Ancestors of Ronald Mike OSBORNE

Ninth Generation

256. Ephriam OSBORNE Sr. was born on 21 Aug 1723 in Duchess Co., NY. He died in 1794 in Grayson Co., VA. Ephriam married Elizabeth HOWARD "Betty" about 1741.

Ephraim Osborne, Sr.

Ephraim, Sr. and his brother Caleb migrated from New Jersey to the Yadkin Valley area of North Carolina around 1750.  Caleb died in Rowan County before August 7, 1781.  Caleb Osborne had at least seven children.  Several of the sons moved to the Clinch Valley area of Russell and Scott Counties, Virginia.  At least one son moved on to Indiana.

By 1766, Ephraim Osborne, Sr. and family were in Montgomery County, Virginia, living on Saddle Creek, a branch of New River.  It was there that Osborne’s Fort was built.  In later years, Ephraim Osborne was granted a license to operate an ordinary.  On March 4, 1786, Ephraim Osborne, Sr’s. name appeared on the Revenue tax list (Montgomery County) and on October 28, 1789, he was still living in the same area.

On April 23, 1894, Ephraim Osborne, Sr. was exempted from paying the county levy in Grayson County, Virginia.  This is the last record found in his name, so he apparently died in Grayson County some time after April 1794.

Children of Ephraim Osborne Sr.
Robert Osborne - died after 1810 in Barren County, Kentucky.  Solomon Osborne - died at age 21 in Watauga County, North Carolina during an Indian attack. Captain Enoch Osborne - died September 1818 in Grayson Co., Virginia.  Jonathan Osborne - died April 1834 in Ashe County, North Carolina.  Ephraim Osborne, Jr. - died 1852 in Harlan County, Kentucky.  Elender Osborne (probably).

From "Osborne and Related Families" by Ben Osborne:

"The following records are evidence that this family was in southwest VA in the 1770's and later years.  Stephen Osborn, Ephraim, Osborn, and Enoch Osborn appear on a list of surveys presented by the Loyal Land Company to the Land Office at Augusta County, VA prior to May 1783.  Loyal Company Papers are at the Archives--Virginia State Library.  The 1771 tax list for Botetourt Co, VA lists Robert Osborn, Enoch Osborn, and Jonathan Osborn.  Delinquent tax payer for 1773, Fincastle Co, VA was Ephraim Osborn.  A Montgomery Co, VA justice for 1777 was Enoch Osburn.  A Enoch Osbourne served as a Captain in the Montgomery Co, VA Militia about 1777.  Jonathan Osborn filed for a pension for service in the Revolutionary War in 1832 in Ashe Co, NC and mentioned his brother, Enoch Osborn in southwest VA.  The following Osbornes took the Oath of Allegiance in Montgomery Co, VA in 1777: Jeremiah (his mark) Ozburn, Capt. Enoch Ozburn, Sr, and Stephen Ozburn, SR.  Courthouses of southwest VA would probably produce many more records on this surname.

Ephraim was a fur collector and was in the service of Christopher Gist on the Yadkin River.  Betty Howard was a relative of Mrs. Gist; they married in 1749 and settled north of the Yadkin River about 10 miles from the Gist residence. This was the same year that Christopher Gist brought the Boone family to their first NC home.  Ephraim made his way to Snow Creek, VA and to Starraton, Augusta Co, VA and visited the families of James Watson and George Gibson's relatives in 1751.  About 1757, some say 1761, the moved from Rowan Co, NC to Grayson Co, VA, and lived there until he died in 1796.  He and his son Jonathan were in the battle of Point Pleasant in 1774 in Bland Co, VA.

Early Osbornes and Alleys, p. 1:" Ephraim Osborn, Sr, is believed to have come from New Jersey (Israel Clem, grandson of John Osborn,stated that the Osborns came from NJ.)  The Calendar of New Jersey Wills includes these same names in significant numbers) to NC. He was in Rowan Co by 1753 (pension # 58912).  He died in Grayson Co, VA after April 23rd 1794.  He was probably a brother to Caleb Osborne.

Ephraim Osborne Sr is said to have been married to Elizabeth Howard. Though proof of marriage is lacking, his wife may well have been a Howard (On Feb 5, 1778, Cornelius Howard was living on the South Fork of the Yadkin River, near Caleb Osborn (McCubbins' File).  How long he had been there is unknown to this compiler.  The will of Joshua Howard, Baltimore, was dated 7/3/1738 and proved 9/4/1738.  Sons:  Francis, Cornelius, Edward. daus: Sarah, Mary, Violetta Gist, Elizabeth Wells.  This MAY have been the same Cornelius Howard.  In 1790, James and Samuel Howard were in Montgomery Co.   Samuel is said to have been the first Howard to settle in Harlan Co, KY).

The name of Ephraim Osborn appeared on the 1759 tax list of Rowan Co and on the 1761 tax list of Caleb Osborn in the Forks of the Yadkin. That must have been the year that he and his family moved to the Hollow of Surrey, for his name appeared on Elijah Skidmore's list in 1761.

In 1762, he returned to testify for Caleb Osborn in a suit against Frederick Friley (Rowan Co Min Bk 2-247).

In 1766, Ehpraim Osborn, Sr, and family were in Fincastle (Montgomery) Co, VA (#S8912).  In 1772, his name appeared on William Herbert's tax list in Fincastle Co.  On the 14th of December 1774, Ephraim Osborn, Sr obtained a Loyal Land Co grant of 260 acres, in Fincastle Co, lying on both sides of Saddle Creek, a Branch of New River.  The grant had been ordered one year earlier. (Survey Bk A-123).

It was there that Osborn's Fort was built.  In later years, Ephraim Osborn was granted a license to operate an ordinary.

In 1774, William Scott filed suit against Ephraim Osborn; the suit was abated in 1779.  (Montgomery Co Min Bk 2-64, 3-22)

Ephraim Oborn, Sr, took the Oath of Allegiance in 1777.  In 1779, he was paid for patrolling, presumably against Indians and Tories.  (Bk 2-285).  On the 1781 militia list, the name of Ephraim Osborn, Lieut., followed immediately after the name of Capt Enoch Osborn.  But, Ephraim Osborn was designated "not fit" for military service.

On March 4, 1786, Ephraim Osborn, Sr's name appeared on the revenue tax list. (Montgomery Co Wills and Deeds, p. 92).  On October 28, 1789, he was still living in the same area, with property on both sides of Saddle Creek (Netti Yantis' Montgomery Co Circa 1790).

On April 23, 1794, Ephraim Osborn, Sr was exempted from paying the county levy (Grayson Co VA Order Bk 1-43).  This is the last entry found in his name in the records of Mongomery or Grayson Co.  Efforts to trace his children by land descent have failed completely.

Children of Ephraim Osborn, Sr:  (As Osborn researchers know, Jonathan Osborn's pension statement is the basis for most of the conclusions concerning this branch of the Osborn family.  Note that Ephraim is of record early in the Forks of the Yadkin; and that the tax list places him in the Hollow of the Surry at about the time mentioned by Jonathan.  Furthermore, Mary (Wood) McMullen, in her accout of the hunting trip, placed together the members of the family, as listed above, and NOT the other early Osborns.  It must have been Ephraim, Sr who was with them, because Ephraim Jr was but 10 years of age in 1764.  Altogether, this is strong circumstantial evidence that these were indeed the sons of Ephraim Osborn, Sr.

    1.  Robert
    2.  Solomon
    3.  Enoch
    4.  Jonathan
    5.  Ephraim Jr
    6.  Ellender (probably)

Note:  "For many years, the story has been circulated that a James Osborn, of Warwick Co, England,came to the colonies, bringing son Jonathan, and that this Jonathan was the father of Ephraim Osborn.  This story originated in 1945 when the late Will H Daniel, of Huntington, W VA employed a researcher to trace his lineage.  The authenticity of the story may be checked by writing the Kansas State Historical Society."

Osborne Fort Cemetery 1812-1877:  "It is located on Rt 711 just east of the River Ridge Thoroughbred Farm's barn no 1 in Independence, VA. Its name is derived from the fort built nearby for the protection of settlers from the Indians.  It seems that this area and section of New River was a favorite hunting and fishing site of the Indians, and they didn't give it up without raids and fighting.  Early settlers in this area included the surnames of Baker, Cox, Osborne, Hash, Ward, Phipps, Livesay, and Howell.  The Osborne tract was between Bridle Creek and Saddle Creek, and the Osborne Fort and cemetery were located thereon.  The Osborne Fort Cemetery remained in the Osborne family for 5 generations.  During this time the plot was taken care of.   But the farm and cemetery passed into other hands and the cemetery was all but destroyed.

Pioneer Settlers of Grayson Co, Va by BF Nuckolls (1914) p. 171:  "Esq Enoch Osborne settled on New River near Bridle Creek; this for many years was known as the Osborne settlement.  Enoch Osborne had 3 brothers, Solomon, Ephraim, and Jonathan, who came to this country with their rfamilies about the same time and settled on New River near together.
    A fort was built on the farm now occupied by Joshua Osborne and son, John, at Ancella Post Office.  Indian depredations were common in the border settlements, and preparations for protection and defense were necessary.
    It was fortunate for society that the first settlers were people of moral worth and piety.  Enoch Osborne's wife was a Miss Hash.  He and his wife were Christians and aided very much in planting the standard of Christian civilization over the land that was so recently inhabited by savages.  Their home was a resting place for the wayworn traveling preachers.  The venerable Bishop Asbury called with them, rested, and took refreshments, as he was making his ministerial tours through this newly settled country, preaching the gospel.  It was at the Old Fort where Esq Enoch Osborne, Sr, first located a home.
    An incident occurred with the Osborne brothers in their newly occupied territory that tells of the dangers and exposures to which pioneer settlers were subjected.  Enoch Osborne and brothers Solomon and Ephraim went into what is now  Watauga NC on a hunting trip, deer being plentiful in that section.  Getting wet by a shower of rain and wet bushes, they struck up camp in the evening and lay down to sleep and rest, hanging up their clothes by the campfire to dry.  The Indians surprised them by shooting into the camp and killing Solomon Osborne; an Indian chased Enoch some distance and lost him in the dark.  Ephraim, after fleeing from camp carefully, crept back in the dark to his horse that was fastened with a hickory bark halter to a tree, loosed him, and rode home.  Enoch returned home without shoes, and in his night clothing.  These facts are gathered from Mrs. Mary McMullen, wife of Hon Lafayette McMullen, member of Congress, from Scott Co, VA for several sessions.
 Mrs. McMullen, before her marriage, was Miss Mary Woods, granddaughter of Solomon Osborne, who was murdered in the camp by the Indians."

Children of EPHRAIM OSBORNE and ELIZABETH HOWARD are:             i. SOLOMON4 OSBORNE, b. 1743, Rowan Co, NC2; d. 1764, Rowan Co, NC  (Now Watauga Co)3; m. NANCY WOOD DAVIDSON, March 1764, Rowan Co, NC4.

ii. ROBERT OSBORNE,SR. b. Abt. 1745, PA or NJ or Grayson Co, VA or Rowan Co, NC5; d. Aft. 1810, Barren Co, KY6; m. ANN HOWARD, Abt. 1762, Shenandoah Co, VA.

iii. ELLENDER OSBORNE, b. 1745-1751, Shenandoah Co, VA or Rowan Co, NC7; d. 1820-1823, Grayson Co, VA8; m. WILLIAM HORTON HASH, 1762-1774, Grayson Co, VA9.

iv. ENOCH OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1750, Rowan Co, NC; d. September 18, 1818, Independence, Grayson Co, VA10; m. JANE HASH, 1769-1776.

v. EPHRAIM OSBORNE,JR. b. September 14, 1752, Rowan Co, NC or Grayson Co, VA12; d. November 09, 1852, Harlan Co, KY13; m. MARY POLLY BROCK, Abt. 1782

vi. JONATHAN OSBORNE, b. February 13, 1753, Fork of Yadkin, Rowan Co, NC14; d.
April 11, 1834, Ashe Co, NC15; m. (1) NANCY HOWELL, 177116; m. (2) AGNES WELLS, September 24, 1796, Grayson  Co, VA17; m. (3) MARY SWIFT, Abt. 1801.

vii. GEORGE OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1756, Rowan Co, NC.

viii. NANCY OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1760, Rowan Co, NC; m. GEORGE LIVESAY OR LINDSEY.

ix. ZACHARIAH OSBORNE, b. Abt. 1760, Rowan Co, NC.

x. JOHN OSBORNE, b. April 16, 1763, Rowan Co, NC.


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--------- The below is from historian Jeff Weaver's notes:

There are no public records to support any Osborne lineages beyond Ephraim  Osborne that I am aware of.  The Osbornes of Jamestown, are, I think fiction.  The earliest I would be confident of claiming records for would be in Rowan  Co., NC.  There is circumstantial evidence for ties to Osbornes in New  York/Conneticut, but all entirely theoretical and nothing proven.  Great  similiarity of names between Osbornes in CT/ Dutchess Co., NY to those on New River and an Ephraim disappears there about the right time to be the one who  later shows up in Rowan Co., NC.  Unless someone has come up with something  new I am unaware of, which is always entirely possible.

I can't address the Howards, I have pretty much taken that as it was given to me.  I have done some work on the early Osbornes, whether it is any good or not is a matter of conjecture I suppose.

Myrtle Greer Johnson (who is unfortunately now deceased), told me the scoop on the Jamestown Osborne connections.  Will Daniels, in good faith, hired a professional genealogist in the 1930s/1940s to trace his family, and this fellow who is also dead, every one is dead.  This fellow invented the line beyond Ephraim out of thin air.  Mr. Daniels in his excitement shared the file widely, but he discovered his error, but too late, the cat was out of the bag. Mr. Daniels did lots of good stuff, and I hold no ill will about this whatsoever.  But the Jonathan Osborn stuff has taken on a life of its own.

However, attempts to find the source records for Jamestown failed, as there are simply none to find.

The Ephraim and Mary theory is just that, a theory, developed independently by me and Ginger Ballard, surprisingly close to the same conclusions, without consulting each other.  The main reasons for the theory are: 1.  Similiarities of names. 2.  The Ephraim Osborne of Duchess County, NY was born about the right time to  be the Ephraim who shows up in the North Carolina frontier in the mid-18th century. 3.  The Ephraim Osborne of Duchess County, NY disappears from records there about the same time the one shows up in Western North Carolina. 4.  Persistent tradition that the Osbornes came from New Jersey.  Ephraim's father lived in New Jersey.

Is there any way to prove they are the same person?  Very doubtful, but who knows.  I suspect that the proven line ends with Ephraim and always will, but always interesting to search, speculate, and keep an open mind about things.  If it is the same Ephraim, did he stop in Virginia/Maryland and marry Elizabeth Howard?  Plausible, yes, proven, no.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From Ginger Ballard's Notes:

The only source I can find for the alleged Jamestown connection was a bit of creative writing done by one researcher back in the 1940s.  Dozens of people have informed me that Jonathan was Ephraim's father, but nary a person has been able to offer any evidence of that claim. Every such claim, if it can be traced at all, seems to go back to that 1940s creation and evaporate there.

On the other hand, if you look at the naming patterns among the OSBORNEs who showed up in Rowan Co ca 1750 they have a high correlation with naming patterns among the OSBORNEs of New Jersey/Long Island.  Before we ever heard of each other, both Jeff and I had found the Ephraim who escaped from that group and wandered into Duchess Co, NY and suspicioned that he might be our common ancestor.  Emphasize that "might", because this is pure conjecture and we have absolutely no evidence of any connection!!!!!!!!

257. Elizabeth "Betty" HOWARD was born about 1725 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.

There is some question as to the accuracy of Elizabeth's last name

Fact 1: bur Ft Osborn, Independence, VA


258. James HOWELL.


260. Edward "Old Ned" SIZEMORE was born about 1725. Old Ned married Elizabeth JACKSON.

261. Elizabeth JACKSON. [Parents]


356. John BOWEN was born in Wales. He died in 1761 in Agusta Co., VA. John married Lily MCILHANEY in PA. [Parents]

357. Lily MCILHANEY was born in PA (probably). She died in 1780 in Washington Co., VA. [Parents]


358. Capt. John SMITH was born in 1698 in England. He died in 1776 in Augusta Co., VA. Capt. married Margaret SCHOENHAFTER.

359. Margaret SCHOENHAFTER.


432. Thomas DIXON was born in 1704 in Tyrone Co., Ireland. He died in 1770 in Concord VA. He was buried in 1770 in Dixon Cemetery. Thomas married Mary Ann DINWIDDIE. [Parents]

433. Mary Ann DINWIDDIE was born in 1712 in Omagh, Irland. She died in Apr 1797 in Concord, VA. She was buried in 1797 in Dixon Cemetery.


434. Robert Moses HELM. Robert married Sarah JAMISON.

435. Sarah JAMISON.


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