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MKKomplete - Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) - Move List/Bios - Universal - XBOX 360/PlayStation 3/Wii U
Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)
Move List/Bios - Universal - XBOX 360/PlayStation 3/Wii U
The FlashNightwingBatmanThe JokerHarley QuinnSolomon Grundy
CyborgGreen ArrowSupermanLex LuthorCatwomanDeathstroke
RavenAquamanWonder WomanAresKiller FrostDoomsday
HawkgirlSHAZAM!Green LanternSinestroBlack AdamBane
LoboBatgirlScorpionGeneral ZodMartian ManhunterZatanna
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Last updated: 11/22/13
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.
Injustice (Printable) PDF Documents: Universal / XBOX 360 / PlayStation3 / Wii U

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch/Low Block
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away/Block
Dash: F, F
Back Dash: B, B
Uppercut: (D+M)
Sweep: (D+H)
Pause/Movelist: START

L = Light Attack
M = Medium Attack
H = Heavy Attack
CP = "*Character Power"
TH = **Throw
SI = Stage Interaction
FS = Flip Stance
MB = Meter Burn
SM = "Super Move"
XBOX 360:
L = X
M = Y
H = A
CP = B
TH = LB/(X+A)
SI = RB/(X+Y)
SM = (LT+RT)/(Y+A+RT)
PlayStation 3:
L =
M = Δ
H = X
CP = O
TH = L1/(+X)
SI = R1/(+Δ)
FS = L2
MB = R2
SM = (L2+R2)/(Δ+X+R2)
Wii U:
L = Y
M = X
H = B
CP = A
TH = L/(Y+B)
SI = R/(Y+X)
SM = (ZL+ZR)/(X+B+ZR)

*Weapon Switch/Gadget Deploy/Throw depending on character
** Forward Throw = (F+TH)/(F+L+H)
** Reverse Throw = (B+TH)/(B+L+H)
** Throw Reversal = TH
Level Transition = (B+H)
Clash Breaker = (F+MB) (During Combo, when you're on your second red health bar)
Block Escape = MB immediately after blocked move (Costs 1 Meter)
Bounce Cancel = F, F,/B, B, MB (Costs 2 Meters) (During Combo)
Attack Counter = Special Move after Blocked Attack
Wakeup Attack = Special Move as you rise form being knocked down
Tech Roll = L/M/H/CP when hitting ground
Injustice: Gods Among Us Free Demo available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace (Gold and Silver Members) and PlayStation Network.
The free demo for Injustice: Gods Among Us features Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor, battling in the Gotham City arena.
Selectable Characters:

Aquaman Aquaman
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: (Orin/Arthur Curry) More Fun Comics #73 (1941)
Alignment: Hero
Born to a human father and Atlantean mother, the hybrid Arthur Curry is the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, and has sworn to protect the surface world against the monstrous dangers of the deep.
Special Moves:
* Trident Rush: D, F, L
* From the Deep: D, B, M
* Water Shield: D, D, H
Trident Scoop: D, B, L
Trident Toss: B, F, M
Character Power:
Water of Life: CP
While under the effects of the Water of Life, Aquaman recovers from reactions more quickly, allowing him to slip out of combos or attacks more easily.
Super Move:
Atlantean Rage: (FS+MB)
Summoning the full fury of the Seven Seas, Aquaman strikes the opponent with Neptune’s Trident before summoning a massive tidal wave that engulfs his opponent.
Ares Ares
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Wonder Woman #1 (1942)
Alignment: Villain
The Greek god of war, Ares, thrives on conflict. Thus, he does everything he can to stoke the fires of mankind’s wars, much to the consternation of Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons.
Special Moves:
* Phase Shifter: D, B, L
* God Smack: D, D, M
* God Smack (Close): D, D, M, B
* God Smack (Far): D, D, M, F
* Dark Energy: D, F, L
Warp Transmission (Behind): D, F, H
Warp Transmission (Front): D, B, H
Character Power:
Weapons Of War: CP
Ares can call upon the might of his two favorite weapons (his razor sharp blade or crushing battle axe) and manipulate them to strike at his opponents.

Straight Sword: CP
Downward Sword: CP, U
Rising Sword: CP, D
Straight Axe: (B+CP)
Downward Axe: (B+CP), U
Rising Sword: (B+CP), D

(Try Holding CP to charge weapon attacks)
Super Move:
Annihilator: (FS+MB)
Ares attacks with a massive swords strike before summoning an ancient undead army to unleash a volley of arrows at his opponent. While reeling from the attack Ares grows and brings down the full force of his powers as the God of War.
Bane Bane
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (1993)
Alignment: Villain
Growing up in Santa Prisca Pena Dura prison, the intellectually gifted Bane was educated in the ways of crime. He was subjected to experiments with the drug Venom, which gave him super strength.
Special Moves:
* Body Press: D, B, F, H
* Raging Charge: B, F, L
* Double Punch: B, F, M
* Venom Uppercut: D, B, M
Ring Slam: D, B, L
Character Power:
Venom Boost: CP
Bane can dose himself with 1,2, or 3 levels of Venom, (even while attacking) increasing his overall damage per dose and adding armor to his special attacks. When the buff wears off Bane will become weakened. While will inflict less damage, take more damage, and will move at a slower speed. This weakness is intensified based on the amount of Venom used.
Super Move:
Break The Bat: (FS+MB)
After juicing himself with a powerful dose of Venom, Bane attempts an unblockable grab. If successful, Bane delivers a series of crushing blows before finishing them off with a devastating backbreaker that would cripple even the mightiest of heroes.
Batman Batman
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Bruce Wayne) Detective Comics #27 (1939)
Alignment: Hero
After seeing his parents gunned down before his eyes, young Bruce Wayne swore to exact vengeance on the criminal element, disguised as a fearsome creature of the night – Batman.
Special Moves:
* Straight Grapple: D, F, L
* Sky Grapple: D, B, L
* Batarang: B, F, M
* Up Batarang: D, B, M
* Slide Kick: B, F, H
Scatter Bombs: D, B, M (In Air)
Cape Parry: D, B, H
Character Power:
Double Jump: (U+B)/(U+F)
Mechanical Bats: CP
Batman calls down a group of up to 3 mechanical bats that hover around his body.
Release the Bats: CP
Pressing CP will send the mechanical bats at the opponent as projectiles and can be used in any non-reaction situation to inflict damage and set up combo opportunities.
Bat Swarm: (D+CP)
If all 3 mechanical bats are active, Batman can form a shield of razor sharp bats that can hit the opponents, destroying the bats.
Super Move:
The Dark Knight: (FS+MB)
Batman throws a special, gas filled Batarang at his opponent’s current location, stunning them for a short time before delivering a series of attacks followed up with a devastating hit and run from the Batmobile.
Black Adam Black Adam
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: The Marvel Family # 1 (1945)
Alignment: Villain
Teth Adam’s power comes from yelling the word “SHAZAM!” This imbues Adam with the powers of six gods and heroes of the ancient world. He rules his nation of Kahndaq with an iron fist.
Special Moves:
* Lightning Storm: D, F, L
* Black Magic: D, B, L
* Lightning Cage: D, B, H
* Lightning Strike: D, F, M
* Boot Stomp (Close): D, B, H (In Air)
* Boot Stomp (Far): D, F, H (In Air)
Lightning Bomb: D, B, M
Lightning Bomb (Close): D, B, M, B
Lightning Bomb (Far): D, B, M, F
Character Power:
Orbs of Seth: CP
Black Adam summons three orbs of lightning that revolve around his body for a limited amount of time. Each Orb of Seth can strike the opponent independently for minor damage.
Super Move:
Teth-Adam: (FS+MB)
Black Adam calls upon the powers of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses to deliver a series of shocking blows to his opponent.
Catwoman Catwoman
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Selina Kyle) Batman #1 (1940)
Alignment: Villain
Master thief Selina Kyle has won the hearts of many men – including Batman. She sides with law and order when it suits her, but rarely lets her feelings for the Dark Knight interfere with her life of crime.
Special Moves:
* Cat Claws: B, F, L
* Cat Dash: B, F, M
Straight Whip: D, F, L
Up Whip: D, B, L
Feline Evade (High): D, B, M
Feline Evade (Low): D, B, M, U
Cat Stance: D, D, H
   L = Cartwheel
   M = Up Whip
   H = Pounce
Character Power:
Cat Scratch: CP
Each time Catwoman lands a basic attack she has a chance to have 1 Scratch added to her Scratch Meter. The chances of a Scratch being awarded increases with each hit of a combo. Pressing CP will perform a damaging combo, with each scratch adding an additional hit, up to a maximum of 5 hits.
Super Move:
Nine Lives: (FS+MB)
Catwoman tosses a handful of blinding powder into the face of the opponent and turns her victim into her own personal scratching post.
Cyborg Cyborg
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: (Victor "Vic" Stone) DC Comics Presents #26 (1980)
Alignment: Hero
Part man, part machine, Victor Stone is able to shift his cybernetic body parts into whatever tech he requires. A member of Justice League, Cyborg is one of crime’s most formidable enemies.
Special Moves:
* Nova Blaster: B, F, L (Also in Air)
* Power Fist: D, B, L
* Techno Tackle: B, D, F, H
Sonic Disruptor: D, F, M
Sonic Disruptor (Up): D, B, M
Target Acquired: D, D, H
Target Acquired (Close): D, D, H, B
Target Acquired (Far): D, D, H, F
Grapple (Forward): D, U/F
Grapple (Back): D, U/B
Character Power:
Repair Circuit: CP
Holding CP will allow Cyborg to rapidly repair his damaged system, restoring health for as long Cyborg remains in his state. Cyborg can cancel out of Repair Circuit by performing a Special Attack. Cyborg can immediately cancel the Repair Circuit by Dashing Forwards or Backwards.
Super Move:
Target Lock: (FS+MB)
Cyborg performs a dashing punch with his power fist before unleashing his ultimate weapon on his dazed opponent.
Deathstroke Deathstroke
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Slade Wilson) New Teen Titans #2 (1980)
Alignment: Villain
Volunteering for a U.S. military experiment that almost killed him, Slade Wilson found his physiology enhanced to a super-human degree. Dishonorably discharged, Slade became the world’s most feared assassin.
Special Moves:
* Quick Fire: D, F, L (Also in Air)
* Low Shots: B, D, L
* Machine Gun: D, F, M
* Machine Gun (Upwards): D, B, M
* Sword Spin: D, B, H (Press D after MB for Low Sword Spin)
Sword Flip: D, F, H
Character Power:
Enhanced Reflexes: CP
Deathstroke enters a more focused, relaxed stance allowing all of his gunshots to become unblockable for a time. After his focus has expired, Deathstroke is unable to concentrate and all gunshots attacks will automatically miss his opponent.
Super Move:
Eye For An Eye: (FS+MB)
Deathstroke performs a quick long range dashing sword slash that stuns the opponent long enough to follow up with some attacks from his favorite loadout of weapons.
Doomsday Doomsday
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Superman: The Man of Steel #18 (1992)
Alignment: Villain
Bred to be the ultimate killing machine, Doomsday originated on Krypton, long before Superman’s race was born. Besides giving him super powers, Doomsday’s DNA contains an innate hatred for all life.
Special Moves:
* Air Snatch: D, F, L
* Venom: D, F, H
* Upward Venom: D, B, H
* Earth Shake: D, F, M
* Supernova: D, B, M
Character Power:
Doom To All: CP
The Doom to All augments Doomsday’s already resilient body with a layer of rock-hard armor that prevents him from being knocked down or launched for a short period of time.
Super Move:
Mass Destruction: (FS+MB)
Starting with a quick, short range grab, the Mass Destruction sends Doomsday and the opponent plowing through the core of the planet.
The Flash The Flash
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Barry Allen) Showcase #4 (1956)
Alignment: Hero
After an electrical accident at his lab, scientist Barry Allen was left with the ability to move, think and react at super speeds. A member of the Justice League, The Flash uses his super speed to fight crime.
Special Moves:
* Speed Dodge: D, B, L
* Lightning Charge: B, F, M
* Lightning Kick: D, F, L
* Sonic Pound: D, F, H
Sonic Pound (Close): D, F, H, B
* Sonic Pound (Far): D, F, H, F
Flying Uppercut: D, B, H
Running Man Stance: D, D, M
   (F+L) = Lighting Charge
   (F+M) = Sonic Pound
   (F+H) = Charging Slide
Character Power:
Time Loop: CP
The Flash begins to move at such an incredible speed that his opponent’s movements look much slower in comparison. For a short amount of time this affords The Flash the ability to land combos that are not normally possible and generally make it harder for the opponent to mount an offense or defense.
Super Move:
Speed Zone: (FS+MB)
The Flash performs an incredibly fast running punch that begins a series of laps around the planet  to build up energy that is delivered to the opponent in a series of powerful strikes.
Green Arrow Green Arrow
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Oliver Queen) More Fun Comics #73 (1941)
Alignment: Hero
A modern day Robin Hood, former billionaire Oliver Queen acts on his progressive beliefs and ideals. As Green Arrow, his arsenal of trick arrows reflects his personality.
Special Moves:
* Sky Alert: D, B, L
* Dead On: D, B, L (In Air)
* Savage Blast: D, B, M
* Stinger: B, F, H
* Up Haven Blast: D, F, M
Hurricane Bow: D, F, L
Character Power:
Take Aim: CP
Holding CP will ready an arrow from Green Arrow’s quiver. Green Arrow can walk, crouch and jump while readying a shot. The arrow can be fired by releasing CP. Dashing Forwards or Backwards will cancel the shot.
Frozen Arrow: D, B, CP
Loads Green Arrow’s quiver with a single Frozen Arrow. The Frozen Arrow is slow but will freeze the opponent for follow-up attacks or combos. The arrow can be fired by releasing CP. Dashing Forwards or Backwards will cancel the shot.
Electric Arrow: D, F, CP
Loads Green Arrow’s quiver with 2  Electric Arrows. The Electric Arrow is incredibly fast and deals additional damage. The arrow can be fired by releasing CP. Dashing Forwards or Backwards will cancel the shot.
Burning Arrow: D, D, CP
Loads Green Arrow’s quiver with 3 Burning Arrows. The Burning Arrow is powerful and knocks down on impact. The arrow can be fired by releasing CP. Dashing Forwards or Backwards will cancel the shot.
Super Move:
Arsenal Assault: (FS+MB)
Green Arrow fires an explosive arrow into the ground at midrange in an attempt to catch the opponent before following up with a series of acrobatic arrow shots.
Green Lantern Green Lantern
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: (Hal Jordan) Showcase #22 (October 1959)
Alignment: Hero
A former test pilot, Hal Jordan was chosen to join the Green Lantern Corps because of his fearless heroic nature. His power ring, which he uses to create anything he can think of, is powered by his will.
Special Moves:
* Oa’s Rocket: B, F, L (Also in Air)
* Rocket Power: D, B, M
* Rocket Power (Close): D, B, M, B
* Rocket Power (Far): D, B, M, F
* Lantern’s Might: D, B, L
* Minigun: B, F, M
* Turbine Smash: B, F, H (Also in Air)
Character Power:
Green Lantern's Light: CP
Green Lantern’s Light bathes Hal Jordan in green energy which increases Hal’s overall damage and amplifies the power of many of his Special Moves.
Super Move:
Beware My Power: (FS+MB)
Green Lantern releases a powerful blast of energy directly around his location, that if landed, teleports both Hal and his victims to Oa where he devastates them with a series of construct weapons.
Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Harleen Frances Quinzel) The Batman Adventures #12 (1993)
Alignment: Villain
Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist who fell in love with her patient: The Joker. Intoxicated by him, she adopted the Harley Quinn persona and helps in his criminal pursuits.
Special Moves:
* Pop Pop: D, B, M
* Line of Fire: D, F, L
* Heads Up: D, B, L
* Oopsy Daisy: D, B, L (In Air)
* Cupcake Bomb: B, F, M
* Play Doctor: D, B, F, L
Silly Slide: B, F, H
Tantrum Stance: D, B, H
   L = Forward Cartwheel
   M = Hand Stand
   H = Bullet Frenzy
   F = Forward Somersault
   B = Backward Somersault
Character Power:
Bag-O-Tricks: CP
Befitting of Harley’s fractured psyche and reliance on gimmicky gadgets to defeat opponents, her Character Power is a random sampling of various odds and ends that can heal, harm or buff.

Mr. J
A framed picture of Harley’s cherished Mr. J boosts her damage outputs for a short time.

Surprised, Harley pulls a ticking bundle of dynamite from her Bag-O-Tricks that deals heavy damage to an opponent caught in the blast radius.

Ivy's Flower
A gift from Poison Ivy, this potent flower will heal a small amount of damage over time.
Super Move:
Mallet Bomb: (FS+MB)
Harley Quinn is usually good for a laugh, but there is nothing funny about her full screen Super Move! It allows for the continuation of a juggle combo after it connects!
Hawkgirl Hawkgirl
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: All Star Comics #5 (June 1941)
Alignment: Hero
Shiera Hall is the reincarnated princess Chay-Ara. With the aid of Nth Metal, an alien, magic-based substance, she fights crimes as the fearsome Hawkgirl.
Special Moves:
* Mace Charge: B, F, M
* Mace Charge: B, F, M (In Air)
* Mace Toss: D, B, L
* Mace Toss: D, F, L (In Air)
* Downward Mace: D, B, L (In Air)
Heavenward Stomp: (D+H) (In Air)
Wing Evade: D, B, M
Character Power:
Soaring Hawk: CP
Hawkgirl uses the power of Nth metal to initiate her Soaring Hawk flight stance. Hawkgirl is able to navigate while flying and perform additional attacks.

Fly Up: U
Fly Down: D
Fly Towards: F
Fly Away: B
Mace Jab: L
Flip Kick: M
Double Kick: H
Super Move:
The Power of Nth: (FS+MB)
Hawkgirl performs a dashing grab and takes to the skies with her opponent, releasing them to tumble back to the ground (but not before pulling a little mace to the face)!
The Joker The Joker
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: Batman #1 (1940)
Alignment: Villain
A chemical accident turned an unknown small time criminal into the Clown Prince of Crime, the joker. More crazed killer than goofy clown, this super-villain’s only goal is to kill his nemesis, Batman.
Special Moves:
* Crowbar: B, F, H
* Laughing Gas: D, B, L
* Rolling Laughing Gas: D, B, M
BANG!: D, F, L
Chattering Teeth: D, B, H
Chattering Teeth (Mid): D, B, H, U
Chattering Teeth (Far): D, B, H, F
Acid Blossom: B, F, M
Character Power:
Joker’s Wild:CP
Joker’s Wild can be used to parry high or low attacks and retaliate with a quick knife strike Each successful parry will increase The Joker’s HA! Meter by 1 (up to a maximum of 3). For each HA! The Joker gains slightly increase movement speed.
Super Move:
Let's Be Serious: (FS+MB)
The Joker’s Super Move begins with an incredibly fast pie-based projectile that staggers the opponent if it connects, setting up a furious barrage of crowbar strikes and other attacks with various gadgets hidden in his jacket.
Killer Frost Killer Frost
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: Firestorm # 3 (1978)
Alignment: Villain
Dr. Louise Lincoln was devastated when her friend and colleague, the original Killer Frost, was killed. She duplicated Crystal Frost’s experiments and acquired her freezing power.
Special Moves:
* Frostbite: D, B, L
* Iceberg: D, B, M
* Flash Freeze: D, B, F, M
Black Ice: B, D, H
Frozen Daggers: B, F, L
Character Power:
Freezing Cold: CP
Killer Frost can charge up her Freezing Cold Power by pressing and holding CP. Once fully charged, Killer Frost’s attacks will freeze the opponent for a short time on every hit, allowing her to string together attacks that normally would not be possible. Killer Frost can immediately cancel the Freezing Cold Power with a dash forwards or backwards.
Air Dash:  F, F/B, B (In Air)
While in the air, Killer Frost can air dash by tapping F, F/B, B.
Super Move:
Endless Whiteout: (FS+MB)
Killer Frost Target’s the opponent’s location with a large gust of chilled air. If this blast lands the opponent is trapped in a spiked ice trap before being pummeled with various deadly ice constructs.
Lex Luthor Lex Luthor
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Action Comics #23 (1940)
Alignment: Villain
Criminal genius Lex Luthor hates his intellectual inferiors, but loathes Superman most of all. He can’t stand that a muscle bound alien garners more attention and adulation than a man of his stature.
Special Moves:
* Gravity Pull: D, B, M
* Gravity Mine: D, D, H
* Gravity Mine (Close): D, D, H, B
* Gravity Mine (Far): D, D, H, F
* Orbital Strike: D, F, H
* Lex Probe: D, B, H
Lance Blast: D, F, L
Lance Blast (Up): D, B, L
Corp Charge: B, F, M (Also in Air)
Character Power:
Energy Shield: CP
Luthor’s Energy Shield can be charged by holding CP. At level 1, the shield absorbs 1 attack. At level 2, the shield absorbs 1 attack, reduces damage by 50% and lasts twice as long. At level 3, the shield absorbs 1 hit, reduces damage by 100% and lasts four times longer.
Super Move:
Coordinates Received: (FS+MB)
Luthor performs a barrage of 4 powerful, armor enhanced punches that stun the opponent. Lex then calls down a powerful blast of energy from an orbiting satellite which he forms into a projectile and hurls at his unlucky victim.
Nightwing Nightwing
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Dick Grayson) Tales of the Teen Titans #44 (1984)
Alignment: Hero
Dick Grayson began his crime-fighting career alongside Batman as Robin. When the Boy Wonder became a man, he took on a new persona and began fighting solo as Nightwing.
Special Moves:
* WingDing: D, B, L (In Air)
* Ground Spark: D, B, M
* Escrima Fury: D, F, M
* Flip Kick: D, B, H
* Scatter Bomb: D, B, L

* Staff Spin: D, B, H
* Ground Spark: D, B, M
Flying Grayson: B, F, H
Character Power:
Style Change: CP
Nightwing’s Style Change allows him to switch between using a pair of short range Escrima truncheons to using a long range Staff. Nightwing can even switch in the middle of some combos and Special Attacks.
Super Move:
Dark as Night: (FS+MB)
Nightwing smashes his escrima sticks together, crating a short range blast of electricity before hopping onto his motorcycle to deliver his own form of justice.
Raven Raven
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (1980)
Alignment: Hero
Raised in Azarath, Raven is the daughter of the Demon Trigon. Half human, half demon, Raven struggles to keep her demonic inside under control. She vows to stop her father’s desire to conquest.
Special Moves:
* Empty Void: D, B, L
* Soul Crush: D, F, M
* Singularity: D, B, M
Shadow Raven: D, F, L
Character Power:
Demon Stance: CP
Demon Stance allows Raven to manifest the power of her Soul-Self, which is an ability that replaces and unlocks additional Special Moves for a limited amount of time.

* Event Horizon: D, B, M
* Negative Mass: D, F, L
* Negative Mass (Close): D, F, L, B
* Negative Mass (Far): D, F, L, F
* Dark Transmission (Front): D, B, H (Also in Air)
* Dark Transmission (Behind): D, F, H (Also in Air)
Super Move:
Deadly Sin: (FS+MB)
Raven calls down a powerful pillar of shadow energy directly in front of her that will transport the opponent to another realm where demonic minions will deliver several punishing blows before Raven’s father Trigon appears and sends the victim back to reality.
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (1940)
Alignment: Hero
Young Billy Batson was chosen by a mysterious wizard to become the Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. By saying “Shazam” Billy assumes the power of six ancient gods.
Special Moves:
* Atlas Torpedo: B, F, M
* Bolt of Zeus: D, B, M
* Herculean Might: D, B, F, L
* Achilles' Clutch: D, B, L
Advancing Mercury Storm: D, F, H
Eluding Mercury Storm: D, B, H
Character Power:
Solomon’s Judgment: CP
Shazam calls down and catches balls of lightning that augment all of his punching attacks to inflict increased damage.
Super Move:
The Power Of SHAZAM!: (FS+MB)
Shazam charges a powerful lightning punch, sending his opponents into the clouds where he inflicts multiple, powerful blows before flinging them back to the ground.
Sinestro Sinestro
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Green Lantern (vol. 2) # 7 (1961)
Alignment: Villain
Once a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro’s obsession with order at any cost eventually let him to create his own power ring. He is obsessed with the destruction of the Green Lanterns.
Special Moves:
* Fear Blast: D, F, L
* Impact Event: D, B, M
* Arachnid Sting: D, F, M
Axe of Terror: D, B, L (In Air)
Final Shackles: D, B, L
Character Power:
Beware Your Fears: CP
Holding CP will charge up Sinestro’s Fear meter. Pressing CP while this construct is active, will fire a small blast of concentrated energy at the opponent’s location. Sinestro can use this 3 times before the fear construct’s energy breaks up and it dissipates.
Super Move:
Sinestro's Might: (FS+MB)
Sinestro creates a construct shield and forces it towards the opponents, stunning them on a successful hit. Quickly shackling the opponent with a beam from his power ring, he creates a portal and drags them into deep space to deliver the final, devastating blows.
Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: (Cyrus Gold) All-American Comics #61 (1944)
Alignment: Villain
When criminal Cyrus Gold was killed, his remains were resurrected by the powers of the swamp his body fell into. Becoming Solomon Grundy, the mindless brute wants to destroy all Earth’s heroes.
Special Moves:
* Cleaver Spin: D, B, L
* Walking Corpse: B, F, H
* Grave Rot: D, B, H
* Dead Air: B, F, M
* Swamp Hands: D, B, M
To The Grave: D, F, L
Character Power:
The Pain Chain: CP
Once Grundy initiates the Pain Chain, he can obliterate his opponent by performing 1 of 3 follow-up throws, each of which buffs a different attribute for the remainder of the fight or until he buffs a different attribute with a different chain. Pressing RT when performing The Pain Chain will make the initial grab unblockable and armored.

Power Chain: F, B, CP
Increases damage on all attacks.

Power Final hit: D, F, CP
Further increases damage on all attacks.

Health Chain: D, D, CP
Reduces damage taken.

Health Final hit: U, U, CP
Further reduces damage taken.

Defense Chain: D, U, CP
Reduces block damage taken.

Defense Final Hit: U, D, CP
Further reduces block damage taken.
Super Move:
Grave Digger: (FS+MB)
Upon activating Grave Digger, Grundy enters into a state of increased speed and defense. Additionally, all attacks are replaced with an unblocking grab that if landed, will lead to Grundy inflicting a series of devastating attacks before breaking his own headstone over his opponent’s head.
Superman Superman
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (1938)
Alignment: Hero
The last son of Krypton was found by the Kent family, which raised him as a human, giving him the name Clark. The first and greatest hero of them all, Superman fights to protect his adopted world from evil.
Special Moves:
* Super Breath: D, B, M
* Heat Vision: D, B, L (Also in Air)
* Rising Grab: D, F, M
* Flying Punch: B, F, H
* Flying Ground Smash: (D+H) (In Air)
Heat Zap: D, B, H
Low Scoop: D, F, L
Character Power:
Fury of Krypton: CP
The Fury of Krypton will cause all of Superman’s attacks to ignore armor and inflict increased damage for a short time.
Air Dash: F, F/B, B (In Air)
While in the air, Superman can air dash by tapping F, F/B, B.
Super Move:
Kryptonian Crush: (FS+MB)
Superman quickly flies towards the opponents with a grab attack, which if successful, is followed by a massive punch that sends them into orbit. Superman follows them into space before punching them back to the ground.
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: (Diana Prince) All Star Comics #8 (1941)
Alignment: Hero
Daughter of an Amazon and the Greek God Zeus, Diana was trained by the God of War Ares, and armed with magical weapons. One of the most formidable warriors on earth, Diana fights to protect the innocent.
Special Moves:
* Straight Tiara: B, F, M (Also in air)
* Amazonian Uppercut: D, F, H
* Amazonian Smash: D, B, H (In Air)
* Lasso Grab: D, F, L
Lasso Spin: D, B, H
Bracelets of Submission: D, B, L
Tiara (Up): D, B, M
Tiara (Down): D, B, M (In Air)
Demigoddess' Might: D, F, H (In Air)

Sword and Shield:
* Shield Toss: B, F, M
* Amalthea Bash: B, F, H
Shield Strike: D, B, L
Up Shield: D, B, M
Down Shield: D, B, M (In Air)
Character Power:
Style Change: CP
Wonder Woman can switch between her hard hitting Lasso Offensive stance to a more defensive Sword and Shield Stance. While in Lasso Stance, Wonder Woman is far more mobile and deals higher overall damage. While in Sword and Shield Stance, Wonder Woman takes reduced block damage but moves much slower and does less overall damage.
Air Dash: F, F/B, B (In Air)
While in the air, Wonder Woman can air dash by tapping F, F/B, B.
Super Move:
Justice Javelin: (FS+MB)
Wonder Woman bashes the opponent with her shield and calls forth the strength of her Amazonian sisters to unleash a powerful assault before delivering a final deadly blow with her sword.
Downloadable Characters (DLC):

Lobo Lobo (DLC#1)
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Omega Men #3 (1983)
Alignment: Bastich
The last of the Czarnians, a result of Lobo slaughtering every other Czarnian in existence, Lobo now serves as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Whatever you do, don't mention his orange and purple suit.
Special Moves:
* Spin Cycle: D, B, L
* Pump Shot: D, F, L
* Pump Shot (Mid): D, F, L, B
* Pump Shot (Low): D, F, L, D
* Czarnian Toss: D, B, F, M
* Space Hook: D, B, M
* Space Hook (Low): D, B, H
* Hook Carnage: B, F, H
Character Power:
Nuclear Shells: CP
Lobo loads nuclear shells into his shotgun, augmenting the power and effect of the next attack involving a blast from his firearm.
Super Move:
The Main Man: (FS+MB)
After stunning his victim with a powerful chain strike, Lobo performs a little hit and run with his space hog. If Nuclear Shells are loaded, this attack will inflict increased damage.
DLC Availability:
May 07th, 2013
Batgirl Batgirl (DLC#2)
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: (Barbara Gordon) Detective Comics #359 (1967)
Alignment: Hero
After saving herself and a GCPD officer from the criminal Harry X, Barbara Gordon became Batgirl. Three years after being shot by the Joker, Barbara has recovered physically, but is psychologically troubled.
Special Moves:
* Smoke Bomb: D, D, H
* Air Smoke Bomb: D, D, H
* Batarang: D, B, L
* Flying Bat: D, F, M
* Redemption: B, F, H
* Bat Evade: D, B, H
   L: Flying Kick
   M: Scatter Bombs
   H: Dive Kick
Batwheel: D, B, M
   D: Low Punch
   U: Side Kick
* Bab's Bola: B, F, L
Character Power:
Gotham's Gauntlets: CP
- Switches Batgirl's Gotham's Gauntlets between Punch Blades and Electrified Knuckles.
- The Punch Blades inflict additional damage on all normal and special attacks landed with Batgirl's fists.
- The Electrified Knuckles inflict additional damage on block opponents with any attack landed with Batgirl's fists.

Super Move:
High-Wire Act: (FS+MB) (In Air)
-Batgirl slams her electrified Gadget Gauntlets together creating a shockwave that if landed stuns her opponent and leads to an acrobatic display of graceful, but deadly, attacks.
-The High-Wire Attack can only be performed while airborne.

DLC Availability:
May 21st, 2013
Scorpion Scorpion (DLC#3)
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)
Alignment: Neutral
Scorpion was killed by the Lin Kuei ninja Sub-Zero. He was resurrected and given a chance for vengeance in the Mortal Kombat tournament. Before he could finish Sub-Zero, he was transported to another world.
Special Moves:
* Bloody Spear: B, F, L
* Hell Fire: D, B, M
* Teleport Punch: D, B, H (Also in Air)
Leg Takedown: B, F, H
Flip Kick: D, F, M
Air Throw: (D+TH) (In air - Close)
Character Power:
Shroud of Flames: CP
Pressing CP summons the flames of the Netherrealm, encasing Scorpion in an aura of fire that continuously damages his opponent while close.
Super Move:
Welcome to the Netherrealm: (FS+MB)
Scorpion teleports behind his opponent while delivering a vicious flaming kick, transporting both Scorpion and his victim to the Netherrealm for a brutal beating.
DLC Availability:
June 04th, 2013 if DLC Season Pass has been downloaded
June 11th, 2013 if DLC Season Pass has not been downloaded
General Zod General Zod (DLC#4)
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #283 (1961)
Alignment: Villain
General of Krypton, Zod was banished to the Phantom Zone for attempting to conquer Krypton. An ultra-nationalist, Zod will do anything to promote Kryptonian supremacy, including genocide.
Special Moves:
* Side Arm: B, F, L
* Kryptonian Rifle: D, B, L (Also in Air)
* Kryptonian Rifle (Fast): D, B, L, F (Also in Air)
* Kryptonian Rifle (Slow): D, B, L, B (Also in Air)
* Zod Charge: B, F, M (Also in Air)
* Ground Blast: D, B, M
* Ground Blast (Close): D, B, M, B
* Ground Blast (Far): D, B, M, F
* Phantom Strike: B, F, H
Ground Parry: D, B, H
Character Power:
Phantom Wraith: CP
General Zod summons a Wraith from the Phantom Zone.  Under Zod's control, the Wraith attacks his victim for a short time before returning to the Phantom Zone.

Wraith Slash: CP
General Zod commands the Wraith to slash at his opponent.

Wraith Grab: D, F, CP/D, B, CP
General Zod commands a Wraith to secure the opponent and deliver a bite before returning to the Phantom Zone.
Super Move:
Galactic Destruction: (FS+MB)
General Zod brutally forces his opponent through the center of the moon before returning them to Earth with a concentrated blast of heat vision energy.
DLC Availability:
July 02nd, 2013
Martian Manhunter Martian Manhunter (DLC#5)
Fighter Type: Power Based
First Appearance: Detective Comics #225 (1955)
Alignment: Hero
One of the few remaining Green Martians of the planet Ma'aleca'andra, J'onn J'onzz found himself transported to Earth. Utilizing his powers and Manhunter skills, J'onn protects the innocent as a hero and detective.
Special Moves:
* Side Arm: B, F, L
* Martian Grab: D, B, L
* Psyche Orb: D, F, L
* Psyche Orb (Close): D, F, L, B
* Psyche Orb (Mid): D, F, L, F
* Psyche Orb (Far): D, F, L, U
* Alien Pillar: D, B, M
* Alien Pillar (Close): D, B, M, B
* Alien Pillar (Far): D, B, M, F
* Alien Pillar (Full): D, B, M, U
* Telekinetic Strike: D, D, M
* Telekinetic Strike (Close): D, D, M, B
* Telekinetic Strike (Far): D, D, M, F
* Psionic Push: B, F, H
* Phase Charge: B, F, M
Phase Assault: D, B, H (Also in Air)
Phase Assault (Down): D, B, H, D (Also in Air)
Character Power:
Alien Malleability: CP
Alien Malleability gives Martian Manhunter the ability to extend his limbs during normal attack and combos, granting increased range and potential combo opportunities.

Air Dash: F, F/B, B (In Air)
While in the air, Martian Manhunter can air dash by tapping F, F/B, B.
Super Move:
Son of Mars: (FS+MB)
Martian Manhunter transports his opponent to Mars or telepathically forces the opponent/player to believe they have been teleported. He then shape shifts into the opponent/player's character and punches him/her twice. While stunned, he turns back into his Martian form and uppercuts the opponent/player into the sky. As he/she flies up he grows to enormous size and crushes the opponent/player with two boulders. He then teleports player/opponent back to the arena.
DLC Availability:
July 30th, 2013
Zatanna Zatanna (DLC#6)
Fighter Type: Gadget Based
First Appearance: Hawkman #4 (1964)
Alignment: Hero
Daughter of John Zatara, Zatanna is a member of the mystic tribe of sorcerers called the the Hidden Ones. Now a member of Justice League Dark, Zatanna protects the Earth from various occult threats.
Special Moves:
* Fire Kiss: D, B, M (F or B)
* Linking Rings: D, B, L
* Linking Rings Up: D, B, U, L
* Linking Rings Down: D, B, D, L
* Teleport In Front: D, U
* Teleport Behind: D, U, F
* Teleport Away: D, U, B
* Teleport Feint: D, U, D
* Zatara Dive: D, B, H
* Multi Kick: B, F, L
* Puppet Master: B, F, H
Smoke and Mirrors: D, D, H
Smoke and Mirrors Front D, D, H, F
Smoke and Mirrors Back: D, D, H, B
Fifty Two Pickup: B, F, M
Levitate: U, U, H (In Air)
 Follow up with:
  * Teleport In Front: D, U (In Air)
  * Teleport Behind: D, U, F (In Air)
  * Teleport Away: D, U, B (In Air)
  * Teleport Feint: D, U, D (In Air)
Character Power:
Sargon's Hat Stance: CP
Sargon's Hat equips Zatanna with her top hat and wand, focusing her magic and giving her a full arsenal of new spells to cast.
Super Move:
Avrah KaDabra: (FS+MB)
Zatanna pulls out her wand and casts a spell that surrounds her opponent in a dark blue vortex and lifts him/her into the air. Zatanna then flies up to the opponent and creates a glowing ankh, (using magical hand movements), casts magical energy from the glowing ankh, then the magic energy traps him/her in a golden glowing, diamond-shaped prison. She says an enchantment, flips the prison upside down and sends it hurling toward the ground.
DLC Availability:
August 13th, 2013
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