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MKKomplete - Injustice 2 (2017) - Abilities List
Injustice 2 (2017)
Abilities List
Swamp ThingCyborgCatwomanThe FlashGreen LanternHarley QuinnBatmanSupermanThe JokerAtrocitusGorilla GroddCheetahDeadshotPoison Ivy
SupergirlGreen ArrowDr. FateBlue BeetleFirestormAquamanBlack CanaryWonder WomanBlack AdamCaptain ColdRobinScarecrowBaneBrainiac
DarkseidRed HoodSub-ZeroStarfireBlack MantaRaidenHellboyAtomEnchantressDonatelloLeonardoMichelangeloRaphael
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Last updated: 05/29/18
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch/Low Block
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away/Block
Dash: F, F
Back Dash: B, B
Uppercut: (D+M)
Sweep: (D+H)
Pause/Movelist: START

L = Light Attack
M = Medium Attack
H = Heavy Attack
CP = "*Character Power"
TH = **Throw
SI = Stage Interaction
FS = Flip Stance
MB = Meter Burn
SM = "Super Move"
L = X
M = Y
H = A
CP = B
TH = LB/(X+A)
SI = RB/(X+Y)
SM = (LT+RT)/(Y+A+RT)
PlayStation 4:
L =
M = Δ
H = X
CP = O
TH = L1/(+X)
SI = R1/(+Δ)
FS = L2
MB = R2
SM = (L2+R2)/(Δ+X+R2)

*Weapon Switch/Gadget Deploy/Throw depending on character
** Forward Throw = (F+TH)/(F+L+H)
** Reverse Throw = (B+TH)/(B+L+H)
** Throw Reversal = TH
Level Transition = (B+H)
Clash Breaker = (F+MB) (During Combo, when you're on your second red health bar)
Block Escape = MB immediately after blocked move (Costs 1 Meter)
Bounce Cancel = F, F/B, B MB (Costs 2 Meters) (During Combo)
Attack Counter = Special Move after Blocked Attack
Wakeup Attack = Special Move as you rise from being knocked down
Tech Roll = L, M, H or CP when hitting ground
Selectable Characters:

Aquaman Aquaman
1. Call of Orm Marius:
Aquamanís trident becomes charged, causing all attacks to inflict increased block damage.

2. Orm Marius Charge:
Can now meter burn Trident Toss for additional damage.

3. Power of Neptune:
Aquaman throws his trident into the ground summing the explosive Power of Neptune. Meter Burning launches the opponent.

4. From The Deep:
Aquaman stabs his trident into the ground, creating an upward strike underneath his opponent. Meter Burning calls down lightning that launches the opponent.
(Replaces Tentacle Strike)

5. Trident Strike:
Aquaman plunges his lightning charged trident into the ground creating an outward blast.
(Replaces Trident Rush)

6. Tidal Wave:
Aquaman summons a raging wave that travels across the ground towards his opponent.
(Replaces Water Shield Meter Burn)
Atrocitus Atrocitus
1. Siphon Power:
Drains opponent's super meter.
(Replaces Life Drain)

2. Dex-Starr's Rage:
Dex-Starr appears with a quick charging attack when you use character power.

3. Blood Push:
Powerful shot of pure rage that blasts opponents back. Meter burn to increase range and power.
(Replaces Napalm Vomit, Requires both ability slots)

4. Caustic Pool:
Vomits focused rage towards the ground. Meter burn to leave behind a caustic puddle that causes damage.

5. Regurgitate Rage:
Dex-Starr rushes forward and vomits rage, causing damage over time.
(Replaces Blood Ball)

6. Pillar of Blood:
Atrocitus summons forth a pillar of blood and rage. Meter burning adds a second blast.
Bane Bane
1. Body Press:
Command grab that slams opponent to the ground. Meter Burn converts into a back breaker.
(Replaces Bane Bomb)

2. Air Top Rope:
Throw performed while airborne.

3. Supercharged:
Venom boost is supercharged but no longer adds armor to attacks. Withdrawal symptoms are reduced when Venom expires.
(Replaces Venom Boost)

4. Juggernaut Rush:
A running charge that throws the opponent once it connects.

5. Dropkick:
Replaces meter burned Venom Uppercut with a dropkick.

6. Double Punch:
Bane performs a powerful overhead attack. Meter Burning Double Punch will inflict additional damage.
(Replaces Mercenary's Elbow)
Batman Batman
1. Advanced Parry:
Cape Counter and Cape Parry can now be meter burned.

2. Boomerang Bat:
Meter Burn Up Batarang returns to strike opponent's back rather than exploding.
(Replaces Up Batarangs Meter Burn)

3. Evading Bat:
Batman rolls backwards from a Wake Up and attacks with an evasive maneuver.

4. Taser-Rangs:
Meter burning any Batarang causes them to explode in a burst of electricity, stunning opponents. Requires both ability slots, (Replaces all Exploding Batarang meter burns)

5. Cape Parry:
Replaces Cape Counter with multi-hit Cape Parry (From Injustice 1)

6. Bat Strike:
Bats summoned from character power immediately attack opponent instead of forming around Batman. Requires both ability slots

7. Dual Batarangs:
Flings two Batarangs straight ahead.
(Replaces Batarang)

8. Air Straight Batarang:
Batman flings a single Batarang ahead while airborne.
(Replaces Scatter Bombs)

9. Air Downward Batarang:
Batman flings a single Batarang downward at an angle while airborne.
(Replaces Scatter Bombs)
Black Adam Black Adam
1. Rolling Thunder:
Can perform Lightning Cage at different distances, and meter burned for follow up attacks.
(Replaces Lightning Cage)

2. Power of Aton:
Fast, straight bolt of lightning. Meter burn for 3 hits.
(Replaces Low Lightning Bolt)

3. Floating Lightning Bomb:
Black Adam throws a lightning bomb that floats in place before exploding. Can be thrown three different distances.

4. Deityís Bolt:
Black Adam summons a tracking lightning bolt.
(Replaces Black Magic)

5. Seth Strike:
Orbs of Seth no longer collide while orbiting, instead they can be fired as projectiles.
(Replaces Orbs of Seth) Requires both slots.

6. Air Lightning Cage:
Black Adam drops to the ground creating a cage of electricity around his body. Air-Lightning Cage can be Meter Burned to allow for follow up attacks
7. Soul of Shazam:
Allowing all punches to do additional damage when active.
(Replaces Orbs of Seth)
Black Canary Black Canary
1. Air Canary Cry:
Allows Canary Cry (character power) to be used while airborne.

2. Clutch Crush:
Command throw. Requires both ability slots.

3. Sonic Burst:
Throw a sonic grenade that stuns the opponent.
(Replaces Canary Cry) Requires both ability slots.

4. Rising Kick:
Black Canary gains a vertical kick. Meter Burning follows up with a second airborne kick that launches the opponent up in the air for a combo
5. Body Bounce:
Meter burning the Hard Lock Attack now bounces the opponent for a combo.

6. Screech:
Meter burning the Canary Cry (trait/character power) will trigger it as if it were one level stronger in exchange for 1 bar of super meter.
Blue Beetle Blue Beetle
1. Crawling Burst:
Launch a large, slow moving projectile using dual cannons. Meter burn increases size and damage.
(Replaces Energy Cannon) and Requires both ability slots
2. Air Diving Mandible Strike:
Mandible Strike can be performed while airborne.

3. Aculeus Strike:
Using his back claws, Blue Beetle attacks in a flurry of 5 strikes.

4. Alien Cloak:
Blue Beetle quickly camouflages himself. Meter Burning phases him to almost complete invisibility.

5. My Rules:
Black and Blue combo can now be meter burned.

6. Mandible Flurry:
Blue Beetle extends his claws and spins, striking twice. Meter burn adds additional launching hit.
Brainiac Brainiac (Boss/Unlockable - Complete Story Mode)
1. Ion Cannon:
Calls down a blast from Brainiac's ship. Meter burn allows the beam to travel either forwards or backwards.

2. Tendril Slide:
Using his powerful tendrils, Brainiac slides across the floor, striking opponents low and knocking them off their feet. Meter burning tendril slide does additional damage.
(Replaces Cybernetic Charge)

3. Tendril Shell:
Brainiac wraps his tendrils around his body, forming a protective shell. Opponents striking the shell will be stunned.

4. Enhanced Living Metal:
Living Metal combo's last hit can now be meter burned, bouncing the opponent.

5. Tendril Harpoon:
Impales the target with a metal tendril and drags them to him for a series of blows.

6. Destruction Orb:
Brainiac summons in a small orb above him that tracks the opponent before firing a quick energy blast at their location. Meter burning summons 2 orbs.
Captain Cold Captain Cold
1. Air Ice Bridge:
Create a small platform of ice while airborne that he can use to attack from.

2. Air Ice Out:
Dash forward while airborne by emitting a constant stream of cold air towards the ground.

3. Shoulder of Cold:
Captain Cold launches himself forward with the blast from his gun, striking his opponent with a shoulder charge.

4. Ice Burst:
Short range blast that knocks opponents backwards.
(Replaces standard ice shot)

5. Upward Cold Blast:
Allows standard ice shot or Ice Burst to be fired upwards in addition to straight ahead. Meter Burning Upward Cold Blast will fire an additional straight blast.

6. Ice Rain:
Captain Cold fires a blast into the air, seeding the sky and causing a super-chilled rain of frost to fall. Opponents struck, are frozen solid.
(Replaces death-circle meter burn)

7. Cold Stream:
The Cold Gun emits a stream of freezing gas. Opponents inside the stream will be damaged and eventually frozen.
(Replaces Frosted Armor)

8. Air Cold Blast:
Captain Cold can now fire his Ice Burst or Cold Blast straight ahead while airborne.
Catwoman Catwoman
1. Chaotic Cat:
Deliver a vicious attack for each Scratch that is active, up to 5 hits max.
(Replaces Cat-Lateral Damage) Uses Character power button

2. Cat Claws:
Perform a series of quick claw attacks. Meter burn for follow-up attacks.
(Replaces Rising Claws)

3. Cat Call:
Command a loyal cat to attack the opponent, allowing for follow-up attacks. Requires both ability slots.

4. Low Whip:
Strikes with her whip low wrapping her opponent's legs and pulling them towards her, meter burn adds additional strike.
(Replaces Up Cat's Tail)

5. Nine Lives:
A loyal cat companion revives Catwoman once per match. Requires full scratch meter. Requires both ability slots.
(Replaces Cat-Lateral Damage)

6. Air Cat Slash:
Catwoman performs a diving attack while airborne through the opponent, meter burning allows additional attacks
Cheetah Cheetah
1. Savage Slam:
Cheetah can now meter burn Cruel Encounter causing the opponent to bounce and allow for a follow up attack.

Spotted Torpedo:
Cheetah dives toward her opponent with her claws out. Meter burning spotted torpedo will do additional damage.

Creeping Predator:
Cheetah crawls on the ground towards her opponent. Meter burning will pop-up the opponent, allowing for a follow up attack.

Air Cheetah Clutch:
Cheetah grabs her opponent from the air and throws them to the ground. Meter burning bounces the opponent allowing for a follow up attack.

Air Jungle Jump:
Cheetah can jump off walls towards her opponent.
Cyborg Cyborg
Air Cyber Charge:
Adds air dash. Meter burn for air backdash.

Repair Circuit:
Cyborg releases nanobots to heal damage while active.

Boom Tube:
Cyborg utilizes boom tube technology to teleport towards or away from his opponent.
(Replaces Back Grapple and Forward Grapple)

Body Shield:
Nanobots form a barrier of protection, shielding Cyborg in armor.
(Replaces Nano Drone) Requires both ability slots

Air Hyper Jump:
Cyborg gains an additional jump while airborne.

Air Grapple:
Cyborg can forward or back grapple while airborne.

Directed Air Blaster:
When performing a Nova Blaster from the ground or air, Cyborg can adjust the angle of the Meter Burn shots to fire in the same direction as the initial blast. Modifies Nova Blaster Meter Burn.
Deadshot Deadshot
1. Air Sniper:
Low Rifle Shot now usable while airborne.

2. Low Wrist Cannon:
Deadly Assault is replaced with a quick low shot. Meter Burning fires a barrage of 3 bullets.
(Replaces Deadly Assault) Requires both ability slots

3. Rocket Jump:
Deadshot propels himself upwards using the explosion from his rocket launcher but loses health in the process. Deadshot can attack while airborne.

4. Up Shot:
Adds an anti-air shot upwards with his wrist cannons.

5. Heavy Artillery:
Fires a rocket launcher at the ground. Meter burning will pop the opponent into the air for a combo.

6. Scoped Shot:
Deadshot can charge a powerful sniping shot from his assault rifle.

7. Rocket Boost:
Deadshot propels himself forward using the explosion from his rocket launcher, but loses health in the process. Deadshot can attack while airborne.
Dr. Fate Dr. Fate
1. Dark Ankh:
Ankh traps explode on contact, immediately imparting their damage or healing effects.
(Replaces Breath of Life and Nabuís Curse)

2. Powerless:
Prevents opponent from using super meter. Requires both ability slots.

3. Air Amon Ra Blast:
Amon Ra Blast can now be performed while airborne.

4. Air Dash:
Allows Doctor Fate to dash while airborne.

5. Instant Judgment:
Performing the Spell of Judgment summons 3 Ankhs instantly but they lose their bonus property granted from striking the opponent with all 3 at once.
(Replaces Spell of Judgment and Punishment)

6. Absorption Spell:
The Ankh from the Glyph of Osiris now absorbs projectiles. Doctor Fate will gain health and super meter after absorbing projectiles.
(Replaces Glyph of Anubis)

7. Seeking Displacer Orb:
Doctor Fate conjures a Displacer Orb that follows his opponent's movement.
(Replaces Displacer Orbs)
Firestorm Firestorm
1. Air Fusion Blast:
Perform Fusion Blast while in the air. Meter burning fires a focused beam of energy.

2. Flame Phase:
Firestorm phases into the ground and reappears behind his opponent. Meter burning strikes the opponent as he appears.

3. Air Ground Spark:
An attack from the air that causes an eruption to hit the opponent upwards. It can be meter burned to cause another explosion for extra damage.

4. Atom Bomb:
Firestorm creates a molecular explosion that can be placed in three different distances.

5. Vaporize:
Firestorm vaporizes and becomes immune to all attack for a short time.
(Replaces Energy Shield)

6. Melting Point:
Firestorm creates a quick ground explosion. Meter Burning Melting Point will create three quick ground explosions that travel across the arena.
The Flash The Flash
1. Sonic Parry:
Adds a parry when Flash uses Quantum Tunneling.
(Replaces Quantum Tunnelling)

2. Sonic Bolt:
Flash pulls energy from the speed zone and hurls it as a projectile.

3. Air Spin Out:
While airborne Flash dives downward towards his opponent head first.

4. Fist Frenzy:
Flash can meter burn his Fists of Fury to free himself early. allowing him to attack while his opponent is being pummeled.

5. Lightning Charge:
Flash charges his body with energy from the speedforce and hurls himself towards his opponent as a living projectile. Meter burning lightning charge will follow up with an additional attack.

6. Speed Nado:
Flash spins at an incredible speed, generating a tornado of energy. Meter burning leaves the opponent in the air for follow up.
(Replaces Sonic Lift)
Gorilla Grodd Gorilla Grodd
1. Furious Flurry:
Fist Flurry can now be chained into itself.

2. Carcass Toss:
Meter burning Stampede now hurls his opponent across the arena and inflicts increased damage.
(Replaces Stamped Meter Burn)

3. Double Dribble:
Grodd can meter burn his basic throw to add additional slams for massive damage.

4. Gorilla Grab:
Snags airborne opponents and violently slams them to the ground. Meter Burning Gorilla Grab inflicts additional damage.

5. Primitive Pound:
Pounds the ground with his fist, causing his opponent to stumble. Meter Burning adds multiple strikes, knocking opponent off their feet.
(Replaces Ground Pound)
Green Arrow Green Arrow
1. Sky Bolt:
Fire an exploding arrow into the sky. Upon landing, the arrow explodes, damaging the opponent. Meter Burn fires two more arrows.
(Replaces Sky Alert)

2. Evasive Shock:
Meter burning Savage Blast replaces the second arrow with an electric arrow.
(Replaces Savage Blast Meter Burn)

3. Smoke Arrow:
Fires a smoke arrow at his feet, disappearing and teleporting to the air behind the opponent.

4. Bola Arrow:
Meter burning his character power now fires a bola that holds the opponent in place for follow up attacks.
(Replaces Boxing Glove Arrow)

5. Distracting Shot:
Fire a smoke arrow that staggers the opponent.
(Replaces Savage Blast)
Green Lantern Green Lantern
1. Minigun:
Constructs and fires the classic minigun. Meter burn fires additional shots/sweeps.
(Replaces Bowled Over)

2. Lantern's Barrier:
Damage absorption shield.
(Replaces Power Ring Character Power)

3. Oaís Rocket:
Green lantern fires a single rocket construct at his opponent. Meter burning Oa's rocket will pop-up the opponent allowing for a follow-up attack.
(Replaces Battery Blast)

4. Air Oa's Rocket:
Fire rocket down at opponent while airborne.
(Replaces Air Battery Blast)

5. Rocket Power:
Summons a rocket above Lanternís head and fires it at the opponent. Meter burn adds a second rocket.
(Replaces Exploding Lantern)

6. Quick Charge:
While held, Green Lantern charges his ring, slowly gaining Super Meter.

7. Turbine Smash:
Green Lantern smashes a jet turbine into the opponent
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
1. Tick-Tock:
Toss a short range bundle of dynamite. Requires both ability slots

2. All-Purpose Frosting:
Enhances cupcakes; thrown cupcakes poison struck opponents, & leave poison splats on the ground. Rolled Cupcakes leave sticky frosting, preventing jumps & dashes. Modifies Cupcake Bomb & Cherry Bomb.

3. Confetti Cannon:
Harley's pop gun fires a charged blast of confetti over a short distance.

4. Ivy's Blessing:
Tosses Poison Ivy's Rose into the air, thus releasing petals which heal over time.
(~10 health per second)

5. Mollywhop:
Harley runs down the opponent and beats them with her bat. Meter burn to make move unblockable.

6. Cherry Bomb:
Harley rolls a cupcake across the floor a short distance, hitting low.
(Replaces Cupcake Bomb)

7. He Loves Me:
Harley pulls out a picture of Joker and admires it, boosting attack power.

8. Joker Infection:
Infection can be meter burned to inject a debilitating virus which disorients her victim by reversing all inputs.
The Joker The Joker
1. Knife Parry:
Joker can parry his opponentís high and low attacks.
(Replaces Joy Buzzer)

Crowbar Fling:
Fling a crowbar at the opponentís head.
(Replaces Flying Gas)

Pull out a surprise gift and kick it across the ground at 3 different distances. Explodes after a short time, launching the opponent.
(Replaces Chattering Teeth)

Side Order Of Pie:
Joker begins his super move with a pie thrown from full screen.
(Replaces Super Move Startup) Requires both ability slots.

Crowbar Crush:
Meter Burning Crazed Run will cause the opponent to bounce and allow for a follow up attack.

The Joker can meter burn his basic throw, causing the opponent to bounce. Adds Forward Throw and Back Throw Meter Burn.
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy
1. Flowing Earth:
Ivy travels across the ground rapidly, striking opponents low. Meter Burn allows for follow up attacks.

2. Crawling Vines:
Ivy creates a powerful root to arc from the earth, towards her opponent. Meter burning sends the root further for two additional strikes.

3. Deadly Thorns:
Fires two fast thorns at the opponent.

4. Petals Of Life:
Ivy creates a patch of healing moss under her feet that heals while she is in contact. Meter burning creates a larger patch with greater healing abilities.
(Replaces Bed of Thorns)

5. Thistle Coat:
Poison Ivy sprouts needle-like thistles over her entire body which inflict damage to opponents that strike her.
(Replaces Rhytidome Skin)
Robin Robin
1. Low Smart Birdarang:
Smart Birdarang now hits low.
(Replaces Smart Birdarang)

2. Line in the Sand:
Robin draws a line on the ground with his sword. If opponent crosses it, they take damage and lose super meter. Deactivates if Robin crosses the line or takes unblocked damage.

3. Elusive Swoop:
Can now teleport at the end of Swoop when Meter Burned.
(Replaces Swoop Meter Burn)

4. Staff Of Grayson:
Robin uses a Staff.
(Replaces Deadly Arsenal)

5. Deadly Birdarang:
Straight firing Birdarang that explodes. Meter burn for three projectiles at once that hit hi/mid/low.

6. Air Arsenal Attack:
Robin can now use arsenal attacks (Character Power) while airborne.
(Replaces Grounded Teleport, Detonate, and Recall)

7. Air Deadly Arsenal:
Robin can now throw a Birdarang from his deadly arsenal while airborne. Meter burn will throw three Birdarangs.
(Replaces Ground Deadly Arsenal)

8. Air Deadly Birdarang:
Robin gains the ability to fling 3 Birdarangs while airborne.
Scarecrow Scarecrow
1. Sacrifice:
Take damage in exchange for a damage buff.

2. Plague:
Call on a swarm that damages and disorients from beneath the opponent. Requires both ability slots.

3. Soaring Murder:
Fires crows at the opponent (Standard Projectile). Meter burn for larger projectile and more damage.

4. Terror Charge:
Scarecrow charges his hook with evil energy, increasing the damage of all hook attacks.

5. Floor Flame:
Meter burn Fear Flame is now a projectile that travels across the ground.
(Replaces Meter Burn Fear-Ferno)

6. Panic-Port Away:
Scarecrow gains the ability to teleport away from his opponent and create distance.
Supergirl Supergirl
1. Air Heat Vision:
Kryptonian Laser Heat Vision can be used while airborne.

2. Kryptonian Grinder:
Throw that grinds the victim a great distance across the ground.
(Replaces Kryptonian Force Meter Burn)

3. Earth Shatter:
Replaces the limited flight of the Sun Strike Meter Burn with a powerful ground pound attack.
(Replaces Rising Sun Strike Meter Burn)

4. Speeding Bullet:
Supergirl flies straight ahead while airborne, delivering a powerful punch.

5. Suncharge:
Grants Supergirl the ability to charge her body with power, reducing her damage taken from attacks.
(Disables Kryptonian Lasers while active)
Superman Superman
1. Meteor Drop:
Superman flies into orbit, grabs a meteor, and smashes it into the head of the opponent, triggering Superman's Super Move. Makes Super Move unblockable but does less damage.
(Replaces Final Flight Super Move) Requires both ability slots.

2. Empowered Heat Zap:
Heat Zap can now be meter burned to increase damage and size.

3. Air Heat Zap:
Heat Zap can now be performed while airborne.

4. Ground Tremor:
Punch the ground, creating a tremor that damages opponents. Meter burn creates a second tremor with increased range.

5. Krypton Charge:
With extreme speed, Superman delivers a powerful flying attack.
Swamp Thing Swamp Thing
1. Spine Blast:
Launch a salvo of spines. Meter burn for 5 spines in rapid succession.

2. Bonsai:
Extends a plant in front of Swamp Thing at an angle. Meter burn for a second plant.

3. Sinking Slough:
Replaces Swamp Thing's character power with a teleport. Requires both ability slots.

4. Trunk Punch Pull:
After landing the Trunk Punch, Swamp Thing reaches out to grab and pull in the victim.

5. Wondrous Meadow:
Swamp Thing spawns a larger initial patch of growth at the beginning of Abigailís Garden. Adds Abigail's Garden Meter Burn.

6. Swamp Juice:
Swamp Thing gains the ability to regenerate his Swamp Life Meter during Green Thumb.
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
1. Hermes' Blessing:
Increase speed and allow air dashing. Requires both ability slots. Modifies Character Power.

2. Demeter's Spirit:
Reduces incoming damage. Requires both ability slots. Modifies Character Power.

3. Athena's Power:
Increases power of Shield based attacks. Requires both ability slots. Modifies Character Power.

4. Artemis' Strength:
Increases duration and power of Bracelets of Submission. Modifies Character Power.

5. Hestiaís Gift:
Increases power of Lasso based attacks. Requires both ability slots. Modifies Character Power.

6. Lasso Spin:
Wonder Woman leaps into the air spinning the Lasso of Truth.
(Replaces Upward Amathea Bash)

7. Sword of Athena:
Wonder Woman slides on her knees across the floor and slashes the legs of her opponent with her sword. Meter burn for follow up attacks.
(Replaces Amathea Bash)

8. Aegis of Zeus:
A block that stuns opponents attacking with melee moves.
(Replaces Bracelets of Submission)

9. Amalthea's Protection:
Advances slowly forward, protecting herself with her Shield and gaining Armor. Meter Burning Protection will allow her to take less damage while advancing.

10. Air Amazonian Slam:
From the air, Wonder Woman dives towards the ground, guided by her shield, in a damaging attack. Meter Burning Air Amazonian Slam will follow up with a quick Shield Charge.
Downloadable Characters (DLC):

Darkseid Darkseid (Pre-Order/DLC)
1. Boom Tube Away:
Create a Boom Tube to teleport away from the opponent.

2. Air Boom Tube Away:
Create a Boom Tube to teleport away from the opponent but while airborne.

3. Maximum Omega:
Upper Omega Beam can now be meter burned to allow full control over the Omega Beams. Requires both ability slots.

4. Reverse Omega Beams:
Darkseid will turn and fire omega beams that will attack the opponent from behind. Darkseid can direct his reverse omega beams when meter burned.
(Replaces Upward Omega Beams)

5. Hate Slam:
Darkseid can meter burn feel my wrath causing the opponent to bounce and allow for a follow up attack.
Red Hood Red Hood (DLC)
1. Hidden Explosives:
When Meter Burning Lethal Lunge, Red Hood launches his opponent into the air with an attached bomb and allows for follow-up attacks after it explodes.
(Augments Lethal Lunge Meter Burn)

2. Gutted:
Red Hood performs a series of quickblade attacks on the opponent. Meter Burning Gutted does additional damage and knocks the opponent away.
(Replaces Spin Parry)

3. Instant Death:
Meter Burning Vendetta Slam will cause the opponent to bounce off the ground and allow for follow up attacks.
(Adds Vendetta Slam Meter Burn)

4. Akimbo Blaze:
Red Hood quickly fires a barrage of low hitting gun shots at the opponent. Meter Burning Akimbo Blaze will fire additional shots for increased damage.
(Replaces Spin Parry) Requires both ability slots.

5. Time Bomb:
Red Hood throws a rolling time bomb towards the opponent that pops them up for follow up attacks. Time Bomb can be thrown at different distances.
(Replaces Ground Mine) Requires both ability slots.

6. Shrapnel Blast:
Red Hood throws a grenade into the air that explodes launching shrapnel towards the opponent. Meter Burning Shrapnel Blast does additional damage.
(Replaces Ground Mine)
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero (DLC)
1. Barrier of Frost:
An ice shield forms in front of Sub-Zero that will parry the opponentís attack & absorb projectiles. Meter Burning Barrier of Frost will freeze the opponent.

2. Ice Port:
Sub-Zero quickly teleports & reappears behind or away from the opponent.

3. Hammer Slam:
Meter Burning Air Frost Hammer will launch the opponent into the air allowing for follow up.

4. Frozen Aura:
Encases Sub-Zeroís body with ice allowing him to take less damage & inflict damage to opponents that strike him.

5. Klone Charge:
Able to launch deadly Ice Clones at his opponent, while on the ground. Meter Burning Klone charge will launch that Klone across the entire arena.

6. Air Klone Kick:
Able to launch deadly Ice Klones at his opponent, while in the air. Meter Burning Air Klone Kick will cause the opponent to bounce & allow for a follow-up attack.

7. Ground Freeze:
Creates a patch of ice on the ground that causes the opponent to slip & fall. Meter Burning Ground Freeze will cover a larger area of the arena with ice & cause the player to freeze in place.
Starfire Starfire (DLC)
1. X'Hal's Strength:
Allows Starfire to recharge her Character Power faster.

2. Nova Burst:
When her character power meter is full, she can release a blast that destroys anything in her vicinity.

3. Star Slam:
Starfire leaps into the air to deliver an Earth shaking ground pound. Meter burning Star Slam will pop the opponent up allowing for additional attacks.

4. Spin Cycle:
Meter burning Bad Shlorvak will do additional damage and pop up the opponent allowing for additional attacks.

5. Floating Princess:
Allows her to hover above the fightline and slowly float back to the ground.

6. Starblast Barrage:
Meter burning Starblast will fire additional straight Starblasts at the opponent.
Black Manta Black Manta (DLC)
1. Sweeping Manta Rays:
Manta Rays now hit low, causing the opponent to stumble back. Meter Burn does additional damage.

2. Riptide:
Causes a powerful current of water to rush the fightline. Meter burning will cause water to rush the fightline from behind the opponent.

3. Depth Charge:
Black Manta commands a Sea-Saucer to drop an explosive Depth Charge. The charges can be dropped at different distances.

4. Black Pearl:
Back Manta rolls an Atlantean black pearl towards the opponent that explodes into a rising whirlpool.

5. Dark Suit:
Black Manta's suit reroutes energy from his suit to his Manta Rays making them more powerful. Black Manta takes more damage when active.
Raiden Raiden (DLC)
1. Electric Current:
Raiden sends out an electric bolt down towards the opponent. Meter burning will electrocute the player in place and allow for a follow up attack.

2. Electric Cell:
Raiden created an electromagnetic cage around his opponent. Meter Burning will collapse the cage on his opponent.

3. Power Bolt:
Meter Burning Power Bolts sends an electric charge towards the opponent.

4. Electric Storm:
Raiden builds a field of electricity around his body. Once he is strong enough a powerful burst of electricity will strike the arena.

5. Air Sparkport:
Raiden can now perform Sparkport while airborne.

6. Static Traps:
Raiden can place Static Traps down on the fightline. The Static Traps can be connected together if more than one are out at the same time.
Hellboy Hellboy (DLC)
1. Air Devilís Revolver:
Can now perform Devilís Revolver while in the air.

Grave Digger:
Grab the opponent by the feet & pierces a holy relic into their chest, causing the opponent to take damage over time. Meter Burning does additional damage to the opponent.
(Replaces Fist of Doom)

Azzaelís Guard:
Shields from attacks with the Right Hand of Doom. Meter Burning will allow Hellboy to take less damage.
(Replaces Devilís Shoulder)

Brimstone Grenade:
Heaves a grenade filled with fire & brimstone towards opponent. Meter Burning will pop up the opponent allowing for follow up attacks.
(Replaces Up Devilís Revolver & Requires Both Ability Slots)

Hellís Fury:
All Devilís Revolvers Meter Burn attacks will fire multiple shots.
(Replaces all Devilís Revolverís Metter Burns)

Nail In The Coffin:
Throw a cursed nail towards opponentís feet piercing their foot. Meter Burning will open a portal to hell that the opponent canít walk through.
(Replaces Up Devilís Revolver & Requires Both Ability Slots)

Vasilisaís Gift:
Throws a relic on the ground that creates a wave of tears that travels across the fightline. Meter Burning summons trees from Baba Yagaís forest that holds the opponent in place.
(Replaces Up Devilís Revolver & Requires Both Ability Slots)
Atom Atom (DLC)
1. Mass-Sive Slam:
Allows Atom to alter his molecular density around his fist giving him unimaginable strength.

2. Atom Field:
Atom surrounds himself with a force field of ions that protect him from projectiles. Meter Burning protects him from Normal Attacks and Special Attack.

3. Amplified Atomizer:
Meter Burning Atomizer now amplifies the opponent's size and holds them in place allowing for follow up attacks.

4. Beaker Bomb:
Atom heaves untested chemicals at his opponent. Meter Burning creates an acid cloud above his opponent.

5. Making Matter:
Atom can create an environmental interaction on the fightline that he can use.

6. Air Atomizer:
Atom can now perform Atomizer in the air.
Enchantress Enchantress (DLC)
Divinity Spell:
Enchantress casts a magical spell that levitates her body above the fightline and allows her to build Super Meter.
(Adds Divinity Spell)

Banishing Blast:
Enchantress hurls a dark energy blast at her opponent. Meter Burning causes it to deal additional damage and travel across the entire fightline.
(Replaces Hell's Gate, requires both ability slots)

Hypnotic Spell:
Echantress puts opponent in a hypnotic trance that lures them to her. Meter burning allows her to follow up with an extended combo.

Demon's Dissolve:
Meter Burning Vanish causes Enchantress to absorb projectiles and immediately disappear and then reappear behind her opponent.
(Adds Vanish Meter Burn, adds Up Vanish Meter Burn)

Barrier Spell:
A large field barrier of protection surrounds Enchantress allowing her to take less damage while standing inside it.

Eclipso's Grasp:
While airborn Enchantress uses dark energy to push or pull her opponent towards or away from her.

Another Dimension:
Meter burning Hellís Gate allows Enchantress to teleport somewhere else along the fight line.

Split Personality:
Enchantress plays mind games with her opponent causing them to see multiple versions of herself.
(Replaces Xibalba)
DonatelloLeonardoMichelangeloRaphael Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (DLC)
1. Shell Slide:
The TMNTs tuck into their shells and slide across the fightline towards their opponent. Meter Burning Shell Slide will pop up the opponent, allowing for additional attacks.

2. Pizza Party:
Pizza dude was on time but put anchovies on it. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pull out a pizza and throw it at their opponent. Meter burning Pizza Party will give the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles health back (can be meter burned multiple times)

3. Air Shellicopter:
The TMNT can now perform shellicopter while in the air.

4. Shell Slam:
The TMNT can Slam their shells into the ground causing the fightline to shake, making the opponent stumble. Meter burning will knock down the opponent.

5. Bo-llistic (Donatello):
Donnie now has a low starting super cool, wicked awesome, boss-a-nova special attack. Meter burning will summon another turtle for additional attack damage.

6. Raising Shell (Leonardo):
Leo leaps into the air spinning his trusty katanas. Meter burning will summon another turtle for additional damage and pop the opponent into the air for additional attacks.

7. Totally Wicked Gnarly (Michelangelo):
Mikey can now meter burn his basic throw to pop the opponent up into the air allowing for additional attacks

8. Bo-Vault (Donatello):
Donnie use his bo staff to vault over his opponent while kicking his reptilian feet. Meter burning summons another turtle for additional attack damage.

9. Sewer Sai Dive (Raphael):
Ralph leaps towards his opponent Sai first. Meter Burning Sewer Sai Dive will do additional damage and pop up the opponent allowing for additional attacks.
(Replaces Bombshell)

Mortal Kombat Komplete
Many thanks to my buddy Chip for finding this info!