An Ape creature from Central America


A bigfoot creature from Central America

they are said to have hair that grows to the ground

and walk with great strides

they live in uninhibited hills

some people like the Chorti Indians believe this creature to be " The Gaurdians of wild animal life "

They have been known to have attacked hunters who walk alone

Other names for this creature are the " Ulak " or " Uluk " in the Mosquito coast

the Ulak is said to be around 5 feet tall and have black hair and live on unexplorered mountain ranges

like the Sisemite it is said that this creature carries off people of the Opposite Sex

The Rama and Creoles refer to it as the " Yoho " or " Yuho "

the Paya and Ladinos refer to it as the Sisemite or the " Chichimite "

Some have reported this creature for forty years near the Guarunta Mountains