Chapter Fifteen

Three Months Later . . .

“Oh god, Faith . . . harder baby,” Buffy moaned out into the otherwise quiet room, her head tossing back and forth on her pillow.

Faith was hovering just above her, one hand holding her up on the bed, and the other placed firmly on Buffy’s hip.

She smirked when she heard Buffy’s request and happily obliged, thrusting herself harder against her. Their slick pussies slid against one another easily, clit bumping into swollen clit as Faith ground herself harder against Buffy’s pussy.

“Yeah, just like that,” Buffy groaned, “keep going baby, I’m so close.”

She managed to unclench her hands from their death-grip on the sheets and slid them around Faith, scratching her nails down the tanned skin of her back until they rested on her hips.

“Fuck, B, you’re so fuckin wet. I can hear the nasty little noises your pussy’s making. Do you like it when I fuck you with my pussy? When I slide my clit against yours and grind against ya ‘til ya come?” Faith said as she looked down at Buffy, wetting her own lips as she watched Buffy biting on her bottom lip.

Buffy groaned again.

But this time, it wasn’t the same kind of groan she used to make months ago to get Faith to stop speaking so crudely. It was the kinda of groan that she had learned to use rather to encourage her.

Faith smiled, yet again encouraged by Buffy’s groans and words. She leaned down closer to Buffy’s ear and began to talk softly, teasingly, their breasts pressing against each other’s.

“You feel so good against me, B. I love rubbin my pussy against yours almost as much as I like suckin on your hard little clit. I’m gonna keep pushing against you, harder, faster, ‘til we come against each other, and then I’m gonna slide down you body and lick and suck you ‘til ya come in my mouth again.”

Buffy couldn’t react in any other way than to grip her hands tighter on Faith’s moving hips, pulling her down harder as she arched her own back and pressed up into her just as hard.

The two girls panted heavily as they came against one another, Faith collapsing on top of Buffy as she slowed her movements to a barely visible sway.

Almost instantly, they sought out one another’s lips, kissing and nipping softly as they rode out their orgasms. Faith flicked her tongue across Buffy’s top lip before kissing the corners of her mouth, to her jaw, down her neck, slowly kissing her way down her lithe body.

She paused at Buffy’s hardened nipples, achingly taking one after the other in her mouth and sucking lightly before gently grazing her teeth across them.

On instinct Buffy arched her back up, trying to push more of her into Faith’s warm mouth.

Faith, however, had other ideas in mind.

She smirked as she pulled herself from Buffy’s breasts, dragging her lips down the her tight stomach. She placed several wet kisses around Buffy’s navel, dipping her tongue in it a few times, alluding as to what was to come.

“Buffy,” she whispered between kisses, continuing her downwards descent. “I love you . . . you’re my girl . . . forever,” she breathed as she placed her hands on Buffy’s thighs, pushing them further apart to make more room for her body.

She glanced up only for a moment, meeting a pair of deep green eyes across the way. Buffy smiled at her gently, mouthing the word ‘forever’ as she reached her arm down to cup Faith’s cheek. Faith smiled back, leaning into Buffy’s touch before turning her head and kissing the inside of her palm.

She looked up into Buffy’s green eyes only for a moment more before waggling her eyebrows, giving her trademark grin, and burying her face in her already wet pussy.

Buffy gasped at first contact, Faith’s tongue almost too much on her already oversensitive clit.

She had become used to the feel of Faith’s tongue in the few months that they had been together since the challenge. The way Faith would sneak it into her mouth when they kissed; the way it felt as she marked her neck with kisses; the way it dipped into her bellybutton any time that Faith was feeling frisky; the way that it was currently swirling expertly around her clit.

“Baby . . . Faith . . . so good,” she moaned out, wondering somewhere in the back of her mind when she lost her ability to speak more than random babbles.

Faith stopped her momentary attack on Buffy’s swollen clit just enough to slide her tongue down her wet folds, lapping most of her juices into her mouth.

Buffy’s hips bucked forward as Faith’s tongue teased at her dripping entrance and then stiffened up, thrusting into her in a few short bursts.

Faith removed her tongue, grinning as Buffy groaned out in frustration. Using her right hand, she ran her fingers over Buffy’s heated centre, collecting up the rest of the moisture that remained. Slowly, she slid two fingers into Buffy’s wet pussy, giving her a few kisses on her inner thigh as she did so.

As she felt Buffy start to rock against her hand, she lowered her mouth to her clit again and began to suck on it, pushing her lips hard against her.

“Faith, I’m gonna come again,” Buffy gasped, the feel of Faith’s mouth on her clit almost too much.

Faith, anxious to have Buffy coming in her mouth, sped up her fingers as she curled them gently, rubbing against the blonde’s g-spot every time she thrusted deep inside of her. She began to flick the tip of her tongue against Buffy’s clit as she sucked on it, bringing her to another earth-shattering orgasm.

Buffy’s hand had worked its way into Faith messy locks, holding her against her pussy as she came in her mouth.

As her breathing began to return to normal, Faith reluctantly let go of Buffy’s clit and gave it a quick kiss before sliding back up her body. Grinning, she lifted herself so that she was laying half on top of Buffy, their legs tangled together and her arms wrapped around her midsection.

After a few minutes of silence, Buffy finally breathed out,

“Well . . . I guess that means the Guest Room is christened.”

“Yep,” Faith said, her voice sleepy and her eyelids closing half-way. “That only leaves the laundry room . . . the kitchen . . . the living room . . . our bedroom . . . the bathroom . . . the hallway . . . the back porch . . .”

“I think I get the picture,” Buffy interrupted, laughing. “Lots more sex to be had. Check. Operation: Christen the New Apartment shall commence after a brief nap.”

“Hey. I’m ready to go again . . . you just tell me when and where, blondie,” Faith replied, worn out, still unmoving from her position.

Buffy smiled even bigger, bringing her lips down to Kiss Faith’s forehead and letting them linger there.

“No worries. We have all the time in the world,” she sighed contentedly, closing her eyes and falling asleep in Faith’s arms.

“Well, if it isn’t the love bugs come here to grace us with their presence,” Xander beamed as Buffy and Faith entered the Bronze and approached the group at the table. “So, life in the new apartment. How goes the christening ceremonies?” He joked as Buffy sat down next to him and Faith perched herself on the arm of his chair.

“Half-way there, Xan-man. Cross the Guest Room and the back porch off the list, buddy,” Faith smirked as she gave him a high-five.

“I just hope you’ll change the sheets on the bed before asking any of us to spend the night,” Willow said as she laughed softly with Tara. Faith just winked at her in response.

“Sooooo . . . back porch . . . Faith, my friend, how’d you manage that one?” Xander asked mischievously, earning him a smack on the chest from Buffy and a smack on the back of his head from Anya. “Whaaaat?”

“Well, let’s just put it this way,” Faith began, “. . . when your girl bends over to pick up your steel-toed boots in her teeny-tiny little robe . . . things just kinda . . . happen,” she said innocently as she waggled her eyebrows at her girlfriend.

“Kinda, schminda,” Buffy laughed. “You had that all planned out from the get-go. I’m fairly certain that you left your clodhoppers right in the middle of the porch so I’d have to bend over to get them.”

Faith just smirked in response, shrugging her shoulders and trying her best to feign innocence.

“Baby,” Tara jokingly whispered to Willow but loudly for everyone enough to hear, “when we go to visit, you’re not allowed to wear shoes of any sort.”

The entire group laughed at the comment and Xander excused himself to go get some drinks . . . but the uncomfortable way in which he was walking pretty much gave away why he had to leave for a while.

“It’s all of us hot-chicks with super powers,” Faith stated nonchalantly. “We’re too much for Xan to handle.”

A few minutes thereafter, Xander returned to the group with an armful of drinks. The friends sat and laughed and enjoyed their night together, relishing what they could of their new-found closeness before they got swept into the chaos of another school year.

With Buffy and Faith having just moved into an apartment together, Willow and Tara still living in the same dorm together, and Xander and Anya apartment-hunting, it was pretty much assured that not a single one of them would ever spend much time alone. Still, time like this was special because they were all finally finding some happiness and order in their lives.

There was one thing that Faith was sure of during this time: she was happier than she’d ever been in her life, and the reason for it was sitting before her in the form of a blonde girl with the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen.

They’d taken a chance with the whole challenge a few months prior, and luckily, they’d both won out. She’d never expected that Buffy would actually fall for her; she was pretty sure that when she had flaunted her so-called ability to make people do things they normally wouldn’t, she was talking out of her ass. Still, she had surprised herself with how deeply she and Buffy had fallen during that time.

‘Love’s a funny thing,’ Buffy had told her. ‘You go about looking for it for so long that when it finally lands right in front of you, you have change your perspective a bit in order to see it’.

And perspective was exactly what Faith was dealing with at the moment.

She looked at her life as it was and noticed that it was pretty much full of Buffy. Home, school, slaying . . . Buffy was a constant in her current life. When she looked to the future, it was all uncertain, except for one thing: she saw Buffy with her, through every limitless possibility. If there was one thing she wanted, it was to ensure that she could keep Buffy planted firmly in her life; in her future.

A knowing smile crossed her lips as she thought that perhaps just one more challenge was in order . . .

“Mom? We’re here!” Buffy shouted out into the front hall as she and Faith came walking into the house.

“I’m just finishing up dinner, girls!” Joyce shouted from the kitchen. “Make yourselves at home!”

Buffy took off her jacket and opened the closet door, about to hang it up when she felt a pair of arms encircle around her from behind.

Faith started kissing the side of her neck and pressing into her back, rubbing her hands along Buffy’s stomach.

“What are you doing, you nut?” Buffy giggled, trying to pry Faith’s arms from her midsection.

“Making myself at home,” Faith mumbled into her neck.

Buffy laughed, still trying to squirm out of Faith’s grip.

“Hey, behave. I don’t think she meant ‘have your nasty way with my daughter in the front hall while you’re here’. Besides, your horns are digging into my neck, you little devil.”

Faith finally relented, dropping her arms to her sides and resting her chin on Buffy’s shoulder.

“No fair, B. I can’t help it, especially when you walk around all irresistible-like. You’re like visual-Viagra right now,” she said with a hint of a whine in her husky voice.

Buffy laughed as she turned and faced Faith, raising her eyebrows. “Irresistible? Faith, I was hanging up my jacket, not putting on a strip-tease.”

Faith smirked, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Hey, you say potato, I say poTATo.”

“Did I hear something about potatoes?” Joyce said innocently as she walked into the room, giving both of the girls a quick hug.

“Yeah, I like Buffy’s potatoes,” Faith said with a smirk, winking at her girlfriend as Joyce’s back was towards her.

Joyce let go of Buffy and started walking towards the kitchen again.

“I’m sure that’s a vague sexual reference to my daughter that I’m going to conveniently overlook,” she said over her shoulder, a sly smile on her face.

Buffy smacked Faith’s arm, trying her best to look perturbed but letting her smile win out.

“Give me your jacket, I’ll hang it up for you,” Buffy said, holding her hand out for Faith’s leather jacket.

Faith almost looked panicked for a moment before a she was able to put on her usual calm and cool exterior.

“Yunno what? I’ll take care of it. You go help your Ma, I’ll hang this up, and then I’m gonna run to the bathroom and wash up real quick.”

Buffy just smiled at her and gave her a quick kiss before walking off into the kitchen. Faith watched her as she walked away, nervously grasping at her jacket as she did so. She anxiously made sure that she felt the outline of the small box in the inner pocket of the jacket before hanging it carefully in the back of the closet.

With the jacket and the mysterious small box tucked safely away, she smiled and made her way to the kitchen.

“I’m stuffed,” Buffy groaned as she plopped down on the couch in the living room, the sound of her mother finishing the last few dishes in the background.

“I’m not. In fact, I was thinkin we could go out for some ice cream or somethin,” Faith replied, jumping around nervously a bit in front of the couch.

“Ughh. You’re never full. You’re like a bottomless pit,” Buffy joked.

Faith chuckled nervously, a sound that wasn’t all that common. Buffy immediately perked up to it and sat forward, taking Faith’s hand in her own.

“What’s wrong, baby? You seem nervous,” she asked, a concerned look on her face.

Faith tried to cover.

“Nahh, not nervous. I just . . . well, I have a surprise for you. But we gotta go now if we’re gonna make it in time.”

Buffy smiled softly and stood up, her hand still around Faith’s.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

“Mrs. S? We’re headed out!” Faith called out as she and Buffy made their way to the front closet, putting on their jackets.

“Okay! Goodnight girls! Oh, and Faith . . . that stuff you asked for is by the stairs!” Joyce called out from the kitchen.

“Thanks!” Faith answered, quickly grabbing a seemingly recognizable duffel bag. “Let’s motorvate, B.”

She ignored the amused look on Buffy’s face and opened the front door, waiting for Buffy to step out.

The two Slayers walked hand in hand through the woods to a familiar hill in a familiar patch of woods.

When they reached the top of the hill, Faith gave Buffy a quick kiss on the lips before putting the duffel bag on the ground and pulling a blanket from it, laying it down on the ground.

“Why, Faith my love, are you gettin’ all romantical on me?” Buffy said with a funny little accent, an amused look on her face.

“Maybe,” Faith said coyly, taking a bottle of wine and two glasses out of the bag next. “Just kinda feelin nostalgic . . . and this place brings back lotsa good memories,” she said softly, finally sitting down and making a spot for Buffy between her legs.

“Yeah, it does,” Buffy answered back just as softly before sitting down and settling back into Faith’s embrace. “I guess we’ll just have to do without the eclipse this time around.”

“Or maybe we won’t,” Faith said with a smile, pointing up to the magnificent sight in the sky above the; another eclipse.

“Whoa,” Buffy said nervously. “I don’t think that’s possible. Two eclipses so close together, I mean. This feels like something Hellmouth-y to me.”

“Nahh. Nothin to worry ‘bout, B. I just called in a little favor to a friend of mine,” Faith replied. When Buffy turned her heads toward her, eyebrows raised, she decided to elaborate. “Okay, fine. I wanted to re-create the moment. It’s a glamour . . . Tara did it for me. I just . . . I wanted tonight to be kinda perfect. Memorable.”

Buffy turned completely in her arms, wrapping both her legs and arms around the girl.

“Baby . . . something’s definitely up,” she said, concerned. “You sure you’re okay?”

Faith smiled, exhaling her breath and relaxing a bit as she gazed into Buffy’s eyes.

“Yeah, I am. See, that’s the thing. I’m completely fuckin okay. Happy. Perfectly, even. These last few months with you have been . . . well, they’ve been the best fuckin three months of my life. Every single moment that I look back on . . . you’re in it. I’m totally swamped with thoughts of you, and how happy ya make me.”

Buffy smiled, then arched an eyebrow.

“That’s a good thing, right?” She joked.

“Yeah, it is. Point is, Buffy, You’ve been such a big part of my life -- of me - these last few months. Even more so these last two years. I love having you with me and honestly, when I think of my future . . . I can’t see any part of it without you in it.”

She hesitated for a moment before nervously reaching into the inner pocket of her jacket and pulling out a small white box.

A jewelry box.

More specifically, a ring box.

Buffy’s eyes widened at the sight, so Faith quickly tried to explain.

“Chill, B. It’s not what you think.” She flicked the small box open to reveal a solid platinum band with two gemstones embedded in it. “They’re our birthstones. Real deal too, not the gumball-machine crap.”

Buffy smiled at her cute explanation. She remained silent as Faith continued.

“So, here’s what I’m thinkin: I kinda want you to be around. Forever. With me. And . . . fuck, I don’t know if I’m marriage material, and I don’t even know if that kinda shit is legal here. Besides, we’re too young for all of that now. This is . . . a promise. That I wanna be with you . . . that I’m yours and you’re mine . . . and that if we wanna be something more, we can be. Fuck . . . I love you so much, Buffy. This kinda stuff isn’t easy for me. I’m supposed to be badass and crass, not lovey and soppy. But I can’t help it with you. You just, well, you make me wanna be a better person. And I think I am, cos of you.”

Buffy’s smile grew ten times in size.

“Faith, I – I . . .” she stammered, tears of happiness in her eyes.

“Think of it as a challenge, B,” Faith interrupted. “A friendly challenge between two slayers. What, with my super persuasion powers and all . . . I’m gonna try to keep you in love with me for as long as you’ll have me. And you, well . . .” she held up the box, “. . . all you have to do is accept the challenge.”

Buffy let a chuckle-sob escape her throat before leaning her head down and pressing her forehead against Faith’s. She pushed forward a bit more, brushing her lips softly against Faith’s as she blindly dipped her fingers into the white box, pulling the ring out with her fingertips.

She pulled back just enough to slip the ring on the ring-finger of her right hand, admiring the way it looked before laying her head in the crook of Faith’s neck and wrapping her arms around the girl. Closing her eyes, she sighed contentedly.

“It’s a perfect fit,” she said smiling.

Faith grinned, wrapping her arms around Buffy in return.

“Yeah, it really is.”

The End.

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