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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005) - Secret Boss Battles
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005)
Secret Boss Battles

Fatality Input Key:
Up = Up
Down = Down
Right = Right
Left = Left
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
1 =
2 = Δ
3 = X
4 = O

Ermac Ermac
Location: Wu Shi Academy (Warrior Shrine)
Required Abilities To Locate: Fist of Ruin, Swing
To fight Ermac go back to the Wu Shi Academy. Where you went right at the fork, this time go left. Jump across the gap with the spikes and break the statue. Go inside the entrance to the Warrior Shrine. There is a gate blocking the Shrine. From the entrance to this area, go all the way to the left. Jump onto the ledge and swing across to the other side and interact with the statue there and the door will open. Go inside and go all the way to the left and interact with the ninja statue there 3 times. You will then have to fight Ermac.
Ermac Fatality: Right Down Right Up 4
You Receive: Collect the Red Koin. Leave and re-enter if it's not there right away. (The Red Koin gives you 2 Liu Kang fatalities)
Mileena Mileena
Location: The Living Forest (Mileena's Hideout)
Required Abilities To Locate: Wall Climb, Swing, Double Jump
Go to the Living Forest and go to the first save point (make sure that you have the Swing ability) and you will notice that there is a branch above you that you can swing from. Swing from them and hang on to a ledge and jump up to the wall that you can climb on. Climb all the way up and you will be taken to a secret area. Go all the way through the area and you will fight Mileena along with 2 masked guards. (You can throw the Masked Guards in the portal before you start fighting Mileena)
Mileena Fatality: N/A
You Receive: A Fatality Input image
Kano Kano
Location: Where Cage and Kitana are imprisoned (Right before the final battle)
Required Abilities To Locate: None (you just have to get to the last checkpoint!)
Before you go out and fight Shang Tsung, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn, you will notice that Kitana is locked up in a cage, talk to her 3 times and a gate will open. Go through the gate and you will see Jax free Sonya. He will accidentally release Kano and you and Jax will fight him.
Kano Fatality: Right Right Right Left 2
You Receive: Health Upgrade #4 from Jax
Kabal Kabal
Location: Wastelands
Required Abilities To Locate: Wall Climb, Wall Jump
He is not really a boss but when you find him you will get a lot of experience. Go to the Wastelands and pick up one of the swords. Climb up the wall and jump over the small gap. Before you go on the bridge you will notice that there is a place where you can wall jump. Jump up there and cut the bodies that are blocking the path. In the new area there will be Shokan throwing boulders at you. Dodge the boulders and make it all the way to the top where you will see a cut-scene where Kung Lao cuts a cage down with Kabal locked inside it. When you release him he will drop his hookswords so that you can use them. After the cut-scene there will be experience all over the place.
Kabal Fatality: N/A
You Receive: A bunch of experience

Mortal Kombat Komplete