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MKKomplete - Primal Rage (1994) - Move List/Bios/Endings - Arcade/Home (Universal) - PlayStation/ SNES/Genesis/Saturn/3DO/Jaguar
Primal Rage (1994)
Move List/Bios - Arcade/Home (Universal) - PlayStation, SNES, Genesis, Saturn, 3DO, Jaguar

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Last updated: 03/23/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away/Block
1 = HQ = High Quick
2 = HF = High Fierce
3 = LQ = Low Quick
4 = LF = Low Fierce
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
1 =
= Δ
3 = X
4 = O
Nintendo GameCube:
1 = B
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = X
Super Nintendo:
1 = Y/L
2 = X
3 = B/R
4 = A
Genesis 3 Pad:
1 = Start
2 = A
3 = B
4 = C
Genesis 6 Pad:
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
Sega Saturn:
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
(1+2) = Z
(3+4) = C
3DO (3 Button):
1 = A
2 = B
3 = C
4 = LF/RF
P = Pause
3DO (6 Button):
1 = L
2 = P
3 = A
4 = B
(1+2) = R
(3+4) = C
/P = Pause
Jaguar (3 Button):
1 = C
= B
3 = A
4 = Option
Jaguar (6 Button):
1 = Z
2 = Y
3 = C
4 = B
(1+2) = X
(3+4) = A

(Note: Special Moves and Finishers tested on the SNES version only, if you are a fan of Primal Rage and would like to help us in any way with our guides, please feel free to contact us.  Credit will be listed at the bottom of the appropriate page.)
Selectable Characters:

Armadon Armadon
Affiliation: Virtuous
Domain: The Hollows
Guardian of the delicate and fragile ecological balance, Armadon, a 23-year-old triceratops-like beast was the last of the dino-beasts to emerge from his subterranean confines. Connected with Urth's life force and energy flow, Armadon ascended to save the planet from the dino-beasts like Diablo who wants ultimate control over it. Ironically, the battle for power raging among the beasts has caused a nearly irreversible terminal imbalance on the planet they are fighting to rule. Unable to tolerate the titans' destruction of the planet, Armadon's mission is to put an end to the battle for supremacy and the immense devastation caused by it.
Special Moves:
Bed-O-Nails: (Hold 2+3), D, U (Hold attack buttons for longer effect)
Iron Maiden: (Hold 2+3), B, U, F
Mega Charge: (Hold 1+3), B, D, F
Gut Gouger: (Hold 1+2+3), F, B (Close)
Hornication Uppercut: (Hold 1+2+3), DF, F, UF
Spinning Death: (Hold 1+4), B, F, D
Flying Spikes: (Hold 2+4), B, U
Gut Fling: (Hold 1+2+3), D, D, D, D, U
Meditation: (Hold 1+2+3+4), F, D, B, F, F
The Impaler: (Hold 1+2+3+4), D, B, U, D (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4), U, F
Universal / MAT2 / Ending
Blizzard Blizzard
Affiliation: Virtuous
Domain: The Cliff
In order for life to continue its natural progression, a delicate balance must be struck. This is the atmosphere that Blizzard, a 10-year-old ape-beast, has fought for millions of years to maintain. Enraged by the massive destruction he saw when he emerged from his primal slumber, Blizzard has embarked on a relentless execution mission. As guardian of natural evolution, Blizzard is determined to return Urth to its former state. As leader of the Virtuous Beasts, Blizzard battles to return the balance to the Urth, even if it means destroying each and every dino-beast in the process!
Special Moves:
Mega Punch Short: (Hold 1+2+3+4), B, F
Mega Punch Long: (Hold 2+4), B, F
Mega Punch Quick: (Hold 1+3), B, F
Mega Punch Fake: (Hold 1+3), D, U
Freeze Breath: (Hold 1+2+4), B, F
Ice Geyser: (Hold 1+2+4), D, U (Close)
Punching Bag: (Hold 1+4), F, D, B, U (Close)
   1: Jab
   2: Uppercut Far
   3: Uppercut Mid
   4: Uppercut Close
Air Throw: (2+3) (In Air, Close)
Throw: (Hold 2+3), B, U, F
Brain Bash: (Hold 1+2+4), D, D, B, U, F
To-Da-Moon: (Hold 1+2+3+4), D, D, D, D, U
Redemption: (Hold 1+2+3+4), D, F, U, D, U (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4), B, U, F, D
Universal / MAT2 / Ending
Chaos Chaos
Affiliation: Destructive
Domain: The Ruins
In his quest for control and domination over the world, Chaos has become his own worst nightmare. Right after the Cataclysms, he existed as a renegade scientist who wanted to take control of the new Urth. But his desire to dictate the process of human evolution proved to be his undoing when he conducted a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong. Instead, he was turned into a hideously disgusting beast. Chaos prayed for release and must now fight to restore his greatness.
Special Moves:
Grab-N-Throw: (Hold 2+4), F, B
Power Puke Slow: (Hold 2+3), U, F
Power Puke Fast: (Hold 1+4), U, F
Fart of Fury: (Hold 2+3), D, F, U, B
Ground Shaker: (Hold 2+3), B, BU, DB (Also in Air - Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Flying Butt Slam: (Hold 2+4), D, F, U, F, D
Battering Ram: (Hold 1+3), F, F
Golden Shower: (Hold 1+3), D, D, then (Hold 1+2+3+4), B, F, B, F
Cannonball: (Hold 1+2+3+4), B, UF, F, DF, D, DB (Only on Stages with water in background - Version 1.7 only.)
The Churl: (Hold 1+2+3+4), F, F, F, B, B, B (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4), F, D, B
Universal / MAT2 / Ending
Diablo Diablo
Affiliation: Destructive
Domain: The Inferno
Now that Diablo, the main antagonist and leader of the Destructive Dinos, has been released from his fiery prison deep within the Urth, he seeks to turn the world into a raging inferno. Determined to pursue his vision for Urth as a dominion of evil, Diablo thrives on inflicting immense pain and agony on his enemies. His followers and foes alike believe that Diablo is evil incarnate. Annihilation of all other dino-beasts is essential for Diablo to continue his reign of terror and carry out his gruesome vision for Urth.
Special Moves:
Fireball Slow: (Hold 2+4), D, F
Fireball Fast: (Hold 1+3), D, F
Torch: (Hold 1+3), U, F (Hold attack buttons for longer effect)
Hot Foot: (Hold 2+4), UB, DF
Mega Lunge: (Hold 1+4), B, D, F
The Pulverizer: (Hold 1+4), U, F, D
Inferno Flash: (Hold 2+3+4), U
Incinerator: (Hold 1+2+3+4), UB, D, DF
Fireball: (Hold 2+3+4), F, F, F, F
Infernal: (Hold 1+3+4), U, D, U, D, D (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4), D, U, D
Universal / MAT2 / Ending
Sauron Sauron
Affiliation: Neutral
Domain: The Cove
For some dino-beasts, immortality comes at a price. For Sauron, a young 17-year-old T-Rex, the cost is nothing less than an insatiable appetite. From his first appearance on the new Urth, as one of the Virtuous Beasts, he attracted many believers. All of Urth is the battlefield for Sauron, as he towers into war after war, in his quest for domination! Waging war with the primal titans is what Sauron lives for, for in their defeat is tomorrow's lunch. Though Sauron is neutral, he is a good guy.
Special Moves:
Stun Roar: (Hold 1+3), B, F
Primal Scream: (Hold 1+3), D, U
Cranium Crusher: (Hold 1+4), D, U
Earthquake Stomp: (Hold 1+2+4), U, D (Also in Air - Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Leaping Bone Bash: (Hold 2+3), D, U, D
Air Throw: Tap (2+4) (In Air, Close)
Neck Throw: (Hold 2+4), F, B (Close)
Carnage: (Hold 1+2+3+4), B, F, B, F, B
Flesh Eating: (Hold 1+3), D, D, (Hold 1+2+3+4), U, U
   or (Hold 1+2+3+4), D, D, U, U
Grape Crusher: (Hold 1+2+3+4), U, D, U, D, D (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4), D, D, U
Universal / MAT2 / Ending
Talon Talon
Affiliation: Virtuous
Domain: The Strip
Talon is in his most vicious state when it comes to the defense of his raptor clan. Before the Cataclysms, Talon's home was peaceful and harmonious, but now Talon and his followers have been thrust into an unfamiliar life of power struggles, battling between tribes and dino-beasts. By taking down his foes, Talon, a 35-year-old raptor, just might make Urth his newfound home!
Special Moves:
Frantic Fury: (Hold 1+4), D, F (Hold Attack Buttons to Keep Spinning)
Brain Basher: (Hold 2+3), B, U, F
Pounce and Flip: (Hold 2+3), F, D, DF
The Slasher: (Hold 1+3+4), D, F
Face Ripper: (Hold 2+4), D, F (Close)
Jugular Bite: (Hold 2+4), B, F (During Combo - Close)
Run: (Hold 1+3), B or F
Heart Wrenching: (Hold 1+3+4), F, D, B, F, D, B, F
Shredder: (Hold 1+4), F, D, B, U, F
Stampede: (Hold 1+2+3+4, F, B, U, D (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4), F, D
Universal / MAT2 / Ending
Vertigo Vertigo
Affiliation: Destructive
Domain: The Tomb
Total insanity governs Vertigo's every action. With her mesmerizing powers of mind control and mastery of the unknown, she has attained mythical proportions among her followers. Vertigo's followers are loyal and their devotion is complete, fanatical and blind. She believes the defeat of all other dino-beasts for Urth domination can only be accomplished by utilizing her sorcery and the power of her devout followers... if she doesn't destroy their minds first.
Special Moves:
Venom Spit Slow: (Hold 1+3), F, F
Venom Spit Fast: (Hold 2+4), F, F
Voodoo Spell: (Hold 2+3), B, B (Short Range)
Come Slither: (Hold 1+3), B, B
Scorpion Sting: (Hold 2+3), F, F
Ground Teleport: (Hold 2+4), D, D (Hold B or F to choose side.  Also in Air - Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Air Teleport: (Hold 2+4), D, U (Hold B or F to choose side.  Also in Air - Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Petrify: (Hold 2+4 and B, B, B), then (Hold 1+2+3+4 and F, F
Shrink and Eat: (Hold 2+4 and B, B, B), then (Hold 1+2+3+4 and D, U)
La Vache Qui Rit: (Hold 1+2+3+4 and B, B, B, D, F (Arcade Version 2.3 only)
Eat a Human:
(Hold 1+2+3+4 and D, F, U
Universal / MAT2 / Ending

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