10 Song Drabbles

Note: These ten drabbles were written as part of a prompt challenge on livejournal. The idea is to put your iPod/music player on shuffle and write ten short drabbles for the first ten songs that play. You're not allowed to skip songs or pause. Write only until the song ends, then immediately start a new drabble when the next song begins.

Song titles and performers are listed as the titles.

Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park

Her eyes keep fluttering shut and I know that the end is drawing near. I thought it would be the other way around when that ubervamp ran me through with the sword; that I'd be confessing my sins to her as I lay dying. Something came over me though, gave me the strength to get up and keep fighting.

She was worried about me though, afraid that I was too weak to be fighting again. She was so busy watching my back that she forgot to watch her own. An ubervamp got her from behind, slashing right across her lower back.

There was blood everywhere as she went down. I ran to her side and grabbed her hand, trying to get her to look up at me. She did, her dark brown eyes filled with the knowledge of what was about to happen to her.

"B," she mumbled, the color draining from her face.

"Shh. Don't talk, Faith. Kennedy! Get Willow!"

Kennedy ran off but I know it will be too late by the time she gets back.

"I'm sorry," Faith whispers in her last moments as her eyes finally flutter and stay shut.

Miserable by Lit

Once again Buffy's pissed off at me though I'll never understand why. And to be honest? I can give two shits right now. One minute we're messing around in the kitchen, throwing pieces of Andrew's licorice at each other and the next thing you know, she's stomping up to our room.

Chicks. I'll never understand them.

I think it's maybe cos I throw harder, more accurate. She's gotten wild over the years and I've become more honed, sharp. Probably doesn't bother her much cos we're on the same side these days but I think it really bothers her when we're playing like that.

Well, whatever. She can suck it. I'm going up to our room to get the pack of cigarettes I hid under the bed - she hates it when I smoke - and I'm going outside until she drops the 'tude.

I hike up the stairs to our room and walk in to find Buffy at the mirror with tears in her eyes. She's hopelessly trying to pull a piece of squishy licorice from her tangled hair.

Right, so that's why she's pissed off. I fucked up her hair.

I walk over to the chair and put my hand on her shoulder, trying to soothe her in the smallest way. I run my hand over her hand and grab the gob of licorice, pulling it out carefully but with ease. Hey, I figure at least I can help out if it was my fault.

She looks up at me in the mirror and gives me a shy smile, her eyes still shining with her tears. My heart instantly melts and I bend down and wrap my arms around her, pressing my lips to the side of her head.

I stare at our reflection in the mirror and chuckle. She makes me complete -- and completely insane. Wouldn't have it any other way.

What You Are by Audioslave

The club was mostly dark except for the lights around the stage. A crowd of bodies sat around it in plush chairs and seats, watching her dance in awe. Her body moved with ease and grace, bending and twisting to the loud music like it was being pulled by each and every note.

It wasn't her exact idea of a dream job but Giles told her she'd have to play the part if she wanted to get into the club. After all, the demon elite that ran it weren't going to just let a slayer go walking in, especially when she meant to kill their leader.

No, she had to play the part of the beautiful human dancers that they had working for them.

Scaly and black eyes stared up at her filled with lust and hunger and possibly some more things that she didn't dare think about. Instead she focused her eyes at some point in the back of the club, on another human girl watching her just as intently as everyone else in the bar.

After all, no matter how long they were together and how many undercover missions they went on again and again, Buffy could never just seem to keep her eyes off of Faith when she danced.

All Good Things Come To An End by Nelly Furtado

Buffy couldn't believe that Giles had finally let everyone take a vacation. It was hard earned though. They'd closed the Hellmouth; it was time to party. The fact that Angel offered to foot the bill just made the deal that much sweeter.

No one could agree on a place to visit so they'd written down a bunch of destinations on small scraps of paper and threw them into a baseball cap. It was Angel who picked - he was paying after all - and he made Dawn and Buffy squee loudly when he drew Hawaii from the hat.

It was their last night now and everyone was on the beach around a small fire, staring out silently at the ocean. When they got back to LA, they'd have to face the future. Make their decisions about where to go and with whom and when.

It was all a bit overwhelming, hence their pensive silence.

Buffy suddenly felt soft fingers interlock with hers on the sand. She looked over at Faith who was still looking out at the sea. A small smile crept up on both of their faces.

Everything was going to be okay.

Everytime We Touch by Cascada

"Where the hell is that music coming from?" Faith yelled as she and Buffy entered the castle. Everyone was supposed to be out for slayer training in the countryside. Who the hell had decided to play hooky?

"I don't know but I think they're having a dance party!" Buffy yelled as she began to climb the stairs to the dormitories, Faith hot on her heels.

They followed the sound of the music down the long stone corridor, wondering what junior slayer they were going to bust this time around. Of course they were both confused and a bit surprised when they came to Andrew's door and found it to be the source of the music.

Faith put her hand on the door and it quietly creaked open to reveal Andrew dancing on his bed in a pair of short shorts and a feather boa wrapped around his neck.

Just as she was about to barge in and embarrass him, Xander jumped up onto the bed in a similar outfit, dancing to the music as well.

Buffy burst out laughing but Faith put her hand over her mouth and quickly pulled her away and pulled the door shut.

"Hell no! No way are we pulling those boys outta the closet. They'll come out when they're good and ready!"

He Wasn't There by Lily Allen

Buffy's back hit the wall with a quiet thud, her surprised gasp not enough to stop Faith's pursuit.

"What did I tell ya, Blondie?"

"Maybe you should refresh my memory," Buffy replied, a daring but playful smile on her face.

"What I told ya," Faith began, a predatory leer on her face, "is that if you insist on walking by me in your little towel after your shower, I'm not gonna play by your 'five dates' guideline."

"It's not so much a guideline as it is a rule," Buffy explained, her hands drifting up Faith's sides as Faith kept both of her hands on either side of her against the wall.

"Well, you know what they say about rules, B," Faith said, letting one of her fingers travel over Buffy's shoulders and down her chest until it hooked under the top of her towel and slipped it down to the floor. "They're just waiting to be broken."

Change by The Deftones

Abandoned. Irrevocably and unashamedly deceived. It was something Buffy couldn't - and wouldn't - overlook. Faith had taken what she knew and went to the enemy. It was the ultimate betrayal and Buffy knew that if she came face to face with Faith again, one of them would not be walking away alive.

When she felt Faith's presence in the cemetery that night, she'd turned around and headed in a different direction. She didn't want the confrontation that she knew they were destined to have. Not tonight. There was too much other stuff to worry about.

"You gonna spend the rest of your life running from me, twinkie?"

Buffy stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to find Faith just a few yards away, her dark leather jacket shining in the moonlight as she slowly advanced on her.

"No. This is your headstart, Faith. Leave, get out; go . . . anywhere but here. The next time I see you, I will kill you. You know I can't let you walk away a second time."

"You really think I'm gonna just up and leave?"

"I don't think you will, but you should. Last warning, Faith."

They were only a step away from one another now, neither girl willing to back down.

"Well if this is goodbye, then give us a kiss, lover."

Faith's kiss was as hard and cruel as it was unexpected. When she finally pulled away and stalked off into the night, Buffy could still taste the faint trace of blood in her mouth, though she didn't know whose it was. It didn't matter, though. As far as she was concerned, everything about Faith was tainted with blood now.

How Long? by Mr. Airplane Man

"When was the last time we danced?" Faith asked, holding her hand out to Buffy expectantly.

Buffy looked down at the proffered hand and then back up to Faith's eyes, a doubtful look on her face.

"Not since we broke up," Buffy said evenly, trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

"Then it's time we're due," Faith answered, still waiting for Buffy to take her hand. When she didn't, Faith finally grasped Buffy's hand softly and pulled her up and over to the dance floor.

They began to sway slowly to the music, Faith leading as she'd always done when they danced. Her hand stroked softly over Buffy's lower back in rhythm to the music.

"I've missed you, ya know," Faith offered as they swayed, trying to meet Buffy's eyes.

"Could've fooled me," Buffy answered. "It's been three months since I've heard from you."

"You said you needed room," Faith said easily.

"And you certainly gave it to me."

"Should I have fought you on it?"

Buffy's eyes suddenly met hers, wet with unshed tears and filled with regret.


Faith brought her other hand up to Buffy's face and wiped away a stray tear with her thumb.

"Then consider me combat-ready. Not leaving this time 'til I win you back."

Cowboy by Kid Rock

Buffy had always been shy . . . until it came to making Faith happy. She'd never been a shy or a passive lover, but she also wasn't used to putting herself on display. And with Faith, everything was a display. Making out in clubs, having sex in the back of her jeep, trying to get Buffy naked on the back porch; there was no limit to what she'd do when she wanted Buffy.

It took Buffy quite some time to learn to adapt, but she finally found her groove when she realized that Faith liked it when she danced for her. This was her first nearly naked dance, and she was getting even more and more naked by the second, but at least she was in the comfort of her own room.

Faith was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room, watching Buffy sway her hips while removing article of clothing piece by piece. She had a predatory smile on her face and had to restrain herself from leaping up out of the chair and stripping Buffy the rest of the way so that she could have her naughty way with her.

She was being patient though, trying to enjoy the slow burn Buffy was torturing her with. Only when the song ended and Buffy was left in only her lacy white thong did Faith pounce, taking her right on the middle of the floor.

Neither of them seemed to notice that the mini-blinds were wide open.

Temptation by The Tea Party

No one else could quite pull off leather like Faith could. She wore it like a second skin, letting it hug her curves in all of the right places. It made her look dangerous, it made her look tough, but it mostly made her look hot as hell.

"Baby? Where are my jeans with the ripped pocket?"

Buffy looked at the back of her closet and saw the ripped pair of jeans. She quickly tossed one of her girly dresses over it, hoping that Faith wouldn't come over and look for herself.

"Haven't seen them."

"Are you sure? I just washed them like two days ago."

"Nope. Guess you're just gonna have to wear your leathers," Buffy replied, a devious grin on her face as she closed the closet door.

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