Chapter Seven

The first light of morning began to shine through the windows of the Slayers’ room, illuminating their bodies that lay oh-so-close to one another.

Somehow during the night, the two girls had managed to change positions without either of them falling off of the small bed. Now, Faith lay stretched out on her back, one arm behind her head and the other wrapped around Buffy. Buffy slayer also seemed to have shifted so that she was now laying on her stomach, half of her body draped over Faith, her head resting on the brunette’s shoulder. She had also draped one of her legs over Faith’s.

Buffy was the first to awake, having had lots of rest the previous night. She vaguely remembered Faith coming home with an attack of the hornies, kicking her out of bed to take care of her ‘problem’, and lastly feeling a warm embrace and soft kisses before drifting off into a beautiful slumber.

She couldn’t help but smile when she looked up at the sleeping girl next to her. Faith, who was usually all about doing what she felt when she felt it, was showing a surprising amount of restraint in their current situation. Granted they had only begun their little challenge the day before. Still, Buffy had teased, flirted, and done her best to lead the other girl on, and Faith had managed to keep her cool.

Miss Want-Take-Have had suddenly turned into Miss Want-Wait-and-Whine-about-it.

And now, here was Faith, looking so peaceful and innocent while wrapped up in Buffy’s pastel-colored sheets, acting like a perfect gentleman, erghh . . . gentlewoman? Gentleperson? Whatever. Either way, it was very un-Faith like, and Buffy found it rather endearing.

With all of the stealth that she could muster, Buffy slid up so that she was now face-to-face with Faith, looking directly down at her. She didn’t know what came over her, but suddenly she felt like the close physical contact she had with the sleeping girl just wasn’t enough. She needed something more.

Slowly and gently, she leaned in a pressed her lips to Faith’s. She enjoyed the feel of having a little control of Faith for once; of being on top.

Unconsciously, Faith slightly parted her lips with a sleepy sigh. Buffy took full advantage of the situation and began to kiss her full bottom lip, eventually starting to gently suck on it.

At that point, Faith moaned quietly, alerting Buffy to her waking status. Buffy smiled a bit and finally let go of Faith’s bottom lip, leaving it slightly kiss-swollen. However, she did continue to push her lips against Faith’s, not wanting to give up the soft feel of them just yet.

She was pleasantly surprised when she felt Faith slowly begin to respond to the kiss, pushing up just a little to put more pressure into it. For several moments, they stayed there like that, kissing oh so softly.

Finally, Buffy broke away, smiling down at the grinning girl beneath her.

“Hey,” she said, leaning in to steal another chaste kiss.

“Hey back,” Faith replied with a chuckle. “See? I knew ya couldn’t resist me.”

Buffy laughed.

“I don’t know about that. You I can resist, but those lips of yours I’m having a hard time fighting,” she paused for a moment. “Oh . . . and thanks for last night, by the way. For being so sweet. And patient.”

She leaned down and gave Faith a much deeper, more passionate kiss, wanting to extend her thanks.

Now, it was Faith who pulled away, chuckling.

“See, right there, that’s the kinda thing that’s gonna make me lose my cool, B. I’ll gladly take the kisses aplenty for now cos I know it’s all you’re willin’ to give yet. But you keep up the cuteness and the not-so-subtle flirting, and I’m gonna go nuts and just ravish you.”

Buffy giggled. “Okay, okay. I guess I’ll have to abandon the nice kisses and find some other way to wake you up. Maybe I’ll hit you with a pillow . . . or a book . . . or a baseball bat.” She started to move away, not wanting to lead Faith on too much.

However, Faith had other plans as she pulled Buffy back and held onto her even tighter. “Nuh-uh. You’re not goin’ anywhere, princess. Besides . . . the way you woke me up? Didn’t suck. I can definitely get used to that.”

“Oh, I am so gonna break you before these ten days are over,” Buffy taunted.

“What?” Faith asked, eyebrows furrowed.

“I’m gonna break you,” Buffy answered nonchalantly. “Faith Lehane is suddenly taking a liking to the cuddling and butterfly kisses? Oh yeah. You’re going down, Faith. After next Saturday, you’re never gonna want to let this go. I can just see it now.”

Faith scoffed.

“Whatever, B. Unlike some people I know, I’m gonna let whatever happens happen, and I won’t fight what feels right.”

Buffy caught what Faith was hinting at. She knew that Faith was hard to resist, and she knew that she wanted her almost as much as the other girl wanted her back. She desperately wanted to shed her inhibitions, to give in to what she wanted, but she needed more time.

She was about to speak again, but Faith beat her to the punch.

“Oh, and B? The thing about me going down? You just say when and where, blondie, and I will gladly go down. Gladly.” She waggled her eyebrows at the now blushing blonde.

Buffy gave a hesitant smile, feeling just a tad bit embarrassed and uncomfortable. She started to get up once again, realizing that she wanted to shower, eat, and get a little bit of studying done before class. After all, she never got around to doing any homework the night before.

Once again, Faith stopped her from moving.

“Wait. Where d’ya thing you’re goin’ B?”

“Faith,” Buffy began, “I have classes today. You have classes today. And if I recall correctly, neither one of us got any homework done last night. Now, come on, let’s go.” She started to get up, only to be pulled down yet again.

“Nuh-uh, B,” Faith said sleepily, closing her eyes. “We’re takin’ the day off, and we’re gonna spend all day in bed. Order Chinese, watch some old movies, sleep, and maybe if I’m lucky, you’ll let me cop a feel before the day’s through.”

Buffy laughed.

“First and foremost, I’m not ditching classes so you can cop a feel. Secondly, we can’t stay in all day; with the amount of nasties you fought last night, I definitely think patrolling is in order. We should also stop by Giles’ and report it to him. Also . . .”

“Argh!” Faith groaned, pushing Buffy away. “Okay, okay, I get the friggin picture. Class good. Slaying good. Sleeping bad. Copping a feel definitely bad. Now, go take your shower so I can fall back asleep in peace. I don’t have class till noon, so get the hell out,” she said playfully.

“Yes, dear.” Buffy quirkily responded. She leaned in for one last kiss, surprising Faith when she snuck her tongue in her mouth and kissed her deeply. She didn’t want to admit it to herself . . . but she was definitely getting to love the simple feel of Faith, whether it be lying next to her in bed or giving her a kiss.

Just as Faith was starting to get into it, Buffy pulled back and walked across the room to her closet. Faith sat there dazed, watching Buffy as she gathered up a fresh outfit.

“What was that for?” Faith asked, not know what else to say.

Buffy just sent her an innocent look as she peeked over her shoulder.

“Just a little something to get you through the day.” She winked before walking to the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

Faith grunted as she lay back on the bed, covering her face with the blanket.

“Tease,” she huskily mumbled under her breath, quickly falling back asleep.

Almost the whole day had passed and the two slayers hadn’t run into one another even once.

Buffy attended her morning and afternoon classes, and then spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the computer lab typing a paper.

Faith had slept till 11:00am, giving her only enough time to get dressed and get something to eat before her afternoon classes. After her classes had finished, she headed off to her part-time job as a life-guard in the Student Athletic Center.

At about 7:30pm, Buffy returned to the empty dorm room. She decided to try to get in some study time before her roommate came home and distracted her. Strangely enough, she had missed Faith during the day, and the very thought of that made her smile. She couldn’t help but think about the possibility of delicious Faith distractions. However, she quickly pushed the thoughts out of her mind, sitting down at her desk and opening up her books to read.

After about a half-hour had passed, Buffy began to feel a familiar tingle. She smiled, knowing that Faith must be in the area, making her way back towards the room.

Not more that a minute had passed when Buffy heard the door open. She looked up to see Faith walk in, a semi-disturbed look on her face.

“Hey . . . what’s up?” Buffy asked with concern. She could tell that something was wrong right off the bat. Then she looked down and saw a large scrape on the brunette’s hand. “What happened?” She asked, walking over and inspecting the injury.

“I was just walkin’ back from the Athletic Center and I was caught off-guard by two vamps. I wasn’t expectin’ an attack cos the sun had just set like two minutes before. But these two fuck-heads come tearin’ outta the park and ambush me. Needless to say, the vamps are no more, but they got a few good licks in before I dusted ‘em. We better head out to G-man’s and fill him in.”

She started walking towards the door but was held back by Buffy. She turned and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Wait. Faith, we’ve gotta clean that scrape up and cover it before we go out. All you need is to get some dirt or vamp dust in it and then get a nasty infection.”

She started to pull her towards the bathroom, but Faith pulled away.

Faith knew that Buffy was just trying to show concern, but she couldn’t let the other girl touch her right now. She had just had a good slay, and she was definitely feeling the aftereffects. Even the feeling of Buffy’s hand on hers was driving her insane, and she didn’t think she’d be able to control herself.

“B . . . I’m fine. It’s a scrape. Slayer healin’ already kicked in . . . ya won’t even be able to see it by tomorrow. So, come on, let’s motorvate.”

Buffy pouted.

“No boyfriend of mine has ever rejected my T.L.C. before. I’m just tryin’ to be a good girlfriend.”

Faith laughed. “B, I would definitely love some of your T.L.C., and playing doctor with you is definitely on the top of my list. But unless you wanna spend all night gettin’ ravished, I think we’ve got bigger things to deal with right now.”

“Fine,” Buffy said in a childish tone. “But if your hand gets all infected and icky, don’t expect me to hold it when we walk across campus.” She grabbed her jacket and headed towards the door.

“I’ll remember that.” Faith joked. She grabbed Buffy’s hand as the girl passed her by and looked into her face. “But thanks for the offer. Maybe another time, yeah?” She leaned in and gave Buffy a quick, hard kiss before pulling away quickly and walking out the door.

Buffy stood there dazed, trying to figure out why Faith was acting so weird. That’s when it dawned on her; Faith had slayed and was feeling the double-h’s. No wonder she didn’t want to be touched; she couldn’t handle it.

With those thoughts in mind, she practically skipped out of the room after Faith, nearly melting at the humor and cuteness of the situation.

The two Slayers walked to Giles’ apartment, mostly silent the whole way. Buffy thought it would be fun to play a little game, whereby she would try to hold Faith’s hand or touch the girl, just to rile her up and make her squirm. It was fun to watch big bad Faith buckle under a little bit of pressure.

Several times, Faith had spouted random phrases like, “B, would ya quit it?!?” or “Come on, cut it out already!” and even, “If you don’t stop with the bad touching, I’m gonna push you into an alley and have my naughty way with you. No time like the present for a little Want Take Have.”

Buffy had laughed at all of Faith’s outbursts. That is, except for the last one, which had actually convinced her to put an end to her little game. She could see that Faith was getting more and more edgy and tense, and that it was only going to get worse without a release.

After about a 15-minute walk, they finally arrived at Giles’. They gave him a brief rundown of the prior night’s activity and of the earlier attack that night, then anxiously awaited some sort of worried response from him.

Instead, they got a very nonchalant,

“Well, of course. There’s a lunar eclipse on Sunday. The days before a lunar eclipse are always bustling with vampiric activity. Surely you both know that by now.”

Buffy and Faith looked at each other, embarrassed. “Of course.” “Sure.” “Absolutely.” “Totally.”

With that out of the way, they made their way out of Giles’ apartment to patrol, laughing as soon as they were out of his range.

“I can’t believe we missed that little factoid,” Buffy laughed.

“I know!” Faith replied. “I feel like a complete fuckin moron. Isn’t stuff like that supposed to be instinctual for us?”

“Probably,” Buffy laughed again. “Guess we’ve just been too wrapped up in other stuff to pay attention.” She slowed down a bit, trying to get Faith to turn and look at her.

“Guess so,” Faith replied, suddenly getting quiet.

“Faith?” Buffy asked quietly.

But before Faith could respond, she was blindsided by a vamp that had been hiding behind a tree. He caught her off-guard and pushed her to the ground, but her senses caught up quickly and she managed to jolt him into the air with her legs. Taking advantage of the moment, Faith flipped and sprang to her feet, stake in hand.

“What, no sarcastic banter or threats before the big brawl?” She asked and looked down at the vamp who was struggling to get back on his feet. “Hey, no problem for me. Let’s me get right in for the kill . . . no teasing, no playing. A girl could get used to this.”

She lunged forward at the vamp, hitting him full force with a combo of jabs and high kicks. The vamp was again momentarily dazed by her assault, so she turned to look for Buffy. She spotted her several yards away, fighting off one of her own vamps. Seeing as that she seemed to be holding her own ground, Faith turned back to finish off her own baddie.

Not wanting to play around anymore, she went right for the kill. With a swift plunge of her stake, the vamp was dust and Faith began to casually walk back towards Buffy.

She paused when she got closer, taking in the sight before her. Buffy had the upper hand and was easily landing blow after blow on the dazed vamp. She watched as the vamp fell back, trying to make a hasty retreat, and as Buffy stalked his clumsy form in a predatory fashion.

She had always loved to watch Buffy fight. It seemed like one of the most natural, beautiful things that she’d ever seen: the way her movements blended together so fluidly, the way she would unconsciously twitch in anticipation of the next move, the way she focused entirely on the chore at hand . . . it just captivated Faith entirely. Another unfortunate side effect? It completely turned her on.

After watching the fight for what felt like a moment too long, Faith finally lowered her gaze and went to lean against a nearby tree. She knew that she shouldn’t let herself get too riled up because tonight was sure to be a repeat of the night before: she’d be wicked horny, Buffy would lead her on a bit, but as soon as she started getting into it, she’d be pushed away. Not that she didn’t like making out with Buffy, but she questioned the level of self-restraint that she had over herself and didn’t want to make any big mistakes. She wanted to be strong.

A moment or two later, she heard the familiar ‘poof’ sound, indicating that Buffy had indeed won her battle. A moment later and Buffy came skipping over, excited at the rush that she had from the fight.

“Man!” Did you see that vamp? He was all kinda of mean and nasty . . . until I kicked him in the head a few times. Then he was all ‘please don’t kill me, I’m really a nice guy’, and he even tried to run away!” She noticed that Faith wouldn’t meet her gaze. She furrowed her eyebrows. “How was your fight?”

“Quick and easy, B,” Faith said, eyes down.

“Faith? Why won’t you look at me? Did I do something wrong?” Buffy asked, placing a gentle hand on Faith’s arm.

The brunette jumped at the contact and quickly stepped away.

“It’s not you, Buffy, it’s me. I’m all anxious and on-edge from the fight. Yunno . . . hungry and horny. You made it perfectly fuckin clear that you’re not ready, and I’m really tryin’ to respect that, but if I look at you right now or if I let you touch me? It’s outta my hands; I won’t be able to control it. So . . . yeah.” Faith answered, sounding frustrated but shy at the same time.

“Oh. Okay,” Buffy replied, feeling a little dejected. “I guess we should just finish patrol then.”

She began to walk away.

Faith sighed, knowing that she had probably just hurt or pissed off the other girl.

“Buffy . . . wait up.” She ran and caught up with Buffy, still avoiding her gaze. She tucked her hands in her coat pockets, trying to keep them from reaching out to touch the other girl. “Listen, B: I don’t want ya to feel bad ‘bout it, okay? It’s my problem, and I’ll deal. This is a challenge for me too. I’m not used to using self-restraint and not takin’ what I want. I don’t mind givin’ you time, but I need you to be patient with me too, cos I’m really tryin’ to do good here. I might act a little distant every now and then when I’m tryin’ to control myself, but I’m just tryin’ to respect your wishes. Got it?”

Buffy smiled.

“Okay, Faith,” she gently replied.

What she really wanted to do was wrap her arms around the other girl and give her a soft kiss, but she knew that it would only make the current situation worse.

Oddly enough, Buffy was starting to miss the feel of Faith. The day before had been filled with kisses and cuddling galore . . . and she liked it. They had shared only a few small kisses earlier that morning, but then had spent the whole day apart. And now that Faith was by her side, the girl was trying to keep her distance.

Still, Buffy knew that she had to respect Faith in the same way that Faith was doing for her. She’d behave until she knew she could give Faith more . . . and she feared that time was approaching all too soon. Just recently, she had finally admitted to feeling the hungry and horny part of slaying. And now? She had just had a wicked good slay.

Buffy smiled as she thought to herself. Maybe Faith wouldn’t have to wait that long after all.

The rest of the patrol had been pretty active. Between the two of them, Buffy and Faith had dusted over a dozen vamps. They had tried to avoid any physical contact with one another and had been quite successful in that endeavor.

That is, until their last few moments before returning to their dorm.

Just as they were walking across campus, two large vamps came barreling at them out of nowhere. Faith was instantly knocked down and one of the vamps had managed to fall square on her stake, dusting himself upon impact.

She looked up just in time to see the second vamp get the upper hand and knock Buffy roughly to the ground, laughing as he stood above her. Between Faith’s adrenaline rush and seeing Buffy knocked to the ground, she had reached her breaking point.

Just as the vamp was bout to pounce on a seemingly dazed Buffy, Faith jumped on his back and began pummeling him roughly from behind. She beat him mercilessly, stopping only when he fell to his knees on the brink of passing out.

She hopped off of his back and stepped around face him, grabbing his face and making him look up at her.

“You don’t ever get to touch her again, fucker. Burn in hell,” she said through clenched teeth as she rammed her stake through his chest. Before the dust settled, Faith was at Buffy’s side, checking her over.

“You alright?”

Buffy shook her head to regain some clarity.

“Yeah . . . he got me really good. I’m just a bit dizzy is all.”

Faith stood up and offered her hand, abandoning her earlier efforts to avoid physical contact. This was different . . . Buffy needed her help.

Buffy looked up and after a slight pause, she grabbed Faith’s hand. Faith hadn’t yet come down from her adrenaline rush, so when she pulled, Buffy came flying up and landed in her embrace, their faces only inches apart.

Suddenly both girls seemed to be breathing really heavy, unable to look away from one another.

“Faith . . .” Buffy whispered as she leaned in, brushing her lips ever so softly against Faith’s before pulling back just the slightest bit.

“Yeah?” Faith whispered back, copying Buffy’s feather-soft kiss.

“What . . . what if we start this and I spaz or we get interrupted . . . what if something stops us and I can’t get it back?”

Faith hesitated for a moment before finally whispering,

“I don’t . . . I . . .oh, fuck it.” She closed the short distance and captured Buffy’s lips in a fierce kiss. Buffy immediately parted her lips and Faith took full advantage, plunging her tongue in, letting Buffy suck on it.

It seemed as if neither girl could get enough of one another. Hands were exploring, chests where heaving, lips, tongues, and teeth were in contact. No doubt, they were feeling the aftereffects of slaying, but there was something more to it too. For Buffy, it was simply the feel of Faith that she’d been craving since that morning, and for Faith, it was the feel of Buffy that she felt she’d been waiting for her whole life.

However, the moment didn’t last too long as a group of frat boys walked by, stopping to whistle and holler provocative comments.

Buffy began to tense up, and Faith immediately felt it.

“Ignore them, B,” Faith murmured against her lips.

The guys kept up their antics, and Buffy slowly stopped responding to Faith’s advances.

Faith shook her head.

“No. Nuh-uh. Hold on to this feelin’, B . . . don’t lose it. Just . . . fuck it. Ignore those assholes. We’ll just head back to our room and go from there, okay?” Faith asked excitedly.

“Okay,” Buffy stated shyly, grabbing onto Faith’s hand.

Faith practically ran across the campus, dragging Buffy along with her. She figured that if she could get Buffy to keep the feeling and could get her back to their room in time, they’d be able to get down and dirty. Still, she had to keep Buffy’s attention focused for the moment.

When they passed by a secluded little wooded area, Faith grabbed Buffy and pushed her up against a tree, instantly beginning to devour her mouth. Buffy moaned into the kiss, putting her hands behind Faith’s neck to pull her even closer.

“You still feelin’ it, B?” Faith mumbled against Buffy’s mouth. She took that moment to press her hip against Buffy’s center, grinding roughly against her.

Buffy’s breath hitched. “Ah . . . I’m definitely feeling something.”

“Good,” Faith replied, her voice husky with desire. “Let’s get this back to our room and finish what we started. No distractions, I promise.”

And once again, the girls were off at a quick pace across campus, giggling a bit along the way.

Back at the room, the door burst in with a sudden crash.

After having made out in the stairwell of their dormitory for a few minutes, the two girls finally arrived at the door to their room. After a minute of frantically searching their pockets, both of them realized that they had forgotten their keys. Buffy offered to go to the R.A. so he could let them in, but Faith quickly put a stop to that idea. She didn’t want Buffy to get out of the mood.

So, she did the next best thing she could think of.

She reared back and kicked the door in, her hornies winning out over her common sense.

“Faith!” Buffy exclaimed, staring disbelievingly at her.

“What?” Faith asked innocently. “I’m not about to let a little setback like this break the mood, B. Just keep feelin’ it. Look, we’re already back here, no distractions.”

Buffy glared between Faith and the broken door. “I’d say that’s a pretty big distraction, Miss. Attention Span. I can’t believe you mpffh . . .”

Buffy’s protests were cut off when Faith covered her mouth with her lips, hungrily kissing her while walking into the room. Buffy soon forgot what she was complaining about and anxiously responded to Faith’s advances.

Faith grinned to herself and mentally thanked whoever was responsible for the post-slayage hornies.

As they passed through the threshold, Faith caught the broken door with her foot and kicked it, making it jam into the door frame with a loud thunk. Still, she was determined to get Buffy to the bed, alternating between kissing her jaw-line and sucking on her neck along the way. When they finally reached Buffy’s bed, the two girls fell onto it, Buffy onto her back with Faith lying on top of her.

They scooted up so that they were lying along the length of the bed. Buffy had both of her arms wrapped tightly around Faith, sliding her hands under Faith’s shirt to feel the soft texture of her skin.

Faith took that as a sign that she could move things along a bit. She nudged Buffy’s legs apart and slid her body between them, resting her full weight on Buffy’s lower half. She rocked just the slightest bit, causing a delicious friction directly on Buffy’s already aching pussy, making Buffy gasp quietly.

“Oh fuck,” Buffy breathed out, throwing her head back.

Faith grinned. She loved the little whimpers and faces that Buffy was making, and her goal simply became to get a lot more of the little noises out of the usually reserved girl.

With that in mind she began to grind just a little harder, watching Buffy’s face the entire time.

“Does that feel good, B?” Faith asked huskily, leaning in to quickly kiss her neck.

“Oh god, yeah,” Buffy replied, eyes clenched shut as she focused on her pleasure.

Faith smiled.

“Can you imagine how fuckin good it would feel without our clothes in the way?”

“Mmmmm.” Buffy moaned, barely capable of making words.

“Then how ‘bout we get rid of ‘em?” Faith asked, thrusting forward quickly, making Buffy gasp again.

“I . . .I . . .Faith, I want . . .” She cut off when the phone rang.

“Fuck! Dammit! Shit!” Faith yelled, pulling up just a little to look down at Buffy.

Buffy had a look on her face . . . a mixture of annoyance, regret, embarrassment, and confusion. Faith’s eyes got big when she saw it.

“No! Don’t lose it, B. Keep goin’ with it . . . just . . . just ignore the phone. Let the machine get it.”

“Okay.” Buffy answered shyly.

The two girls slowly began to kiss again, both trying to ignore the sound of the phone ringing, then of the answering machine picking up.

‘Hi, you’ve reached Buffy and Faith. Press 1 to leave a message for Buffy. Press 2 to leave a message for Faith. Press 3 if you need someone to save the world, and just hang up if you’re a telemarketer . . . we don’t want your magazines or your insurance.’ Beep.

‘Hey Buffy, it’s Willow. I just saw you and Faith walking into your building looking all snuggly-wuggly.” Buffy froze and Faith groaned. “Are you doing what I think you’re doing? Do I need to keep hanging up and calling back? Do I really need to put you through that, Buff? Hellloooooooooo? . . .’

After realizing that Willow wasn’t going to relent, Buffy finally sighed.

“Faith . . . I’ve gotta answer that. Get up a little,” she said softly, feeling bad for putting Faith through this.

Faith groaned again before half-rolling off of the girl, burying her face in the pillow to muffle the scream that she let out. Buffy, in the meanwhile, picked up the phone.

“Hi Will . . . yeah, we’re here . . . no, we just got in . . . what? I’m not breathing heavy . . . okay, I am, but that’s cos I heard the phone ring from down the hall and ran to get it . . . don’t worry Willow, we’re not . . . . yeah, I know it’s kinda soon . . . yeah, I know . . . okay, bye Will.”

She hung up the phone and laid back down on the bed, staring at the ceiling while panting just a little. Faith didn’t make a move to get off of her just yet.

Suddenly, Faith mumbled into the pillow, “It’s gone, isn’t it?”

“Yeah . . . yeah it is.” Buffy sighed, sounding defeated and more than a bit disappointed.

Faith sighed into the pillow.


She began to get up from the bed, needing to get as far away from the other girl before she couldn’t control herself anymore.

“Where are you going?” Buffy asked quickly, her voice shy and quiet. She knew she had to stop their little display, but she didn’t want Faith to go away. She still missed the feel that she’d been craving.

“To bed, B. It’s late,” Faith answered quickly, obviously annoyed.

Buffy grabbed her hand trying to stop her from leaving.

“You . . . you can stay here with me,” she said sheepishly, indicating a spot next to her on the bed.

“No . . . I really can’t B. I’ve got a little problem I gotta take care of, and my self-control flew out the window about ten minutes ago, so yeah . . . I really can’t.”

Buffy watched as Faith stalked across the room, turning off the light on her way. She could see Faith’s figure in the dark, stripping off her clothes just before she jumped into bed.

She felt bad that Faith had to go through another frustrating night, and she felt bad that she was leading her on, but until Willow had called, she was really feeling okay with the directions in which things were headed.

But the call had served as an unwelcome distraction, and now Faith was suffering as a result.

Buffy slipped off of her bed and grabbed a pair of pajamas before heading into the bathroom to wash up for the night. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and put on her clean pajamas before turning off the bathroom light and heading back to bed.

When she walked into the room, it was completely dark, but she could tell exactly what was going on. Her heightened senses tipped her off. She knew right away that Faith was laying in her own bed, taking care of her problem by herself.

She felt a little bad, like she should give her some privacy, but it was a situation that they had come across before. Sometimes, the post-slayage hornies had to be taken care of, no matter when or where.

Quietly, Buffy made her way to her bed and laid down, hoping to quickly fall asleep.

But she couldn’t. She could hear Faith’s small gasps and rough breathing, and she could smell her arousal in the air. She could see the rough outline of her body in the dim moonlight of the room, and she could see the small writhing movements that the girl was making.

Suddenly, Buffy felt like her senses were on overload. The smell, the sound, the sight . . . hell, she could almost taste the sex in the air. The only thing she was missing was the touch, and that’s what her body was telling her she wanted most of all.

With complete and utter stealth, she got up from her bed and crossed the room, standing next to Faith’s bed while glancing down at her.

Faith hadn’t noticed her standing there because her eyes had been clenched together so tightly. Only when she felt her bed sink down a little did she finally open her eyes in shock.

“B!? What are you doin?” she asked breathlessly, her voice just above a whisper.

“Shh,” was all that Buffy replied, slipping onto the bed next to Faith. She kept her gaze fixed upon the brunette until she leaned in and began to sensually kiss her, sucking on her bottom lip and finally her tongue after a few moments.

Faith had slowed the movement of her had under the covers, shocked by Buffy’s sudden presence next to her. Only when she felt Buffy’s hand cover her own did she start to move it again.

Buffy held onto Faith’s hand as she began the movements again, rubbing herself in the same way as before. As Faith tried to increase the tempo, Buffy would hold her back and try to keep some of the control.

Faith audibly moaned into Buffy’s mouth as Buffy began to add more pressure to Faith’s hand, which made Faith slip over her hard clit just a little bit harder.

“Oh shit,” Faith exclaimed, arching her back of the bed as she felt herself starting to come. She chose that moment to be a little naughty, and she completely stilled her hand, waiting for Buffy to make the next move.

After a moment passed like that, Buffy realized what Faith was doing: she was waiting for Buffy to call the next shot. With a sexy smile on her face, she grabbed onto Faith’s hand even tighter and began to move it at a frantic pace against her pussy, pushing harder and harder until she heard Faith come with a loud grunt, then felt her go limp in her arms.

Faith came down from her temporary high a few minutes later. She finally unclenched her eyes and looked up to find two sparkling green eyes looking down at her.

“Hey,” Buffy whispered, placing a feather-light kiss on her forehead.

“Hey,” Faith replied with a smirk. “Umm . . . thanks.” she said, suddenly shy.

“My pleasure,” Buffy whispered, a gentle smile on her face. “So . . . can we sleep in the same bed now? Maybe get some slayer cuddles?”

Faith softly laughed.

“Yeah . . . I guess we can.”

Buffy slid down and snuggled against her, her breathing becoming slower almost immediately.

“’Night, Buffy,” Faith said softly, wrapping her arms around the girl.

“Goodnight, Faith,” Buffy mumbled, completely content and relaxed lying in Faith’s arms.

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