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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005) - Unlockables
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005)
Story Mode Characters:

Sub-Zero Sub-Zero (Story Mode)
Beat the game with Kung Lao
Scorpion Scorpion (Story Mode)
Beat the game with Liu Kang
VS Mode Characters:

Sub-Zero Sub-Zero (VS Mode)
Location: WasteLand
The Wasteland portal is located on the top right of the area that leads to the Foundry level. Fight Sub-zero. After the battle, jump on the boat with Sub-zero and Fight the skeletons until you reach the other dock area. Before you open the door, go to the left and jump up onto the statue.
Scorpion Scorpion (VS Mode)
Location: Foundry
Run to the area where the 2 demon archers comes out. Grab and throw one them at the left wall by the Door that leads to the next area. Then grab the other archer and throw him into the lava. Use the body on the lava to get to the ledge.
Reptile Reptile (VS Mode)
Location: Living Forest
Near the Platform Jumping area near the beginning of that level. There is a Pillar to the right side. Grab a Soldier and throw it into the pillar. Then backtrack to the level before and look by the waterfall area.
Kitana Kitana (VS Mode)
Location: Evil Monastery
The room where you obtain the Multality move (There is 1 Priest floating in the background) Before you go up to reach "Kitana, Mileena & Jade Fight" you will see the Red Portal on the right side of the room. Jump on the pillars next to the steps to access the roof area to get the red koin on the roof.
Johnny Cage Johnny Cage (VS Mode)
Location: Wu Shi Academy
After you put out the burning huts in the Wu Shi Academy, you will notice that you can now jump on top of the hut furthest to the left, and run along the outside wall. Keep running around the wall, and at the place where you do the last "test your might" mini-game, you can jump across to the hut closest to that location. And from there you can jump inside of the guard tower you were just standing on. Get the red koin.
Baraka Baraka (VS Mode)
Location: Soul Tomb
In the room near the hell demon that had 2 levels, the upper door has a railing. The dragon is on the other side of the railing. You have to jump around the opposite way to get the dragon since you cant jump over the railing.

Mortal Kombat Komplete