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by Jia Ri Meng

Well, the Torch has been passed and a new Generation of Slayers has been born. Our Hero, Sol is the son of none other than the famous Bandit Killer, Lina Inverse. Now nine years old, and trying desperately to live up to the family name, Sol and his best friend, Val, a wisecracking pre-teen Dragon, venture forth into the world to carve their niche. But when you have a whiney little cousin tagging along, a fuzzy girl-cat-thing, a dangerous highway-girl on your tail, and a furry little Mazoku brat trying to louse things up, what's a Boy Sorcerer to Do?

Enjoy our flight into the future. WARNING: SOME SPOILERS (a knowledge of TRY is recommended). Laugh at our new Characters and re-visit some old-uh-older ones. New Foes! A small puppetmaster, the true Heir of Rezo, a Doomsday Machine? More Deus Ex Machina than you can shake a stick at! And lots and Lots of Food!!

So keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the wild ride of the New Generation.

Sorry,'re too old!