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MKKomplete - ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut (1998) - Move List/Bios - Universal - Nintendo 64
ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut (1998)
Move List/Bios - Universal - Nintendo 64
Bad Mr. FrostyBlobBonkerHounganIckybod ClayKung Pow
Lady LibertyLockjaw PoochTaffyT-HoppyZappa Yow Yow BoyzDr. Kiln
BoogermanEarthworm JimHigh FiveSumo Santa
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Last Updated: 05/02/21
Note: All commands are assuming your character is facing right.
If you are facing left, you must reverse the directional commands.
Backwards becoming Forwards and Vice Versa.
It's recommended that your controls match the default setting.

U = Up/Jump
D = Down/Crouch
B = Back/High Block
F = Forward
UB = Up+Back
UF = Up+Forward
DB = Down+Back/Low Block
DF = Down+Forward
B D F U = Light arrows indicate the direction must be tapped
Hold-B Hold-D Hold-F Hold-U = Dark arrows indicate the direction must be charged or held back for a certain amount of time
WP = Wobbly Punch
FP = Fair Punch
BP = Brutal Punch
WK = Wobbly Kick
FK = Fair Kick
BK = Brutal Kick

P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
Nintendo 64:
WP = B
FP = C ←
BP = C  ↑
WK = A
FK = C  ↓
BK = C →

Back Dash: L/R
*Taunt: Z (Usually associated with an attack button for *Taunt)
Run: F F
Hop Punch/Kick: D D FP (D D FK for Dr. Kiln)
Parry: Tap F (High)/D (Low), at moment of impact.
Parrying will stop an attack without taking block damage, if done correctly your character will say something.
Super Moves:
Can only be performed if your Super Meter is filled to at least level one.
Note: To use a second color, press FK instead of WK when selecting your character.
* = A difference exists with the particular move between 63⅓ and Sculptor's Cut, usually a different input.
[SC] = Move/Character only available on Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut version.
Selectable Characters:

Bad Mr. Frosty Bad Mr. Frosty
Bad Mr. Frosty...The one-time cold-hearted head hooligan of the frozen north, has since sought out therapy to help chill out his hot-headedness.
He has even traded in his rebellious backwards baseball cap for his familiar top hat.
With his personality now benevolent, he strives to fight against the evils of the very claydom he once belonged to.
He's snow ordinary dude.
Unique Attacks:
Toss: (B/F+BP) (Close)
Snowcone Hold: (F+FP) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - "Call me Daddy": (Z+WK)
*Taunt #2 - "Hat Trick": (Z+FK)
Special Moves:
Snowball: Hold-B, (F+P)
Ice Pick: D DF F P
Ice Bash: D DB B P
Blizzard Kick: F D F K
Super Moves:
Frozen Frenzy: D DB B, B DB D DF F K
Hurricane Flurry: D DF F, D DF F K
Spin Kicks: F DF D DB B, F K
Snowcone Squeeze: B D D F L (Close)
Torso Kick: F D B B (Close)
Ice Smash: D B D B D (Close)
*Kick Off: D B F D FP (Close)
*Top Hat Smash: F D F BP (Close)
Blob Blob
Still going strong after two previous grand adventures, Blob continues to fight against evil.
He is definitely going to have to stretch all of his eye-popping, morphing talents to the breaking point to overthrow his adversaries.
Blob's not the smartest of clayfighters, but he is the most versatile. Will he become a car? A plane? An axe? Watch and find out!
Unique Attacks:
Eat & Spit: (B/F+FP/BP) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - "I'm all pumped up!": (Z+WK)
*Taunt #2 - "I win": (Z+FK)
Special Moves:
Buzzsaw: Hold-B, (F+P)
Cannon Shot: D DB B P
Multi-Punch: B D B P
Glove: F D F P (Combo Breaker)
Plane Dive: F DF D DB B K
*Chomp: D D FP
Super Moves:
Punch Combo: D DF F, D DF F P
Leaping Axe: D DB B, D DB B P
Spinning Axe: D DB B, D DB B K
Meat Grinder: D D D L (Close)
Hammer Uppercut: D DF F R (Close)
Bomb Blast: B D F R (Close) [Tap Rather Than Roll]
Tank Attack: D D B F BP (Outside Sweep)
*Inflate: D D F D BP (Sweep)
*Hammer Smash: D D F FP (Close)
Bonker Bonker
Once a happy, smiling clown, Bonker now receives joy only when causing grief.
Rejected from the circus because of his bad, mischievous attitude and increasingly psychotic prank-playing, he's joined the mean minions of the evil Dr. Kiln.
On his voyage to world domination, he plans on getting a few laughs and screams at his victim's expense.
Unique Attacks:
Toss: (B/F+FP/BP) (Close)
*Taunt - "Big Top": Z
Special Moves:
Fifi: D DF F P
Ferris Wheel: D DF F K
Merry-Go-Clown: D DB B K
*Mallet Punch: D D FP
Super Moves:
Super Fifi: D DF F, D DF F P
Big Top: D DF F, D DF F K
Rising Kicks: D DB B, D DB B K
Head Butt: F F F (Close)
Seesaw Launch: F B B F (Close)
Cannon: D D D D (Close)
Exploding Barrel: F D F (Sweep)
Dr. Kiln Dr. Kiln
Good guys beware! Dr. Kiln is bent on taking over the world, and he will be nearly impossible to stop.
Fueling his plans for world domination is the mutagen goop that Houngan has distilled from the gigantic meteor that smashed into the side of his secret laboratory.
With it, Kiln will create an evil bunch of clay minions with which to reign supreme.
Unique Attacks:
Claw Throw: (F+BP) (Close)
*Taunt: Z
Special Moves:
Fire Beam: D DF F P
Shocker: F D F P (Combo Breaker)
Slide: D DF F K
*Jumping Kick: D D FK (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Machine Gun: D DF F, D DF F P
Slide Combo: D DF F, D DF F K
Torso Chop: F F F (Close)
Island Toss: D F B F (Close)
*Squeeze: D D D (Just Outside Sweep)
X-Ray Machine: B D D F (Outside Sweep)
Houngan Houngan
The Voodoo Doctor is in! With his hypnotic rubber chicken, freaky face-paint and his overall frightfully funny demeanor, Harry Houngan is quite a sight to behold.
As Dr. Kiln's evil scientist, the ingenious yet misguided shaman develops all of Dr. Kiln's sinister weapons.
With his latest discovery, the mutating goop from "Big Bessie", Houngan will mold Dr. Kiln an army of darkness to take over the world.
Unique Attacks:
Spin Throw: (F+BP) (Close)
Doll Attack: (F+BK) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - "Jammin'": (Z+WK)
*Taunt #2 - "Head Spin": (Z+FK)
Special Moves:
Chicken Toss: D DF F P
Crawling Fingers: B F P
Running Smash: Hold-B, (F+K)
Glide: D DB B K (Also in Air)
Flying Kicks: F D F K (Combo Breaker)
Air Dive: D D K (During Jump)
*Jumping Smack: D D FP (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Chicken Lickin': D DF F, D DF F P
Demented Spin: D DB B, D DB B K
Graveyard Shift: F DF D DB B P
Chicken: D DF F, DF D (Sweep) [Roll Rather Than Tap]
Voodoo Doll: B DB D DF F L (1/2 Screen)
Hands of the Dead: D D F B R (Sweep)
Ickybod Clay Ickybod Clay
Ickybod haunts the shadowy hollows of Claymodo, shooting terror deep into the souls of all he encounters.
An almost wraith-like creature, Ickybod moves about by floating just above the ground.
As a means of testing his terror prowess, Ickybod has taken upon himself to terrorize all enemies on the island, just to prove that there's nobody he can't scare.
Unique Attacks:
*Spin Throw: (B/F+FP/BP) [SC]
*Taunt - "Scare": Z
Special Moves:
Head Toss: D DF F P
Boo-Hoo-Ken: F D F P
*Teleport: B D B K
Super Moves:
*Frightmare: D DF F, D DF F P (Goes Upward Now)
*Ghostly Bash II: D DB B, D DB B P (No Longer Close Only)
*Upward Spin: D DF F, D DF F K
*Vortex Spin: D D F F (Outside Sweep) [SC]
*Let's Party: F B F B F (Sweep) [SC]
Kung Pow Kung Pow
Who you master?
If it's Kung Pow you're sure to be well-trained. Once a cooking show host, Kung Pow is now the most esteemed Kung-fu master on Claydonia.
Upon learning that he was one of the good guys battling against him, Dr. Kiln was not at all pleased. When Kung Pow pulls out wok, you're never quite sure if he's going to pound you with it or stir-fry up a delicious dish!
Unique Attacks:
Kung Fu Grip: (F+FP/BP) (Close)
*Taunt #1 - Super *Taunt: (Z+WK)
*Taunt #1 - Bow *Taunt: (Z+FK)
*Taunt #3 - Bruce Lee: (Z+BK)
Special Moves:
"Monkey": D DF F P
"Crane": D DB B P
Spin Kicks: D DF F K
Uppercut Kick: F D F K (Combo Breaker)
Illusion Kick: (F+BK)
Dive Kick: (D+BK) (During Jump)
Crawl: F D B K
*Overhead: D D FP
Super Moves:
Air Knives: D DF F, D DF F P (In Air)
Turbine Kicks: D DB B, D DB B K
Kick Combo: D DF F, D DF F K
Chop Suey: D D F F (Close)
100ft Drop: D D D (Sweep)
Clay Chop: F F F (Sweep)
Pan Catch: F D B D (Outside Sweep)
Lady Liberty Lady Liberty
A self-designated freedom fighter, Lady Liberty has sworn to oppose evil wherever it may exist!
An experienced soldier, her survival instincts were essential during and after the treacherous plane crash on to the island.
All of her combat skills will be put to to the test now that she and her friends are facing their most challenging enemy, the evil Dr. Kiln and his hideous henchmen!
Unique Attacks:
Toss: (B/F+BP) (Close)
Triple Headbutt: (F+FP) (Close)
*Taunts: (Z+K) (Try Each Kick)
Special Moves:
Head Spikes: D DF F P
Liberty Bell: F D F P (Close)
Torch Strike: D F K
Spin Throw: F D F K (Close)
Butt Kick: (DF+FK)
Slide Kick: (DF+BK)
Super Moves:
Super Spin Throw: D DF F, D DF F P (Close)
Torches of Freedom: D DB B, D DB B P
Rising Air Throw: D DF F, D DF F K
Torso Kick: B DB D DF F R (Close)
Off the Island: D D B F R (Close)
Strafing Bombs: D D D WK (Outside Sweep/One Slide Away)
Liberty Bells: D D WK, WP, BP (Outside Sweep/One Slide Away)
Lockjaw Pooch Lockjaw Pooch
Once Dr. Kiln's pet bull terrier, Lockjaw was mutated by the meteorite goop into the monstrosity he is now.
Completely loyal to his master, Lockjaw snarls, chomps and growls his way through his opponents.
While the good guys would probably prefer to see Lockjaw on a leash, Dr. Kiln routinely sends him out to do his most sinister deeds.
This is one dog who is bad to the bone!
Unique Attacks:
Lick: (F+FP/BP) (Close)
Back Toss: (B+FP/BP) (Close)
Tail Flick: (F+FK/BK) (Close) [?]
*Taunt#1: (Z+WK)
*Taunt#2: (Z+D+FK)
Special Moves:
Dog Bone: D DF F P
Rising Bite: F D DF P
Doggie Copter: F D B K
Dog Cutter: D B K
Dog Slide: (DF+BK)
Super Moves:
Fangs of Fear: D DF F, D DF F P
Killer Climb: D DB B, D DB B P
Dog Rush: D DF F, D DF F K
Mule Kick: D D B F R (Close)
Torso Kick: B DB D DF F, R (Close)
Truck Call: D D D B F R (Outside Sweep/One Slide Away)
Dirt Kicker: D D F B D WK (One Slide Away Plus Two Steps Back)
T-Hoppy T-Hoppy
Once a good guy, T-Hoppy has since been transformed by Dr. Kiln into a mechanical freak of nature.
Brainwashed by the evil madman, T-Hoppy is quite a sight to behold.
His robotic body makes him incredibly strong and gives him a vast range of attacks that can pulverize the enemy.
Will our heroes be able to save T-Hoppy from the evil that has seized control of him?
Unique Attacks:
Overhand: (F+BP) (Close)
*Taunt: (Z+WP) (can hit)
Special Moves:
Jackrabbit: F D F P
Dash Punch: Hold-B, (F+P)
Shock Arm: B DB D DF F FP (Throws If Close)
Bunny Bash: F F (WP/WK)
Power Slam: D DF F (FK/BK) (Close)
Hydraulic Kick: B D B K
Hoppy Stomp: Hold-D, (F+K)
*Jumping Chop: D D FP (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Super Jackrabbit: D DF F, D DF F P
Tracers: D DB B, D DB B P
Super Punch: D DF F, D DF F K (Close)
Stomp: F F F F (Close)
*Hocus Pocus: B F D B F D (Sweep)
*Carrot: F DF D DB B, F DF D DB B, F DF D DB B (Sweep) [SC]
Taffy Taffy
Also known as "The Candyman", is the most elastic of the bunch, as he can stretch his limbs to out-distance his opponents. Never a really strong guy, Taffy uses his reach as a strategic advantage.
He loves sweets, and will frequently skip meals to snack only on dessert. Maybe not the best idea, but you can bet that his dentist just loves him!
Unique Attacks:
Taffy Hold: (F+K) (Close)
Back Toss: (B+P) (Close)
Belly Grab: (Z+K)
Special Moves:
Jelly Roll Low: Hold-B, (F+FP)
Jelly Roll High: Hold-B, (F+BP)
Gum Ball: D DF F P
Bouncing Gum Ball: F D B FK (Bounces High)
Bouncing Gum Ball Low: F D B WK (Bounces Very Low, Then Rolls)
Bouncing Gum Ball High: F D B BK (Bounces To Regular Height)
Twister: D DB B P (Also in Air)
Push Kick: (DF+BK)
Super Moves:
Super Twist: D DB B, D DB B P
Kick Combo: D D B B K
Machine Gun: (Hold P), K
Taffy Twins: D DF F R (Close)
Gumball Drop: D D F F R (Sweep)
Gumball Shot: B F B F (Sweep)
*Roll: D D F B F (One Slide Away Plus Two Steps Back)
Zappa Yow Yow Boyz Zappa Yow Yow Boyz
Fofo (Top), Gling (Middle) and Kapu (Bottom) were living happy, carefree lives on Claymodo, when all of the ruckus occurred.
Now determined to reclaim their sanctuary from these annoying characters, the Zappa Yow Yow Boyz will stop at nothing to kick the bunch off their beloved island!
Normally docile by nature, they will crush anyone they see, striving for some peace and quiet.
Unique Attacks:
Triple Spin Toss: (F+BP) (Close)
Back Toss: (B+BP) (Close)
*Taunt #1: (Z+WP)
*Taunt #2: (Z+FP)
Special Moves:
Top Kid Toss: D DF F P
Mid Kid Toss: D DF F K
Group Kick: F D F K
Upward Roll: Hold-B, (F+P)
Ground Roll: Hold-B, (F+K)
Super Moves:
Cyclone: D DF F, D DF F P
Power Dive: D DB B, D DB B P
Two Kid Toss: B DB D DF F, B DB D DF F P
Torso Smash: D D F D F FP (Close)
Kettle Drop: D D D D WP (Outside Sweep/One Slide Away)
Kettle Drop (Miss): D D D WP (Outside Sweep/One Slide Away)
Kick off Island: F D F BP (Close)
Let's Rumble: F F F F F F BK (Close)
Unlockable Characters:

Boogerman Boogerman (Unlockable)
When the good guys set out to thwart Dr. Kiln's plans, they immediately enlisted the help of world-renowned superhero Boogerman.
He will add his mucous-assisted powers to the crusade against the evil forces on the isle of Claymodo.
Dr. Kiln realizes that he's nothing to sneeze at and will fling everything at him.
Who's afraid of the bad guys? He's snot!
Unique Attacks:
Squeeze: (F+FP) (Close)
Belly Bash: (F+BP) (Close)
Back Toss: (B+BP) (Close)
*Taunt - "Nosepick": (Z+WK)
Special Moves:
Loogie Shot: D DF F P
Fart Slide: D DB B K (Also in Air)
Flip Kick: Hold-D, (B+K)
Splash: (D+BP) (During Forward Jump)
*Jumping Punch: D D FP (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Super Belch: D DF F, D DF F P
Cape Spin: D DB B, D DB B P (Must Be Blocked Low!)
Upward Spin: D DB B, D DB B K
Belch: D D D R (Close)
Pass Out: D F D L (Close)
Rocket Blast: F B D B F L (Close)
Flame Blast: D D B B F F R (Sweep)
Flip Kick: B F D D R (Close)
Unlock Boogerman:
At the Character Select screen, highlight a question mark box,
(Hold L), and press B, B, C →, C →, C ←, C →. (Release L).
Press R to make Boogerman appear in that box.
Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim (Unlockable)
Wherever there are evil villains to defeat, you can bet that Earthworm Jim will be there to stop them.
In his trusty powered suit, he leaps into action, squirming his way through the tide of evil forces in his way.
The bad guys think that he's gonna be fish food, but Jim has other plans.
Will his powers hold out until he can conquer those goons? Stay tuned.
Unique Attacks:
Head Slap: (F+FP) (Close)
Head Toss: (F+BP) (Close)
*Taunt: (Z+K) (Try Each Kick)
Special Moves:
Laser Shot: D DF F P
Rising Uppercut: F D F P
Nut Punch: (DF+BP)
Flying Kick Thrust: D DF F K
Inflation Ball: D D K
"Eat Dirt!": (D+BK) (While Jumping Back/Forward)
*Elbow Charge: D DB B P
*Jumping Head: D D FP (Overhead)
Super Moves:
Mega Laser: D DF F, D DF F P
Rising Air Combo: D DB B, D DB B P
Uppercut Frenzy: D DF F, D DF F K
Worm Propeller: D DB B, D DB B K
Torso Uppercut: B DB D DF F R (Close)
Squish: B F F F R (Close)
Upper off Island: D D B F R (Close)
Head Inflation: D F B B L (Close)
*Cow Drop: D D D WP, WK (One Slide Away)
Unlock Earthworm Jim:
At the Character Select screen, highlight a question mark box,
(Hold L), and press B, C ←, C  ↑, C →, C  ↓, C  ↑. (Release L).
Press R to make Earthworm Jim appear in that box.
High Five High Five (Unlockable)
Once Dr. Kiln's "right hand man", High Five has become tired of following the mad dictator's will.
Becoming huge from the meteorite goop that was spilled on him while he was still attached to Dr. Kiln, he is now a formidable force on the side of good.
Enemies scatter when High Five balls himself into a fist, as no one wants to feel the force of that wallop!
Unique Attacks:
Special Moves:
Peace Out: D DF F P
Knuckle Sandwich: F D F P
Hand Spin: D DB B P
Five Finger Discount: B D B WK
*Taunt: Z
Super Moves:
Triple Fist: D DF F, D DF F P
Unlock High Five:
At the Character Select screen, highlight a question mark box,
(Hold L), and press C  ↑, C  ↓, C ←, C →, B, A. (Release L).
Press R to make High Five appear in that box.
Sumo Santa Sumo Santa (Unlockable)
Unknown to everyone in our story, the island of Claymodo is actually the secret headquarters of Sumo Santa's toy workshop, in which his dedicated elves work diligently all year long to create toys for all the children of Claydonia.
Just relocated from the North pole, Sumo Santa chose a more tropical location for his toy factory, and is taking steps to ensure that all of his toys get finished.
If that means kicking all of our heroes off the island, then so be it!
Unique Attacks:
Stocking Attack: (F+BP) (Close)
Belly Toss: (F+BK) (Close)
*Taunt: (Z+WK)
Special Moves:
Gift Toss: D DF F P
Belly Launcher: F D F P
Sumo Splash: Hold-D, (F+P)
Cringle Crush: B (F+P)
Chest Thumpin': F D B K
Rolling Kick: Hold-B, (F+K)
Double Cane: P (In Air)
*Jumping Cane: D D FP
Super Moves:
Rolling Chest Thump: D DF F, D DF F P
Bike Kick: D DF F, D DF F K
Sumo Stomp: B B F F K
Double Vision: B B F B (Sweep)
Double Vision Launch: D D B F (Sweep)
Atomic Drop: D D D F B D (Sweep)
Unlock Sumo Santa:
At the Character Select screen, highlight a question mark box,
(Hold L), and press A, C →, A, C →, C  ↓, C  ↑. (Release L).
Press R to make Sumo Santa appear in that box.

manda442 for informing me of a number of missing Claytality inputs.
Thanks to manda442, all Claytalities have been found and listed.

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