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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat (2011) - Kodes
Mortal Kombat (2011)
Kombat Kodes/Klassic Music/Secret Battles
King of The Hill Animations/View DLC Kharacter Models in Nekropolis

Kombat Kodes:

XBOX 360: X, Y, B
PS3: , Δ, O

Player1 Player2 Code Name Description
4,6,6 4,6,6 Unlimited Super Meter Super Meter never depletes.
0,1,0 0,1,0 Throwing Encouraged This prints out messages whenever a throw is performed.
1,0,0 1,0,0 Throwing Disabled Disables all throws.
0,2,0 0,2,0 Blocking Disabled Blocks are disabled.
4,0,4 4,0,4 Powerbars Disabled Hide the powerbars and Super Meters.
3,0,0 3,0,0 Silent Kombat Mute all sounds.
3,0,3 3,0,3 Quick Uppercut Recovery Set Breakout for all uppercuts to be 3 to 5 frames after the impact frame.
0,2,2 0,2,2 Dark Kombat Fades everything out to pitch-black and back over some interval.
7,0,7 7,0,7 Psycho Kombat Dark Kombat infinite Super Meter, fast uppercut recovery.
2,2,7 2,2,7 Explosive Kombat Only works in Tag matches. When player dies, they explode.
7,1,7 3,1,3 Random Phrase 1 “Don’t defend in a temple corrupted with shadow…”
4,4,8 8,4,4 Random Phrase 2 “The krypt walls hold secrets…”
1,2,2 2,2,1 Random Phrase 3 “What lurks at the bottom of the pit?”
3,0,9 0.0.0 Random Phrase 4 “?SUNOBYTSAOT”
5,5,0 0,5,5 Random Phrase 5 “Who hides in the forest?”
0.3.1 1,3,0 Random Phrase 6 “Motaro Transformation?”
2,8,2 2,8,2 Random Phrase 7 “She waits for you at the top of the tower…”
1,2,3 9,2.6 Random Phrase 8 “Thanks for karing!”
1,1,0 0,0,0 Player 1 Half Health Player 1 starts with 50% health.
0.0.0 2,2,0 Player 2 Half Health Player 2 starts with 50% health.
0,4,4 4,4,0 Sans Power Start on danger.
0,1,2 0,1,2 Health Recovery Slowly regain health over time.
0.9,1 0,9,1 Hyper Fighting Movement speed increase.
3,9,1 1,9,3 Double Dash Dashes go 2x farther.
8,3,1 8,3,1 lumping Disabled Can’t jump.
7,3,1 7,3,1 Specials Disabled All specials and enhanced specials are disabled.
9,3,1 9,3,1 Kombos Disabled Disables all 2 in Ts and all chain combos.
0,9,0 0,9,0 No Breakers Disables the ability to perform combo breakers.
9,0,0 9,0,0 No Blood Disables blood, fatalities, etc.
6,6,6 6,6,6 Zombie Kombat Zombie effect on both players.
0,0,1 0,0,1 Disable Foreground Elements Hides all foreground objects for selected background.
4,2,4 4,2,4 Vampire Kombat Everything drains health. Eyes glow blue.
1,2,3 1,2,3 Super Recovery Slowly regain Super Meter over time.
7,7,0 7,7,0 Invisible Kombat Randomly toggle each player from visible to invisible and back
2,3,4 2,3,4 Rainbow Kombat Blood color randomly changes dur­ing course of fight
2,2,2 5,5,5 Dream Kombat Enables the full-screen “dream” effect from Nightwolf Tower chapter.
9,1,1 9,1,1 Armless Kombat Players start with both arms dismem­bered.
8,0,8 8,0,8 Headless Kombat Players start match with head dis­membered.
2,4,2 2,4,2 X-Rays Disabled X-Rays are disabled.
0,5,1 1,5,0 Enhanced Moves Disabled Enhanced moves are disabled.
1,1,1 1,1,1 Tournament Mode Disables Toasty Bonus; disables foreground objects.
2,2,0 0,0,0 Player 1 Quarter Health Player 1 starts with 25% health.
0,0,0 2,2,0 Player 2 Quarter Health Player 2 starts with 25% health.
1,0,1 1,0,1 Klassik Music Turns on legacy music for the stage.

Klassic Music:

On the Level Select Screen press Start on the following levels,
You will hear Shao Kahn laugh to confirm.

Dead Pool
The Pit (Day, Night and Bottom)
Evil Monastery
Shang Tsung's Throne Room
Kahn's Coliseum
Goro's Lair
The Courtyard (Day)
Living Forest
Rooftop (Day and Dawn)
Soul Chamber
The Graveyard
Secret Battles:

Retro Jade Battle:
Get a double flawless victory and perform a fatality on Shang Tsung when battling against him.

Retro Noob Saibot Battle:
When you see Noob in "The Temple" stage's background win that battle without using BL.

Retro Reptile Battle:
On "The Pit 2 (Night)" stage wait until a shadowy figure flies across the moon, then get a double flawless victory and perform a stage fatality.

Retro Smoke Battle:
On "The Living Forest" stage wait until Smoke appears behind one of the trees. On that moment press (D+Select) button repeatedly.
King of the Hill Animations:

These motions for King of the Hill Mode have been konfirmed by our forum user NIK_XXL. They have been tested out on the XBOX 360 Konsole. I added Button inputs for the PS3 Version as well, so let me know if there are any discrepancies.

Up = Up
Down = Down
Left = Left
Right = Right

Clap Hands - Right Up (BP/Y/Δ)
Diamond - Up Down Left (BP/Y/Δ)
Finish Him! - Left Right Left Right (BP/Y/Δ)
Fighting Fists - Right Right Right (BP/Y/Δ)
Not Worthy - Down Down (BP/Y/Δ)
Number 1 - Down Up (BP/Y/Δ)
Double Devil Hands to You - Up Down (BP/Y/Δ)

Devil Horns to fighters - Down Up (FP/X/)
Fatality! - Up Up Right Right (FP/X/)
Fight - Left Up (FP/X/)
Jumping w/fists - Up Up (FP/X/)
Lighter in the air - Down Down Up Up (FP/X/)
Lightning - Left Left Right Right (FP/X/)
Point to Sky - Right Right (FP/X/)

Cheese - Left Up Right (BK/B/O)
Covers Eye's, Shakes Head - Left Right (BK/B/O)
Sleep - Down Down Down (BK/B/O)
Stinky Smell Motion - Right Left (BK/B/O)
Swearing $%#&! - Up Up (BK/B/O)
Turn & Yawn - Up Up Down Down (BK/B/O)

HAHA pointing -Down Up Down (FK/A/X)
Shakes Head - Left Right (FK/A/X)
Tomato - Down Down Down Up (FK/A/X)
View DLC Kharacter Models in Nekropolis:

1. Select Extras from the game's Main Menu
2. Select Nekroplis from the Extras Menu
3. Select Any Kharacter
4. View Character Bio
5. Press Start
6. Select "Player Select"
7. Choose a DLC Kharacter or a Retro Outfit

Mortal Kombat Komplete