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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005) - Walkthrough
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005)
Goro's Lair Wu Shi Academy Portal Evil Monastery
Living Forest Soul Tombs Wasteland NetherRealm Foundry

Fatality Input Key:
Up = Up
Down = Down
Right = Right
Left = Left
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
1 =
2 = Δ
3 = X
4 = O

Goro's Lair:
Goro's Lair

Grab a blue koin from the center of the starting room and kill a group of Oni that run out to attack.

Collect 2 more blue koins to receive more tips and generate more Oni. Slay all Oni to make the gate open.

Enter the next room and block one of the Oni's attacks.

Destroy that Oni and collect more blue koins.

Enter the next room at the bottom of the pit.

Kill the Oni and jump up the ledge on the other side.

Follow the ledge around, jump up, and run across a wall. Notice the moon behind you.

Jump across ledges to the top of the room and find a bridge.

Run across the bridge.

Exit the room and you'll find yourself in Goro's chandelier room. Grab the red koin to gain the ability to perform fatalities.

Fill up your fatality meter by performing combos on the Oni, and then finish him off with a Fatality.

When all Oni are defeated, move to the next room. To pass this room, you must throw an Oni into the far wall. Follow the hole out.

You're now outside in another pit area. Save your game at the glowing statue.

The long bridge collapses. Drop down into the collapsed section, grabbing a sword on a pedestal. At the base, fight several Oni, including a huge Oni Warlord.

After defeating the Warlord, grab the koin and receive the ability to perform Long Jumps.

Jump up the platforms. Long jump back to the save point, and then long jump across the broken section of the bridge.

Go across a small bridge with a waterfall behind it. Defeat a pair of Masked Guards.

After defeating the Masked Guards, a portal opens. Take it, and you're teleported to the Wu Shi Academy.

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Wu Shi Academy:
Wu Shi Academy

Move Forward and kill several Tarkatans.

When the path forks, go right, onto a wooden bridge. A catapult stone flies in, destroying the bridge. Keep running to avoid damage.

Jump across a barrier to a spot with the two catapults. Kill the Tarkatan here.

Jump up some stone steps, avoiding a flame jet. Turn right and throw a Tarkata into a pile of rocks. The rocks tumble down, clearing an obstacle below.

Go back down the steps and proceed right.

There is a lone catapult as you walk to your right. Knock an enemy into the catapult. This smashes a barrier back near the rock pile you tumbled earlier. Go back to the steps with the Flame Jet, climb them, go left, and throw an enemy into the spiked balls to destroy a barricade up ahead.

Go back down the steps and head right. Jump across a series of platforms with flame jets. Always jump to the next platform just as the flame die down.

Defeat a Masked Guard near a wall, then jump up unto the wall.

Follow the wall to the first academy building.

Drop down into the courtyard and help Johnny Cage defeat several Tarkata.

Johnny will lead you to another courtyard. Fight the Tarkatans while Johnny opens a gate.

Jump up a gap in the wall, and run along the wall. Watch out for Spiked Boulders.

You meet up with Johnny again. Fight the Tarkata while he tries to open another route.

Backtrack along the wall and drop back into the courtyard with Johnny. Defeat more Tarkata, then a door opens to your right.

Take the door back to the first courtyard. A gate has dropped. Revealing a green koin and a sword. The green Koin is Health Upgrade #1. Grab the koin and the sword, and go back to the courtyard with Johnny.

Run toward the camera and find a pond. Behind the pond are stone steps. Jump up these steps to a wall with flaming cauldrons. Use the sword to cut the ropes holding up the cauldrons.

Drop back down.

Take the path that leads beneath a Japanese style arch. Drop down some stone steps and go right, past three fire-spouting statues.

You now enter the second Academy building, which is on fire. Jump across fires in the courtyard until you reach a Test Your Might switch.

Activate the switch. This releases water, extinguishing the fire on a nearby rooftop.

Jump onto that rooftop, and up to the wall behind it. Go left and enter the tower. Activate the second Test Your Might switch there.

Go right along the wall. Enter a tower and activate the third Test Your Might switch.

Go right again. A stone statue (which you cannot destroy yet) blocks your path, but you can move toward the camera, dropping onto a lower wall. Follow the wall to the fourth Test Your Might switch, and activate it.

Keep going right, following the wall. You reach some roof tops overlooking the courtyard where you entered. Jump across the roofs to a high tower, and activate the fifth and final Test Your Might switch.

Exit the Academy building. Go back past the three fire-spouting statues. You'll see a spot where you can drop down, near a spiked wall.

Drop down next to the spiked wall and follow the path. Avoid the swinging logs.

Fight Masked Guards near a catapult. When you defeat them, a path is cleared. Follow the path.

The path leads to a save point and a swirling portal. Save your game and then jump in.

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The Portal:
Evil Monastry

You are now in the Portal area. It is basically a hub between all the other realms. (I'll get a map up here sometime in the future)

From the portal, you must make your way to the Evil Monastery.

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The Evil Monastery:

You appear at the base of the Monastery steps. Go up the steps into the huge building.

From the ground floor, run to the second floor and activate the Test Your Might switch. Notice the 2 spikes that emerge.

Go back down to the ground floor and launch enemies into the spikes. After you impale an enemy onto both spikes, a door opens on the top level.

Run upstairs and take the exit that opened. Keep going until you reach a courtyard with spikes on the far wall.

Knock an enemy into the spikes, and jump from them to the level above you. Then proceed to run to the exit.

You enter a room with a giant statue with spiked claws.

Run upstairs to exit the room.

The next room should look familiar. This room requires you to learn a new technique - The Multality! Perform a Multality to drop the gate and to continue onward.

Go past the Fist of Ruin statues guarding the gateway and start climbing the tower. You have to long jump across spike pits as you go along.

There are 3 spots where gates will block your progress. Each time you're stopped, destroy all enemies to continue.

Avoid a rolling column and save your game at the save point.

Make your way to the roof. You will encounter Kitana here.

Fight Kitana. Use distance attacks and launch attacks for effective results.

After Kitana is damaged to a point, she will run through a gateway. You will follow her automatically.

Bosses: Kitana, Mileena, and Jade

After following Kitana through the gateway, Mileena and Jade show up. This is a tough battle, however there are a few tricks to help you. FOCUS ON KITANA. Use similar tactics that you used before.

When you damage Kitana enough, she will automatically be thrown into a trap. She must stay in that trap for a total of about 1 minute. DO NOT LET JADE NOR MILEENA FREE KITANA. After the trap has freed Kitana's mind, you focus totally on Mileena and Jade. Use throws, power attacks, and launch attacks. Once one is out of energy, focus on the other. Once both are ready for fatalities, perform a fatality to the one you were last fighting. The end result is the same no matter who you perform the fatality on.

Jade/Mileena Fatality: Down Down Down Left 1

After the fight is over, a koin appears on the dragon logo. Grab it to gain the Fist of Ruin ability.

And don't forget to grab the Experience Koins either.

Take the gateway back to the top of the monastery tower.

Proceed back down the tower. Whenever a gate blocks your way, use the Fist of Ruin ability to destroy the evil statues and drop the gates.

At the base of the tower, use your Fist of Ruin ability to destroy the statues that guard the gateway, and then enter the gateway to return to the portal.

You will emerge on the lower level of the portal. Run up a ramp to your right.

Approach the gateway to the Living Forest. It's guarded by a pair of Shadow Priests. Destroy both Priests to unlock the gateway. Then, Jump in.

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The Living Forest:
Living Forest

You emerge in the Living Forest. Run down the path and destroy the Evil Statue with your newly found Fist of Ruin.

Throw or punch at least one Putrid Corpse into the tree and it will eat it. Kill the others as well.

A wall of thorns in the back area drops away, revealing a save point. Save the game here.

Move toward the camera until you come to a group of Brothers of the Shadow. Finish them all.

After they fall, some thorns in the background drop revealing a doorway. Jump over the thorns and go through the doorway.

Go left and jump across a small waterfall. Throw a corpse into the 2nd Living Tree to feed it.

Go through the doorway next to the Living Tree. Move right and jump across the water.

You find a sealed tomb with clay statues near it. Throw a clay statue through that tomb door to break it open. Smoke is inside.

After you get done talking with Smoke, keep going right, past the tomb entrance. Jump across the rocks. Do not hit the water unless you like huge snakes.

When the reach the base of a tall waterfall, jump up the platforms until you reach the top. Enter the next area.

You emerge in a clearing, surrounded by four giant snakes. Throw or punch Putrid Corpses into each snake, to sate it's hunger. A snake disappears when it has been fed. You may pass when all four snaked are gone.

Keep moving right and save the game at a save point. Go up and notice a 3rd Living Tree. Feed this tree a Putrid Corpse. Now you have fed all three Living Trees, and a snake-head door opens. Go left and enter the snake-head door. This is the entrance to Reptile's domain.

Inside Reptile's domain, you must stand in the center of the room. Two clay statues periodically slide back and forth. Destroy both statues at the same time to advance.

Next, four statues appear. Destroy them as well.

Finally, five statues appear. Once they are destroyed, a koin appears which will grant you the Brutality Ability.

Corpses now appear. Beat them down until all three dots on your Fatality Meter are red, and then initiate and perform a Brutality.

Exit on the right side of the sliding statues room. Run through a very long tunnel filled with breakable clay statues, and up a ramp into the heart of Reptile's domain.

You're now in a chamber with a giant snake. Your goal is to destroy all four columns that support the ceiling. You'll do this by performing your Fist of Ruin technique on their weak points.

Once you destroy the fourth column, the entire room collapses.

You fall down into a cellar. Now it's finally time to fight Reptile.

Boss: Reptile

Block Reptile's first attack (usually a sliding kick) and then hit him with strong attacks before he can recover. Follow this up with well-timed launch attacks to juggle him and deal serious damage.

If Reptile raises a glowing fist in the air, jump away; he's about to do an area attack that will hurt you if you're anywhere close.

If he creates a glowing ball of energy, be prepared to jump over the projectile.

Every so often, Reptile will flee to a high perch and shoot explosive projectiles. Stand in one of the corners to avoid this attack.

After you're damaged Reptile enough, he no longer goes up to the perch. The bad news; He's now going to turn mostly invisible.

Stay in the air a lot during this stage of the fight.

Use the targeting buttons to launch attacks at Reptile. It will help you detect him.

Use juggle attacks and throws against him.

When you've defeated Reptile, perform his fatality:

Reptile Fatality: Left Right Down Right 1

When Reptile's finished, grab a koin from the floor. The koin grants you the Wall Climbing ability.

Use the Fist of Ruin ability on the remains of the dead snake, and then jump onto the wall behind the snake. Wall Climb out of the cellar.

Backtrack all the way to the start of the level, back through the gateway which will lead you back to The Portal.

Back in the portal, locate a Climbing Wall on the lower level, and use your new wall climbing ability to get up the wall.

Destroy some Shadow Priests at the top. A bridge appears. Take the bridge to the gateway, and jump in. You will be entering the Soul Tombs.

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Soul Tombs:
Soul Tombs

You emerge on a platform. To your right is an entry leading to the Soul Tomb's central hub.

Enter the main hub and save your game.

Go through the door with the red symbol.

You emerge in the Iron Maiden room. Go left and exit through the door in the back wall. (Covered in spider webs)

Fight a host of foes in the next room, then wall climb up a studded wall.

Take the exit on the upper floor. You emerge in an outdoor area with walk ways going left, right, and forward. Run forward (towards the camera), jumping over the rippling lines of spikes.

Activate the Test Your Might switch on the platform you reach. Activate the switch while the Masked Guard in the background is close to the left-most gate. This causes the gate to drop and smash the Masked Guard.

Backtrack across the spikes, and go through the gate you just opened. There is a second Test Your Might switch here. Do the same thing with the Masked Guard near the opposite gate, dropping the gate and crushing him.

Go through the second dropped gate, Jump across spikes, and reach a third Test Your Might switch. Again, time it so you activate the switch when a Masked Guard is close to the gate in the background.

After the third gate is crushed, you're free to cross the entire area and leave through the other side.

Make your way through the room with hooks on the ceiling. Uppercut a Tarkatan into the hooks for a gory death sequence. Then keep going.

You should now be in a room with a spiked ceiling. Fight the enemies. Utilize the spikes for easy kills.

There is a Test Your Might switch in this room. Successfully complete this challenge to open a door elsewhere.

Backtrack all the way to the Iron Maiden room. Go through the door on the very left side of the room.

Fight a host of more enemies in the next room and be cautious of the Flaming Floor!

The next room contains some Tarkata and an Orochi Hellbeast. Get rid of the Tarkata first. With the Tarkata gone, use Aerial Attacks and projectile attacks, or just go into Brutality mode.

When the Hellbeast is dead, backtrack all the way to the central hub (where the save point is) and then save your game.

Go through the door with the green icon over it.

Make your way into a room with a spiked ceiling. You must destroy all the Tarkatans here before the next door will open.

Proceed into a long hall with moving chains in the background and foreground. Go to your right.

You should now appear in a long, open area where lots of stuff is being shot and thrown at you. Platform your way across this area, dodging projectiles. (I use the Long Jump at this point and rarely get hit at all, but it takes practice.) Go through the next door.

You are now in the Spinning Fan room. Launch the Tarkata into the fan and keep moving.

In the next room, you are faced with a group of Tarkata. Knock one of them into the ceiling up against the back of the room.

Jump onto the collapsed ceiling section, and from there jump to the upper level. Take the exit up here.

You are now above the Giant Fan. Jump onto the platform above the fan. When Tarkata attack, launch them into the fan blades.

After a few Tarkata have hit the fan, a fan-blade will shoot into the side of the wall. Use this stuck fan-blade to climb to the ledge above it. Run to the room with the plate on the floor. Stand on the plate to make a sword drop elsewhere.

Backtrack all the way back to the room with the moving chains. At the left-most edge of this room, find the sword you saw drop earlier.

Grab the sword and slice the two chained prisoners flanking the door to the left. When both prisoners have been disemboweled, the door opens.

You are now in the Soul Collector room. Destroy a host of enemies, and then repeatedly use Fist of Ruin on the glowing green soul collector. Eventually the device explodes.

Backtrack all the way to the level hub. Save the game once again. Then, take the new doorway that has opened on the eastern edge of the room. This leads you to Baraka.

Boss: Baraka

The first fight starts with a typical melee attack. Many of Baraka's attacks can be blocked, so you can try a block-counterattack style of fighting. Just be aware that Baraka has a head-stab move that cannot be blocked, so it pays to keep on the move and jump away if it looks like he's going to start that attack. As with many tough foes, the best policy is to hit Baraka constantly so he doesn't get a chance to counterattack. Use long kombos or series of launch attacks keep him airborne and helpless.

Next Baraka throws some flaming monks at you. Finish off the monks with projectile attacks, (ie fireballs or hat throw.) before they run into you. This will get you a little health. Then go back to pounding on Baraka.

Next Baraka jumps into the background and starts hurling projectiles. Dodge these, and shoot with your own projectiles. He is most vulnerable when he is in the middle of the screen. After he's shot at you from one die or the other, get ready for him to move to the middle, and make sure some of your projectiles are there to meet him.

Eventually, Baraka returns to your area. Two green swords are knocked to the floor. Grab one of these swords and slice Baraka. (multiple weak attacks seem to work the best: jump away and try again later if Baraka seems to be blocking your strikes.) Another good strategy is to slice Baraka right after he attempts an attack-he is vulnerable when returning to his normal stance. Don't try to stand close and keep moving during this phase of the fight, or you'll get hit with a nasty impale move that will make you drop your sword.

After slashing Baraka enough, a test your might challenge comes up. Win and knock Baraka back on his heels.

After winning the test your might challenge, press the throw button to throw your sword into Baraka, impaling him. The blade either sticks out of his head or body.

Now repeat the process with the second sword: slash Baraka, get to the test your might challenge, then impale him with the second blade. At this point you can perform the fatality listed here below and finish off Baraka.

Baraka Fatality: Left Right Right Down 2

With Baraka gone, a koin appears on a tall pedestal. But you cannot get to the top of the pedestal yet!

Instead, go through a gateway to that leads back to the Wu Shi Academy.

Back at the Wu Shi Academy - jump on roofs to reach the wall. Run along the wall until you find an Evil Statue. Destroy it using your Fist of Ruin ability.

Run past the destroyed statue and drop down into a hidden courtyard. Grab a koin here. This koin grants you wall running ability.

Wall run back up to the top of the academy wall. Return to the gateway that leads back to the Soul Tombs, and take it.

Back at the Soul Tombs - now you can wall run up the pedestal, and grab the koin you won by defeating Baraka. This koin grants you the Wall Jump ability.

Go all the way back to the Soul Tombs' central hub, and save the game if you like. From here, climb the stairs and take the gateway that leads back to the portal.

Back at The Portal - drop down the big climbing wall. You're now on The Portal's lowest level. Go left. At the end of a walkway is a gateway. Go through it.

You emerge in a different part of The Portal. The main feature in this area is a huge pair of doors with Chinese characters inscribed above them.

To the right of the locked doors are two sets of Jumping Walls. Use the Wall Jump ability to climb both walls.

At the top of this area, on the right, is a gateway to The Wasteland. You must destroy all enemies up here to make a path to the gateway appear. Do so, and move through the gateway.

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The Wasteland:

The Wasteland isn't as empty as its name suggests. You'll meet some interesting characters here - and for once, not everyone is an enemy.

Move ahead to a large chamber filled with mercenaries. There's a save point in the corner of the this room.

Grab a sword from the floor down here. Then, look for a wall you can climb. It's fairly subtle, so look carefully.

Climb up the wall. Upstairs, move right and jump across a gap.

Run across a bridge. You find a doorway blocked with piled bodies. Hack the bodies apart with your sword to cleave a path.

The next room contains a pool of blood with a lightning rod in the middle. Throw or punch two waves of Elemental Knights into the pool. If the lightning hits the pool while they're in there, they are destroyed.

When all Elemental Knights are destroyed, use a Test Your Might wheel at the right side of the room. Then leave the way you came, back to the room with the save point.

Drop down to the lower level of the save point room, and take the new doorway that has opened.

In the next area you encounter Sub-Zero. Guess what? It's time to fight!

Boss: Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is fairly tough. We recommend beating him almost exclusively with long-range attacks. There are stones in this area, which can be thrown at Sub-Zero, to supplement your usual ranged attacks.

Sub-Zero periodically shoots an ice projectile. Try to jump or dodge it. If you're playing Ko-Op, and one player gets frozen, the other player should distract Sub-Zero to prevent him from attacking the frozen player.

When Sub-Zero is at medium range, he often does an icy slide kick. Jumping is the best way to avoid the kick. Also, wait for Sub-Zero to attack, then counter-attack with a combo for satisfying results. Maintain your distance, and keep firing. Eventually you'll win the battle.

When you defeat Sub-Zero, he agrees to help you. He uses his ice powers to fix the holes in a leaky boat.

You now take a long boat ride with Sub-Zero. Bloody skeletons climb onto the boat as it moves forward. Keep beating them down.

Watch out for flame jets that spurt from the side walls. They'll roast you if you get too preoccupied with the skeletons.

Eventually the boat reaches a dock. Get out, and approach a large building.

Sub-Zero freezes the front door. Use your Fist of Ruin to bash the door, shattering it. The action now moves inside.

Start throwing Mercenaries into a huge, spiked wheel.

When enough Mercenaries have been thrown into the wheel, Sub-Zero freezes the blood waterfall. Wall climb up the waterfall.

Take the exit up here. You emerge in a big open area. Move to the right, and protect Sub-Zero while he tries to make an ice path across a pit.

If Sub-Zero gets knocked into the pit, jump down and kill all the Mercenaries. Then follow him out, and protect him again.

When Sub-Zero finishes the ice path, diagonally wall run across it. You reach a save point.

Scorpion will appear and confront Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero follows after him and leave you on your own.

Go through the door near the save point. You must now fight Goro.

Boss: Goro

Goro is tough but predictable. Just what you'd expect from a four-armed brute. Fighting him up-close is a bad idea. You cannot block most of his attacks. Either use your projectile attacks or Dodge Goro's attacks long enough to jump in and get a few hits in before retreating fast. You can block Goro's projectile attacks. Sometimes if you fight up close you will activate a Test Your Might challenge. If you win this, you will temporarily stun Goro and get the chance to get a few hits in. After Goro is hurt considerably, he will pick up a huge column and use it as a baseball bat type weapon. This will extend his punching range and make him even more difficult to deal with. If Goro holds the pillar up above his head, it means that he's going to smash the floor with it. Jump before the pillar hits the floor. Eventually you'll deal enough damage to perform a Fatality on Goro...

Goro Fatality: Up Up Down Left 1

Grab the koin that appears over Goro's body. This koin grants you the extremely useful ability - Double Jump. Leave the arena.

Save the game at the save point. Then, move back to the left, long jumping over the pit with Sub-Zero's ice wall above it.

On the extreme left of this area, notice that a gateway has appeared. Jump into the gateway.

You will appear in the Dead Pool, a long room with acid pits on each side, and hooks overhead. Throw or launch an enemy onto each of the five hooks.

When all the five hooks are filled, a koin appears. Grab it to receive the Pole Swing ability.

Go left and Pole Swing your way into a gateway to return to the Portal.

Back at the Portal - Now you're back at the new area of the portal - the one with the Chinese characters on the door. Drop down and go to that door (which you still can't open.)

To the left of the big door is a set of poles. Pole Swing up to the top, and destroy all foes up there. This opens a path to the NetherRealm. Jump inside.

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The NetherRealm is not a big area, but it's definitely action-packed. Prepare yourself.

You start out near a save point. Save the game and take some stairs leading down.

You briefly encounter... Noob Saibot being chased by Sub-Zero...
Noob SaibotSub-Zero

Keep going down. You encounter Scorpion, but he runs away. Keep moving.

Eventually you reach a circular area where Scorpion decides to fight you. Start smacking him around.

Boss: Scorpion/Inferno Scorpion

Scorpion - Round 1: Scorpion has all his moves from MK2. Avoid the spear, and just let loose on him with power attacks and combos.

After you've battered Scorpion, he breaks a hole in some rocks and retreats to a more advantageous spot. Follow him through the hole in the rocks.

Jump to your left, across a series of high and low platforms. (If you fall to the lower level you can wall run back up to the top.)

When you reach the end of the line, you must fight Scorpion again.

Scorpion - Round 2: At the start of your second battle with Scorpion, he starts out atop a high perch. Whenever he raises his hands, flames jet up from the floor. Simply stand in place and watch the ground beneath your feet. When it starts to glow, double jump without moving sideways.

Scorpion periodically fires his spear into the ground. Avoid standing close to the spear when it initially hits. Then, run up to it and grab it with the Throw button. This starts a Test Your Might challenge.

If you succeed at the Test Your Might challenge, you yank Scorpion back down to your level. When Scorpion is down on your level, you can use the strategies you used during the first round of the fight.

Keep this up until Scorpion's life disappears. Then initiate a fatality. Finish Scorpion off.

Scorpion Fatality: Up Down Right Right 1

Start moving away from the arena, and Scorpion reappears in another form - Inferno Scorpion.

Inferno Scorpion: He likes to spin his spear in a deadly glistening arc that can hit you even at medium range. He also removes his mask to spit flames a short distance.

Inferno Scorpion can also raise flames from the ground, scorching you if you aren't careful.

Use techniques that you used on Scorpion in Round 1 until you finish him for good.

Inferno Scorpion Fatality: Down Up Left Left 4

Make your way back to the entrance of the NetherRealm, and take the gateway back to the Portal.

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The Foundry:

You appear back at the Portal. Drop all the way down to the door with the Chinese characters. It should now be open. Run through it and take the gateway to the Foundry.

The Foundry is a fiery weapons factory where Shao Kahn's arsenal is forged. It's also the place where you'll meet the toughest challenge of the game.

Run into the Foundry's central hub. There's a save point here; we recommend saving your progress.

Take a tunnel just to the right of the save point. At the end of that tunnel, complete a Test Your Might challenge. Then run back to the save point.

There's a ramp to the left of the save point. Take it upstairs, then go left, through a hall filled with crushers.

Beat the Test Your Might challenge at the end of the crusher hallway.

Return to the save point, and go through the tunnel just to the left of it. (Move away from the camera.)

You emerge in the cauldron room. Lava boils on the floor to your right, and cauldrons slide on rails overhead. Jump diagonally to your right, across a couple of platforms in the lava. Exit the door on the right.

The next room features a fireplace in the background. Keep throwing enemies into the fireplace until you're allowed to move to the next area.

Exit to the right. You are now in a room with a pair of Demon Generals and, an Orochi Hellbeast.

Stay away from the Hellbeast, and knock the Demon Generals into the pair of hooks on the ceiling. This drops a wooden column in the back of the room.

When both Generals have been hooked, finish off the Hellbeast.

Wall Climb off the wooden pillar at the back of the room.

Go right and long jump across a lava pool. Perform a Test of Might challenge at the edge of the room. Then long jump back across the lava pool.

Go left and find a lava pool with spikes on the other side. Wall run diagonally up and to the left, and double jump just before you reach the spikes. This allows you to catch the ledge and reach the next room.

The next room contains a gigantic pair of hammers that periodically strike together. Slay a host of Demons in here.

Exit through the door on the left. Now you're back in the cauldron room. Drop to the lower floor (avoid the lava), and climb up the climbing wall at the left side of the room. Take the exit upstairs.

You're now in the axe room. Complete a Test Your Might challenge to make a giant axe drop to the floor in the foreground. Grab the axe and slay a horde of Demons.

Go back to the save point near the level start. Go up the ramp near the save point, turn right, and keep going straight.

You reach a room with two huge crystals. Break these crystals with a power attack using your axe.

Destroy the horde of creatures that appears. When they're gone, the doors slowly open. Take the doors to an outdoor area, and run up a fantastically long flight of stairs.

At the top of the stairs are prison cells containing Johnny Cage and Kitana. There is a save point near the left cell. This is the last save point in the game.

Now make your way towards the end of the hallway. Be prepared.

Bosses: Shang Tsung, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn
Shang TsungKintaroShao Kahn

Shang Tsung:
Morphs: Sub-Zero, Reptile, and Johnny Cage (has all their moves and abilities)
Moves: Fireball, Double Fireball, Triple Fireball, Fireballs from the ground, Fireballs from the sky
Advice: Basic attacks work best, just use whatever you're comfortable with, he shouldn't be much of a problem. Avoid air combos. Try to save as much health as possible.
Shang Tsung Fatality: Left Up Up Down 4

Moves: Taunts, Air Jump, Fireball Spit, Bodyslam/Kick
Advice: Hard to knock down. Impossible to throw. Many of his attacks cannot be blocked. When Kintaro is posing, run in and do some power attacks. Focus on using distance attacks.
Kintaro Fatality: Down Left Down Right 4

Shao Kahn:
Moves: (With Helmet) Taunts, Shoulder Ram, Green Projectile
Moves: (Without Helmet) Hammer Smash, Hammer Spin
Advice: Fight from a distance, or constantly stay on the move. Most of his moves are unblockable. Hit him with Kintaro's head when you can. Use Double Jump and Long Jump to avoid the Hammer Spin. If not, you're dead. Good Luck!!
Shao Kahn Fatality: Right Left Up Up 4

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