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A Dusky Conure (one of my favortie conures)

This is a Dusky Conure, I had one I was buying but the owner didn't want to ship so we had a minor disagreement and now I am in the process of buying a Nansun (Nanday crossed with Sun Conure) I love Suns and Still like Dusky but cant find a really decent price on a Dusky and therefore have bought a pretty little baby Nansun and will ship it in September when the weather cools. It's name will be Jade. But I still love Dusky Conures and will leave this page up for thos who come to see, only because I am quite fond of them since I saw them in a book researching birds when I was first looking, I have been trying to get the perfect bird for 2 years now, I never realized I had it, until it was gone and I am looking for one like the one I had, he was a Jenday crossed on a Sun and named Buddy. If I had a picture I would create a site, but all I have is the memory. But this site is deticated to Dusky Conures, I have a egroup at Yahoo under Top > Science > Biology > Animals > Birds > Pets > Parrots , it is the 303 group under that listing, called Conures4me , I check the messages everyday and set it up for the selling, trading, buying, posting stories all about conures, I am eager to hear new stories and meet new people with birds. Thanks for your time and for visiting, come back and check to see any updates.

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