Chapter Eleven

“Faith, please.”


“Come on.”


The two Slayers walked up the sidewalk in front of the Summers’ house, bags of dirty laundry in tow. Faith was taking confident strides with a smug grin on her face as Buffy did her best to keep up, a pleading look on her face.


“Sorry, B.”

“Faith, I’m asking you nicely,” Buffy begged. “Please take your hair down from that ponytail. My mom is gonna be kind of suspicious if she sees fresh hickeys on your neck.”

Faith smirked even bigger.

“Like I said, sorry B. I just can’t do it. You put ‘em there, now you gotta face the consequences.”

As the two girls walked up the steps to the front porch, Buffy decided to make one last attempt.

“What if I tell you there’ll be no more sex unless you take your hair down?”

Faith put her bags of laundry down and took a few steps towards Buffy so that they were mere inches apart. Staring into Buffy’s eyes, she bit her bottom lip and watched as Buffy’s eyes dropped to her mouth, gazing at them with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I’d have to call your bluff, B, cos now I know for sure that you want me just as much as I want you.”

Before Buffy could respond, the front door opened and revealed a smiling Joyce standing behind it. Both girls jumped back from one another, hoping that Joyce hadn’t seen or heard their little interaction.

“Hi girls! It’s good to see . . . oh Faith, what happened to your neck honey?”

With her enhanced hearing, Faith was able to hear Buffy’s breathing stop for a moment. She tried to fight the smirk that wanted to pop up, but she couldn’t.

“Umm, it happened this morning,” Faith casually explained as she picked up her bags and made her way into the house, Buffy following behind her. “A little minx of a demon took me by surprise. Got me really good, but . . . I came out on top in the end.”

Joyce shook her head.

“You girls really need to be more careful. Anyhow, I’ve got sandwiches and fruit salad ready in the kitchen. Why don’t the both of you go and get started while I run downstairs and put in the first load.”

Both girls smiled before running off into the kitchen.

“Thanks Mom!”

“Thanks Mrs. S!”

“I so thought we were busted when your Ma opened the door and saw my neck,” Faith said with a chuckle around a mouthful of sandwich.

“I know, me too. I wonder if she would freak if she found out.”

Faith thought about it for a moment. Her last few days with Buffy had been . . . great. She couldn’t remember the last time when she had been as happy and had smiled as much. Not to mention the little shower incident from earlier that morning.

The more she thought about it, the more she didn’t want the challenge to end. She loved having Buffy in her arms at night, and she liked waking her up with kisses every morning.

And she couldn’t be totally sure, but she thought that maybe Buffy was feeling the same way too.

If they were going to stay together, Joyce would have to hear about it sooner or later. Still, Faith didn’t want to just spring the thought on Buffy right then and there, so she casually brought it up, her voice steady and serious.

“Well why don’t you tell her and see what she says?” She looked up and waited for Buffy’s reply.

Buffy scoffed at how casually Faith had said it. She began to speak in a loud whisper.

“Tell her!? What exactly am I gonna say, Faith? ‘Hey, Mom, thanks for the lunch. By the way, did I mention that I like to eat pussy now?’ I don’t think she’d take that too well.”

She grabbed a handful of napkins and handed them to Faith who had ceremoniously spat the milk she was drinking all over the counter in front of her.

“Geez, B! Listen to the mouth ya got on ya. Maybe you’ve been hangin’ out with the wrong kinda people.”

Buffy’s scowl melted into a small smile. She leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Faith’s lips, lingering there for a moment.

“You’re the only one I’ve been hanging around with, Trouble,” she said against Faith’s lips, loving how soft they felt on her own.

“Ya got me there, B.” Faith chuckled as she pulled away. She took a big bite of her sandwich and played their conversation over in her head. A little grin appeared on her face as a realization hit her. “Hey B, yunno that you couldn’t actually say that to your Mom though. It’s not entirely true.”

Buffy gave her a confused look. “How so?” Faith put on her trademark smirk.

“Cos you haven’t actually eaten pussy yet, snookums.”

Seeing Buffy’s eyes go wide and her body tense, she quickly continued.

“Not that I mind or anything, cos what you did this mornin’ was wicked hot. A girl could definitely get used to that.”

Buffy relaxed a bit. Suddenly, something flickered across her face and just like that, she was once again creeping up to Faith in her best sex-kitten strut.

“And I could definitely get used to what you did to me last night, too. And about that whole ‘eating pussy’ thing? Don’t worry baby. I was taking mental notes last night from you. If what I learned from you is any indication of things to come, I say that you’re in for the best sex of your life.”

Faith smiled. She didn’t know she’d given Buffy the best sex of her life, but now that she knew she had, a sense of pride came over her.

“Sounds good,” Faith said as she pulled Buffy against her and gave her a kiss. After a moment passed, she pulled away from the kiss but still held Buffy against her. “Taking mental notes? I gotta give ya props on that one, B, what with the distractions and all. The hottie between your legs, the intense pleasure, the annoying phone calls . . .”

She stopped when she heard Buffy gasp and saw a look of horror on her face.


“Oh my god! The phone calls! Willow! Do you have any idea what I said to her?” Buffy asked as she began to pace frantically.

“Yeah, B. I was kinda there . . . though your knees were kinda clamped tight around my head, maybe I didn’t hear it right. Wanna refresh me?” Faith teased.

Buffy turned to face her, an incredulous look on her face.

“Faith! It isn’t funny! Willow knows . . .” she lowered her voice again, “. . . Willow knows I had sex with a girl!”

“Yeah? And you know that Red fucks girls too. Not a big deal, B. She knew about the challenge. She’s a big girl . . . I’m sure she figured out that with two hot chicks involved, there’d be fucking involved at some point in time or another.”

Even though Faith was right, Buffy just couldn’t let it go like that.

“Yeah, well, it’s still awkward. I think I’m gonna run up to my room and call her real quick . . . make sure she didn’t hurt herself when she passed out after what I said to her.” She began to walk out of the kitchen but was momentarily stopped by Faith, who had grabbed her hand and pulled her close so that their bodies were touching.

Faith put her hand underneath Buffy’s chin and tilted her head up so that they were looking directly into one another’s eyes, their faces mere inches apart.

“Buffy,” she began seriously, “don’t be freaked out about this. Red mighta been shocked at first, but she’ll deal. We didn’t do anything wrong, and you don’t have anything to feel bad about it. Go and call her if you want. I’ll be right here when you get back. Even if she’s weird about it now, I won’t make you go through this alone. Got it, baby?”

The gentleness in her voice and the sincerity in her eyes made Buffy relax from her nervous state.

Just as she was about to lean in and give Faith a kiss, the two girls heard footsteps coming up the basement stairs. Buffy’s smile turned into a little pout when she knew that she wouldn’t be able to kiss Faith like she wanted to with her mother about to walk into the kitchen.

Faith chuckled at the interruption and took a step away from Buffy, speaking in a whisper.

“Kissing can wait, B. Go make your peace with Red, yeah?”

Buffy smiled.

“Okay.” She gave Faith’s hand a squeeze before walking out of the room, missing her mother by mere seconds.

Several minutes later, Buffy came walking down the stairs and into the kitchen, expecting to see Faith there. When she found only her mother there, she frowned a little.

“Hi Mom. Umm . . . Faith didn’t leave, did she?” Buffy asked hesitantly. Right away, she thought that maybe Faith had gotten mad because of her insistence on calling Willow and that she’d left.

“No, she’s in the basement, honey. I mentioned something about doing dishes and she suddenly thought it best to go and make sure the laundry was okay,” Joyce replied with a motherly smile.

Buffy laughed.

“Yeah, that sounds like Faith. I bet she grabbed some food on the way down, too. Planning on staying down there for a while, I bet, at least until the dishes are done.”

Joyce laughed as well.

“You sure seem to know her well, honey. Why don’t you go down there and take her this,” she handed Buffy a bottle of Pepsi, “we don’t want her to be thirsty, now do we?”

“Nope, we don’t.” And with that, Buffy made her way to the basement door.

She couldn’t help but giggle to herself when she thought of what Faith was probably doing. Knowing Faith, she was probably sitting on top of the washing machine, enjoying the good vibrations while eating her snack. Pleasure and food, Faith’s two favorite things.

Sure enough, as Buffy descended the stairs she found Faith perched on top of the washing machine, kicking her legs happily as she munched on a bag of Cheetos.

“Hey,” she said gently as Faith finally met her eyes. She walked over to the washer and stood between Faith’s knees, wrapping her arms around her lower back and giving her a coy little smile.

“Hey back,” Faith replied with a goofy grin. “I see you’re still in one piece. So, Red didn’t send any big witch mojo over the phone to getcha?”

“Nope,” Buffy answered, pulling Faith’s body closer to the edge of the washer.

Faith was a little taken aback by Buffy’s actions, but she still pressed forward with her questions, trying not to act too distracted.

“So? Is she mad? Is she happy? Is she in the hospital? Does she have a concussion or any hearing loss? What’s the what, B?” She asked impatiently.

“Well,” Buffy began, her voice almost husky as she looked up at Faith through her eyelashes, “she’s kinda in a state of denial. She knows what she heard, and she’s not mad about it or anything, but I don’t think she wants to ponder the reality behind it. But she did say that she found herself pounding down some shots before she left the Bronze . . . you know, to relax herself. Anyhow, you were right . . . she’ll deal.”

Faith smiled.

“I love when you tell me I’m right. I knew she’d be okay with it . . . just needs a little period of adjustment. She’s definitely cool with the girl-on-girl action. If she wasn’t, then she’d definitely have to reevaluate her own relationship,” she joked.

She had more to say, but she was temporarily distracted as she felt Buffy’s hand begin to roam over her body, blazing trails across her back and down her sides.

“Faith . . .” Buffy said, her voice a sexy whisper, “. . . I just wanna thank you for being calm before and for being the rational one. I also wanna thank you for being so sweet and telling me you’d be there. It really meant a lot to me.”

Faith gave her a genuine smile.

“No sweat, B. You know I’d do just about anything for ya.”

Buffy smiled at her reply.

“Faith . . . I wanna kiss you.”

Faith chuckled.

“Since when do you need permission from me, B? ‘Want Take Have’ became our shared motto a long time ago.” At that, she ducked her head lower and leaned in to give Buffy a kiss, but she stopped when she came into contact with Buffy’s fingers instead of her lips.

She pulled back and raised an eyebrow, Buffy’s fingers lingering on her lips the whole while.

“I don’t want to kiss you here Faith.” She lowered her hand and cupped the crotch of Faith’s jeans. “I want to kiss you here.”

Faith unconsciously shut her eyes arched her back at the contact, bringing her body even closer to Buffy’s. When she opened her eyes again, she glanced down to see Buffy’s suddenly dark eyes gazing up at her, a feral look on her face.

Between the vibrating from the washing machine and the come-hither look that Buffy was giving her, Faith was raring and ready to go for a little action. But then the reality of where she was hit her and her little fantasy came crashing down.

As she felt Buffy’s hand unbuttoning her pants, Faith reached down and put her hands over Buffy’s, halting her actions.

“Wait wait wait . . . B, your Ma is upstairs. This is her house. We can’t do this here. I don’t wanna get caught and have awkwardness between your Ma and me.”

Buffy smiled again.

“Don’t worry, Faith. I know I can be quiet. Can you?”

The challenge in her words wasn’t lost on Faith. She thought about it for a minute and then pulled her hand away, looking at Buffy with a defiant smile.

“Okay. Get your freak on, B,” she stated simply.

In the blink of an eye, Buffy had closed the short distance between them and began to slowly and softly kiss Faith. When she felt Faith part her lips, she took full advantage and snuck her tongue in, softly massing Faith’s tongue with it. She felt like she could get lost in the softness of Faith’s full lips, but there was another set of lips that she was even more interested in at that point.

Slowly but surely, she managed to unbutton and unzip Faith’s jeans and pulled them off of her as Faith leaned back and lifted her butt up. Buffy gasped when she realized that she wasn’t wearing underwear.

Faith put on a crooked grin.

“It’s laundry day. Ran outta clean undies. That a problem for you?”

Buffy shook her head.

“Nope. They’d just get in the way and I’d end up ripping them off of you with my teeth.”

Faith laughed.

“That’s a wicked hot image, B. Remind me to wear some next time.”

Buffy grabbed the hem of Faith’s shirt and carefully lifted the offending item off of the her body, leaving her hair looking wild and sexy in the process. She chuckled when she realized that Faith was bra-less as well, but she didn’t stop to talk about it this time. Instead, she leaned in and slid her tongue against one of Faith’s delicate nipples before sucking it into her mouth.

She raised up one of her hands and began to softly massage Faith’s other breast, loving the way that Faith’s lithe body trembled with pleasure and anticipation.

After a moment of licking and kissing her breasts, Buffy leaned up and planted a hard kiss on Faith’s lips before sliding down her body and positioning her face between her parted legs.

Though she felt that she should be nervous or timid about the prospect that lay before her, strangely, she wasn’t. It felt almost natural to her.

And if what she had learned from Faith the night before was any indication of things to come, she knew that Faith was in for one wild ride.

Without hesitation, she went balls to the wall and dove face first into Faith’s almost bare pussy. She used her fingers to spread her warm lips and her tongue instantly darted out to lap at her already engorged clit.

A low moan instantly escaped Faith’s throat but she bit her lower lip to keep any more from slipping out. She closed her eyes tightly and tried to focus on not coming right then and there. Still, between the thoughts of Buffy between her legs and the steady vibration from the washing machine under her, it was almost too much for her and she began to whimper as Buffy sped up her tongue.

Buffy smiled as she lapped faster and faster on Faith’s clit. She knew that if she kept up at the pace she was going, Faith would come any minute. With that in mind, she slid her tongue down Faith’s wet slit and thrust it inside her dripping hole.

“Fuck, B!” Faith said aloud. She was trying to keep her voice quiet which in turn only made it sound strangled and shaky.

Buffy thrusted her tongue in and out of Faith’s tight cunt as deeply as she could. Every time she thrusted in further, she would bump against Faith’s clit, making her quiver helplessly.

Through the euphoria that Faith was feeling, she had to wonder how Buffy was doing what she was doing without getting smothered or blacking out from lack of oxygen. But those thoughts were pushed from her mind as she felt a new wave of pleasure hitting her as Buffy began to massage her clit with her fingertips.

So there was Buffy, her tongue buried in Faith’s tight channel, one hand massaging the brunette’s clit while the other hand held her close. Faith had her eyes clenched shut and was biting on her bottom lip so hard that it looked like it was about to bleed.

She finally couldn’t take the pleasure any longer and she unconsciously began to moan and grunt. Buffy must not have noticed it either as she continued to thrust her tongue in and out of her.

Just as Buffy began to feel Faith’s inner walls clench around her tongue, she suddenly heard the basement door open. She instantly stood up and covered Faith’s mouth with her one hand but let her other hand continue to massage her swollen clit.

“Girls? Is everything okay down there?” Joyce yelled from the top of the stairs.

“Yeah, Mom, we’re fine!” Buffy yelled as she looked at Faith and winked at the girl.

“I thought I heard grunting. Are you sure everything’s okay?”

“Yeah, we’re just sparring, Mom. Waiting for the laundry and sparring,” Buffy replied as she slipped two fingers into Faith and pressed her palm against her clit. Once again, Faith quietly moaned but the sound was covered by the rumbling of the washing machine.

Joyce was quiet for a moment before she called again.

“Faith . . . everything’s alright?”

Buffy nodded at Faith and removed her hand, just long enough for her to blurt out “Fantastic!” breathlessly.

“Okay. You girls sound like you’re getting pretty worked up. I’ll get a couple of bottled waters out of the refrigerator. Are you gonna come up and get them, Faith sweetie?” Joyce asked.

Faith clenched her eyes shut and answered in a strangled voice as her orgasm began to wash over her, “Yeah! I’m coming!”

With that said, Joyce closed the basement door and the two Slayers got back to what they were doing. Buffy began to slide back down Faith’s body to finish the job but was stopped when Faith’s hands grabbed her shirt and pulled her back up.

She was confused at first but as she felt Faith pull her to her mouth and start to kiss her, she realized what Faith wanted: she wanted to come while Buffy was kissing her.

Buffy kindly obliged, slowing the motion of her thrusting down to let Faith ride out her orgasm. She kissed her at the same speed that her fingers were moving, loving the way that Faith was moaning into her mouth as she came hard. Her fingers were instantly covered in the flood of cum that followed Faith’s orgasm and she found it to be completely and totally erotic.

As Faith’s tense body slowly relaxed, Buffy pulled her mouth away and removed her fingers from her pussy. She brought her hand up to her mouth and carefully licked Faith’s cum off of them as she stared her straight in the eyes.

“You taste so good,” Buffy said with a smile.

Faith groaned as she watched intently.

“You’re fuckin amazing, B. I . . .” she was about to say ‘I love you’ but instantly stopped herself before the words could come out, “. . . I’ve never come that hard in my entire life.”

At that moment, it felt perfectly comfortable and natural to say ‘I love you’, but she didn’t want to freak the other girl out. She knew that the last few days had been a big change for Buffy, and she didn’t want to scare her away after she’d made such good progress.

Buffy smiled at her words.

“I learned from the best,” she beamed.

Several kisses later and after a few minutes of recuperation, Faith finally got re-dressed and made her way upstairs to get the water, not wanting to make Joyce wait for her any longer.

As she walked upstairs and entered the kitchen, she found Joyce sitting on a stool at the island countertop with an expectant look on her face.

Joyce tapped the empty stool next to her and indicated for Faith to sit on it. Hesitantly, Faith walked over and sat on the stool, her head hung low. She pretty much knew right then and there that they were busted, but she wasn’t going to jump and try to defend just yet. She wanted to see what Joyce had to say first.

Joyce gave her a small smile before she began speaking.

“To me, it seems amazing how kids today think parents are completely ignorant,” Joyce said. Faith began to interrupt but Joyce just held up her hand and continued. “Just because I’m . . . older . . . doesn’t mean that I don’t pick up on the little things. The physical closeness, the hickeys, the subtle giggling, the moon eyes, the . . . basement. I know that you girls have been getting closer. I’m right, aren’t I, Faith?”

With her eyes still lowered, Faith nodded her head.

Joyce paused for a moment and took a good, hard look at the girl sitting next to her before she spoke again.

“You love her, don’t you?” She asked. Her tone wasn’t accusatory or mean . . . it was simply inquisitive.

Faith’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head when she heard the words and her head snapped up to look at Joyce who was looking back at her in an amused manner. Seeing as though it seemed that the woman wouldn’t freak out on her, Faith once again nodded her head, lowering her eyes as she did so.

Again, Joyce paused as she rolled through the implications of Faith’s admission in her head. After a moment passed, Joyce smiled and placed a hand on Faith’s back.

“You’ll take care of her, right?”

Faith just nodded again.

“And you’ll never hurt her like the other have, will you?” Joyce asked seriously.

Faith’s head once again shot up and she gave Joyce the most serious expression that she could muster to convey her feelings.


Joyce gave her a warm smile. She got up from her stool and handed Faith the two bottles of water.

“Why don’t you go back downstairs and make sure the laundry doesn’t need to be switched yet?”

Faith just looked at the woman, amazed at what had just happened. Basically, Joyce had just found out about her relationship with Buffy and had, in a sense, given her approval. She couldn’t help the huge smile that appeared on her face as she hopped up from the stool and grabbed the bottles in a child-like manner.

Before she went down the basement stairs, she ran back into the kitchen and gave Joyce a big hug and whispered into her ear, “I’ll never let her down.”

After a moment, she unwrapped her arms from around Joyce and headed back toward the stairs, a definite spring in her step. She was heading down to the woman that she loved.

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