Here you will find various files to download for Redline.

This is the official 1.1 patch for the main game. GOG and Steam versions already have this installed, despite what the main menu says.

This is the config file for Redline, simply replace it with the one in your main Redline folder. All of the keybinds are set to a preferred setup, since the menu is laggy and difficult to change.

0.81 DEMO #1
This is the first demo released for Redline, from December 1998. It only includes multiplayer, but gives a glimpse on an early version of the game.

0.90 DEMO #2
This is the second demo released for Redline, from February 1999. It contains both multiplayer and two singleplayer missions, and the training levels.

0.90 DEMO #3
This is the third demo released for Redline, from February 1999. It's the same as the 2nd demo, except it only contains the multiplayer portion, making it easier for people with slower ISPs to download.

This is a fan-made patch created by Raepdollars/Thomas. It allows for higher resolutions on your monitor and custom FOVs. It is not thoroughly tested, and is unofficial.

This is the rough build of Redline Arena, the cancelled sequel/spinoff game. More information can be found in the Extra Info page on this site. Major props goes to artist Neil Melville for making it public many years ago.