Chapter Nine

Buffy and Faith made their way back to their dorm in record time. Faith was actually going to break into a car outside of the Bronze and borrow it for a while so they could get home that much quicker, but Buffy had quickly squashed those plans with a ‘do it and you’re not getting any’ glare.

During their walk back to campus, the two girls couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Their desire seemed to grow more and more the closer they got to their destination. A simple hand-hold had turned into an ass-grab-athon, which then turned into a two-minute long grope session against the back of a campus security van. Only when the van began to drive away did the Slayers decide to move on towards their dormitory.

When they had finally reached their building, they could barely contain their passion anymore. The moment that they had entered the stairwell, Faith had Buffy pinned against the wall and was devouring her mouth with her own. Buffy moaned into the kiss as she tried to pull Faith impossibly closer to her. When their already extremely close contact wasn’t enough for her anymore, she hopped up a little and wrapped her legs around Faith’s back, grinding herself against her stomach.

“Fuck, B,” Faith whispered, “I can feel how hot your pussy is against my stomach. Are you wet for me, baby?”

Her words only spurned Buffy to grind even harder against her. But it wasn’t Buffy’s actions that surprised Faith, it was what she said.

“You’ll -uhhh- just have to find out for yourself,” Buffy panted.

Faith pulled back a little and just stared at her with a questioning look on her face, as if to say ‘right here right now?’ She wasn’t going to wait for the actual words because she knew how flippant Buffy could be.

She hesitated only for a moment before leaning back in and beginning to suck lightly on Buffy’s neck, eliciting a series of soft moans and sharp breaths from the girl. Slowly but surely, she worked her right hand between their bodies. She lifted the material of Buffy’s top slightly so that she could slowly caress her stomach.

After receiving no stop signs, she decided to push a little further. She lowered her hand just a bit and with as much ease as possible popped open the button to Buffy’s pants. She waited for a negative reaction but instead, Buffy seemed to tighten her legs around her even more.

Carefully, she slid her hand into the tight confines of Buffy’s underwear and wriggled her fingers down further until she came into contact with the source of the heat she was feeling against her stomach. She gasped slightly as she cupped her hand over Buffy’s mound, feeling the wetness drip onto her fingers.

“Fuck, B, you’re so fuckin wet,” Faith practically growled.

She moved her fingers and began to search for Buffy’s clit. When she heard the girl hiss out in pleasure, she knew that she had hit the hunnypot. With the little bit of room that she had in the confined area, she slowly began to move her fingers in a circular motion over Buffy’s hard clit, steadily increasing pressure on the small bundle of nerves.

“Oh god . . . oh god . . . Faith . . . your fingers . . .” Buffy gasped, throwing her had back and clenching her eyes in ecstasy.

“. . . haven’t even begun to show you what they can do,” Faith finished the sentence for her.

Just as she was about to move her fingers forward and plunge them into Buffy’s waiting channel, a door slamming on the floor above them caught their attention. They froze, waiting to see if anyone was in the stairwell. When they heard footsteps descending the stairs above them, they quickly pulled back from one another, trying to fix up their disheveled appearances.

Buffy re-buttoned her pants with barely a second to spare as a guy and girl turned on the flight of stairs before them. She politely smiled at the couple, trying to hide her blushing cheeks. After the door closed behind the guy and girl, Buffy grabbed onto Faith’s hand and began pulling her up the stairs.

“Upstairs. Now,” she said, making Faith grin really big.

“Yes ma’am.”

Buffy fumbled in her pockets for the key she knew she had put there earlier. When she finally found it and tried to unlock the door, she found that her hands were shaking. All of the pent up energy and frustration from the last few days was finally exiting her. Before she could even register the sound of the lock clicking, she felt herself being pushed into the room by an eager Faith.

Expecting to be pushed up against another wall, she was pleasantly surprised when she felt the soft texture of her bed underneath her. Faith was instantly on top of her, kissing her hungrily while exploring her body with her hands.

It took her a moment to realize that in the short trip from the door to the bed, Faith had managed to rip her own shirt off and now lay above her in her leather pants and black satin bra. Buffy was feeling overdressed so she reached between their warm bodies and unzipped her tank top, pulling the sides down so that she could get the skin-to-skin contact that she was suddenly craving.

Faith finally broke her contact with Buffy’s mouth and pushed herself up a bit so that she could look down into Buffy’s eyes.

“B, I’m only gonna ask ya once . . . are ya ready for this, cos once we do it, there ain’t no goin’ back,” she said softly but seriously.

Buffy nodded, “I want this, Faith.”

Faith gave her a lopsided smile.

“And tomorrow . . . it’s not gonna be blamed on Jack or the beer or the heat of the moment? You really truly want this, and you’re not gonna try to kick me in the head when you wake up?”

Buffy smiled, raising up both of her hands to cup Faith’s face.

“Not as long as I wake up in your arms.”

“That can be arranged,” Faith chuckled before leaning down and capturing Buffy’s lips in another steamy kiss.

Buffy pulled Faith’s bottom lip into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on it lightly before releasing it and getting back into the kiss.

Faith felt like it was finally time to take things to the next step. Again, she lowered her hands to Buffy’s abdomen and caressed it gently before reaching down and unbuttoning her pants. Realizing that she wanted more room to work with, she broke away from Buffy’s mouth for just a moment so that she could pull her pants off.

When she finally managed to tug off Buffy’s boots and pants, she was about to pounce again but Buffy’s words made her freeze.

“Faith, wait,” Buffy said breathlessly.

The very words made Faith want to puke. Or get violent. She couldn’t decide which feeling was more dominant, the nausea or anger. Before she had to choose, Buffy continued.

“You’re a little overdressed, Slayer. Take your pants and boots off, and get your sexy ass back down here,” Buffy finished with a sexy grin.

Faith didn’t need any more prompting. She kicked her boots off across the room, had her leathers off, and was back on Buffy in about ten seconds.

She picked up her action right where she had just left off. As she began to kiss Buffy again, she snuck her hand between their bodies and began to trace small circles over the crotch of Buffy’s soaked panties.

At the contact, Buffy arched up off of the bed, moaning into Faith’s mouth.

“You want more, baby?” Faith asked huskily, applying just a bit more pressure against Buffy’s panties.

“God, yes, I want more,” Buffy panted. “I need more.”

Faith smirked.

“Your wish is my command.”

With that, Faith slid her hand underneath the waistband of Buffy’s panties and dipped down into her wet folds. She gathered some of the wetness in her fingers and spread it around, making sure to give her clit a few flicks and caresses in the process. Again, Buffy hissed in pleasure at the contact.

After a moment of exploration and gentle caresses, Faith finally grew bold enough to take what she wanted. Ever so carefully, she placed one of her digits at the entrance of Buffy’s pussy and slowly pushed it inside. She kept her finger still for a moment, letting Buffy adjust to it being there. She got her cue to continue on when she felt Buffy’s hips begin to rock against her hand.

Slowly at first, Faith began to slide her finger in and out of Buffy’s tight pussy, feeling her inner muscles lightly clenching on her finger. Buffy’s light gasps and moans egged her on, causing her to thrust a little more forcefully as she pressed her palm against her clit.

“Oh fuck . . . Faith . . . faster, baby . . . just like that . . .” Buffy moaned out, her eyes clenched shut. Her arms were thrown over her head, tangled up in her hair.

Faith smiled. She loved having power like this at her disposal. The ability to make someone shout out in ecstasy, the ability to make them melt at a simple touch; the ability to make someone feel so good that they can’t speak clearly. It all made her feel incredibly powerful . . . and incredibly turned on.

Once again, she decided to take things up another notch. She casually withdrew her finger from Buffy’s dripping cunt, waiting to see her response. Just as Buffy began to open her eyes to protest, she felt two fingers push into her, filling her tight pussy and creating a delightful new sensation inside her.

Buffy began to rock her hips, meeting each of Faith’s thrusts. As Faith pressed her palm into her clit once again, Buffy felt herself begin to tremble. She knew that she was close and that at this rate, she’d come in another minute or two.

“Faith . . . I’m getting close . . . keep going, baby . . . ohhhh . . .”

Faith was really getting into it at this point. The continued moans and sighs from Buffy were really getting to her, and she felt like she was also about to pop. Everything was going so great, and Buffy was really doing this.

But the gods didn’t seem to be on their side, and of course, they wouldn’t let things go so well for too long. They sent their message in the form of a distraction.

The phone began to ring.

Buffy’s eyes popped open and she glanced down at Faith who had stilled her movement. They looked at each other in disbelief as the second ring echoed. Buffy chewed on her bottom lip, pondering what to do. A phone call in the middle of the night was never a good sign.

The phone rang a third time.

Buffy glanced between the phone and Faith, and a small smile crept up on her lips. She glanced back at Faith and gave her a sexy grin.

“Fuck it . . . and fuck me . . . let the machine deal with it.”

A huge grin appeared on Faith’s face. She didn’t need any more prompting. She immediately began to pump her fingers in Buffy’s pussy again, the wet sounds filling the room along with Buffy’s moans. After two more rings, the answering machine picked up. After a moment, they heard a voice fill the room.

‘Hey guys, it’s Willow. We came to meet you guys at the Bronze, but you’re not here. Well, maybe you guys are here in the bathroom or in the balcony or something. We’ll take another look around, and if we don’t find you in a while, I’ll call back in a few minutes, see if you’re there yet. Bye!’

“Fuck,” Faith said, annoyed. “She sure knows how to put a fuckin damper on a girls’ plans.” She was sure that Buffy was going to push her off or something. She looked up to meet Buffy’s lust-filled eyes and watched as she leaned over and casually turned the answering machine off.

“Faith . . . come up here . . . I need you to kiss me . . .” Buffy said breathlessly, grabbing onto Faith’s unoccupied arm and pulling her up so that she lay above her.

Faith stared down at Buffy with a smile on her face before leaning in and beginning to slowly kiss her. She ran her tongue over Buffy’s bottom lip, then softly plunged her tongue into her mouth. Their tongues danced together, neither fighting for dominance but just enjoying the feel of one another. Faith continued to thrust her fingers in and out of Buffy’s pussy, feeling her getting closer and closer.

As if the first phone call wasn’t bad enough, the phone began to ring again just minutes later.

Faith went to move away but she felt Buffy’s arms wrap around her, holding her tight to her body. She knew that Buffy was ready to come any minute, so she didn’t stop her motions. In fact, she kissed her even more deeply, pulling away to kiss down her neck and suck on her pulse point.

After about the twentieth ring, Faith finally got frustrated.

“B . . . just answer the fucking phone. Tell Red that we’re busy fucking and that her late-night calls are really startin’ to fuck up our moments here.”

She moved off of Buffy just enough so that she could reach the phone, but she kept her fingers buried deep inside her pussy and her palm against her clit. She was gonna make Buffy come whether she was on the phone or not.

Buffy leaned over and grabbed the phone, answering it in a shaky, breathless voice. Faith leaned close enough so that she could hear the conversation.


’Hey, Buff. We’re at the Bronze, we thought you were gonna be here.’

“Sorry Will, there was –uhhhhh- a slight change of plans.”

’Oh. Well, it’s still kinda early for a Saturday night. Do you want me and Tara to come to your room? We could have a girl’s night; watch movies, eat pizza, laugh and . . .’

“Will!” Buffy interrupted, trying to keep the sound of her impending orgasm from her voice. “That’s –nghh- that’s not the best idea.”

’Why not?’

Faith looked at Buffy with a grin, speeding up her fingers. “Tell her why, B.”

“It’s –nnghhhhh- not a good time, Will.”

’Why? What’s going on Buffy? You sound kinda funny.’

“I’m fine Will. I really have to go -ohhhhhh-” Buffy panted. She felt herself losing it; she was gonna come.

’How come?’ Willow asked skeptically.

Buffy couldn’t take it anymore.

“Because Faith has two -uhhhhhhh- three fingers in my pussy and I’m about to come . . . oh god oh . . . I gotta go, Will!”

Buff clicked the phone off and threw it across the room.

“Ohhh . . . Faith, I’m coming . . . harder . . . oh yeah, fuck me,” Buffy cried out, writhing uncontrollably under Faith’s strong body.

Faith felt Buffy’s inner muscles clenching tightly around her fingers and she knew that she was coming. She moved slightly down her body and began to suck on one of her erect nipples through her lace bra. It was exactly what Buffy needed to push her over the edge.

She felt Buffy’s hands entangle in her hair as her body trembled. After a moment had passed, Buffy stopped trembling and now lay almost motionless on the bed, panting heavily and quietly sighing.

Buffy finally unclenched her eyes and looked down at Faith, smiling while pulling her up to plant a series of soft kisses on her lips.

“That . . . was amazing,” Buffy said breathlessly, making Faith smirk.

“Yeah, well if you liked that, you’re gonna LOVE this,” Faith said as she began to slide down Buffy’s glistening body.

Buffy looked down questioningly.

“Faith? What are you doing?”

Faith looked up at her, her brown eyes almost black from the desire running through her.

“I’m gonna eat ya, B,” she whispered before pulling down Buffy’s lace panties and coming face to face with her dripping sex.

She took in the sight before her: a perfect pink pussy, completely hairless, lips slightly swollen from her earlier ministrations, and a perfect little pink clit just there for the taking. She inhaled deeply, instantly loving the scent that was enough to drive her crazy with lust.

Unable to wait any longer, she tentatively leaned in and ran her tongue along Buffy’s wet slit, introducing herself softly and gently.

Buffy gasped at the contact and spread her legs apart a little further, giving Faith as much room as she needed. Her pussy lips spread open, giving Faith the access that she wanted.

Faith leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Buffy’s clit before taking it into her mouth and gently sucking on it.

Buffy’s hips immediately began to buck, lifting up off of the mattress and pushing herself up into Faith’s eager mouth. It wasn’t too much for Faith to handle. She simply lifted her arms to Buffy’s hips and guided the girl, pushing her down when necessary and pulling her up when she felt her start to go limp from the pleasure.

“Oh god . . . Faith . . . that feels so good, baby.”

Faith knew that Buffy was already approaching her second orgasm, so she decided to change her tactics a little. She released her clit from her mouth and began to run her tongue flat along it. She removed one of her hands from Buffy’s hip and brought it down to her pussy, plunging two fingers inside the girl as she continued to lick at her clit.

Instantly, her fingers were coated in Buffy’s juices and they easily slid in and out of her tight channel.

Buffy writhed on the bed, throwing her hands above her head and grabbing onto the head-board of the bed with a death grip.

At that point, Faith removed her fingers from Buffy’s dripping pussy and replaced them with her tongue, burying it deep inside her as her fingers began to slip over Buffy’s clit.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me, Faith! Mmmmm.”

A second orgasm shook through Buffy’s body, leaving her limp on the bed. But Faith still wasn’t done with her yet. She removed her tongue from her pussy and replaced it once again with two of her fingers. She curled them slightly so that they caressed Buffy’s g-spot every time they thrust in and out.

“Faith –nnghhhh- you, oh god, you have to stop. I can’t take it, baby. You gotta . . . ohhhhhh.” Her words were cut off when she felt Faith roughly sucking on her clit again as she fucked her with her fingers and caressed her g-spot.

With the last ounce of strength that Buffy had, she yelled out Faith’s name over and over again as her third and last orgasm swept over her, leaving her entire body feeling warm and tingly. She now lay on the bed, completely limp, completely out of breath, and completely satisfied like she had never been before.

Faith placed a quick kiss on Buffy’s pussy before climbing up the bed, resting atop Buffy’s hot, sweaty body. She noticed that Buffy’s eyes were still clenched shut. She began to place soft kisses all over her face and neck, waiting for some kind of a reaction.

Finally, Buffy spoke.

“Faith . . . I think you broke me,” she panted.

Faith laughed.

“I didn’t break ya, B. You’ll be fine.”

Buffy slightly scoffed, opening her eyes to gaze up at Faith.

“Yeah, in a day or two.”

Faith smiled endearingly. “That’s okay, baby. I’m not goin’ anywhere. You take your time, and tell me when you’re ready for more.”

“There’s more? You have more left in you?” Buffy asked incredulously.

Faith laughed again and put on a smirk.

“Slayer stamina. Gotta love it.”

Buffy smiled. She put her hands behind Faith’s neck and pulled her down for a kiss. She could taste herself on the Faith’s lips, and strangely enough, it didn’t freak her out.

Buffy wondered exactly what was coming over herself. She’d never quite felt this way before. She felt exhaustion washing over herself, and between that and being locked in Faith’s warm, tight embrace, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Faith heard Buffy’s breathing become steady, and she knew she had fallen asleep. She smiled to herself and then snuggled up even closer to her.

“Night, baby,” she whispered, placing a soft kiss on Buffy’s forehead before joining her in a comfortable sleep.

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