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New Scoobies

This is the New Scoobies section of the site. If you have no idea what the New Scoobies is, it is a fic I co-write with two very good friends of mine, Gina and Shannon, and a friend of Gina's, Kelsey. The fic is a Buffy fic, based on the lives of the kids of the original scoobies (Buffy, Xander, Willow, etc.). The main characters of the fic, Ally Levenson, Angel Summers, Gwen Harris, Stephanie Adams, and Xan Levenson, were all created by us. The girl characters are loosly based on us. Kind of our alter ego's of sorts. My character is Stephanie Adams. Well, anyways, there are a few fun things to do and see if you are a fan of the fic. Oh and if any pictures don't work, or your browser won't let you see them, just email me, and tell me what pics you'd like to see, and I'll send them to you asap. Have fun! Love Always, *Stephanie*

Fun stuff...


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The Fic- New Scoobies Set in 2023
Pic of what Xan would like like
Pic of what Gwen would look like
Pic of what Steph would look like
Another Pic of Steph
Pic of Steph's prom dress
Pic of what Ally would look like
Pic of what Angel would look like
Pic of what Max would look like
Pic of Max's favorite shirt
Pic of what Randy (Angel's brother) would look like
Pic of what Crystal (Ally and Xan's sister) would look like
Pic of Gwen's prom dress
Pic of Ally's prom dress
Pic of what Brad would look like
Pic of what Steph's mother would look like (remember, she's a vengance demon so she hasn't aged much)
Pic of what Carrigan (steph's sister) would look like