Descendants of Isaac SMITH

Second Generation

2. William BRANHAM-SMITH "Billy" (Isaac ) was born 1792 in Shenadoah County, VA. He died after 1880 in Floyd Co., KY.

There are several versions explaining the Branham-Smith surname which apparently began with William Smith.  See notes under Isaac Smith for one explanation.  The 1850 Letcher County, KY census lists William B. Smith and family members.  This same census also lists John B. Smith (William B. Smith's son) and family members.  The descendents of Wiliam B. used the surname Branham-Smith for about one generation, then used B-Smith for another generation before going back to the surname Smith.

Billy married Elizabeth (Betty) CHILDERS, daughter of Abraham CHILDERS and Elizabeth ROBERTS, on 21 Feb 1820 in Floyd Co., KY. Elizabeth was born 1803 in VA. She died in KY.

[My great-great grandmother]

When my great-great grandmother Smith and her husband Billy Branham Smith moved into their new cabin which he had built in the Eastern hills of Kentucky, the door had not yet been installed.  As a new bride, she had woven a coverlet to take to her new home and had hung it over the opening as a temporary door.  Late on the same day they had moved their few possessions into their new cabin, my grandmother went to a nearby spring for water.  While bending over for the water, she heard a loud hissing sound.  Looking up where the water was running over the rocks, she saw a big cat.  Dropping the bucket, she ran as fast as she could for the cabin door.  Just as she entered the door with the coverlet hanging over it, the panther hit the coverlet, hissing and clawing at it.  Suddenly, the cat gave a loud scream and left; otherwise I might not be here to write this today.

                                       By Edna Hines Osborne

They had the following children:

+ 6 F i Nancy BRANHAM-SMITH was born Oct 1820.
+ 7 F ii Mary BRANHAM-SMITH was born 8 Dec 1821.
+ 8 M iii John BRANHAM-SMITH Squire was born 11 Sep 1823 and died 1 Aug 1911.
+ 9 F iv Cassie BRANHAM-SMITH was born 27 Jan 1825 and died 31 Jul 1878.
+ 10 F v Elizabeth "Betty" BRANHAM-SMITH was born 19 Mar 1827.
+ 11 M vi Andrew Jackson BRANHAM-SMITH was born 3 Mar 1829 and died 1864.
+ 12 F vii Frankie BRANHAM-SMITH was born 7 Dec 1830.
+ 13 F viii Christina "Teena" BRANHAM-SMITH was born about 1832.
  14 F ix
Eliza BRANHAM-SMITH was born 11 Nov 1834 in Knott Co., KY.
Eliza married John B. CHRISTIAN on 1853. John was born about 1835.
+ 15 F x Rebecca BRANHAM-SMITH was born 21 Sep 1838 and died 12 Nov 1929.
+ 16 M xi William "Major" BRANHAM-SMITH was born about 1838.
+ 17 M xii Emory BRANHAM-SMITH was born about 1840.
+ 18 M xiii Elmer BRANHAM-SMITH was born 1844 and died before 1900.
+ 19 F xiv Lucinda BRANHAM-SMITH was born 1849.

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