Descendants of Isaac SMITH

Third Generation

6. Nancy BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born Oct 1820 in Letcher Co., KY.

Nancy married Nathaniel COLLINS on 5 Apr 1837. Nathaniel was born 1815.

They had the following children:

  20 F i
Elizabeth COLLINS was born 1840 in Letcher Co., KY.
Elizabeth married Rowlette HALE.
  21 F ii
Martha married John RICHARDSON.
  22 F iii
Minerva COLLINS was born 1846 in Letcher Co., KY.
Minerva married Watty ADAMS.
  23 M iv
Green A. COLLINS was born 1860.
Green married Tena HONEYCUT.

7. Mary BRANHAM-SMITH "Polly" (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 8 Dec 1821.

Lived on Branham's Creek, then moved to Missouri.

Polly married Elijah ADAMS on 9 Apr 1840.

They had the following children:

  24 M i
Stephen ADAMS was born about 1840.
  25 M ii
William ADAMS was born about 1842.
  26 M iii
Isaac ADAMS was born about 1844.
  27 M iv
Nathaniel ADAMS was born about 1846.
  28 F v
Elizabeth ADAMS was born about 1848.

8. John BRANHAM-SMITH Squire (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 11 Sep 1823 in Letcher Co., KY. He died 1 Aug 1911 in Hindman KY.

John married (1) Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) ADAMS on 11 Dec 1842 in Letcher Co., KY. Sarah was born 11 Nov 1824. She died in Hindman KY.

They had the following children:

+ 29 M i William B-SMITH was born 6 Apr 1844 and died 1876.
  30 F ii
Nancy B-SMITH was born 26 Jan 1846.
Nancy married Madison "Sheriff" PIGMAN.
  31 M iii
Randolph B-SMITH "Randall" was born 15 Aug 1848.
Randall married (1) Barbara HYLTON on 8 Jun 1867.
Randall also married (2) Susan AMBURGEY.
  32 M iv
Steve B-SMITH was born 17 May 1850.
Steve married (1) Rosa REYNOLDS on 9 Apr 1868.
Steve also married (2) Arminda SLONE.
  33 F v
Elizabeth B-SMITH ""Betz"" was born 11 Mar 1852.
"Betz" married Wess REYNOLDS on 6 Jan 1870.
  34 F vi
Mary B-SMITH ""Pop"" was born 28 Jul 1854.
"Pop" married Joe PIGMAN.
+ 35 M vii Andrew B-SMITH was born 7 Jul 1856 and died 29 Dec 1921.
  36 M viii
John B-SMITH was born 1858. He died 1 Aug 1911.

Died Young
  37 M ix
Lydia B-SMITH was born 3 Feb 1861.
Lydia married Wess PIGMAN.
  38 F x
Christina B-SMITH was born 5 Oct 1863.
Christina married John P. SLONE.

John also married (2) Sooky Huff STURGILL.

They had the following children:

  39 M xi
Albert B-SMITH was born 11 Mar 1874.

Died Young
  40 F xii
Lucinda B-SMITH "Cindy" was born 16 Apr 1876. She died 1962.
Cindy married Nelson HAYS "Nels".

9. Cassie BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 27 Jan 1825 in Letcher Co., KY. She died 31 Jul 1878 and was buried in Mt. Sterling KY.

Lived in Mt. Sterling KY.

Cassie married Simeon FRANCIS on 28 May 1840. Simeon was born 25 Feb 1818.

They had the following children:

  41 F i
Elizabeth FRANCIS "Betzy" was born 1841.
Betzy married (1) George WATTS on 21 Mar 1867.
Betzy also married (2) Kelly FRANKLIN.
  42 M ii
Sam FRANCIS was born 1843.
Sam married Lettie MULLINS.
  43 F iii
Polly Jane FRANCIS was born 1845.
Polly married John HALL.
  44 F iv
Nancy FRANCIS was born 1848.
Nancy married Andy COMBS.
  45 F v
Marjorie FRANCIS "Pug" was born 26 Mar 1851.
Pug married Skyler HAMILTON.
  46 F vi
Sallie married William Riley COMBS.
  47 F vii
Lucinda FRANCIS was born Oct 1857.
Lucinda married Ambrose AMBURGEY "Burntshins".

10. Elizabeth "Betty" BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 19 Mar 1827.

Elizabeth married Watson E. CAUDILL "Wattie".

They had the following children:

  48 F i
Sallie married Wattie ADAMS.
  49 F ii
Nancy married Ike WHITAKER.
  50 F iii
Lizzy married Ben ADAMS.
  51 F iv
Delia married John HOLCOMB.
  52 F v
Frankie CAUDILL.
Frankie married Linville HIGGINS.
  53 F vi
Jessie married Martha BIGGS.
  54 F vii

Never Married, but had daughter Ella and son Oscar.  She went West with Old Bill Baker and died in Oklahoma.  Her children were there.
  55 F viii
Polly Ann CAUDILL.
Polly married Ike ADAMS.
  56 F ix
Salina married Dolph DRAUGHN.
  57 F x
Lucinda CAUDILL.
Lucinda married Steve HALL.

11. Andrew Jackson BRANHAM-SMITH "Andy" (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 3 Mar 1829. He died 1864.

Andy died in a Confederate prison camp in Chicago during the Civil War.  After Teena Pigman Smith died around 1856 or 1858, the children were raised by their grandparents William Branham and Elizabeth Childers Smith.  Andrew Jackson Branham-Smith fought for the South during the Civil War between the states.  He was taken prisoner while on leave at the home of his father at the mouth of Steerfork.  He was taken to Fort Dodge, Illinois, which is now Chicago.  There is a plaque in the area where the fort stood, which has his name listed on it.  He died of smallpox while a prisoner.  After he was taken prisoner his second wife, Sallie Huff, moved back to Virginia with her son Elmer.

Andy married (1) Christina PIGMAN "Teena". Teena was born 19 Dec 1832. She died 1858.

They had the following children:

  58 M i
Nathaniel B-SMITH was born 29 Jun 1850. He died 13 Aug 1934.
Nathaniel married Rachel CRAFT on 1 Apr 1875.
  59 M ii
William B. B-SMITH was born 1851.
William married Nancy THACKER.
  60 M iii
John B-SMITH "Tobe" was born 5 May 1852.
Tobe married Phoebe STURGILL.
  61 M iv
Joseph B-SMITH was born 5 Nov 1854. He died 1918 in Russell Co, VA.
Joseph married Julia Ann HART on 13 Aug 1875.
  62 F v
Mary B-SMITH was born 3 Feb 1856. She died 2 Aug 1931.
Mary married George Washington AMBURGEY on 6 Jun 1871.
  63 F vi
Martha B-SMITH was born 3 Feb 1856.

Andy also married (2) Sally HUFF.

They had the following children:

  64 M vii
Elmer B-SMITH.

Sally Huff was Elmer's mother and she took him back to her home in Virginia when Andrew was taken prisoner.
Elmer married Nancy Ann MOORE on 4 Aug 1878.

12. Frankie BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 7 Dec 1830.

Frankie B. Smith Adams died and left four young children.  Billy was taken to Wolf County when young and reared by an Uncle Jessie Adams.

Frankie married John ADAMS on 23 Jul 1846.

They had the following children:

  65 F i
Elizabeth ADAMS "Betsy" was born 22 Feb 1860.
Betsy married (1) William Thomas STAMPER.
Betsy also married (2) Marion SLONE.
Betsy also married (3) Silas FRANCIS.
  66 M ii
William ADAMS "Billy".
  67 M iii
Watty ADAMS.

Watty Adams and Minerva Collins were first cousins.  Minerva was the daughter of Nancy B. Smith and Nathaniel Collins.
Watty married Minerva COLLINS.
  68 M iv
Randall ADAMS.

13. Christina "Teena" BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born about 1832.

Lived on Irishman Creek.

Christina married William MADDEN on 15 Jul 1847 in Letcher County, KY. William was born 1822.

They had the following children:

  69 F i
Elizabeth "Bettie" MADDEN was born 1849.
Elizabeth married Newt MULLINS.
  70 M ii
John MADDEN was born 15 Jun 1853. He died 24 Jan 1931.
John married Isabel STAMPER on Jan 1878.
  71 M iii
Jackson MADDEN.
Jackson married Elizabeth EVERAGE.
  72 M iv
Matthew MADDEN.
Matthew married Mary MUSIC.
  73 M v
Arch married Sylvia EVERAGE.
  74 M vi
Elmer "Dock" MADDEN.
Elmer married Allie KINCER.
  75 M vii
George MADDEN.
George married Margaret PIGMAN.

15. Rebecca BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 21 Sep 1838 in Prestonsburg, Floyd Co., KY. She died 12 Nov 1929.

Rebecca married William PIGMAN.

Was a twin to Andy's wife Teena Pigman.

They had the following children:

  76 M i
Hiram PIGMAN was born 13 Jan 1857. He died 24 Jan 1929.
Hiram married (1) Sallie FRANKLIN.
Hiram also married (2) Sally FRANKLIN.
Hiram also married (3) Minerva BENTLEY. Minerva was born 27 Jan 1916.
  77 F ii
Mary "Polly" Ann PIGMAN was born 1857.
Mary married (1) John R. BATES.
Mary also married (2) John "Ringer" BATES.
  78 F iii
Elizabeth Jane PIGMAN was born 1854.
Elizabeth married "Little" Wiley AMBURGEY.
  79 M iv
William Bogy PIGMAN was born 15 Apr 1859.
William married (1) Nancy ADAMS on 1878.
William also married (2) Ellen SLONE on 1922.
  80 F v
Rose PIGMAN was born 23 Feb 1866. She died 3 Jun 1925.
Rose married (1) Henry ADKINS.
Rose also married (2) Wesley DEAL.
  81 F vi
Sabrina PIGMAN was born 1873.

DEATH: Died before age 20.
  82 F vii
Arminta PIGMAN was born 1868. She died 18 Aug 1920.
Arminta married (1) Tim DUNCAN.
Arminta also married (2) Frank BROWN.
  83 M viii
Jasper "Jas" PIGMAN was born 1870. He died 7 Nov 1911.
Jasper married Nellie SMITH.
  84 F ix
Lucinda "Cindy" PIGMAN was born 1865.
Lucinda married John VENCIL.
  85 F x
Alice PIGMAN was born 9 Sep 1878. She died 8 Nov 1966.
Alice married Walter HANKS.
  86 F xi
Leathy PIGMAN was born 1856.
  87 F xii
Margaret PIGMAN was born 1858.
  88 F xiii
Susannah PIGMAN was born 1860.
  89 M xiv
Paul PIGMAN was born 1863.
  90 M xv
Newley PIGMAN was born 1869.
  91 M xvi

DEATH: Died at an early age.

16. William "Major" BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born about 1838.

William married (1) Rebecca ADAMS. Rebecca was born 8 Feb 1841. She died 10 Nov 1864.

They had the following children:

  92 M i
John Major B-SMITH.
John married Polly CODY.
+ 93 F ii Elizabeth Jane B-SMITH was born 17 Jun 1860.

William also married (2) Dorcus AMBURGEY. Dorcus was born 27 Mar 1850. She died 16 Jul 1913.

They had the following children:

  94 M iii
Elijah B-SMITH was born 9 Nov 1870.
Elijah married Ida Jane MUSIC.
  95 F iv
Mary B-SMITH was born 5 May 1872.
Mary married Scovie GRIZZLE.
  96 M v
Jess B-SMITH was born 13 Oct 1874.
Jess married Liz NORRIS.
  97 M vi
William B-SMITH "W.B." was born 3 May 1875.
W.B. married Tince BOWEN.
  98 M vii
Joe B-SMITH was born 2 Jun 1877.
Joe married Minnie MARTIN.
  99 M viii
Vince B-SMITH was born 4 Sep 1879.
  100 F ix
Martha B-SMITH was born 19 May 1881.
  101 F x
Cassie B-SMITH.
  102 F xi
Rachel B-SMITH.
  103 M xii
Mander B-SMITH died 15 Jan 1921.
  104 F xiii
Ada married ? TURNER.

17. Emory BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born about 1840.

Emory married Susie AMBURGEY, daughter of Ambrose AMBURGEY and Rebecca FRANCIS. Susie was born 19 Sep 1841. She died 26 Jun 1926.

They had the following children:

+ 105 M i Jasper B-SMITH was born 3 Aug 1860 and died 3 Nov 1933.
+ 106 F ii Rebecca B-SMITH was born 15 May 1862 and died 6 Jun 1929.
  107 M iii
William "Bill" B-SMITH was born 16 Jan 1865 in Letcher Co., KY.

Killed at the age of 15
+ 108 M iv Ambrose B-SMITH was born 3 Feb 1866 and died 16 Mar 1900.
+ 109 M v Andrew B-SMITH was born 22 Mar 1868 and died 29 Jan 1901.
+ 110 M vi Wiley B-SMITH was born 23 Apr 1870 and died 11 Mar 1932.
+ 111 M vii John B-SMITH was born 24 Dec 1871.
+ 112 F viii Betty Jane B-SMITH was born 23 Dec 1874 and died 1967.
  113 M ix
Benjamin B-SMITH was born 10 Jun 1876 in Letcher Co., KY. He died 1 Jun 1905 in Letcher Co., KY.
Benjamin married Dicy KELLY.
+ 114 F x Lucinda B-SMITH was born 9 Jun 1878 and died 10 Jan 1943.
+ 115 M xi Cullen B-SMITH was born 7 May 1880 and died 13 Mar 1968.
  116 M xii
Newton B-SMITH died 1913.

Married and buried in Oklahoma.
  117 xiii
Baby (no-name) B-SMITH was born 18 Mar 1883 in Letcher Co., KY. Baby died 18 Mar 1883 in Letcher Co., KY.
  118 F xiv
Belle B-SMITH was born 18 Mar 1884 in Letcher Co., KY. She died 26 Dec 1884 in Letcher Co., KY.

18. Elmer BRANHAM-SMITH (William BRANHAM-SMITH , Isaac ) was born 1844 in Letcher Co., KY. He died before 1900.

Lived on Branham's Creek, later went to Rowan County.

Elmer married (1) Mary STUART.

They had the following children:

  119 F i
Lucinda B-SMITH was born 1867.
Lucinda married Marion SLONE.
  120 F ii
Martha B-SMITH was born 1872.
Martha married John P. SLONE.
  121 F iii
Louanna B-SMITH was born Dec 1870.
Louanna married Jeptha AMBURGEY on 6 Sep 1888.
  122 M iv
Andrew B-SMITH "Andy" was born 1865.

Died young.
  123 M v
John B-SMITH was born 1879.

Elmer also married (2) Mary SPARKMAN.

They had the following children:

  124 F vi
Elizabeth B-SMITH was born Oct 1880.
  125 M vii
Monroe B-SMITH was born Apr 1882.
  126 F viii
Margaret B-SMITH was born Dec 1883.
  127 F ix
Cordelia B-SMITH was born Jan 1889.
  128 M x
Elmer B-SMITH was born Jul 1891.
  129 F xi
Nancy May B-SMITH was born May 1899.

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