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THE HUMAN AURA is egg-shaped. It radiates from the etheric network of the physical body and extends in all directions. It is actually composed of several concentric energy fields. The individual energy fields and their correspondences are as follows:

In order to perceive the energy fields, you must see them or sense them in some other manner (perhaps emotionally). The etheric aura is particularly easy to see; the more expanded fields are increasingly difficult to see (the "further out" you go).

In order to see any of these fields, your vision must be "seeing" at the same level. That is, to see the Astral aura, you must be in Astral consciousness; to see the Causal aura, you must be in Causal consciousness - this can be difficult.

It is possible to perceive certain aspects of these fields through energetic sensations in your palm, and this technique is not difficult to learn.






THE DENSE PHYSICAL BODY is composed of the traditional "three states of matter" of modern physics - these are solid, liquid, and gas.

This dense body is perceptible by normal sensory methods and is generally subject to the laws of anatomy, physiology, and pathology.





THE ETHERIC PHYSICAL BODY is electro- magnetic in nature and is not directly perceptible by normal sensory methods, although it can be measured with electrical instruments and can be photographed with high frequency (Kirlian) photography.

The etheric body is the location of the acupuncture points and channels. The etheric body is composed of what the Oriental Sages call Nadis, or "Lines of Force."

The dense physical body is built upon this etheric network of Nadis. The etheric vehicle is the blueprint that governs how our physical bodies are built, how well they function (including healing and repair), and what we look like in human form.

Where two Nadis cross, we have an acupuncture point; where seven Nadis meet, we find a plexus; where twelve or more Nadis intersect, we find a Chakra (center).

The etheric body is the same size and shape as the dense physical body, but it is slightly larger. That is, it radiates from 1/8" to 1" beyond the surface of the skin. In the average person, this radiation is about 1/4". In persons with a strong healing potential, this radiation will be 3/4" or more.

When viewed in dim light with a dark background, this radiation appears as a gray mist. When viewed in strong light, it appears like "shimmering heat waves coming off a highway at noon in summer."

The etheric radiation corresponds directly to what scientists call GSR (Galvanic Skin Resistance); GSR is what lie-detector instruments measure.

This radiation also corresponds directly to the Oriental Medical concept of Wei Qi (Defensive Vital Force). The stronger the etheric radiation, the stronger is the person's outer immune system and healing ability. The etheric radiation is always disturbed over a deficient, or excessive, area in the dense physical body.




LOOKING OUT to the side of a person, a band of colored light begins. It extends for about 18". This is the astral aura. Remember, this energy field (as well as all of the others) extends beyond the physical body, and is most easily seen at the side of a person. But it really is an egg-shape, and it penetrates through the dense physical and etheric bodies, and it radiates in all directions.



The astral energy field is also called the emotional body. It changes constantly and quickly in relation to changes in mood or emotional state. The colors here are bright, moving, and can often be bewildering. Practitioners have counted up to 56 different interwoven colors dancing around at one time in this field.





THE MENTAL AURA normally extends about 18" in all directions beyond the outer edges of the astral aura, or about 36" from the surface of the body. The mental aura usually has one of two colors as its background. A blue background indicates an analytical mind, which is found in most males. It is characterized by the ability to mentally separate a problem from the total contents of a life situation, to analyze (break down into component parts) that problem, to put it back together again, and then to re-integrate it into the whole again.



A green background indicates a manipulative mind, which is found in most females. It is characterized by the ability to mentally balance a problem with the total contents of a life situation, finding a balance without analysis, and without loosing awareness of the whole.

Do not confuse the word manipulative (as described above) with a person who "manipulates" other people.





Virtually every person with a blue background has an "outer ring" of green (see diagram, above), indicating that they are able to interface (socialize) with the world around them. A pure blue background would represent a person who is so analytical that they never stop to consider other people or the overall situation - They cannot see the forest because they are mentally wrapped up in one or two trees.

Conversely, almost every person with a green background has an "outer ring" of blue (see diagram, above), indicating that they are able to interface (technologically) with the world around them. A pure green background would indicate a person who is so social that they never stop to consider details and are unable to analyze specific situations - They cannot see any given tree because they are mentally wrapped up in the forest).


The mental aura, either predominately blue or green, is the realm of thoughtforms. These are symbol-like forms that are located in the mental energy field behind the neck and head.

When we have a problem, we think about it, viewing it from all directions (all possible solutions). If we fail to find a solution, what do we do? We start the process over again ... and again ... and again! We have a name for this process; we call it Worry.

The repetitive worry process creates a thoughtform that becomes more and more dense as we continue to worry.

As these thoughtforms (we usually have many) are located behind the shoulder-neck-skull area, their density prevents the free flow of energy in that area and people who worry a lot end up with stiff necks and headaches.

Energetic healers can often disperse these thoughtforms, but they usually come back as people tend to go away and continue to worry, and the whole process begins again. The only certain way to disperse thoughtforms is to find a solution to the original problem(s).




THE PARACONSCIOUS AURA extends 12' to 18' in all directions beyond the outer edges of the mental aura. The paraconscious aura is quite stable, but changes slowly as a person moves forward on their spiritual path.

This field is called the "paraconscious" because it is next to (para = "next to") the conscious mind. It is just beyond the normal scope of consciousness in most people.




One way to "read" this auric field is for the practitioner to merge his or her consciousness with another person at the paraconscious level. A path will appear in the practitioner's visionary field. The person and their aura then disappear, and the practitioner finds himself or herself standing on the person's life path.

Various visions include symbols that, when interpreted, will tell us (1) how "rough" a path the soul has set forth for the person, (2) when major changes in lifestyle or awareness took place - or will take place, (3) the evolutionary status (initiatory level, if applicable) of the person, and (4) how well or poorly they are accepting or synchronizing their lower consciousness with their appointed path.



THE CAUSAL AURA extends about 8" to 12" in all directions beyond the outer edges of the paraconscious aura. The causal aura is very stable, only changing slowly as a person resolves problems (karma) and moves upward on their spiritual path. The causal aura is quite difficult to read, even for an experienced aura reader, for the reader must be in causal consciousness in order to accurately perceive this auric field.

The causal body is the realm of the Soul. This has also been called the "reincarnating ego," for it is to the Soul that the physical, emotional, and intellectual essences return upon death. This is also the field or body wherein forms are "stored" that pertain to karmic issues. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. When a person gets off-balanced due to thoughts, words, and deeds, their causal "bank account" is debited. When a person redresses off-balanced thoughts, words, and deeds, their causal "bank account" is credited.


THE AURA is an outflow of ionized energy from the etheric network and consciousness of the individual. Healers who claim to heal by "aura adjustment" are merely rearranging this outflow of energy, and it doesn't last very long! The aura is like the light that comes from a light bulb; you can paint the bulb, or cover it, or conceal it under a lampshade, but nothing you can do will alter the fact that the light is being generated by electrifying a tungsten filament in a vacuum with 117 alternating current volts, and that the resultant outflow is radiating at so-many cycles per second in the visible light range.

The true healer adjusts matters at their source, and this implies that the patient must make internal changes in lifestyle and/or consciousness. It is like changing the voltage going into a light bulb, modifying the filament, or introducing an inert gas into the vacuum of the bulb. By the way, if we are to be honest, it must be stated that no healer ever heals another person. Healers, through their techniques, introduce a higher state of energy into a diseased area, thus allowing that area to clear itself. If the person then goes out and performs that action that caused the problem in the first place, then the problem will re-appear. Healers of all categories have a three-fold task set before them: (1) To accurately diagnose the problem, (2) To explain the problem to the patient, giving recommendations on how to clear or avoid the problem, and (3) To use their special techniques to balance the problem while the patient undertakes the task of self-healing.

The aura is an outflow of energy. The inflow is the Ray. The ray is a funnel-shaped (upside-down cone) input of energy that enters every person at the crown (Du 20). It comes in to everyone as white light, but when it impinges upon the causal aura in its downward direction, all the colors contained in the causal aura (past actions) are "subtracted," and the result is the color(s) needed to attain pure, white light. This is how "life purpose" can be determined. It is those colors needed to attain "white light status," translated into action. As a person performs the required action, the ray color(s) become more subtle; but the ray type never changes within a given lifetime. The ray is exceedingly difficult to see. However, since the combined input voltage and current (the ray) of an electrical circuit is always higher than the outflow (the aura), the ray can sometimes be seen under the most normal circumstances. If a person catches a fleeting glimpse of a bright, subtle light around or (especially) above the head, it is probably the high voltage ray energy shining out through all the lower auric fields.

Rays are quite beyond the scope of this course, but they are mentioned in order to give a complete picture of the human energy system.


The Causal Aura, with its inherent ray, is the outer limit of our endeavors in many ways. It is actually beyond normal human consciousness limits. As spiritual practitioners, we must exceed those normal limits and attain to the "knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel," that is, we must ourselves aspire to enter causal consciousness at will. Then, it becomes our duty to enter this consciousness on behalf of our patients, and to somehow aid the patient in making conscious causal contact themselves, even if only for an instant. This is the source of all holistic healing; without this, we cannot consider the healing to be "holistic," for that term implies a "wholeness," a linking of all levels of consciousness, up to and (especially) including the causal/soul body.

To move upward and outward in consciousness from the causal level is to enter the Abyss. And one cannot enter the Abyss without "tearing" the outer envelope of the causal aura. The causal aura is a protective mechanism, designed to keep trans-carnation consciousness intact. To transcend the causal body and enter the abyss is a one-way journey. The tearing and burning-off of the causal body subjects the individual to the destructive forces of the Abyss; for anything that contains an awareness of a self that is separate from the rest of the Universe, and that is not protected by a causal envelope (the "Solar Angel), will be utterly annihilated in the abyss.

Those who have entered the Abyss [mystics call it "the dark night of the soul," and who have had all sense of separate identity destroyed, have crossed over to the other side - to the realm of Universal consciousness. And then they return, but they no longer are motivated by personal desire, or even causal karma, for they are instruments of the Universal consciousness. Such have been called saints, masters, bodhisattvas, or adepts.

It should be emphasized that people do make this attainment, and they do return to the three-dimensional world. Don't expect them to necessarily behave in a manner consistent with your concepts of a "saint" or "master," for the following principle applies: A master is not a master unless he or she is functioning in his or her Body of Light; otherwise they are human, and subject to the usual ills and problems which face all of humanity. To "function in the Body of Light," implies being in a Universal meditational state (Samadhi or Sartori or "One with the Tao").

The spiritual path is never an escape from ground zero. Many (most) people treading the spiritual path assume that some day they will make a final attainment, and that their life will be magical and heavenly thereafter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Buddhists have a saying that sums this matter up: "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water!"

The causal level is also the highest consciousness that the average person can understand without becoming confused or bewildered. It is enough to identify the Physical, Emotional, and Mental levels, to which we might add the concept of the Soul or Higher Self. Most people can understand that easily enough. It is our job to assist people in connecting with their causal consciousness. Beyond that, they are in little or no need for assistance or guidance from other human entities, for they have the guidance of their own Solar Angel.


BEYOND the blazing limit of the causal aura, and it does blaze and radiate in dynamic, metallic colors at the edges, lies the Spiritual Aura. There are two levels here, called the Spiritual and the Cosmic.

Not everyone has an active energy field beyond the causal aura. Those who show activity in this area have certain characteristics in common: (1) They do not feel comfortable with life on planet Earth, (2) They do not think like most of their fellow humans, and (3) They exhibit some psychic power or unusual mental ability. It is a case of being a "stranger in a strange land." No matter what they do, they cannot escape the fact that they do not share a common evolutionary background with their fellows.

"Walk-ins" claim to be visitors from another realm who have taken possession of a human body (usually with the permission of the previous inhabitant who wanted to leave anyway). Let us consider that there are no walk-ins, but rather that they are "wake-ups." Countless mystics down through the ages have written of how their spiritual endeavors brought them to a point where they no longer existed, and something else took over. Contrast this concept with the description of crossing the Abyss (above). It seems likely that most self-proclaimed walk-ins are people who made this transference of consciousness from the personality or soul to the Higher Self above the Abyss, and then choose to claim extra-terrestrial takeover status. In fact, it only seems like it is a separate extraterrestrial entity, for it is simply their "waking-up" to the consciousness of the spiritual aura/body that was already there before they were born.