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well like this guy with a new rsx-s came threw the local taco bell, and like i asked all nice if he wanted to race my buddies sw2. but he was an asshole and was all like "im not wasting my time on slow ass saturns". so i then got mad and said id kick his ass. so we started driving down the road and did acouple races from a roll...and like he didnt really pull from me any of the times. so we stoped at a 7 11 and he was all like "what what" acting like he just spanked me or something. i was like dude you didnt even pull me top end and you said you were going to stomp me, if it was from a stop id whoop you. so he said lets go...went out to the light..stopped...had my buddy beep 3 times..we take off i beat him by 2 cars. then we go down the road a little bit and start to turn around...."sigh" right as we all get in the turn around spot, a cop pulls around us and blocks us off. if my buddy wasnt behind me i was 2 seconds away from slamming it in reverse and taking off down some backroads...but luckily my freinds car was there to keep me from doing something stupid...after the cop went around and talked to everyone and got are stories (ofcourse no one admitted to racing, we all pretty much said we were just criusing around and having fun), he informed us that he wasnt going to give any tickets out because he only heard the cars taking off and only saw us driving fast down the he could say which car was spinning tires and didnt have radar on to say we were speeding. personally i think the guy just was helping us out big time! but anyways, im taking this as my sign from god to stop street racing and also pretty much get out of the car selling my car for $2500 and already have another 96sc2 BONE STOCK lined up to buy. p.s. atleast i beat the rsx-s (i will give it to him...he did have a chunky freind riding with him)