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My Fics

These are my few fics. They're sorted by date, with finished fics at the top. NOTE: Many of these fics are slash or male/male shipper fics. Many will also, at one point or another, be NC-17. If you have any objection to this, please go somewhere else.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, locations, etc. I wrote nothing but the plots. I own nothing but a brain full of hungry, restless idea demons and a few tattered notebooks. Please do not sue.


Life Crises--PG. No ship. Three points of view at the end of Angel season four. Complete.

Barbie Doll--PG-13. Slash, X/S, X/Aus, implied non-con. Another take on the S2 'Angelus rapes Xander to get at Buffy' cliche. Xander reflects. Complete.

What Might Have Been--PG-13. X/W, and multiple other het ships. After the finale of Season 6, Buffy, Xander, and Dawn relive old, bad memories and wish that things were different. Anya makes it so. Little do they know that change isn't always good. WIP.

Hunters--PG-13 ATM, possibly R/NC-17 later on. Slash Xander/Tor (remember him?). What would have happened in the episode 'The Pack' if Buffy hadn't caught up with the hyenas when she did? WIP.

Combat Comfort--R, just to be safe. Slash X/R. After S5, Riley stops by Sunnydale. When he leaves again, a certain soldier-possessed Zeppo tags along. WIP.

Those They Left Behind--PG ATM, soon to be R/NC-17. Het, slash, multiple pairings. What if Xander and Dawn didn't make it back to Sunnydale in time for the series finale? What would happen to them next? Major WIP.

Rewind--PG. Slash, het, multiple pairings. To stop the First, Buffy, Faith, Giles, Xander, and Willow join forces--and take Sunnydale all the way back to the beginning. WIP.

Aftermath--COMING SOON! In 'The Wish', Anya created an alternate universe. So what's their world like?