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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat Armageddon (2006) - Konquest - Relic Locations
Mortal Kombat Armageddon (2006)
Komplete Relic Locations

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Relic locations in Konquest

Compiled by Zeke
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Table of Contents
  1. FAQ Version/Introduction
  2. Relic Locations
  3. Credits/Links
  4. Legal Information

FAQ Version
Version 1.1 (10/15/06): I must have skipped English class one to many times. There was a number of spelling and grammar errors in this. Did I get them all?
Version 1.0 (10/14/06): Version 1.0 completed, initial posting
Quick FAQ with the locations of the 60 Relics used in MKA to unlock characters and other rewards. This FAQ works as you're playing through the game. I'll try to be as descriptive as possible to help you locate any missing Relics.

This isn't all my work, there are a lot of people posting this information for everyone out there. I'll try to give credit where it is due as they helped myself and others collect each item. In the Credits/Links area you can find the threads that provided this information that I compiled.

So what does all of this get you?
10 Items - Meat unlocked
20 Items - 20,000 koins
30 Items - Daegon unlocked
40 Items - Unlock the Pyramid of Argus
50 Items - Unlock Blaze
60 Items - Everything in the Krypt Unlocked
Finish Konquest - Unlock Taven

Items can be viewed be pressing L2

If you miss an item, you have to complete Konquest and start it again. There really isn't a chance to backtrack this time around.
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Botan Jungle
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
1 Kobra's Glove In the path after you start
2 Kira's Knife Located in the 2nd tree in the path
3 Kai's Wristbands Inside the cave after you spot Sektor and to the right, after the blue torch
4 Cage's Picture As you approach the 3rd statue that spits blades, stay to your left. Where the spyglass showed. This is after the first Obelisk.
5 Jarek's Vest Defeat the Black Dragon goons and enter the doorway where they came from, 2nd door on your right side as you entered the area.
6 Kabal's Mask With the Black Dragon on the screen, head to your immediate left
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Temple of Argus
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
7 Dairou's Keys Head towards the green objective marker and turn to the left. It's against the wall in the corner.
8 Hotaru's Flag Directly opposite from Dairou's Keys in the same room. It's against the wall in the corner.
9 Stryker's Radio To the right of the chest immediately to your right when you get in the door, against the railing.
10 Moloch's Ball In the room with your second battle again the Tekunin (red clad ninja's) in the far right corner in front of you.
11 Hsu Hao's Watch After navigating the spike traps, his watch is directly ahead of you.
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Tekunin Warship
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
12 Cryax's Bomb After the cut scene, take the ramp on your left and Cyrax's Bomb is in the middle.
13 Kung Lao's Hat Search the 2nd body when entering the room, press X to search.
14 Nightwolf's Axe After knocking the Tekunin in to the fan, the broken door on your left as you entered is where it appears.
15 Sektor's Rocket On the bridge where you obtain the fireball special and beat the Tekunin, Sektor's Rocket is at the end of the bridge and on the right.
16 Jade's Bracelet In the room where you use the sword to slaughter the Tekunin, her bracelet is against the railing ahead and to the right.
17 Sonya's I.D. Kill the two Tekunin in this room, the second will give up the I.D..
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Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
18 Baraka's Blade Ahead and on the left of the starting area, behind the ice spike.
19 Blaze's Essence After talking to the monks around the inactive Obelsik, use ground pound on the marker near the gate. After the cutscene shoot a fireball at the fire pit that isn't lit.
20 Havik's Mask After the first stamper thing, head to left for the mask. Then make your way through the other two.
21 Ermac's Gem Behind the fire where you fight the Tengu, against the building.
22 Jax's Beret After defeating the Tengu with the sword, go outside and break the ice/snow shelf on your right for his Beret.
23 Darrius' Shades Behind the fire as you enter the area to fight the Tengu master, spyglass will show you this.
24 Rain's Mask Navigate the spinning blades in the area after you battled Rain, you have to pass through the doors first. Break the last ice/snow shelf on your left. The spyglass will show you this one.
25 Ashrah's Doll Next area after the #24, last ice/snow shelf on your left.
26 Kano's Mask Inside the room with the Lin Kuei (archers and fighters), head right and turn into the corner for the mask. Get this during the battle, the cutscene starts immediately.
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Lin Kuei Palace
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
27 Shang's Stone After your initial battle with the Lin Kuei, break the vase in the hall for this item.
28 Frost's Mask Behind the alter where you freed her from the ice.
29 Sub-Zero's Amulet After fighting Sub-Zero, shot a fireball at the statue to light her hands. The amulet will fall in front of the arrow of koins.
30 Kitana's Fan After Sub-Zero's area, walk in to the hall.
31 Liu Kang's Armband Search the Lin Kuei body on the ground to the left in the center of the room, you have to search the body 3 times for the item to appear. This room is immediately after finding Kitana's Fan.
32 Onaga's Helmet Break the wall on your left where the first yellow marking is, at the end where the fireball comes from the helmet is on your left side.
33 Noob's Stars Break the 2nd yellow marked wall on your left, at the end on the right side are 5 vases. Break the top right corner one for Noob's Stars.
34 Smoke's Mask After defeating Smoke, enter the hall to the next room and it's right in your path.
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Charred Mountain
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
35 Sindel's Brush During your initial battle with the Red Dragon, Sindel's Brush is ahead of you and to the left.
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Red Dragon Caverns
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
36 Fujin's Cape When you start in the caverns there is a chest to your left, between the wall and the chest is the cape.
37 Daegon's Belt In the fight against the Red Dragon throw one into the second explosive barrel on your right as you entered the area.
38 Mavado's Hooks To the right of the small A1 lever, in between the 2 explosive barrels.
39 Tanya's Choker As you make your way back to the large A1 door that you opened after fighting Mavado, her choker is on the left side as you approach the door.
40 Kenshi's Blindfold After fighting the mutants, this item is in the door way on your left side as you exit this area.
41 Sareena's Sash After fighting Sareena and company, break the blue barrels on your left as you leave this area.
43 Reptile's Medal As you enter the area where Reptile is talking to the dragon, break the blue barrel on your left.
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Nether Realm Cliffs
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
43 Shinnok's Crown Directly behind the mob of zombies on the 2nd level of the cliffs.
44 Li Mei's Sandals Hit all the pressure plates and the fireballs will hit the wall to open the cave. Use the spyglass to see it if you want.
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Shinnok's Spire
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
45 Bo' Rai Cho's Mug 2nd level of the spire, to the left of the demon that appears in front of you and in the corner.
46 Nitara's Orb Directly across from the KAK chest, it's on the 5th level of the spire.
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Shao Kahn's Fortress
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
47 Shao Kahn's Helmet Break the statue on the right as you start this level.
48 Mileena's Veil After dodging the spiked balls in the room on your left as you entered the courtyard, her veil is on the balcony. You can see this from the courtyard up and to your left.
49 Meat's Steak As you enter the elevator, this is on your left.
50 Quan Chi's Amulet As you enter the room with the conveyor belt and have to knock the goons on to it, this item is ahead and to the left in the corner. It will appear when you're close.
51 Mokap's Sensor Hit the pressure plate to open the cells, from the pressure plate enter the first cell on you right. His sensor is in here and to the left.
52 Drahmin's Mask From the pressure plate, enter the last cell on your left. In here on your left (same location as Mokap's basically) it will appear when you're close.
53 Shujinko's Medal Unlock Shujinko from his cell and he'll leave this behind.
54 Sheeva's Earing In the small "room" to your right as you entered the area to fight the statue of Kahn, it's in there to the left as you enter.
55 Goro's Gauntlets Opposite side of the large room where you fight the statue of Kahn, it's in a small "room" similar to where you found Sheeva's Earing
56 Kintaro's Armor Head to the far left small "room" in the area you fight the statue of Kahn.
57 Reiko's Chest Piece As you leave the room with the Obelsik, turn to your left. Ahead of you should be a torch that is not lit. Shoot a fireball at it and it will appear.
58 Raiden's Hat This is in the path as you head to the room where Kahn and friends are meeting.
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Edenian Ruins
Relic # Relic Name Relic Location
59 Scorpion's Spear Directly in your path after you defeat Scorpion's undead clan.
60 Motaro's Horn After defeating the skulls and opening all the chests, this final item is found near the KAK chest.
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Everyone over at TRMK Forums and MKO Forums. Especially the following for helping the community by posting corrections and locations:
in no particular order
- 7th Number(TRMK)
- Immortal Reaver(TRMK)
- Liu Kang187(MKO)
- Van_Cleef(MKO)

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Legal Stuff?
You want to use it? Please do! You want to host it? Please do! You want to take it and print it and read it time and time again in the bathroom? I don't care to know...

If you choose to use this, link this, copy this, covet this... please leave the Credits and Links section intact. Those people helped the community out as did the threads and sites I've linked here, so just leave that intact is all I ask.

Thanks and I hoped this helps anyone who needed it!

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