of her mind enough so that she finally dozed off. Again, she couldn’t help but notice how nice it actually felt to just hold someone, but she knew that she’d never be able to say that aloud.

It wasn’t until the early afternoon arrived that the Slayers began to feel one another stirring. Neither girl made any effort to move much at all. Buffy had moved her arm from Faith’s waist so that she could stretch her back, but her arm conveniently snuck back into its warm place a moment later.

And though Faith couldn’t be certain, she though that Buffy’s arm now wrapped even tighter around her.

“Morning!” Buffy said, a little too chipper for Faith’s liking.

“Hey B.” Faith responded, letting her nose graze over the top of Buffy’s hair.

“How’d this happen?” Buffy indicated their position, yet made no effort to move.

Faith couldn’t help but grin a little, knowing that she had to take this opportunity to mess with Buffy at least a little.

“Well, I was just layin’ there, all sleepy and quiet, and you rolled over and kept mumbling about how much you wanted me and stuff. And you were all sniffing my hair and gettin’ all touchy and feely, but I put my foot down and told you to just behave for a change and let me sleep. Don’t worry, B. I kept ya in line.”

She could feel Buffy chuckle a little, happy in knowing that she hadn’t crossed the line with the older girl.

“Well, then I owe you oodles of gratitude, Faith. If you hadn’t stopped me, we might have spent the entire night having sinful, gratifying, wet hot lesbian sex. Really. I’m forever indebted.”

Faith groaned, feeling the uncomfortable yet delicious pressure in her crotch get even worse.

“Alright. Okay. I concede, B. You win.”

Buffy chuckled, snuggling even further into Faith’s arms.

“I knew that talking about a little bit of gratuitous sex would push you over the edge. You’re post-megabattle, Faith. A little self-loving isn’t gonna do the trick for you this time around.”

Faith pretended to act righteous. “Sister Buffy, when did thou lose that stick from up thy ass? Seriously, B. Admitting to the hornies, talking openly about self-loving, playing up my girl-on-girl fantasies . . . have you been taking ‘the drugs?’”

Buffy laughed even harder, not surprised at all in how comfortable she was acting with Faith. It just felt . . . natural. Like it was the way it always should have been.

Minus the snuggling, of course.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Faithy. And honestly . . . there was no stick. It was more of a . . . twig of righteousness. Besides, the twig was long gone once I started having sex with Spike.” Buffy added with a chuckle.

Faith remained quiet for a moment, wondering when Buffy would start to brood over the unexpected memories of Spike. However, the blonde seemed to be showing no signs of sadness at the moment.

Unable to stop herself from asking, Faith shifted to her side a little so that she could look into Buffy’s eyes.

“How did that all come about anyway? It’s not everyday that a Slayer makes a boy-toy out of a vamp, let alone two.”

“You’re telling me.” Buffy said with a chuckle, settling her head down again as she tried to collect her thoughts. “Honestly? I was really messed up at the time. Nothing made sense. He was there. It was nice not being alone. Story: end of.”

Faith took a minute or two to let Buffy’s words sink in, surprised that she actually believed the explanation. But she still had unanswered questions that she was curious about.

“But, with all that’s been going on, and then . . . well . . . what you told him when we were tryin’ to get out of the school . . .”

“Oh god,” Buffy interrupted, “you heard that? Shit, I didn’t think anyone was around.”

Faith noticed that Buffy looked upset, so she wrapped her arm over Buffy’s side and tried to look into her eyes again.

“Hey, B, you’re not gonna get a lecture from me. Far be it from me to be all judgment girl. Really, I . . .”

“Wait, don’t even finish that,” Buffy interrupted again. “Do you honestly think I loved him?”

Faith shrugged. “Didn’t you?”

Buffy took a second to think about it, looking off in the distance for a moment before returning her gaze to Faith.

“No. And that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate him though, or that I’m not sad that he’s gone. He died because . . . well, he knew it was him or everyone. He went and got a soul for me, and I think he loved me with it. He used that soul to save us all, and for that I’m forever grateful.”

Faith nodded, understanding what Buffy was trying to say. Buffy wasn’t in love with Spike, but she appreciated him and what he had don for her; for everyone.

Buffy continued. “When I told him . . . what I did . . . I didn’t think anyone was around. I didn’t think that it would matter if I told him one last lie if it gave him one moment of . . . peace. After what he was doing for us, he deserved that moment. I hope the Fates have been good to him.”

Silenced filled the room as the two slayers got lost in their thoughts. Only after a few minutes did Buffy look up into Faith’s eyes again.

“Do you think I’m horrible for lying to him?” she asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

Faith pretended to take a moment to think it over, hiding her grin when she replied, “Yeah, pretty horrible, B. In fact, you should get down on your knees now and ask Jeebus to forgive you and . . . all that crap.”

Buffy tried to hide her smile but failed.

“Funny, Faith. Did they teach you sarcasm in prison, or does it come naturally to you?”

Faith laughed aloud, surprised yet impressed by Buffy’s forwardness.

“Nah, B. I only took Comedy 101 in prison. Wes got me out before I could move on to Sarcasm for Beginners. But I’m thinking that maybe you could tutor me for awhile.”

The two girls laughed together some more, constantly taking jabs at one another but not letting it affect them negatively whatsoever.

Faith ever-so-discretely reached out and rubbed the lamp again, wanting that genie to appear so she could wish that Buffy and her had started out this way in the beginning. However, as the first time, the genie failed to appear. Making a promise to herself, Faith promised that she would take full opportunity at this second chance she was given with Buffy. Being close to her like they were . . . almost gave Faith a sense of wholeness. Like her life was starting to feel more complete.

But being close to Buffy also brought on other realizations, such as that she was still ultra-horny and getting worse as the minutes passed.

“B, can I ask you a question?” Faith broke their friendly banter, rolling onto her back and looking up at the ceiling.

“You mean besides the one you just asked?” Buffy asked with a grin.

Faith responded by lifting her arm and giving Buffy the middle-finger, then proceeded to ask her question anyhow.

“Is it just me, or are you REALLY horny right now?” Buffy thought it over for a moment before rolling onto her back as well. “I’m pretty damn horny, Faith, if you really need to know.”

Faith chuckled, rubbing her eyes with the heels of her hands.

“So . . . what do we do about it? Cos if we’re gonna be sharing a room, things could get a bit complicated.”

Buffy sighed, pondering their options. “Well, I guess there are a couple of options. We could . . . take turns in the bathroom and risk going blind.” She looked to Faith, who shook her head as she rubbed her eyes. “Okay, we could . . . ignore the urges and just fill up on sweet and salty foods.”

Faith moved her hands and raised one eyebrow at Buffy, causing the blonde to chuckle.

“Okaaaay,” Buffy continued, “we could . . . have some of that gratuitous sex together that I teased you about earlier . . .”

This time, both of Faith’s eyebrows shot up, causing Buffy to giggle.

“. . . or . . .” Buffy finished, “we could just go out to some clubs tonight and see what the night produces in terms of post-slay relief.”

Faith nodded at the last option, but her eyebrows were frozen in a permanent raised position from Buffy’s second-last option. Buffy noticed the brunette’s stunned face and couldn’t help but laugh some more.

“Settle down, Faithy, I was just messing with you cos you’re so easily messable right now,” she laughed. “We’ll go out tonight and see what we can come up with. I’ve never been a casual dater, but . . . I guess our lives are gonna be a lot different now, huh.”

“Yeah,” Faith agreed. “But that’s okay, right? I mean . . . we’re gonna be okay, right?”

Buffy looked over at Faith and smiled softly.

“Yeah, I think we will be. We have to be.”

A comfortable silence passed between the two girls as they lay on their backs, staring up at the ceiling. Thoughts of their exciting but unknown future racing through their minds and keeping them both in an excitable state.

After a few minutes passed by, Buffy rolled onto her side and looked at Faith, who seemed to be lost in some pretty interesting thoughts.

“What are you thinking right now?” she asked.

Faith grinned, looking at Buffy out of the corner of her eyes. “You mean besides, ‘If it was anyone else in this bed but you right now, I’d be having me some morning sex’? Umm . . . breakfast would be nice. You?”

Buffy tried not to laugh, but she couldn’t stop the smile that was on her face.

“Besides, ‘I’m hurt and shocked by your dismissal of me as a sex object’? Breakfast sounds good.”

Faith grinned. “Let’s go, princess.”

The two girls began to get up from the bed, but Faith was stopped at the feel of Buffy’s hand on her arm.

“And Faith?” Buffy asked, waiting until Faith nodded before continuing. “Thanks for . . . everything.”

“My pleasure, B. My pleasure.”

At that, the two girls got dressed and went to meet the others for a very late breakfast.


The day passed quickly as the two slayers found themselves thrown into the chaos that was their new life in LA. Team Angel, along with Giles and Willow, were working around the clock to find a more permanent home for the Sunnydale crew. A few of the potential slayers, now simply slayers, decided that going home would be their first choice. However, the bigger majority of the girls didn’t really have a place to call home as it was and decided to stay on with the Sunnydale crew.

Buffy and Faith went through the motions of the day, chipping in ideas or opinions where necessary, but taking on much more of a back-seat position this time around. They had their share of leading in the past, and now just wanted to be able to sit back while the others worked out the major details. Either way, they knew that they were likely staying right where they were, and that was fine with them.

The night found Buffy and Faith, along with a few of the junior slayers, piled up in a taxi and on their way to the first active club that they could find. Most of the clubs were pretty dead that night, as it was a Wednesday night and most people saved their partying for the weekends.

However, as they drove past one club in particular, Faith noticed a group of attractive guys entering the building.

“There’s our jackpot, B.” Faith said excitedly, tapping the driver on the shoulder to pull over.

“Are you sure, Faith?” Buffy asked. “Maybe we should keep looking for a bit. There aren’t many taxi’s out, so once we’re here, we’re stuck.”

Faith nodded her head, her eyes fixed on the building. “Yeah, B. This is the place. I can feel it in my bones.”

With the decision made, the driver collected his fair and let the girls out of the car, chuckling to himself as he drove off. Buffy noticed his chuckle but didn’t seem to care; this was her first night out in a long time and she was going to take full advantage.

Faith paid for all of the girls to get into the club, using the ‘mad money’ that Angel had given her to use for a fun night out. The junior slayers entered first, large X’s marked on their hands to show that they were too young to drink. Buffy and Faith flashed their ID’s before making their way into the club and heading directly to the bar.

“Two shots of whiskey, my friend.” Faith said to the bartender, flashing her most alluring smile at the shirtless man.

“And for your girlfriend?” The bartender asked, indicating Buffy.

“Little Miss Man-eater here will have something girly and fruity, no doubt.” Faith joked, ignoring the eye-roll that she got from Buffy. “What do you suggest?”

Faith watched as the bartender looked around the bar, laughing to himself as he saw the junior slayers hitting on a group of men.

“Sugar, you’re gonna have to be more specific.” He said with a big smile. “This whole place is filled with things that are ‘girly and fruity.’”

Faith’s eyebrows furrowed a bit before her eyes followed the bartender’s gaze over her shoulder. She turned around to look at the dance floor, noticing all of the attractive and shirtless men dancing . . . together. With one another. In the complete absence of any females besides the group of slayers.

“Oh, you’ve GOT to be shittin’ me.” She commented under her breath.

“Faith,” Buffy began, “wasn’t it your smart idea to bring us to this club?”

Faith’s shoulder’s dropped. “Yep, it was, B.”

Buffy tried to hide her huge grin but failed.

“Faith,” she began again, “did you bring us to a club for GAY MEN?”

Faith sighed, instantly turning and drinking down her shots of whiskey.

“Yeah, B, I think I did.”

Buffy laughed aloud, unable to collect herself as she saw all of the now confused junior slayers wandering around and Faith mentally beating herself up.

“Excellent plan, Faithy. Well done.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Faith responded, ordering up another round of shots for herself. “At least the night’s not a total loss. I can’t get me a man, but I can certainly get me some Jack.”

Knowing fairly well that it could be awhile before they got another taxi, the group of girls decided to live it up and make the best out of the situation.

Buffy and Faith ordered up a slew of drinks, knocking them back before hitting the dance floor together. The men gathered around them and cheered them on, not a single person in the entire place able to keep away from the undeniable vibe that the two slayers were giving off together.

The junior slayers danced on tables and any other place where they could find enough room, happy to just be out and having a good time.

When the night was finally over, the group of girls left the club as the lights were turned off and the doors locked.

A gaggle of men walked them out, urging them to come back more often, but to bring some male friends with them.

Both Buffy and Faith laughed at the shared image of Xander and Andrew coming with them next time, but they saved the rest of those humorous thoughts for later. They needed to concentrate on getting their slightly inebriated selves and the junior slayers back to the hotel.

Faith hailed a taxi, stumbling into Buffy as she tried to open the door.

The two girls giggled, hopping into the front seat with the driver as the other girls crowded into the backseat. They all smiled when they saw it was the same driver from earlier that night.

“Luis!” Faith exclaimed, latching onto the driver in what was meant to be a hug but quickly turned into a fumbly mess.

“I see you ladies have good time,” Luis commented in broken English. “Next time, you tell ol’ Luis you go to lady bar and he take you to Pussycat Club. Much more muchachas for your cha-cha.”

The entire car-full of girls broke out into a fit of giggles, laughing and joking around all the way back to the hotel.

As they entered the hotel and tried to discretely get up to their rooms, Faith and Buffy couldn’t stop laughing.

“That was a total bust!” Buffy giggled, fixing her thoroughly messed up hair.

“You’re telling me.” Faith laughed, her voice hoarse from laughing and talking all night long. “Tomorrow, we go to the Pussycat Club and find us some muchachas! Feliz Navidad!”

Buffy laughed again but got serious as Faith’s suggestion hit home.

“Are you serious? You want me to . . . and with the . . . muchachas?”

Faith laughed again as she danced her way into the elevator. “It’s either muchachas, Faithchachas, or blindness, B . . . take your pick!”

Buffy though about saying ‘no’ for a moment, but between the alcohol and Faith’s influence, the last bit of her sense of righteousness flew out the window.

Dancing her way into the elevator with Faith, Buffy yelled out her best ‘ayayayayayay’ in the spirit of Luis and muchachas. She collapsed to the ground and pulled Faith into another fit of laughter, both girls knowing that the night hadn’t been as big a bust as they had let on.

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