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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat 3 Special 56 Pepoles - Move List - Universal - NES/Famicom (Unlicensed)
Mortal Kombat 3 Special 56 Pepoles
Move List - Universal - NES/Famicom (Unlicensed)
Johnny CageReptileBarakaKitanaScorpionBarakaReptileScorpion
Sub-ZeroJaxLiu KangJohnny CageKung LaoLiu KangKintaroShao Kahn
Shang TsungShao KahnRaidenSub-ZeroKitanaRaidenKung LaoJax
ScorpionBarakaMileenaShang TsungKintaroMileenaBarakaKitana
Kung LaoLiu KangReptileScorpionJohnny CageReptileLiu KangJohnny Cage
KitanaRaidenKintaroShao KahnSub-ZeroJaxRaidenSub-Zero
KintaroMileenaKung LaoJaxShang TsungShao KahnMileenaShang Tsung
(Each version of a character uses the same move inputs...
Example: Red Scorpion has the same moves as Blue, Green, and Yellow Scorpion)
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Last updated: 03/12/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
Note: These move inputs should also work on:
Mortal Kombat II Special, Mortal Kombat III Special, & Mortal Kombat IV Special
(All Unlicensed Famicom Games)

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away/Block
P = Punch
K = High Kick
P = A
K = B

Selectable Characters:

Baraka Baraka
Special Moves:
Blade Spark: D, F, P
Blade Fury: D, B, K
Jax Jax
Special Moves:
Energy Wave: D, F, P
Gotcha Grab: D, B, K (Close)
Johnny Cage Johnny Cage
Special Moves:
High Green Orb: D, F, P
Shadow Uppercut: D, B, K
Kitana Kitana
Special Moves:
Fan Throw: D, F, P
Fan Lift: D, B, K
Kung Lao Kung Lao
Special Moves:
Hat Throw: D, F, P
Teleport: D, B, K
Liu Kang Liu Kang
Special Moves:
High Fireball: D, F, P
Bicycle Kick: D, B, K
Mileena Mileena
Special Moves:
Sai Throw: D, F, P
Ground Roll: D, B, K
Raiden Raiden
Special Moves:
Lightning Bolt: D, F, P
Electric Grab: D, B, K
Reptile Reptile
Special Moves:
Forceball: D, F, P
Acid Spit: D, B, K
Scorpion Scorpion
Special Moves:
Fireball: D, F, P
Teleport Punch: D, B, K
Shang Tsung Shang Tsung
Special Moves:
Flaming Skull: D, F, P
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
Special Moves:
Freeze: D, F, P
Ground Freeze: D, B, K
Kintaro Kintaro
Special Moves:
Fireball Spit: D, F, P
Shao Kahn Shao Kahn
Special Moves:
Green Lightning Spear: D, F, P
Shoulder Charge: D, B, K

Mortal Kombat Komplete