Welcome to Redline 2066, a fan site dedicated to the 1999 PC car combat/first-person shooter game Redline (aka Redline: Gang Warfare 2066).

This website was built with pure HTML because of the small community that exists, and to also keep the style of the late '90s.

You can find our Discord server HERE. Please join us and help expand our tiny community!


August 31st 2020
The redline2066.com domain name is now active. If you are visiting this site, that means you have SOME sort of interest in Redline. In short, the game came out in 1999, but due to various issues it was soon abandoned under a year. Although a map editor and possible sequel was planned afterwards, nothing was released (except for a small 1.1 patch and a test demo of Redline Arena). Also, Redline is the ONLY PC game that runs on the Daedalus game engine, built in-house by Beyond Games, and isn't popular like Build/Unreal/Unity/Havok, etc.

Besides random multiplayer sessions, there is little community involvement because of this. I have created this website because Redline truly was a great game. The odd online frag fest is fun sometimes, and it's nice that all of the game's information is now in one place. In addition, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, an old Beyond Games staff member will see this, and remember that they have some project files or editing software for Redline on an old CD-ROM/ZIP disc/floppy, and would e-mail me or visit our Discord with this valuable information!

Then again, it has been 2 decades already, so I'm just wishing out loud. Sorry, carry on.

July 26th 2020
The first pages of Redline 2066 are created. The Discord server is already up and running. Various content around the community and overall presence is helped by Re-Fund. As for myself (Xanarki), I personally ran a Redline website from roughly 2001 to 2006. This is the spiritual successor to that.