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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat Armageddon (2006) - Khameleon (KAK) This is my KAK Kreation to get as close as possible to the version of Khameleon in the Wii version of Mortal Kombat Armageddon.  The fighting style that I gave her is as close to Kitana's MKDA Eagle Claw as I could get, however there are a few changes.  There was no way to get the original combos so I created ones that I found worked and looked the best.  Her punches for example were chosen because of range issues.  And I experimented with her Pop-up combos to make sure they actually worked.  I am definitely proud of the end-result.  This is as close to the Wii version of Khameleon as you're going to get unless you go buy a Wii.  I'd post a picture if I could... If somebody decides to email a crisp picture of her to me, I'll post it here.  Enjoy.
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Body Type 1/7
Gender: Female
Preset: Retro Ninja (Optional)
Size: Medium
   Skin Color: 1,11

Head 2/7
Face: Undead
   Lip Color: (Optional)
Hair: Anime 1
   Hair Color: 1,11
Helmet: Headband
   Color: 10,11

Upper Body 3/7
Torso: Retro Ninja
   Main Color: 10,11
   Accent Color: 1,4
Gloves: Retro Ninja
   Main Color: 10,11
   Accent Color: 1,4

Lower Body 4/7
Pants: Retro Ninja
   Main Color: 1,4
   Accent Color: 1,4
Boots: Retro Ninja
   Main Color: 10,11
   Accent Color: 1,4

Accessories 5/7
Head: Retro Ninja
   Color: 10,11

Accessories 6/7
Arms: Double Armband
   Color: 1,7

Fighting Style
Style Name: "Eagle Claw"
Preset: (Optional)
Stance: Eagle Claw
X/: Face Hit (HP)
Y/Δ: Gun Punches (MP)
A/X: Black Flight (HK)
B/O: Solar Plexus Kick (HK)
X/ + D: Chyun Teui (LK)
Y/Δ + D: Rising Axe Kick (Uppercut)
A/X + D: Mean Scratch (LP)
B/O + D: Splitting Bone (LK)
Y/Δ + B: 2-Hand Knee Strike (MP)
A/X + F: Hero of Pain (Stumble)
B/O + B: Front Snap Kick (HK)
X,X/,: Teeth Strikes (HP)
X,X,Y/,,Δ: Death Bed (PU)
X,X,A/,,X: Let's Dance (PU)
A,A/X,X: Pucker Up (PU)
A,Y/X,Δ: Clearness of Mind (HK)
Air: War Cry (Optional)

Weapon Style
Style Name: "Falchion"
Weapon Type: Swords
Weapon: Broadsword
Preset: (Optional)
Stance: Machete
X/: Yellow Jacket Sting (HW)
Y/Δ: King Thunder (HW)
A/X: King Thunder (HW)
B/O: War Kick (HW)
X/ + B: Leaf Cutter (KD)
Y/Δ + F: Agony's Edge (ST)
Y/Δ + D: 2-Handed Uppercut (UP)
A/X + F: Bloodbath (ST)
B/O + D: Serpent Sweep (SW)
X,X/,: Pulse Falcon (KD)
X,A/,X: Deadly Slashes (MW)
X,A,A/,X,X: Bitter Blade (KD)
A,Y/X,Δ: Bloodbath (ST)
A,A/X,X: Bloodfire (HW)
B,B/O,O: Fast Hands (HW)
B,B,B/O,O,O: Extreme Fists (HP)
Air: Powerhouse (Optional)

Special Moves
Projectile: Surging Blast
Charge: Pretty Kick
Disabling: Uplifting Knee
Teleport: Sky Kick
Taunt: Whoppa (Optional)
D B X/
Throw: Flipping Strike (Optional)

Voice: Small Female 3
Victory: Eagle

Name: Khameleon
Victory Slogan: Wait for Toasty
Biography: (Optional)

Mortal Kombat Komplete