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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat 3 (1995) - Move List/Bios - Universal - Game Boy
Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)
Move List/Bios - Universal - Game Boy
Shao Kahn
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Last updated: 05/12/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away
P = Punch
K = Kick
BL = Block
RN = Run
Game Boy:
P = B
K = A
BL = Start
RN = (F+P+K)

Babalities: You must not press BL in the final round.
Mercy: (Hold P), D, D, D, D (Release P) Must be executed at the end of the third round.
Selectable Characters:

Cyrax Cyrax
Cyrax is unit LK-4D4. The 2nd of three prototype cybernetic ninjas built by the Lin Kuei. Like his counterparts, his last programmed command is to find and terminate the rogue ninja, Sub-Zero. Without a soul, Cyrax goes undetected by Shao Kahn and remains a possible threat against his occupation of Earth.
Special Moves:
Green Net: B, B, B, K
Close Bomb Toss: B, B, P
Far Bomb Toss: F, F, P
Teleport: F, F, F, BL
Air Throw: F, D, F, BL (In Air)
Fatality - Heli-Chopper: D, D, U, D, P (Anywhere)
Babality: F, F, B, P (Anywhere)
Kabal Kabal
As a chosen warrior, his identity is a mystery to all. It is believed that he is the survivor of an attack by Shao Kahn's extermination squads. As a result he is viciously scarred and kept alive only by artificial respirators and a rage for ending Shao Kahn's conquest.
Special Moves:
Plasma Blast: B, B, P
Nomad Dash: B, B, F, K
Ground Saw: B, B, B, K
Fatality - Heart Attack: F, F, BL, BL, BL, K (Close)
Babality: F, F, F, K (Anywhere)
Kano Kano
Kano is thought to have been killed in the first tournament. Instead, he's found alive in the Outworld where he once again escapes capture by Sonya. Before the actual Outworld invasion, Kano convinces Shao Kahn to spare his soul. Kahn needs someone to teach his warriors how to use Earth's weapons. Kano is the man to do it.
Special Moves:
Knife Throw: D, B, P
Cannonball: (Hold K 3 sec.), (Release K)
Knife Swipe: D, F, P
Air Throw: BL (In Air, Close)
Fatality - Eye Laser: F, F, F, K (Anywhere)
Babality: F, F, D, D, K (Anywhere)
Sektor Sektor
Sektor is actually the code name for unit LK-9T9. He was the first of the three prototype cybernetic ninjas built by the Lin Kuei clan. Sektor was once a human assassin trained by the Lin Kuei. He volunteered for automation because of his loyalty for the clan. Sektor survives the Outworld invasion - he has no soul to take.
Special Moves:
Missile: F, F, F, P
Homing Missile: F, D, B, P
Teleport Uppercut: F, F, F, K (Also in Air)
Fatality - Flamethrower: F, F, F, B, BL (Past Sweep)
Babality: B, D, D, D, K (Anywhere)
Sheeva Sheeva
She was hand picked by Shao Kahn to serve as Sindel's personal protector. She becomes suspicious of Shao Kahn's loyalty towards her race of Shokan when he places Motaro as the leader of his extermination squads. On the Outworld, Motaro's race of Centaurians are the natural enemy of Shokan.
Special Moves:
Fireball: D, F, P
Ground Pound: B, D, B, K
Teleport Stomp: D, U
Fatality - Mega Stomp: F, D, D, F, P (Anywhere)
Babality: D, D, D, B, K (Anywhere)
Sindel Sindel
She once ruled the Outworld at Shao Kahn's side as his queen. Now 10,000 years after her untimely death, she is reborn on Earth. Her evil intent is every match for Shao Kahn's tyranny. She is the key to Shao Kahn's occupation of Earth.
Special Moves:
Fireball: F, F, P
Banshee Scream: F, F, F, P
Levitate: B, B, F, K (Press BL to land)
Air Fireball: D, F, P (While Levitating)
Fatality - Banshee Screech: F, F, F, P (Anywhere)
Babality: F, F, F, U  (Anywhere)
Sonya Sonya
Sonya disappeared after the first tournament but was later rescued from the Outworld by Jax. After returning to Earth, she and Jax tried to warn the U.S. Government of the looming Outworld menace. Lacking proof, they watch helplessly as Shao Kahn begins his invasion.
Special Moves:
Energy Rings: D, F, P
Leg Grab: (Hold D+P+K 2 sec.), (Release D+P+K)
Square Wave Punch: F, F, B, P
Rising Bicycle Kick: B, D, K
Fatality - Fire Kiss: D, D, D, F, K (Anywhere)
Babality: D, D, F, K (Anywhere)
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
The ninja returns unmasked. He was betrayed by his own ninja clan-the Lin Kuei. He broke sacred codes of honor by leaving the clan and is marked for death. But unlike the ninja of old, his pursuers come as machines. He must not only defend against the Outworld menace, but must also elude his soulless assassins.
Special Moves:
Freeze: D, F, P
Slide: (Hold B+P+K 2 sec.), (Release B+P+K)
Ice Shower: D, F, P
Ice Shower (Front): D, F, B, P
Ice Shower (Behind): D, B, F, P
Fatality - Overhead Ice Shatter: B, B, D, B, F (Anywhere)
Babality: D, B, B, K (Anywhere)
Hidden Character:

? Smoke Smoke (Hidden/Unlockable)
Smoke, unit LK-7T2, is the third prototype cyber-ninja built by the Lin Kuei. He tried to escape the automation process with Sub-Zero but was captured. His memories were stripped away, leaving behind an emotionless killer. However, Sub-Zero believes that within this machine is a human soul trying to escape.
Special Moves:
Teleport Uppercut: F, F, K (Also in Air)
Invisibility: U, U, P
Fatality - Mega Spear: U, U, F, D (Anywhere but Far)
Babality: D, D, B, B, K (Anywhere)
Unlocking Smoke:
Kombat code: 192234
Game Genie: F7F-FDA-000
GameShark: 0104CED4
Boss Character:

Shao Kahn Shao Kahn (Boss)
Many decades ago, Shao Kahn rose to power in the Outworld, usurping the realm from Kitana's parents and taking Queen Sindel for his bride. Then she died. Now, centuries later, Sindel is reborn. And since Shang Tsung failed to win the Earth Realm through Mortal Kombat I and II, her rebirth is the means by which Kahn will finally seize the planet forever unless...
Special Moves:
Fireball: D, B, P
Shoulder Charge: (Hold K 3 sec.), (Release K)
Rising Charge: (U+F)
Hammer Smash: ?
Grab N' Smack: D, F, P
Fatality - Mega Spear: F, F, F, K (Close)
Babality: F, F, D, D, K (Anywhere)
Unlocking Shao Kahn:
GameShark: 0109CED4

Mortal Kombat Komplete