Travis was born in March,in Riply West Va.He was the runt of the litter and so cute! He sure knew how to win my heart right away.

We had just lost our other little dog Sandy and I didnt think I was ready for another pet until I met Travis.

In case you are wondering about his name.My daugther linda named him that after of all people,Randy Travis,the country musice star.

Needless to say, we brought him home with us. We made him a bed in the campershell,in the back of the truck.But he decided to sleep in a pile of things in a cloths basket,laying up by the back window,peeping at us.He was so adorable!

At first we had a hard time getting him to eat until he discovered we had stopped for chicken.Well, thats all it took ---there was no end to his love and devotion after that.

He was a very easy dog to house break.I did it with a leash,walking him around the yard and afterwards he would get a treat.He always after that walked right beside me , even without a leash.LoL,I tripped over him a lot.

My Husband and my Granddaugther built him a dog house and she even painted his name on it.He never used it ! He didnt want to be cooped up.He always laid where he could see every thing going on.

He had the most beautiful eyes and so much expression in his face.He also loved children.Which was a good thing as we have so many grandchildren.

Well, Travis was born with a broad back,which I found out later in the years was pretty common in Shelties.He also had ear problem's and a skin problem.Poor thing had lots of trips to the Vet,but I loved him as much as he loved me.I couldnt have ask for a more loyal dog than him.He was always so glad to see us --and would lay out on the front step and wait for us to come home.

He loved it when we brought Cookie home.That gave him someone to play with. But of course we had to train him to be careful with her as she was so small.

For year's Travis and Cookie were like brother and sister.They took good care of each other and played very well together.

Poor Travis,I miss him so much! But I know he's much better off.He's in doggie Heaven now as his health problems were getting real bad and there wasn't anything else we could do for him.

Poor Cookie, sometime's even now seems to be searching for him. He went to Heaven October 2001.

God Bless him!!

We love you and miss you Travis.You will always be special in my heart.

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