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MKKomplete - Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008) - Combos - XBOX 360
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008)
Combos - XBOX 360
ScorpionSub-ZeroSonyaShang TsungKitanaShao KahnThe JokerCatwomanThe FlashSupermanBatman
JaxLiu KangRaidenKanoBarakaDarkseidWonder WomanDeathstrokeLex LuthorCaptain MarvelGreen Lantern
Dark Kahn
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Last updated: 03/30/19
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
F = Forward/Toward
B = Back/Away
Pause/Movelist: START
1 = 1
2 = 2
3 = 3
4 = 4
TH= Throw/(1+3)
*CK = Close Kombat/(2+4)
3D= 3D Movement
BL = Block
Evade = (1+2)
Rage Mode = (3D+BL)
2D Movement = D-Pad
XBOX 360:
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B
TH = LB/(X+A)
*CK = RB/(Y+B)
3D = (LT+U/D) on D-Pad
Evade = (X+Y)
Rage Mode = (LT + RT)
2D Movement = D-Pad

*Crouching/Ducking while in Close Kombat = Low Close Kombat
MK Roster:

Baraka Baraka
Normal Stance:
Double Cuts: Y, Y [8%]
Flurry: Y, Y, Y [15%]
Skinned Alive: Y, Y, A [17%]
Tears of Pain: Y, Y, B: [19%] (Switches Stance)
Cut Em Loose: A, B [12 %] (Switches Stance)
Horror: (B+A), X [14%]
Power Slam: (B+A), (B+X) [14%]
Tarkatan Chop: (B+A), (B+Y) [12%]
Outworld Bash: (B+A), A [16%]
Doom Kicks: (B+A), (B+A) [18%]
Nail and Impale: (B+A), B (Switches Stance)
Blade Stance:
Open Wound: X, X [8%]
Back to Kill: X, X, X [15%]
Cold Steel: X, X, Y [11%]
Quick Tips: X, X, Y, Y [16%]
Feasting on You: X, X, A[17%]
Launching Success: (B+Y), B [12%] (Switches Stance)
Tricky Fury: (B+Y), A [16%]
Jax Jax
Revenge: X, X [8%]
Jax Attack: X, X, B [15%]
Power Hookz: X, Y [12%]
Crunch Time: X, A [14%]
Army of One: X, B [10%]
Face Beatdown: X, (B+Y) [12%]
Brigg's Bash: Y, A [14%]
Crippling Blows: (B+Y), (B+Y) [10%]
Step It Up: (B+Y), (B+Y), (B+Y) [17%]
Air Strikes: (B+Y), (B+Y), (B+X) [15%]
Reserved Pain: (B+Y), (B+Y), A [19%]
Cheap Shot: B, Y [14%]
Tricky Combat: B, A [16%]
Dirty Bootz: B, B [14%]
Kano Kano
Fury Blast: X, X [8%]
The Rage: X, X, X [15%]
Fighting King: X, X, A [17%]
No Escape: X, X, Y [15%]
Krusty Boot: X, B [10%]
Rage Machine X, B, B [19%]
Tornado Twist: Y, Y [14%]
Black Dragon Claws: B, B [16%]
Double Dragon B, A [12%]
The Rage Kicks B, A, A [23%]
Kitana Kitana
Double Trouble: X, X [8%]
Sky High: A, X [6%]
Queen of the Sky: A, X, X [11%]
Pain Giver: A, Y [13%]
Blast Off: A, B [10%]
Crazy Wind: A, (B+X) [18%]
Liu Kang Liu Kang
Shaolin Rush: X, X [6%]
Three Fists: X, X, X [11%]
Krushing Kombo: X, X, Y [15%]
Launching Fury: X, X, (D+Y) [13%]
Blazing Blasts: X, X, A [11%]
Final Act: X, X, A, A [18%]
Showdown: X, X, B [20%]
Backdown: Y, (B+X) [18%]
Lotus Flurry: Y, A, A [19%]
Immortal Dragon: Y, B [21%]
Fierce Tiger: Y, (B+A) [14%]
Meaningful Life: A, A [12%]
Raiden Raiden
Traveling Thunder: X, X [6%]
Roaring Thunder: X, X, X [11%]
Kenpo Fury: X, X, Y [15%]
Sudden Energy: X, X, B [13%]
Reaper: Y, B [12%]
Static Fury: Y, B, A [19%]
Oath Breaker: A, Y [16%]
Side Pain: A, B [12%]
Wind Cutter: A, B, Y [19%]
White Lightning: B, Y [14%]
Stomp Your Feet: B, A [12%]
Justice for Me: B, (B+X) [16%]
Leaping Lizard: B, (B+B) [14%]
Scorpion Scorpion
Silver Fury: X, X [8%]
Quick Movements: X, Y [12%]
Unspeakable Horror: X, A[17%]
Lurky Evil: X, B [12%]
Blown Away: X, X, A [21%]
Hot Demon: X, X, B [17%]
Blasted Wind: X, X, (B+Y) [21%]
Overrated: B, Y [14%]
Sneaky Legs: B, A [19%]
Feel the Flame: B, (B+A) [19%]
Shang Tsung Shang Tsung
Deceptive Moves: X, X [6%]
Foul Tricks: X, X, X [13%]
Menacing Pain: X, X, B [15%]
Tricky Ways: X, X, Y [9%]
Blessed Fury: X, A [8%]
Old Secret: X, A, A [15%]
Blending Pain: Y, Y [10%]
Tormentor: Y, Y, A [15%]
Deadly Wish: Y, Y, (B+X) 23%
Double Quick Sidekicks: A, A [14%]
Powered Force: A, B [12%]
Sonya Sonya
Fierce Assault: X, Y [12%]
Cannon Strikes: X, A [8%]
Chained Death: X, A, A [11%]
Crazed Wind: X, (B+B) [16%]
Dark Violence: X, A [12%]
Kickboxer Knockout: Y, Y [8%]
Dazed Victim: Y, Y, X [15%]
Ride Like the Wind: Y, Y, (B+B) [15%]
Double Chest Kick: A, A [8%]
Triple Chest Kick: Y, A, A [13%]
Sub-Zero Sub-Zero
Ice Picked: X, X, X [13%]
Power Lift: X, X, B [13%]
Cold Twist: Y, A [18%]
Upward Chill: Y, (B+B) [19%]
Lights Out: (B+Y), Y [16%]
Stopped Iced: (B+Y), B [14%]
Chilled Victim: (B+Y), B, A [23%]
Shao Kahn Shao Kahn (Sub-Boss/Unlockable)
(Unlock by Kompleting MK Story Mode. Select him by pressing RB at the character selection screen.)
Dark Void: X, X [10%]
Krush: A, X [12%]
I Win: A, X, X [15%]
Rocky Bootz: A, B [12%]
DC Roster:

Batman Batman
Reaching Fast Strikes: X, X [6%]
Vengeance: X, X, Y [18%]
Around The World: X, B [12%]
Mind Games: X, B, (B+A) [19%]
Power Legs: A, Y [20%]
Tricky Bat: A, (B+B) [10%]
Phased Out: A, B [17%]
Darkness: A, (B+X) [13%]
Creeping Fangs: B (B+A) [16%]
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel
Stop Right There: X, X [8%]
Blasted Pain: X, X, Y [19%]
Power of Gods: X, X, A [15%]
Punted Death: X, X, B [17%]
Sudden Pain: A, X [8%]
Hurtful Justice: A, X, X [13%]
Thundering Rage A, Y [12%]
Power of Wind: A, B [12%]
Catwoman Catwoman
Long Nails: X, X [6%]
Frenzy: X, X, Y [13%]
Play Time X, X, (B+X) [13%]
Playful Cat: X, X, (B+Y) [17%]
Wild Bunch: X, X, (F+Y) [12%]
Reaching For Air: X, X, A [17%]
Brutal Kombo: X, X, B [15%]
Hidden Danger: B, Y [16%]
Untameable: B, A [20%]
Hidden Tricks: B, (B+B) [20%]
Deathstroke Deathstroke
Normal Stance:

Scales Of Fury: X, X [6%]
Winded Fists: X, X, Y [11%]
Devilish Warrior X, X, A [13%]
Spin Cycle: (B+X), A [19%]
Death Walker: (B+X), (B+Y) [12%]
Slice And Dice: X, X, B  [17%] (Switches Stance)

Sword Stance:
Kazi: X, X  [10%]
Get The Point: X, X, A  [17%]
The Flash The Flash
Rising Lightning: X, X [6%]
Speed Control: X, X, B [12%]
Out Of Control X, X, Y [21%]
Swift Air: Y, Y [6%]
like the wind: Y, Y, X [15%]
Sonic Blast: Y, Y, Y [9%]
Swift Justice: Y, Y, A [12%]
Blurry Memory: A, X [15%]
Speed Force: A, B [12%]
Green Lantern Green Lantern
Cosmic Crack: X, X [10%]
Space Force: X, X, X [17%]
Plasmic Stopper: X, X, A [20%]
Green View: X, X, B [19%]
Speed Spacer: Y, X [10%]
Heavy Hitter Y, X, X [17%]
Green Alert: Y, A [17%]
Force Of One: Y, B [14%]
Green Force: Y, (F+X) [16%]
Kicking Force: B, (F+X) [20%]
The Joker The Joker
Double Jab: X, X [6%]
Triple Speed: X, X, X [11%]
Fatal Follow-up: X, X, Y [13%]
Psycho Crusher: X, X, A [15%]
I'm Krazy: X, X, (F+Y) [13%]
Laughing Matter: A, (F+Y) [12%]
Lex Luthor Lex Luthor
Rib Breaker: X, X [10%]
Bruiser: X, X, X [17%]
Metal Man: X, X, Y [19%]
Steel Impact: X, X, B [19%]
Cold Death: X, X, (B+A) [17%]
I'm Smart Y, A [12%]
Kommando: Y, B [12%]
Superman Superman
Double Iron: X, X [6%]
Pulverizer: X, X, X [11%]
The Smasher: X, X, Y [13%]
To the Gut: X, X, A [11%]
Soaring Victory: X, X, (B+A) [15%]
Weighted Force: Y, A [10%]
More Justice: Y, A, (B+A) [19%]
Forever Justice: Y, A, B [19%]
Knock Out Power: Y, B [14%]
Man in Blue: A, B [14%]
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Strong Agent: X, B [14%]
Wonderous: X, A [10%]
Island Control: X, A, B [19%]
Wonderous Air: Y, Y [6%]
Princess Power: Y, Y, Y [13%]
Hidden Agenda: Y, Y, (B+Y) [11%]
No escape: Y, Y, A [15%]
Good Allegiance: Y, Y, (F+X) [17%]
Gist of the Gods: Y, Y, X [13%]
Red Boots: A, B [16%]
Frenzy Boots: (B+A), A [7%]
Darkseid Darkseid (Sub-Boss/Unlockable)
(Unlock by Kompleting DC Story Mode. Select him by pressing RB at the character selection screen.)
The Void: X, X [10%]
Destroyer: B, X [12%]
Giant Pain: B, A [12%]
Dark Kahn Dark Kahn (Final Boss)

Mortal Kombat Komplete