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Am-chan: An energetic, spunky, hyper-active teen whose life ambition (one of them anyway) is to collect every single Slayers paraphenlia known to man and beast. She is a crazy anime fan with creativity up the wazoo. Much thanks go to those (ie Paper-chan, Jeff-ai, and Jia ri méng) who can keep her moderately sane.

"There are worlds inside worlds. What you see now is not always there later. Beware of those who can see these worlds. They will know how to confuse and torture you."

Role: Moderator

Writing Credits: FOREVER: Lina, Bunny-chan, Galien (shared), Lina-ettes

Paper Tiger: An uptight and overworked college student that likes to think of himself as an anime buff. Risen since childhood to always tell the truth, his naïve chivalry gradually melted into a sticky pill of cynicism. He also acts, sings, and drinks Earl Gray tea strong enough to eat through an engine block. He 's also a proud contributor to the corruption of youth in America.

Role: Assistant Moderator, Site Manager, Editor of FOREVER

Writing Credits: The Blonde, The Brunette, & the King of Thieves
Rakane 1/2

FOREVER: Gourry, Rezo, Galien (shared), Lina-ettes, Gnomes, Karbaas, Futreist
ENCORE: Sol, Zangulas

White Knight: Shrouded in mystery, this onliner is gifted with an inhuman ability to fuse instantly with any computer game. He is known by many names by both his close friends and his peers of the net, "White Knight" being just one of his many guises. Maybe you know him already...

Role: Site Designer

Writing Credits: FOREVER: "Our" Zelgadis, "Real" Zelgadis, "Blue-y", Friar Mikshann, Lina-ettes, Squirrel Man

Jia ri méng: Jia ri méng is Paper-tiger's 22-year-old sister who considers RPGing and doing Fan art for her Bro as being "Quality Family Time." She is the "voice" of Xellos, her favorite Slayers Character (sticks her tongue out at the other directors "NYAH NYAH I BEAT YOU TO IT!") She is also the voice of Rimmour, Guy, Elmax and Amelia! (whew!) When she's not putting her schizophrenia to good use, she enjoys making fan art, writing music, and working on her monthly comics, "Reality! (check please)" and "Seraphic Soldiers", which she hopes to publish soon. She is a big anime fan, loving several series such as Ranma 1/2, Haunted Junction, Tenchi (she's the one doing the Tenchi trailers at the end of each teaser), and Dragonball Z. She hopes you enjoy her little bout of madness in the world of Slayers.

Role: Illustrator, Editor/Moderator of ENCORE

Writing Credits: Rakane 1/2 (Co-Author)

FOREVER: Xellos, Rimmour, Guy, Elmax, Amelia, Lina-ettes, Sahntre, Sissy   
ENCORE: Val, Lani, Lina, Filia, Sol, Puppito, Shimol, Seyfert

Moonhawk: Moonhawk is a Chinese Singaporean who is also a great fan of Slayers and quite a number of other anime. Her hobbies are reading fantasy novels, writing fanfics and drawing anime fanart. She chose to play the character of Filia in Slayers Forever because the gold dragon priestess is one of her favorite characters in the series.

Role: Assistant Illustrator

Writing Credits: Slayers BEYOND

FOREVER: Filia, Lina-ettes, Kera Yurion
ENCORE: Midnight Thorn

Cait Sith: Cait Sith is a major anime otaku, her favorite anime being Slayers. She joined the insanity because she likes playing RPGs, writing and Slayers. She is very kind hearted, and maybe a little annoying with her fits of Justice rantings and her 'Martina mode' (Martine Mode being her 'Zangooglmister' rantings;). She's also the only one who enjoys wearing glasses. She is the "voice" of Kia and Kojiro in Slayers Forever and Klonnoa, Shadow-Claw and Xelloss in Slayers Encore.

Role: Writer

Writing Credits: Bakemono Hunters

FOREVER: Kia, Kojiro, Dark Hunter, Old Healer
ENCORE: Klonnoa, Shadow-Claw, Xelloss, Bin-Bin

Mistress Saturn: She is one mysterious fortune cookie. A 21 year-old confused for a 16-year-old, how does she pull this off? No one knows.   Some say she's a sorcerous of the CG trade, no one knows how she does it.  She sings a lot, dances, draws, and like a good lil otaku goes to Anime Club every Friday night.

Role: Writer

Writing Credits: ENCORE: Galetea, Gohrynn

Ashura-chan (by Meng)

Ashura-kun: The moving force behind the power that is Ashura. He lives his live in the woods of Xanth and trains day and night to become the worlds strongest swordsman. Wielding the massive sword, Alkgeist- he strives to perfect his own brand of swordsmanship whch focuses on the basics of "Slay Injustice where it stands." He lends his own brand of justice in his writing style and hopes to one day overpower Am-chan in regards to writing prowess.

Role: Writer

Writing Credits: Slayers VELVET

ENCORE: Winterius, Qawoor, Varn
FOREVER: Ashura, Esuna, Zel/Hzel/Blue-y