Mom's Tunis: The Flock of Champions

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Mom's Tunis:
The Flock of Champions

We've had quite a run!
But it's time for a change!
Thank You
RQL Farms and Stumpe Tunis
For purchasing our entire flock!

Thank you . . .RQL Farms. . .and. . Stumpe Tunis. . . for purchasing . . .our entire flock. . .

The Beginning of Mom's Tunis
Mom's Brood Ewes
Sedalia 2013
We Plan to Attend These Sales and Fairs in 2013
Our 2013 National Sale Consignment. . .
We Plan to Attend These Sales and Fairs in 2012
Our 2012 Sedalia Consignment
Two National Sale Champions
We Attended These Sales and Fairs in 2011
We Were Successful at the Shows in 2010
We Plan to Attend These Sales and Fairs in 2010
Success in Sedalia 2010
We Attended These Shows/Sales and Fairs in 2009
Our 2009 Show/Sale Champions
At The Shows/Sales and Fairs
Thank you 2013 Buyers
Thank you 2012 Buyers
Thank You 2011 Buyers
Thank you to our Market Lamb Buyers
Thank You 2010 Buyers
Thank You 2009 Buyers
Thank You 2008 Buyers
Thank You 2007 Buyers
Thank You Buyers
Some Interesting and Useful Information
A Tribute to J&J 102--"Rabbit"
A Tribute to Teddy
"Ewesful" Information
Some Interesting Links
Barbara and Leon Cassell
2317 Peppers Ferry Road
Wytheville, Va 24382

Paul Cassell
1686 Lovers Lane
Wytheville, VA 24382

Vet Services Provided by
Dr. B. B. Jessee
Peppers Ferry Road
Wytheville, VA

Last update: November 2, 2013

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