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Xellos the Nun???10/30/03

Greetings Otakus and Posers!

Its been like, what, a year? Once again, Pardon our dust as the Gigaworks crew and I try to keep up the site while still attending to important things, like not dropping out of college (*cough**cough* Meng.)  

There is some good news, however. The LOST EPISODES of Slayers FOREVER have successfully been recovered!!! Thanks to P.T. and Meng’s other brother, Patrick.
I know you hate “anime geeks,” Pat, but good on ya! ^.^

In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for our little teaser: 'TAXI: A New Driver and a New Destination'.

Also, Monica’s actually working on something ORIGINAL for a change and soon we’ll be host to the first chapter of “Jeremy Hunted.”  It's your typical vampire story, except it features a chronically cheerful vampire surrounded by mopey mortals. We won’t put up too much however, she wants to get it published. (Well La-di-DA!) This is a part of our brand-new portion of the site, 'In-Edite'. It is a wing dedicated to original, non-fan based fics. (And if you're missing Bakemono Hunters, it has moved to In-Edite.)

We’ll also soon have the fourth chapter of Encore available to view. This one introduces two characters; Gorhynn, the blonde swordsman (sound familiar?); and Shimol, the fuzzy but evil one.

By the way, Our Gallery (with new pics, fyi) is looking a little one sided (meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, meng, etc.) So SEND US SOME PICTURES!  And show Meng-chan that she’s not the only person who can do art!

What? Not enough for ya? Well, we also Updated:
~Links Page (Now you can link us, plus links form Saturn and Ash)
~Writer Profile: Added Ash
~FOREVER Profile page: Added writer Ash and character Ash (I sense a pattern emerging...)
Revamped/Re-edited FOREVER ONE & TWO

We’ll update some more as we get the chance. In the meantime,

Happy Halloween
Happy Thanksgiving
Merry Christmas prob’ly -_-;;

Will we ever update sooner than six months? Will we ever have another chapter of Rakane 1/2? What the heck is “NOT A CLUE?”

(what do you think my answer’s gonna be? ^_^)

Stay Evil!


  10 / 11 / 02

Xellos here! And it's all quiet here on the front, really. Nope, with schools and technology, most of the Gigaworks Staff have their pasty hands busy. But we'll show you what we have.

Slayer Forever Files are still trapped in the underworld, waiting to be resurrected. A full episode is still unavailable, but we have a lengthy teaser in the meanwhile. Enjoy the first half of Episode 9:Taxy Driver! Is He Worth the Pay?

And as for young Sol and Val, Slayers Encore has a brand new chapter. What frightening new force is gathering behind the scenes, and why does it involve Klonnoa wearing a dress?? Will it spoil dinner? Find out in Episode 3

Lastly, Team Gigaworks welcomes aboard Ashura, aka Wintersama, aka Escalade 02, aka... the list goes on. In either case, keep an eye open for his writing, both in Encore and as original work.

8 / 11 / 02

Hey Folks! Xellos here with the periodic news!

Lotsa Crap this time! Starting with our ultra-cool
Gigaworks Main Page. A menu, if you will, of all the entrees of zaniness, and appetizers of stupidity! (I like mine extra spicy!) Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DOWNLOAD ONE OF OUR BANNERS AND PUT THEM ON YOUR SITE WITH A LINK! Karma will smile on you if you do.

Well, it looks like the Gigaworks team has decided to expand their horizons and try ANOTHER series! Based on the hit series Ranma½,
Rakane½ is now on the board and soon to come is Washuu's Laboratory! Rakane is the progeny of the scary brother-sister team, Meng and PT. Its kind of a Ranma chopped up and thrown in a salad shooter.

Another new fic is an original story by one of our newer members, Cait Sith!
Bakemono Hunters is an action-riffic comedy set in the Mechanical Fantasy world of HARVEST! Can a small group of heroes defeat the evil bad guys? (Don't they always? ^.^)

'WHATSAMATTAH, GUYS? SLAYERS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU??' Not to fear Slayerzites! Added to the pallet is a new post of Encore. We get to meet the infamous Aunt Luna in her prime, in "
Episode 2: Engage! She's One Bad Sister!" And the Encore Gallery is finally online! See what the Slayers of the Future look like!

Since we're already on the subject of new series, Paper Tiger went down the road of no return and has actually written (*GASP*) A Xena-Slayers Crossover!! Some Dorks never grow up...they just get scarier. If you happen to love the leather clad warrior princess and her chirpy compaion...TOO BAD! They aren't in it, but the ultra mega-chin God, Autolycus the King of Thieves, is! Read
The Blonde, the Brunette, and the King of Thieves as our Favorite Secondary Character meets up with another light/dark Duo...I'll give you a hint...


(shudder) Moving on...

Sorry folks, no new Forever post until we get Meng-chan's computer resurrected.

Why the hat, you ask? Jia Ri Meng, with the help of her Gigabuddies, has put together a Quiz for all you Slayers Fans who think you know it all. Test your (ahem) knowledge and skill at retaining useless information at the

There is a little talk of attending AnimeUSA con 2002 but it only looks like Meng and Paper Tiger are going. While we're on the Topic of Ranma, maybe our bro-sis team should go as Kodachi and Kuno! Further news as the deadline draws near.

Also there are rumors floating around about a possible Slayers fic based on the infamously popular Milton Bradley Game, CLUE. We'll see if "Not a Clue" actually gets out of production phase.

And as soon as the Gigateam gets access to a scanner, we may get to feature some of Meng-chan's wacky character doodles.

Oh, and the White Knight Giveaway Contest is over... WITH NO WINNER! Guess you regret it now, huh?

Sorry if its a little sparse this time, but "when school is out, the students get fat"....or something like that. Ah well. Till next time, guys. Will this team crack under the pressure of this new workload, or decide to get lives?.....Now THAT is a SECRET.

6 / 18 / 02

AHEM, Slayerzites...

As you probably can guess, GIGWORKS is kind of having a slow period. To combat this, rather hosting BIG updates every few months, the updates will be posted one-by-one as they are completed. It's not as dynamic, but the job gets done either why. Just keep your eye out below for the changes. Don't worry, some great stuff is right around the corner!

2 / 28 / 02

[Well, Slayers Forever is started updating. Rest is soon to come]

Ahoy-Hoy, Slayerzites!

Have we got a surprise for you! Have you ever wondered where the Slayers would be in the future? Of course not, you guys aren't nearly as demented as we are. Well, like it or not, you're gonna find out as the torch is passed to a NEW generation of Slayers in
SLAYERS ENCORE! The story features the SON of Lina Inverse, Sol, and his friend Val as they journey off on their first big adventure tailed by "you know who" ^.^ (warning: may contain some spoilers!) Try to enjoy it.

We also have a special treat in our newest episode of FOREVER, Where's Zelgadis? Ever wonder what a typical day of fan-fic'ing is like? Well find out in this special UNCUT episode, as we follow our actors and directors in this wild behind-the-scenes look at the Slayers!
Read it! Read it now!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! Gigaworks is proud to present a previous story by Moonhawk, Slayers BEYOND! Based on Slayers Next, the saga stars sorcery -prodigy Kera Yurion. With no family or friends left, she's sworn to wreck her revenge on... Lina Inverse?
Check it out here!

What else?...Well, we've got ton's great ENCORE pics by Meng, not to mention a
few FOREVER ones. We also have the Honorable Brother Rimmour on Amelia-chan Cheku!

What will we DO? .....uh....sore wa himitsu!...(even for ME!)



Hey, Slayerzites! Xellos, again with this new update of the site. After much physical torture and mental games, I've finally persuaded Meng-chan and Paper-kun to write up on the Anime USA Con Report. Unfortunately, White Knight and A-chan couldn't make it, due to lack of communication. Well, there's always Otakon.

            We got a brand-spankin' new episode of Slayers Forever "The 'Inn' Crowd! (Some New Answers, More New Questions)." One night in a fancy hotel leads to new discoveries, new problems, and new alliances and some new jokes! We hear Guy's origin story, and Lina discovers some info on the cockatrice blood! Also two new rivals come in, Galien Darkebrook, and Shin-no Tenshi Lightsphere (a.k.a. Bunny-chan). kinda weird from there on in.

We have a new feature on the sight! The Princess of Justice and Virtue is hosting a Fashion page called "Amelia-chan Cheku!" Sure we've seen the old character's wardrobes, but what about the new guys? Join our Best-dressed Worst-dressed count down on every update for further insight and embarrassment. (I personally think Filia could use a fashion makeover...I mean...what are those THINGS on her head?)

Meng-chan's got a new Midi! (okay so actually its kind of old, but that's' not important) Go on and listen to "Guy's Theme." It sounds kind of oddly French balladish. Rather funny really, if you don't take it too seriously.

One more bit of news (yes there's more). Gigaworks has a new member, a round of applause for Cait Sith whose work will start showing up in Episode 7, but whose Character won't be in 'til like Episode 28 or something. Welcome to Hell, Cait!

So what's in Episode 7? A SNEAK PEAK BEHIND THE SCENES! Love? Scandal? Lawsuits? Flaming cars? Donuts?…welll….now THAT is a secret!


            Greetings Slayerzites! Xellos here!

            Well first off, I think Tiger-kun deserves a big round of applause for getting up the Character Bios Page (chirp...chirp....cough). Now we can check out our favorite characters, or look up unfamiliar ones. More to come, sports fans. Keep sending us your fan art and be sure and tell us what you think of our site! A brand-spankin' new midi will be added shortly to the sound Library, as soon as Meng-chan can resurrect her PC. And let's hear it for Moonhawk who's helping us compile and edit the new episodes!

            Speaking of which, coming up, we got a new addition to our Hall of Loonies. The mysterious stranger, Guy Dualté, is not what he appears. He has some tricks up his sleeve and... some voices in his head. Overall, I think he'll fit in very nicely, that is, if he's on the right side. Which side IS the right side? Let's hope Lina finds out in our next episode,
"The New Guy! (First Impressions Are the Most Important)". You better read it or Lina will really cause some trouble!

             I know what you're all thinking, "Where's Amelia in all this?" but never fear, Justice Junkies! The perky princess will be alighting soon to restore (ugh) justice and positive thinking to the world. I may go into a diabetic coma! Anyway, the delay was caused by simply not being able to find anyone to play Amelia. But Slayers just isn't Slayers without her, so she'll be popping up after a few issues.

            Finally, I'm pleased to announce that the American-chapter of GigaWorks will be (hopefully) attending the Anime*USA Con in Virginia this Fall. They'll be cos-playing (you guessed it) Slayers. Am-chan as Lina Inverse, Paper-Tiger as Gourry, Jia Ri Meng as Me, (Xellos) ^.^ , and White-Knight as Gaav the Dragon King (a little easier for him to cos-play than me on this.) Hopefully one of them will remember to bring a camera so we'll have some nifty pictures to post. And a hearty "Wish You Could Come" to Moonhawk in Singapore.

            Well, keep checking in on us...its bound to pay off someday (don't ask me how). What's in store for the gang in the far future? An evil genius, a French lesson, a look "behind the scenes," a conspiracy, tragic sob-stories? Well, a secret.