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Tango's Page

Both Baby Girl and Tango have been sold due to circumstances beyond my control. However both of them have received WONDERFUL new adoptive parents. Tango now resides in Siloam, NC with Karie Kimpon and her husband. And Baby Girl resides in Roanoke entertaining her new mommy. I am able to see her occasionally.

Tango In Azaleas
Tango In White Azaleas
Tango in Tree
Tango Clowing Around
Tango..........A Gift From Above
Tango in Fall Leaves
Tango in Tree Playing
Tango with Rose
Tango with White Lily
Farewell to Tango
Baby Girl's Page
Other Suns
Monte Carlo LS
Pakito My Peach Front Conure
Tacoma My Sun Conure