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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (1997) - Items
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (1997)

General Items:

Tablet of Truth Tablet of Truth: Gives Hints (Only on Easy/Very Easy modes).
Herbal Healer Herbal Healer: Restores 50% Health.
Herbal Booster Herbal Booster: When Combined with an Herbal Healer, can make a "Boosted Healer".
Boosted Healer Boosted Healer: Made from combining "Herbal Healer" and "Herbal Booster".  Recovers 100% of Health.
Urn of Vitality Urn of Vitality: Restores 100% Health.
Urn of Immortality Urn of Immortality: Extra Life. (Non-Inventory)
Dit Dow Formula Dit Dow Formula: Temporarily reduces damage taken and improve health potion effect.
Shield of Invincibility Shield of Invincibility: Temporary Invincibility.
Eye of Invisibility Eye of Invisibility: Temporary Invisibility, effect lasts about 25 seconds.
Cold Regenerator Cold Regenerator: Restores 100% Ice Ability. (Non-Inventory)
Level Specific Items:

Level 1.) The Shaolin Temples:
Map of Elements Map of Elements: Created by a Shaolin Monk who journeyed deep into the Himalayan Mountains hundreds of years ago. It is believed to lead the way to the great hidden temple in the mountains. This temple is said to be guarded by four immortal guardians and holds the key to treasure unseen by mortal man!
Level 2.) The Wind Element:
Level 2 - Key 1Level 2 - Key 2Level 2 - Key 3
Level 3.) The Earth Element:
Level 3 - Key 1Level 3 - Key 2Level 3 - Key 3
Level 4.) The Water Element:
Level 4 - Key 1Level 4 - Key 2Level 4 - Key 3
Level 5.) The Fire Element:
Level 5 - Key 1Level 5 - Key 2Level 5 - Key 3
Level 6.) The Prison of Souls:
Urn of Strength Urn of Strength: Temporary Superhuman Strength Increase. (Used on Shinnok's Statue)
Level 6 - Key 1Level 6 - Key 2Level 6 - Key 3
Level 7.) The Bridge of Immortality:
Level 7 - Key 1Level 7 - Key 2Level 7 - Key 3
Level 8.) Shinnok's Fortress:
Shinnoks Amulet Shinnok's Amulet: Harnesses the power of the 4 elements which compose the very fabric of nature itself. Shinnok used it as a key for unbalancing the furies during his ancient battle with Earth's protector, Raiden. (Received after stealing it from Shinnok.  Cannot be used.)
Kia's CrystalSareena's CrystalJataaka's Crystal

Universal Translator Universal Translator: Some Tablets of Truth are written in an unreadable script. Use this translator to read them.

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