Chapter Eight

Buffy awoke to the feeling of Faith’s soft lips placing kisses on the corner of her mouth. Her smile alerted the other girl that she was awake.

“Mornin’, B,” Faith said in an all-too-chipper tone, moving her lips over just a bit so that now her kisses were landing directly on Buffy’s slightly parted lips.

“Mmmm . . . that’s got to be the best ‘good morning’ I’ve ever gotten,” Buffy replied sleepily, breaking away from Faith’s lips but holding her face close.

“Really?” Faith asked excitedly, bordering between proud and cocky.

“Yep. The only thing that would make it better would be . . . some breakfast in bed to accompany it. Mmm . . . bacon and eggs, toast, home fries, and orange juice. Oh! And strawberry jelly for the toast. That, along with some Faith smoochies, would equal the best ‘good morning’ ever.”

Faith smiled.

“Okay, I’ll remember that. In the meanwhile, you sit tight. Sleep in; it’s still early, just about 9:00. It’s Saturday and we don’t have any good reasons to leave the room until at least the late afternoon. I gotta run a small errand but I’ll be back in less than an hour, and I have every intention of crawlin’ back in bed with you so we can be bums all afternoon.”

She planted one last kiss on Buffy’s lips and hopped out of bed, pulling on a nearby pair of track pants and a sweatshirt before making her way out of the room.

She was surprised that her nakedness hadn’t freaked the other girl out, but she pushed the thought to the back of her mind. She had something else she had to take care of first.

Buffy rolled over onto her side, making herself comfortable in Faith’s bed. She inhaled deeply and took in the scent surrounding her. The crimson-colored sheets and pillow smelled like Faith’s perfume – Deep Red by Hugo Boss. It was like Faith . . . spicy and exotic, and completely intoxicating. She closed her eyes and continued breathing in the scent, and before she knew it she was asleep again.

About forty-five minutes later, Faith came prancing into the room, a definite bounce in her step. Her arms were loaded with various bags and packages, products of her morning errands. She tried to be as quiet as possible when she saw that Buffy was still sleeping, but between the rustling of the bags and the sound of the broken door thunking shut, Buffy woke up and turned to see what the distraction was.

“Hey,” Faith said with a big smile, showing off her dimples. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake ya. I’m about as graceful as an elephant in a China Shop.”

Buffy laughed.

“No, it’s okay. I should probably be getting up anyways. It’s gotta be late by now, and I should probably take a shower ‘cause I think I’m a little gamey from last night. Besides that, I’m hungry.”

She began to lift the blankets off of herself, but Faith interrupted her.

“Uh uh uh, little B. First and foremost, ya don’t stink, so no shower yet. As for hungry, I’ve got it covered.” She held up two of the bags. “Breakfast in bed and various sources of entertainment. We officially have no reason to leave the room. That is . . . until I gotta go to work at 3:00.”

Buffy stared disbelievingly at Faith as the other girl pulled a chair over next to the bed and started placing the contents of the bags on it. When all was said and done and the contents were displayed on the chair, Buffy smiled. Faith had gone out and bought several breakfast specials from a diner just off of campus. There were enough eggs, bacon, toast, home fries, and even pancakes to feed a small army. There were also two cups of coffee, two large mochas, two glasses of orange juice, and a carton of chocolate milk.

Just when Buffy thought the surprises were over, Faith brought out another bag. She reached her hand in and removed a wide array of DVDs and magazines.

Faith smiled as she watched Buffy search through the items like a kid in a candy store. She couldn’t wait to get back into bed with her for a little of the cuddling action. It was hard for her to believe that in less that three days, she had already been transformed into a cuddler. She began to get undressed, keeping on only a small tank top and her underwear before crouching between the bed and the chair.

“So, whattaya say, B? Which movie d’ya wanna watch? Breakfast Club, License to Drive, The Goonies, Sixteen Candles, Scream, or The Lost Boys?”

Buffy smiled, finally meeting Faith’s gaze.

“I can’t believe you did all this for me. And in only forty-five minutes, no less. Is it because you had a good night?” Buffy asked, waggling her eyebrows in a Faith-like manner, then tapped “The Goonies” DVD case.

Faith chuckled as she grabbed the DVD and crossed the room, turning on the TV and putting the movie in.

“That mighta had a little bit to do with it. But, I kinda just wanted to do somethin’ nice for ya. See ya smile, get to spend the day in bed with ya . . . figured it would all be worth it.”

She turned to see Buffy staring at her with a truly genuine smile on her face.

“Come here,” Buffy said with a smile, holding the sheets up for Faith to crawl under.

“Yes ma’am!” Faith beamed as she kicked up her legs a little before running to the bed and hopping in.

She all but flopped onto Buffy and was rewarded with a sweet kiss that she hadn’t quite been expecting but definitely enjoyed. She wriggled around a little, loving the contact that Buffy was letting her have, especially in her half-naked form.

After a moment, Buffy pulled back but kept her hands buried in Faith’s hair. She held Faith’s face in front of hers so that they made close eye contact.

“I just want to say . . . thank you,” Buffy said kind of shyly. “No one has ever brought me breakfast in bed, and no one ever remembers all of my favorite movies, let alone rents them all for me. So . . .” she planted a quick kiss on Faith’s lips, “thank you again.”

“No problem,” Faith said sincerely, stealing one more quick kiss before moving off the blonde. “Okay, let’s see. Movie: check. Bed: check. Now let’s get to breakfast.”

She pulled the chair closer to the bed and started handing random containers to Buffy. After picking out what they wanted, the two girls sat up and began their little feast.

They spent the rest of the morning and the better part of the afternoon like that, nibbling on the food and watching the DVD’s that Faith had brought home. They alternated between sitting up and resting up against one another, stealing kisses and tickling one another occasionally.

At about 2:30, Faith regretfully had to get up and go to work. Seeing as that she only had to work until about 9:00, they planned some evening activities. Faith would return to the dorm by 9:15, shower and get ready. Then they’d head off to the campus bar to see Xander for awhile, hopefully scoring a free drink or two while there. After that, they’d do a quick patrol, and then they’d follow up the evening with a trip to The Bronze to do some dancing and drinking.

The plan was set and they finally parted ways, both greatly anticipating the evening that lay before them.

As planned, Faith returned at the room at 9:15. She showered and got ready, letting her long dark hair hang wildly over her shoulders and back. She wore her trademark black leather pants and a backless black shirt that tied around her waist and neck, leaving her bellybutton and back completely exposed.

“Nice,” Buffy purred as she watched Faith’s reflection in the mirror.

Faith turned back to look at Buffy who was wearing a red tank-top that zipped up the front and a pair of tight, boot-cut black jeans that left very little to the imagination. Her make-up was done like she’d worn it the day before: smoked-out eyes and the borrowed dark lipstick lipstick.

“Likewise,” Faith replied as she checked her out.

After a few more minutes of last-minute adjustments, they grabbed their jackets and left their room, both making sure that they had their keys tucked safely away this time.

After a ten-minute walk, the two girls arrived at the campus bar. They walked in and were immediately greeted by Willow and Tara who were seated at the bar, talking to Xander.

“To what do we owe this pleasure?” Xander asked, immediately handing a beer to Faith and a fruity concoction to Buffy.

“Just stoppin’ by before patrol, hoping to score some free drinks from our favorite bartender,” Faith replied, holding up her beer to Xander before taking a long swig.

“Oh, I bet you say that to all the bartenders,” he joked.

Faith laughed.

“Yeah, I do. But I only mean it when I say it to you, Xan-man.”

About an hour passed as the five friends talked and shared a few drinks. The bar was fairly slow with only a few groups of people scattered throughout, so Xander actually got to spend some time with the girls.

Faith and Xander were engulfed in a conversation discussing the merits of modern versus classis video games. Buffy, Tara, and Willow were clustered together having their own random conversation.

Suddenly, Faith felt cold and kind of alone. It wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying her conversation with Xander, but after spending a day cuddling with Buffy, she missed feeling her against her body.

As if it was nothing, Faith walked up behind Buffy and wrapped her arms around her from behind and resting her chin on her shoulder. She expected Buffy to tense up under the watchful eyes of her friends, but just the opposite happened: Buffy relaxed and leaned back into the embrace. Faith figured that it probably had a lot to do with the lack of crowds of people gawking at them, and also that her friends already knew about the challenge, so she wouldn’t have to explain it.

“Hey,” she said huskily, placing a small kiss on Buffy’s cheek.

“Hey back,” Buffy said with a smile, placing her arms over Faith’s.

“You ready for a quick patrol? Get it outta the way, then head to The Bronze?”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Buffy replied, grabbing Faith’s hand and getting ready to leave the bar.

“Leaving already?” Willow asked.

“Duty calls,” Buffy answered truthfully. “We’re probably gonna head to the Bronze afterwards, so, if you guys want to meet up, give us about two hours.”

They said goodbye to their friends and made their way out of the bar.

Buffy and Faith entered the very-crowded Bronze about an hour later having ended their patrol early. After having dusted about six vamps each in that one short hour, they figured that they deserved the rest of the evening to unwind and have some fun.

They were also hoping to dance off some of the sexual energy that they had gotten from their active patrol.

Before even hitting the dance floor, Faith led Buffy to the bar by the hand and ordered six shots of Jack Daniels and two beers.

Buffy just shot her a look when she ordered.

“What?” Faith asked with a smile, trying her best to sound innocent.

“Six shots, Faith? Isn’t that a little much for you to start with?” Buffy asked, eyebrows raised.

“Nah, not really, seein’ as that three are for you, princess.” She flashed a large smile, displaying the dimples that she knew Buffy had a soft spot for.

“Ughh, Faith, you know that Jack and I are not on speaking terms, not since the last encounter with him that you forced on me.”

“Well, it’s already paid for, B. Might as well just knock ‘em back with me. Look, I even got ya a nice beer chaser.”

“Faaaith.” Buffy whined, pulling on the brunette’s arm. “Can’t I do something less . . . caustic, something that tastes less like battery acid? How about some Tequila Rose or Baja Luna? I’ll do three shots of those!”

Faith began lining up the shots and the beers in front of them, not even paying attention to Buffy’s complaints. She could clearly see out of the corner of her eye that Buffy had put on her patented pout, so she refused to look over at her.

“Faaaith? Why won’t you look at me?”

Faith laughed, keeping her eyes on what she was doing.

“Cos I know you put on that cute little pout and that you’re gonna try and cute your way outta this. I’m not fallin’ for it, blondie.” She finished lining up the drinks and she indicated to Buffy that they were ready. “Come on, B. Bottoms up.”

Buffy scoffed.

“Fine. You win. But just remember, you’re taking care of me if I start turning inside out tonight.”

“Deal. Ready?”

Buffy just nodded.

“Alright. When I say three, go. Ready? Three.”

Simultaneously, the girls lifted and slammed down their first, second, and then third shot. Faith casually turned around and eyed up the dance floor while Buffy choked and spluttered next to her.

“Blechh! Yuck, that’s horrible, Faith! How could you possibly enjoy that stuff? Yiiiiick.” She grabbed her beer and took a long swig.

“Mother’s milk, B,” Faith said with a smirk. She turned her back to the bar and leaned up against it.

“You ready for another round yet?” She asked, already knowing that the answer was no.

“Are you kidding me? I’m still working on keeping the first round down.”

Faith smiled victoriously.

“Well, this is a bar, B. If we’re not drinkin’, we’re dancin’. Come on!”

She grabbed Buffy’s hand and led her to the dance floor. There was a DJ tonight and he was playing good dancing music . . . loud, hard, driving beats. When the two girls walked onto the packed dance floor, the song was just changing. The new song that came on was “#1 Crush” by Garbage.

“I love this song!” Faith screamed out over the loud music, moving her hips back and forth to the rhythm and running her hands through her hair.

She noticed that Buffy looked a little lost in the crowd, so she promptly put her hands on the her hips and pulled her close, moving in synchronicity with her. Seeing that Buffy looked a little hesitant, Faith yelled, “Just close your eyes and feel the music, B. Block everything else out.”

Buffy obeyed and closed her eyes, letting Faith lead her to the tempo of the song. After a moment or two, she completely relaxed against Faith and a small smile appeared on her face. She raised her arms up in the air, letting them drop onto Faith’s shoulders after a minute or so.

“I think I’m starting to feel that Jack,” Buffy yelled, keeping her eyes closed.

“Nuh-uh,” Faith said with a grin. “You’re starting to feel Faith,” she corrected as she grabbed Buffy’s hands from her shoulders, slid them down her sides, and rested them on her ass.

Buffy’s eyes shot open and she gave Faith a dangerous glare, as if to say ‘not here’. Before she could say anything to convey the thought, Faith grabbed her chin and turned her head to look out onto the dance floor.

“Look, B. You’re not the only girl dancin’ with another girl. No one cares, so fuckin’ relax a little.”

Buffy looked at the many girl/girl and girl/boy/girl pairs on the floor. Not only did nobody seem to care, but nobody seemed to notice them at all.

She turned her gaze back to Faith and mouthed the words, ‘okay, I’m sorry’ while giving her ass a squeeze.

Faith jumped a little at the contact and then smiled. “Now that’s what I like to hear.” She winked at Buffy before settling back into the beat of the song.

The two girls began to dance closer and closer until every part of their bodies were in contact; thighs to thighs, stomach to stomach, chest to chest. Neither girl could deny the look of pure lust in the other’s eyes, but they kept dancing despite the fact.

After several more minutes of bumping and grinding on the dance floor, Buffy leaned in and whispered, “I’m hot, and I’m kinda thirsty too. I think I need a drink.”

“Sounds good,” Faith said and grabbed Buffy’s hand and once again, pulling her in the direction of the bar.

When they got to the bar, she turned to Buffy and asked, “So, same as before?” with a daring look on her face.

“Okay. I’m game,” Buffy replied, trying to sound as indifferent as possible.

Faith turned to the bartender and ordered the same thing they had earlier: six shots of Jack and two beers.

The bar area was extremely crowded now. Buffy was pushed up against the bar by a group of people who were standing next to her, and Faith was pushed forward into her by the people that were trying to get closer to the bar.

Buffy felt Faith press up against her back and a small chill ran throughout her body. She couldn’t help but feel Faith’s hard nipples pushed into her back, and it suddenly turned her on to no extent. She closed her eyes for a moment, reveling in the contact, when she felt Faith’s warm breath on her ear.

“I thought ya said you were hot, B, but wasn’t that a chill I just felt from ya?”

Her voice was low and husky. She knew exactly what her closeness was doing to Buffy, and she wanted to use it to her advantage.

“Yeah, well . . . the warm tingles from the Slayer-Connection definitely don’t suck,” Buffy stated, unconsciously leaning back into Faith’s body.

Faith smirked, loving the setup that Buffy had just given her.

“No, they don’t. But I do,” she said as she leaned in towards Buffy’s neck and gave it a sudden lick before beginning to lightly suck on it. She expected Buffy to resist so she was pleasantly surprised when Buffy seemed pretty relaxed.

She immediately made a mental note that Buffy liked having her neck kissed and sucked and to do it much more often.

“Mmmmmmm. Faith, that feels good,” Buffy said breathlessly as she brought up one hand and tangled it in Faith’s dark tresses.

Faith slowly lifted her mouth from Buffy’s neck and began placing feather-light kisses from her jaw down to her shoulder-blade. “If you like that, you should feel what else my mouth can do.”

She felt Buffy shudder in her embrace. Just as she was about to spin her around and claim her mouth, the bartender walked over with a bottle of Jack and began pouring the shots. He gave the girls a smile and a wink, not taking his eyes off of their little display for longer than a second at a time.

Faith smiled, knowing that his attention could work out to their benefit. She wrapped her arms around Buffy and interlocked them on her stomach as she continued to kiss along her shoulder and neck.

Seeing the bartender’s eyes drift down towards her hands, she slowly slid them under Buffy’s leather shirt and caressed her stomach softly, earning a small moan from her in doing so. She kept her eyes focused on the bartender and smiled when she saw him accidentally overfill one of the shot glasses due to his lack of attention.

He shook his head slightly and slid the shot glasses over, wiping up the mess that he had left behind.

“This round’s on me,” he said with a wink as he gave them one last look up and down before moving on to the next customer.

Buffy quickly spun in Faith’s arms so that she was facing the girl.

“And here I thought you couldn’t keep your hands off of me because I was irresistible, but it turns out you were just trying to score free drinks. I’m genuinely hurt, Fai,” Buffy said playfully.

Faith pulled Buffy even closer so that their faces were mere inches apart. She gazed into Buffy’s green eyes before glancing down at her lips.

“The drinks were just a bonus, B. You are pretty fuckin irresistible.”

Buffy could feel Faith’s warm breath against her face. She felt almost naked as Faith stared at her mouth, looking like she was going to devour her at any moment.

However, Faith shook her head and smiled a little, glancing up to Buffy’s eyes.

“But . . . we still got these free drinks sittin’ here, so I say we take advantage of them.”

Without another word, Buffy spun again so that she was facing the bar. Before Faith could see what she was doing, Buffy had slammed down all three of her shots and was chasing them down with her beer.

“Damn, B! Couldn’t wait for me, could ya?” Faith laughed, reaching over Buffy’s shoulder and slamming her shots down just as quickly.

Before she could even get to her beer, she felt Buffy’s lips push against hers. After the initial shock wore off, she spun the blonde around to completely face her and kissed her back just as eagerly. She felt Buffy’s tongue sweep across her lips so she parted them, granting it access. The hoots and hollers of the guys around the bar didn’t even distract them, further proof that Buffy was finally shedding her inhibitions more and more.

Just then, and new song began to boom across the bar. Faith immediately recognized the song and smiled into the kiss, breaking the momentum that was building. She rested her forehead against Buffy’s and tried to catch her breath a little.

“This is my jam, B. Dance with me?” Faith asked breathlessly. The harsh sound of Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl” surrounded the girls, causing them to slightly move against one another.

Buffy smiled as she slightly nodded, and in a flash they were off to the dance floor. They didn’t go to the middle of the floor as usual, but stayed on the outer perimeter near the side wall.

“I need to feel you against me,” Faith said huskily, pulling Buffy so her back was resting against her own chest.

Faith moved her body in time to the music, matching the beat perfectly. Buffy automatically followed her lead, closing her eyes and focusing on exactly where Faith's body was and matching her body to it perfectly.

The music intensified as did their pace. Buffy instinctively moved back further into Faith and their warm bodies mingled together even more so.

Buffy closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of Faith’s lithe and powerful body against her own. The way Faith moved put Buffy in a state of ecstasy, and she didn't ever want the feeling to end. All thoughts of good and bad vanished from Buffy's mind, and the only thing left was the need to dance, the need to feel Faith's body against hers.

The song ended and another started as Buffy spun around in Faith’s arms so they were facing each other. She draped her arms around Faith’s neck, pulling her as close she could get.

When suddenly their eyes met, they both realized that it wasn’t enough anymore. Whether it was the alcohol, the music, the heat of the room, the post-slaying hornies or something else, they didn’t know and they didn’t care. The look of pure, unadulterated lust was shining in both of their eyes, and they knew there was no holding back anymore.

They began another long, passionate kiss, picking up where they left off at the bar.

Buffy wasn’t sure how it happened, but suddenly she felt her back being pressed against the wall and realized they weren’t on the dance floor anymore. She broke her lips away from Faith’s, throwing her head back in pleasure as Faith continued to kiss and suck along her jaw and neck.

“Faith . . . oh god, you feel so good,” Buffy moaned. “I – I think we should get out of here.”

Faith pulled back so that her face was about an inch away from Buffy’s.

“What do you want, B?” Faith asked, desire filling her voice.

“I want you to take me home,” Buffy replied huskily, sending shivers down Faith’s spine.

Buffy leaned in to kiss Faith again, but the brunette pulled back so that she was just out of range.

“What do you want when we get there?” Faith asked, teasing Buffy with a quick kiss.

“I . . . I want you, Faith.” Buffy said, stealing another kiss before Faith could pull away.

Faith smirked, but then a serious look came across her face. She leaned in as close as she could get to Buffy’s face without actually kissing her.

“What do you want from me when we get there, B?” Faith asked before leaning in and capturing Buffy’s lips yet again, gently sucking on her tongue when she snuck it in her mouth.

Buffy broke away from Faith’s mouth but leaned in and put her lips against her ear.

“I want you to fuck me, Faith,” she said breathlessly, running her tongue along the Faith’s outer ear.

That’s all it took. In a flash, Faith had grabbed Buffy’s hand and practically ran from the Bronze and back toward their dorm room.

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