Chapter Ten

It was Sunday morning in Sunnydale. The two Slayers lay in a peaceful slumber in their dorm room, wrapped around one another in the blankets so that every part of their bodies was in contact with each other.

It appeared to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping. The cool, crisp breeze blew softly into the opened window . . .

. . . and out of nowhere, the phone was ringing.

“Hmmmm,” Buffy moaned with her eyes closed, her lower lip instantly coming out in a little pout.

“Ugghhhh,” Faith groaned as she pulled the blankets up over both of their heads.

The phone rang for the third time.

“Faith, get it,” Buffy said sleepily as her eyes remained closed.

“Nuh-uh, you get it,” Faith replied in her husky morning voice as she snuggled against Buffy even closer.

“Fine, let the machine get it,” Buffy concluded.

The phone rang a fourth time . . . then a fifth . . . then a sixth . . .

“Smooth move turnin’ the answerin’ machine off, B,” Faith teased as the phone continued ringing.

“Faaaaith.” Buffy whined, kicking her feet a little.

“Ughhh, fine,” Faith groaned as she rolled off the bed and walked across the room, clad only in a pair of underwear, to pick up the phone Buffy had tossed the night before. Before she picked up the phone, she mumbled, “Pussy-whipped in less than four days. I can’t fuckin’ believe it.”

Feeling less than friendly due to the disturbance to her sleep, Faith answered the phone gruffly.


‘Hi Faith sweetie, it’s Joyce.’

“Oh, Hey Mrs. S,” Faith replied, instantly trying to chipper up her voice.

‘Did I wake you girls up?’

“Yeah, sort of. Late night,” Faith grinned. “No need to worry ‘bout it. We’ve got all day to sleep it off.”

‘Oh. Are you girls not coming over to do your laundry then?’

“Umm, I really don’t know. I guess I have to check with B first,” Faith answered, not really wanting to leave the sanctity of their own room after the events of the previous night.

‘I was thinking that you guys could come over in an hour or so. I’ve got fresh deli meat so we can make sandwiches and have fruit salad for lunch. I’ve got a roast defrosting, so I thought I could make that for dinner, too. You girls normally spend most of the day when you come here, and I want to make sure you’re properly fed.’

At the mention of lunch and dinner, Faith heard her stomach growl. The decision, it seemed, was already made.

“Yeah, okay. That sounds real good, Mrs. S. We’ll grab a quick shower and gather our laundry, then we’ll be there.”

‘Okay, sweetie. I’ll see you girls soon then. Bye!’

“Bye, Mrs. S,” Faith smiled as she hung up the phone. Joyce had always been so friendly to her, and she truly appreciated it.

Joyce had become even friendlier ever since Faith and Buffy had become roommates, looking forward to spending the weekend ‘laundry days’ with her daughter and surrogate daughter, as she called Faith. The feeling was returned by Faith who had somewhat began to view Joyce as a mother-figure.

Sometimes when Buffy would be too busy on the weekends to drop by and do her laundry or just say hi, Faith made it a point to go the Joyce’s anyways and spend the afternoon with her. Strangely, it wasn’t awkward in the least. Joyce was always warm and receptive, and the situation felt as comfortable as any mother-daughter bonding session.

Faith was developing a strange sense of loyalty towards Joyce, and she wasn’t going to let their developing closeness be disturbed by anything.

“Did I just hear you tell my mother that we’d be over in an hour?” Buffy asked from the bed, propped up on one elbow as she glared menacingly at Faith.

“Yeah, I did. Is that okay?”

Buffy’s menacing glare turned into a pout.

“Well . . . I was kinda hoping that we could . . . you know . . . stay in bed all day, veg out in front of the TV . . .” a sexy grin suddenly cam up on her face, “. . . test your theories on Slayer stamina.”

Faith chuckled as she walked across the room to her closet, pulling out some fresh clothes.

“You’re kinda startin’ to sound like me, B. Maybe I’m a bad influence on you.”

When she turned away from her closet, she found that Buffy had crept out of bed and was now standing right in front of her.

Buck naked.

“Whoa,” Faith exclaimed, surprised to see Buffy in front of her. “Where’d you come from, lil’ girl?” She smirked.

Buffy took a step closer towards Faith so that they were only inches away from one another. She glanced behind her shoulder at the bed and pointed at it before turning her sex-kitten gaze back on Faith.

“From the bed over there. I was kinda thinking that we could go back there . . . crawl under the covers . . . and get all hot and sweaty together . . . even up the score.” She closed the remaining few inches between them and began to kiss and suck on Faith’s lower lip.

Faith inhaled sharply as she tried to regain some control.

“Umm . . . rain check, B. Your Ma’s waitin’. Besides, I think that we are even. You helped me two nights ago, and last night was your turn . . .” she paused and let out a little groan as Buffy’s lips trailed from her lips, down her jaw, and now were licking and sucking on her pulse point, “. . . and that’s gotta be cheating.”

Despite her words of protest, she found herself tilting her head back to allow Buffy more access to her neck.

“According to my calculations,” Buffy mumbled between kisses on Faith’s neck, “I owe you. Big time. You gave it to me good last night, Faith. So good. In fact, you gave it to me good three times. I’m up on you by two now, and I think it’s only fair if I even out the score,” she said as her hands began to trail down Faith’s body.

One hand stopped at Faith’s breasts, gently cupping and squeezing the soft flesh before her. The other hand continued to travel southward stopping only when it came to the top of Faith’s panties. Just as Buffy was about to slip her hand past the waistline and into the confines of Faith’s panties, she felt Faith’s hand on hers, stopping its progression.

“As much as I really fuckin want this right now, B, I don’t wanna keep your mom waitin’ for us all day. She’s got lunch and dinner planned, and it’s kinda rude to just show up late or stiff her all together.”

Buffy pulled back and gave Faith a look of disbelief.

“Are you kidding me? Am I really losing out to food?”

Faith chuckled.

“Nah, B, you’re not.” At Buffy’s raised eyebrows, Faith continued. “If you really need to know, I plan on eatin’ lunch and dinner at your mom’s, but after that I’m gonna come back here and eat you all night long. Understand?”

Buffy’s look of disbelief turned into a blushing smile.

“Got it,” Buffy said and smiled as she watched Faith walk away and into the bathroom. Just before Faith closed the door behind her, Buffy called out, “Oh! But Faith . . . I still owe you.”

Faith poked her head out of the door.

“And I have every intention on collectin’ that debt, ma’am.”

She winked before closing the door behind her.

Faith tilted her head back, letting the hot water run over her head and down her body.

She had briefly considered taking a cold shower, but she remembered her Evolutionary Biology Professor telling her class that cold showers can actually increase sexual desire and heighten sexual stimulation rather than curb it.

So hot water it was.

Just as she had finished rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, she heard a noise in the bathroom. Moving forward to peek around the shower curtain, she jumped back when the curtain was moved from the other side and she saw Buffy standing there.

Before she could voice her surprise, she felt herself being pushed back against the tiled wall and being kissed hungrily by an equally naked Buffy.

Faith tore her mouth away from the kiss after a moment, glancing into Buffy’s suddenly dark eyes.

“B . . . whatcha doin?”

Buffy smirked as she trailed her right hand down Faith’s side.

“I thought it was kinda obvious. I have a debt to settle. We can still get to my mom’s on time . . . you’ll just have to settle for a quickie.”

“Wait B, I . . .”

Just as Faith began to protest, she felt Buffy’s fingers run along the length of her slit. She moaned at the contact, her eyes half closing as she threw her head back. Days of her pent up sexual frustration were finally getting the best of her.

“I’m sorry, what was that you were saying?” Buffy asked playfully as her fingers spread Faith’s warm lips, searching out her clit as she sucked roughly on her neck.

As her fingers found what they were searching for, she began to apply just the right amount of pressure on Faith’s hard clit in a circular motion; enough pressure to make the girl moan but not enough to make her completely incoherent.

“I was . . . nothin. I wasn’t sayin nothing,” Faith choked out between gasps, rocking her hips forward so that she pushed more forcefully against Buffy’s hand.

“You know . . . I’ve never done this before,” Buffy said nonchalantly as she continued her ministrations. As she spoke, she slightly sped up her movement on Faith’s clit, eliciting a loud groan from her.

“Unngghhhh . . . well you’re doin a fuckin great job, B. Don’t stop, baby.”

Buffy smiled, happy with the sudden power that she had over the girl.

“Do you want more, baby?” Buffy asked, feeling pretty confident that she could make Faith feel as good as she’d made her feel the night before.

Faith began to emphatically nod her head.

“Fuck . . . oh god . . . yeah, I want more.”

And just like that, Buffy moved her fingers from Faith’s clit and entered her with two of them, knowing straight away that she could handle it.

Faith bucked forward and unconsciously slid down the tiled wall just a bit so that she was now level with Buffy. Buffy took full advantage of the situation and snuck her tongue into the Faith’s mouth, their tongue’s immediately starting to slide together in a passionate dance.

Buffy smiled into the kiss when she sped up her thrusting and Faith moaned into her mouth.

It all felt incredibly erotic to her. Her one time with Angel had been nice, but it was her first time, so the pain and ick factor were still there. Then there was Parker. Her one time with him had been satisfying, but it seemed to lack the spark that she was having here with Faith. She was literally holding the girl in the palm of her hand, complete control given over to her with perfect trust.

Faith, for her part, was about ready to pop. She was always one to come really fast, and today wasn’t any exception. She was coming fast, and she was coming hard.

“B . . . I’m gonna come . . . faster baby,” Faith moaned, her breath hitching as Buffy complied and began thrusting into her more quickly, a third finger added into Faith’s dripping pussy.

Buffy felt Faith’s inner walls clenching tightly on her fingers and she knew that it would all be over soon. She wanted to make the last few moments as memorable as possible. Pushing the heel of her palm into Faith’s clit, she began to whisper into her ear.

“Faith . . . you’re so tight around my fingers. I can feel your cum covering my fingers and running down my hand, and I can smell it too. You smell so good . . .” She sucked Faith’s earlobe into her mouth and with her other free hand she began to lightly caress Faith’s nipples.

“Oh jesus . . . Buffy,” Faith groaned.

“Come for me, Faith,” Buffy said huskily into her ear, and that was all that Faith needed to send her over the edge.

She came with a few loud grunts and her body began to slide down the tiled wall until Buffy grabbed her and held her up, their wet, naked bodies pressed fully against one another.

After a moment Faith unclenched her eyes and found Buffy smiling endearingly at her, her eyes greener than ever.

“You sure that was your first time doing that, B? Cos I gotta say . . . wow. And . . . wow.”

“Yep. And . . . thanks.” She leaned in and placed the gentlest of kisses on Faith’s full lips, lingering there for a few moments as she got lost in the sensation. “Have I told you how much I love your neck? And god . . . those lips! I swear to god . . . if J-Lo can have her booty insured, I’m thinking about doing the same thing to those lips of yours.”

Faith smirked.

“You wanna test out how much these lips are worth?” She asked with a sexy smile as she pulled Buffy even tighter against her, still feeling pretty frisky.

Buffy laughed.

“Tonight. You’re all hell-bent on getting to my Mom’s, remember?” She teased, pulling back farther and glancing up at Faith.

Suddenly, her eyes turned wide and she covered the smile on her face with her hand.

“Right then . . . so you just finish up here . . . I’m clean, so I’m . . . outta here.” And with that, Buffy ran out of the shower and out of the bathroom, giggling the entire way.

“What?” Faith mumbled to herself. She didn’t realize why Buffy had run out of there so quickly, but as she turned off the water and opened the shower curtain to see herself in the mirror, she suddenly realized what Buffy had been giggling about.

Three large hickeys adorned her neck.


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