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If there's one thing I love more than tv, it's writing. So of cource I combine those to passions, and I write fan fiction. Currently I only write fanfiction for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Everwood. But I have a nice Angel fic in the works. 2 of my current fics (New Scoobies and Old Meets New) aren't totally mine. I co-write them with 3 fantastic chickas, Gina, Kelsey, and Shannon. Please read and review them (at or email me at to tell me what you think. Or, perhaps you want me to add a link to your story on my site, in that case you can email also. You could also IM me on my AIM/AOL SN, OCstarryeyed. Well, have fun, I hope you like the fics!

My Fiction

The New Scoobies (Buffy Fic)
Old Meets New (Buffy Fic)
Southern Rose (Everwood Fic)
Forgotten (Everwood Fic)
Coming To Terms (Buffy Fic)
Solace (Angel Fic)
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy (Sequel to Southern Rose)
Revelations of a Teenage Slayer
Perfect (part of the Southern Rose series)
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